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July 21 Lightline
« on: July 21, 2021, 06:55:55 pm »
Hello everyone,
Thank you to all who attended. We heard from TARKUS, Malventia Mechizedek, Life Carrier AB, JESUS (through Lemuel), Power Director 4, and from Monjoronson and the UNIVERSAL FATHER (both through Ron).   Our next call is July 28.  Hope you will join us.
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Re: July 22 Lightline
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Hello everyone here is the transcription for LLUSA/EU for Wednesday July 21st 2021.

Elise: Hello everybody. Good day and good evening. I’m Elise SophiaVeronica. I’m opening this call for the lightline LLUSA/EU and today it’s Wednesday July 21st 2021 and I welcome all of you. Your host is Amethyst and I hand this over to her to see if there are any celestials to guide us during this session. So I’ll give it back to you Amethyst.

Amethyst: Thank you. Thank very much Elise. I will start with a short prayer.

Beloved Heavenly Father I thank You so much for this opportunity to be here and hosting this lightline today. May we hear Your voice clearly and accurately. I am so grateful for all of the gifts and all of the help that You provide for us. When we struggle we know that You are there to help us and it is appreciated. So very much appreciated and with that I say Amen.

Ok. Tarkas is here. I believe just watching, I don’t know if he wants to MC or he just wants to observe. Van is here and Tarkas is telling me to go forward with a transmission from Malvantia Melchizedek. I still have trouble pronouncing that name-Malvantia.

Malvantia Melchizedek: This is Malvantia Melchizedek. I come to you again this week to continue to discuss things you need to understand well as these Missions go forward. We Melchizedeks want all of you to become familiar with us as we are playing a very large role in all that will be transpiring for the Missions. Transmitters please ask us questions and be prepared to receive information as there are many of us amassing on your planet just waiting for the opportunity to discuss so many different things.

Our assignments are many and we would like all of you to be as familiar with as many of us as you can. Melchizedeks are Emergency Sons, Teachers and all round helpers in many difficult planetary situations. We can work hand in glove with those who know us and are willing to step forward. What many of you seem to forget time and time again is to get into the habit of asking for us or for any particular entity you feel the need to connect with. There are millions of us in the Dominion Federation and we are here for the long term. We will in some way be involved to a greater or lesser degree in just about every aspect of the reorganization of the governments, institutions, industry and other aspects of how the units of culture and civilizations can work together fitting like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make a harmonious unit out of the separate parts of what you need on your planet. Amethyst is not really aware of me standing next to her as she takes this transmission. I am attempting to connect with her in a way in which she can learn to recognize my energy and be able to do a transmission from me whenever I approach her and ask her to. I am pleased that she was finally able to pick my name and finally learn how to pronounce it correctly.  

Amethyst: Sorry about that. I’m gonna pause for just a moment to. This is Amethyst. I’m gonna pause for just a moment  and since he’s standing right here next to me, am just going to see if I can feel his presence. His energy, see if I can pick up on that. (silence).Ok a little bit, a little bit. Ok. We return to the transmission.

Malvantia Melchizedek: This is Malvantia Melchizedek continuing. There are many of us here on earth both in and out of incarnation and there is great potential for a solid working relationship with you once you get the feel of our presence. You will be spending a great deal of time working with us for a very long time as you ascend and work in the Local and then Federated Universe.

There is something I would like to say to those of you who feel that you cannot transmit. Your Urantia Book makes the fact that one of the most difficult tasks you present to your Adjuster is your lack of responsive recognition. What does that mean to you? Your Adjuster is constantly working to spiritualize your thoughts but you do not recognize your thoughts as being from your Adjuster. He speaks to most of you daily. You have the thoughts he puts in your mind and hear them quite clearly but you do not recognize those thoughts as coming from your Adjuster. Once that recognition switch is flipped, you will recognize it and learn how to identify it as coming from him. Pay close attention to your higher thoughts. Why did you think it? If it is spiritual in nature and especially if you do not know why you had that particular thought. That is your Adjuster working with you. Learn to be aware of all your thoughts and learn how to single out those of his from your own conscious and subconscious mind. You will be very surprised when you are able to figure it out how easily the Adjuster’s thought just flow through you. Then learn how to capture these thoughts on paper or the computer and soon you will be off and running. Amethyst has told you several times that she had her first transmission over forty years ago but did not know it until just a couple of years ago. She did not have the responsive recognition. So remember the phrase responsive recognition. You need to understand it and learn to recognize so that you can respond. As I mentioned earlier part of our work is educational and as such we are doing all we can to help you understand how you connect directly with God and that spark of Divinity He has placed within you.

I leave you now to ponder this. If you can understand this, you are well on your way to success. So I step back now and hand this back to Amethyst.

Amethyst: Well I thank you so much Malventia Melchizedek for your words and am going to just take a sip here. While I was doing the transmission we were joined by Rene and Ron, so welcome gentlemen and I’m gonna be with you in just a sec. Ok. We are joined by Life Carrier AB and transmitting a Life Carrier is a new experience for me and I am so happy.

Life Carrier AB: I am Life Carrier AB and I expect to be available to all transmitters. So just ask me to step forward to assist you on these calls. It should surprise you to find out just how easily our transmissions to you flow. In the coming days, weeks and months there will be a lot of activity with the Melchizedeks and with Life Carriers. So I am not the only Life Carrier that will be coming to you in lightlines. Amethyst is finding me particularly easy to transmit for some reason.  

It has been mentioned twice on the lightline calls this week that Amethyst has a very defective nervous system and this is indeed the case. She does. With her permission she allows me to address this to the group so that you can understand it in context. I as a Life Carrier I’m uniquely qualified to understand these things. You see it is not just a case of being nervous. It is an inherited genetic defect that affects her entire family and has for several generations. It comes from both sides of her family but especially the maternal side. She has three siblings and all of them struggle with the bad gene in the nervous systems they were dealt. It is also related to fibromyalgia as this is a condition of overstressed nerve endings under the skin that cause pain. Getting this defect from both family sides makes it a double whammy that even her parents did not have. When she was young she unwittingly passed this down to her son and his ordeal has been horrific on him and one of the grandchildren also is in for a bumpy ride due to this. To add insult to injury, Amethyst experienced two traumatic experiences in her youth which contributed to her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). One was when she was just five years old and the details are such that they cannot be shared with you. Suffice it to say that if your five year old had endured what she did you would be heart broken. The other one was when she was sixteen and it changed her forever and clouded many of her adult decisions. She remains on medications that she will need to take for the rest of her life in order to function. But having said that, as long as she remains faithful in taking her medications she functions quite well. She feels that it is most unfortunate that her nervous system has been brought to your awareness through the lightline call. So it is important that you understand the context in which they exist.

Some things are better left unsaid but since they were you should know more about it. She does very well and we expect she will continue to do so in the future and these circumstances will in no way prevent her from being of valuable service during the Missions. Look how well she has done with her lightline responsibilities. She is becoming a skilled transmitter and will continue to grow and become better. Every human on your planet has a cross to bear and please pardon that expression but that is one used often and you understand what it means. It is just that some are more visible than others and you should also know that we can and often do work with genetics in just such cases. She has more to look forward to than she currently realizes.

Now onto another less uncomfortable topic for Amethyst that I would also want to share with you. I as a Life Carrier has participated in the development of many, many different human forms and physical bodies. Since you have no real awareness of others like you on other planets, you have no way of understanding how much the default of Adam and Eve has affected each and every one of you. If you saw these other human forms and how they function, you would be amazed. On a more normal planet there is much less illnesses and on some there are none at all. The lifespan is much more than yours at your planetary stage of development and wars are rare and short. Your planet is so unique and complex that we are amazed that there are those such as yourself who are able to grasp much higher knowledge than even the brightest among your population. It has been said that that which does not kill you makes you stronger and it is a belief of myself and many other Life Carriers that it is the very difficulties that you have experienced that give you the wisdom, tenacity and determination to become the ones you are today.

We Life Carriers have a great deal we want to share with you in the coming days, weeks and months. Amethyst is pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to work with our order of beings. Call on us as there is so much we can do to help your understanding. I step back, hand this back to Amethyst and wish you all a pleasant day or evening. Good day.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you very much Life Carrier AB. Thank you so much for your words. I’m looking at Tarkas and Van and I see Tarkas pointing to his watch and I’m trying to figure out what he means by that.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas, Amethyst and it means nothing just disregard it. I want to emphasize to all of you today that the activity on Urantia that is taking place is to a great deal initiated by Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers. There is a unique working relationship between those two orders and you should expect to hear from many different Melchizedeks as well as many different Life Carriers. So be open in your transmissions to names that you are not familiar with. If you sense you have a Melchizedek but can’t give you a name it’s alright to just give the order Melchizedeks and the same with Life Carriers. If you sense a Life Carrier but can’t determine how to address him, just say Life Carrier that’s fine. I hope that all of you have been giving some thought to some Q&A today as at the moment there is no one else here to offer a transmission. So I give this back to you Amethyst and hope that there will be some good questions and comments from the group and I stand back and hand this back to you Amethyst.

Amethyst: Thank you Tarkas. Thank you so much for being here and thank you Van, so much for being here. Ok. Another sip and then we’ll open it up for Q&A. So please if there is anything that you want clarification with or you wanna start a new topic or whatever, just jump right in there. Ok I’m going to unmute you Jose. You are unmuted.

Q&A and comments

Jose: Yes. Thank you. We’ve heard the Life Carrier and the Melchizedeks are working behind the scenes and so is Monjoronson but there are Melchizedeks already incarnated and Monjoronson is also incarnated …they have been incarnated for some time now. My question is besides working behind the scenes what have they done so far that can be seen actually from them in visible physical form?

Amethyst: Ok. I’m gonna toss this to Malvantia Melchizedek.

Malvantia Melchizedek: Jose, most of what we are doing behind the scenes are things that you are not aware we are doing. What I mean by that is we are working with global leaders and they are making some decisions based on our contact with them but you and the rest of the forum do not know that these decisions were made because of our being incarnated and working with them. To the world it just appears like business as usual. We are still in the process of bringing more Melchizedeks to the planet and incarnating but what we do behind the scenes, unless you really looking for it, you may not recognize that it is our work. Perhaps if you fine tune your awareness and you see something on the news, you can ask yourself, “That’s an unusual development. I wonder if the Melchizedeks had anything to do with this.” And in fact we may have. So it’s not going to be visible to the population at large and it probably will not be visible to you but if you learn to ask yourself questions when you see things on the news that seem unusual you may get an answer from us or from your Thought Adjuster. Does that help you Jose?

Jose: Yes it does. Thank you very much. I have another question regarding the return of Jesus. We were told several times here on the forum that he might incarnate by the end of this month which would coincide probably just before the publication of Ron’s book of The Crown. I just want to know more about regarding that situation about Jesus’ return. Which should be within a week or two.

Amethyst: Ok. There is a little bit of background noise. Could you repeat your question please?  Just the question part.

Jose: Yes. If they have anything to say regarding the return of Jesus which was proposed within maybe next week or two weeks. The incarnation of Jesus?

Amethyst: Ok. Lemuel, I am being prompted to go to you and to transmit Jesus and see if there is any information from him that we should be aware of. Can you address Jose’s question? Lemuel?

Jesus: This is Jesus. I understand the question, Jose. Many are asking the same question. I want to pause for a moment to give Lemuel a moment. (Silence) (Yes that’s better ok.)

Yes. This is Jesus and I will continue now. What I want you to understand Jose. Well everybody really. I have said so many times that I will come when the moment is right. Not when the moment is perfect. There will never be a perfect time to come and I’m sure you can all understand that very well. You also know there are so many that have come with me. I am not alone. Try to imagine… Lemuel is thinking of… Yes I agree. I will use this. Try to imagine you are at the racetrack and the horses are lining up. In fact they are in their stalls and they are waiting for the white flag to go up and the stalls will open and they rush out as fast as they can. Let us say there are a hundred horses in this race. Of course there will never be but I want you to imagine the problem. Each one of those horses have got their own intentions, their own desires to get out of that place as quickly as possible and they are fidgeting around. Now the man with white flag is also waiting. He knows there is never gonna be a perfect moment because all these horses are fidgeting around and of course the jockeys themselves are sweating, very nervous as is perfectly understandable. But there comes a moment where that man with the white flag intuits, intuits that this is the moment because he cannot wait any longer. And up goes the white flag and out fly the horses much to the relief of the jockeys because as soon as they go their training sets in motion and their nervousness is gone. All my team are like the jockeys on the horses. They are, the horses are biting on the bit and they are ready to go and I’m the guy with the white flag. Yes you can imagine this and Lemuel is chatting to himself because he can imagine I took that far enough. It’s not so much the horses of course. There are other things to consider for me-the man with the white flag. Am I satisfied with the state of the racecourse? Is everything else prepared as much as it possibly can? Well I can tell you now. You all know for yourself the situation of the world. Not just because of the pandemic. There are so many wars and goodness knows in how many countries. Some smaller than others.  

My presence is desperately needed and I desperately need to get started and I will. I do not have to wait until the publication of any book. When I make my decision to go, I go in spite of everything else. August is a particularly significant month for me and let us see if it can be arranged for some wonderful phenomenon to take place that you will all be able to see in the sky and you can read between the lines of my words. I bid you all a very good afternoon. This is Jesus.

Lemuel: This is Lemuel and my head is swimming but wonderfully. Well Jose, I cannot say anything else so I hope that satisfies you. Thank you.

Jose: Yes. Thank you Jesus and thank you Lemuel.

Lemuel: Thank you Phyllis. Sorry Amethyst back to you.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you so much Jesus and thank you Lemuel for bringing that to us. Was that all that you had Jose? Are you done or did you have another question?

Jose: Yes ma’am. No ma’am. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. Steven. I’ll be down to you in just a second Valerie. Steven has his hand up. Ok. Steven you are unmuted.

Steven: Hi there Amethyst. I heard you say Ron came on so this is for all of us in particular Ron. Can we use Saturday to start a little around the table talk? Discussion about who might be interested in working with it. Who might wanna just give leads and just general talk and it will be a good time because a lot of people come on Saturday and they don’t forget that time on Saturday. So Ron if you had any input on that. Lemme get of the speaker. Hold on. I’m sorry. I think. Did you all hear that? Coz I took myself off the speaker….

Amethyst: We heard but...

Steven: So I don’t know if Ron’s still on and I can understand his working this Saturday so I’m stepping on his toes.

Amethyst: Alright. Ron did you wanna address that?

Ron: Only to say I am host for the twenty fourth Amethyst as you know. I’m not sure I want to address it in the lightline. Steve I may want to put this into next week primarily because there is such a crowd of information I have to process and I also wanna say Steven if you don’t wanna take the leadership on this, you don’t have to. We’ll try to find somebody else that’s interested in putting the organization into it because it’s really a working executive committee more than usual. The only thing I wanna say Steven is it might come up in Saturday. I don’t mind addressing it but I have no decisions in my head right now about anything in particular other than with what I shared with you on email this morning.  Haven’t you seen that?

Steven: Oh. Ok. I may not have seen it. No.

Ron: It’s important. It’s about the executive committee.

Steven: I saw one yesterday

Ron: No well there is another one

Steven: Ok.

Ron: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think I posted that on the discussion forum. I didn’t send it to you. It’s on the discussion forum.

Steven: That’s right. I did see it then.

Ron: Ok. Alright. Well that’s where you got the idea of Saturday.

Steven: Yes. Strange you bring up the executive order because my recommendation is first of all one is that any officer doesn’t serve more than one year. It’s very healthy for something like this to rotate around and that doesn’t mean that the person… I do wanna reserve some of my time for things coming up. But I would love to take it next year or the year after and actually I’ll be on the committee to advise and …

Ron: Remember this folks. Without getting really into real detail, when the executive committee serves the board of directors, you will find the board of directors probably asking the executive committee for a particular kind of organization. It’s not to be determined entirely by the leader of the executive committee. But that’s one of the reasons I didn’t wanna address it right now or maybe Saturday.

Steven:  I was talking to… (Not clear) in Orlando, Florida. I’m so bad with names.

Ron: You talking about Gosset?. Weydevu ? Jose ?

Steven: Noooo.

Steven: Jose. Thank you. Sorry Jose.

Well that’s good Ron. Next week will be fine. Thanks…

Ron: We will talk in the meantime.

Steven: Oh. Good.

Ron: Go ahead Amethyst Sorry about that.

Amethyst: Ok. No problem. No problem at all. Ok am gonna unmute Valerie. Valerie you are unmuted.

Valerie: Thank you Amethyst. I would like to hear more about that Life Carrier AB mentioned that there are other planets like ours. Does that mean there are people on other planets that look just like us exactly or just a prototype? Or the same age you know or what does that mean that on other planets people are like us to what extent that’s my question.

Amethyst: I think I understand your question. I don’t know that he said they were like us. Just minute lemme see what I can get here.

Valerie: I partially get this idea because there was a belief before I was more aware of the truth there are planets similar to ours exactly that are parallel planets and that was before I was involved with the Urantia Book so I don’t believe that anymore in other words but is still in the back of my mind so no more…

Life Carrier AB:  Ok. This is Life Carrier AB. Valerie; life on each planet is unique. The Creator Son decides how he wants each planet to be and they are all different and there are very, very, very few planets where the pattern of the humans is duplicated exactly on another planet. The humans on the populated planets are all unique and different to that particular planet. There are none out there that are exactly as you and Amethyst are. They are all unique. They are all created for their specific planet and the designs that the Creator Son has given us to work on. Does that answer your question Valerie?

Valerie: Yes it does. Thank you very much.

Amethyst: Do you have another question? I was just gonna say there’s no other hands up so if anyone has an extra question they wanna slip in, now would be the time to do it. Valerie what was your other question?

Valerie: Yes. This is a difficult question to put on because it’s all a matter of what I learned now and what I knew previously. So it might not sound right but when I was still studying the bible that I thought I had a great understanding of redemption and that we are waiting for the redemption of our bodies at the time the Lord returns. So then I’ve been plugging into the lightline calls and I see that it is not as simple as I have imagined but then I also believed at that time there will be the healing of our bodies and so this question that I have it really never leaves me that why is that not considered to perform a miracle in Ron’s case because I have read in the ACIM ( A Course in Miracles) . It means going back in time to a state of a person when they were still healthy.  So adding all these together you know that was my question really that could not he be repaired with some supernatural means that was presented to us? Many different ways that is possible and available and considered. I have this question because I’m concerned for him for a long time. I hope I’m not offending anyone by asking this question.

Amethyst: You are speaking about Ron, right?

Valerie: Yes particularly about him and in general speaking also. Looks like I had a lot of misunderstanding but I just don’t understand why that option has never been considered in his case if that would be the case that he should go back in time to restore the state before the illness appeared.

Amethyst: That is a really, really complicated question and I honestly don’t have the answer for it. If Ron doesn’t wanna take this himself I will see if maybe Tarkas can address this. Ron if you want this I’ll let you unmute yourself. If  you don’t …Ok.

Ron: I’ve unmuted myself Amethyst. Let me take a stab at something here Valerie. For about five times we’ve come up to the line where they were ready to create as you call it, the miracle and for five times they backed down and actually disappeared. Now there is no explanation. There is only a continued question in my mind as to what in the world is their intention? You are asking the same thing because there is plenty of examples where the intention was to clear the problem. There is apparently no intention here to clear it through what you would consider miraculous means.

Now let me tell you a curious thing. I don’t know what it means. When this last time when Life Carrier AB addressed the situation and was quite sure it was time to pull the experiment into the light of day so all of you could see it work. All of a sudden he’s gone quiet. But the Thought Adjuster started playing music in my head. But it wasn’t just any music. Now you have to be something of a lover of Tchaikovsky ( ) to know what I’m talking about. But in the fourth symphony ( ) there is a whole movement that is a march with snare drums and timpani and it is quite glorious. You ought to listen to it just hear glorious marches. Anyhow the Adjuster played that march to me. Now apparently it stuck in my mind well enough to play it back to me and for several days thereafter he played the march to me. That strikes me as saying, “Ron you will be moved to a parade ground and this music will play with the Glory of God all around you.” I can’t interpret it many different ways but if you listen to the music you can’t help but be inspired. Now I think that most everybody around me is trying to hide from transmitting but if there’s someone there that would like to address it…We are all open FATHER.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Thank you Ron. This is the Universal Father. The truth of the matter is Ron, the Adjuster didn’t play that. I played that. I THE FATHER did and you are particularly aware of the fourth and the fifth symphonies of that amazing composer Tchaikovsky and for that reason it is tremendously inspirational to you. I AM not revealing what I mean by playing that march. If any of you wanna hear an extra ordinary march, listen to that one and for the reasons that Ron states it, I have reserved Ron to see something nobody else will see and it will be like the march. Fully inspirational and Valerie, there is no way to answer the kind of question you pose. Amethyst certainly can’t and even the Life Carrier AB is likely to wonder where he ever met something like the situation he’s run into with Ron and his need for a miracle. I stand back.

Ron: And Amethyst I turn this back you. This is Ron. Thank you for the chance.

Amethyst: Alright. Thank you Ron and thank you The Eternal Father. I hope that helps you Valerie. It is a complicated question to be sure and I hope that helped you.

Valerie: Yes. Thank you. I believe the Father has some surprises for Ron and I thank the Father for reviewing that. Thank you. Yes. I’m happy to hear that.

Amethyst: Ok. Alright. Did you have anything else before I remute you?

Valerie: No. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok Valerie. Thank you for the question. Ok Rene I am unmuting you. You are unmuted Rene.

Rene: Thank you Amethyst. Ok. Thank you. I have a question related to the lack of ion calcium that we are experiencing from our sun that is not sending it in the ray of light. Ok the question is for the Life Carrier AB if there are species in our planet that are going to disappear because of that lack of calcium.

Amethyst: What is gonna disappear?

Rene: The question is to the Life Carrier if there are species in our planet that are going to disappear because of the lack of calcium?

Amethyst: Ok. I hear you now. The Life Carrier AB is directing me to ask the Physical Controller No. he is more apt to have the answer that you are looking for Rene.

Physical Controller No. 4: Ok. This is Physical Controller No. 4 and the answer to your question Rene is yes but that is the way evolutionary planets proceed. There is always species that come into existence and there are always species who go out of existence and become extinct.

Amethyst: Rene I had to temporarily mute you because there was so much background noise coming from your phone.

Physical Controller No. 4: Physical Controller No. 4 continues and says that as far as the change in the calcium emitting from the sun there are going to be a few species that will become extinct should the situation not change and they are mostly insect and reptile species. At least at first. (I’m checking for clear channel) It will not affect mammals unless they lose a significant part of their food supply from insects. It’s a very difficult question Rene and it’s just something we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out and what happens in the future with the sun if it is not changed. I hope this answers your question Rene, does it?

Rene: Yeah. Thank you very much. There is another one that  just come up to my mind if there is any improvement with the sun? You know the Power Directors were working on it to try to fix something.

Amethyst: Yeah. Right. Ok.

Power Director 4: No Jose. This is Power Director 4 again. (?) The sun remains the same right now as it was the last time it was discussed on a previous lightline. There has been no change. Ok?

Rene: Ok. Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you Power Director 4 I believe he said he was. Valerie I see your hand is raised again. I don’t know if it’s my computer or its

Valerie: No. I raised my hand because I remembered one more question I had and that was about the incarnation of the celestials so as we were told just on this lightline they will probably appear where they want to make an effect but we are not going to see them just like we see humans is that the case?

Amethyst: The incarnation what specifically …the incarnation of who?

Valerie: Those who incarnate we are not going to see them among us as we do humans. They will just appear to take care of business when they need to? Is that how…

Amethyst: Are you talking about the Melchizedeks?

Valerie: Yes. I guess because I understand Jesus will be ...Mantutia…no, no, no. I don’t remember the name sometimes I get this brain block. We were talking about this lightline that he already incarnated and is working with governments and we were told we are not gonna see him. So I was wondering if that’s why because they will appear when they need to take care of business but they will not be among us all the time.

Amethyst: Ok Valerie. Tarkas is indicating to me that he would like to take this question.

Tarkas: Valerie, when the Melchizedeks are incarnated they will appear to the specific individuals that they need to work with them. They will not appear to the population in general. If for example the Melchizedeks have a specific thing they want to talk to you about Valerie, they would make themselves known to you and showing themselves incarnated but otherwise without a specific reason to show themselves as incarnated they will not.

Now after the Missions are fully established many years from now, that may change. As the Missions begin to really take hold and the population has accepted the changes and the Missions, they will probably at that time incarnate more frequently. But at first at least no. They will not as a matter of routine incarnate that often for you to see. Does that answer your question Valerie?

Valerie: Yes it does. Thank you and the name I was wanting to remember is Monjoronson. Yes. Amethyst you said that I see that Tarkas is showing a watch so you see in the spirit what difference does it mean to you to have someone incarnated or you just see what’s going on regardless.

Amethyst: Alright. Yeah. That’s true. I guess I don’t know how it would work. I probably would get a transmission first Valerie. That’s what I would expect. I don’t know for sure how that would work. I can’t answer that. Ok?

Ron: Amethyst.

Amethyst: Yes sir. Ron.

Ron: Let me remind all of you of one thing. Do you recall the resurrection of Jesus? There were about fifteen or sixteen morontial appearances to the Apostles and to his followers and one of the things that Jesus always said was “Don’t touch me”. Now the appearance of the incarnated body is usually insubstantial. It looks quite real but if you put your hand on the arm of an incarnate individual it’s most likely you will feel no warmth and you will feel no substance. The Melchizedeks of course have their own version but at the same time I would expect that the incarnations including Jesus will be insubstantial with regard to handshaking but otherwise you can’t tell the difference. That should help Valerie to imagine it a little bit.

Amethyst: Does that help Valerie?

Valerie: Yes I mean I remember that Jesus said that. I will meditate some more because then he was eating with them and then Thomas put his hand into his wound. He said I will not believe until I see the wounds so …yeah. I understand. Thank you.

Ron: One other thing while we are at it. The appearances of Monjoronson and Serara and Rayson are full incarnations. I don’t quite know what that implies but there is a variation and we would probably at a later time hear from them but it’s not now. Just a minute. I have Monjoronson here.

Monjoronson: Thank you Ron. I love the subject. The truth of the matter is; (Go on your headset. Alright I’m on my headset) this is Monjoronson. For reasons of state we do not discuss it fully but your description for the Melchizedeks and for Jesus is accurate. Valerie you should try and remember it .But when it comes to Monjoronson and Serara and Rayson, they will be fully enfleshed and that is our problem to deal with and not yours Ron or the others with whom you will be working with them almost daily. The truth of the matter is; Father played that march to you for the simple reason you know it so well and it is so inspirational. You can get a piece of it on YouTube. I suggest you extract it and put it on the tape put up that Amethyst will display the tape with on the discussion forum a little later today.

Ron: It’s probably out there all by itself and it’s something to hear. Thank you for the suggestion.

Monjoronson: Thank you Ron. And this to every one of you I am Monjoronson the Magisterial Son of Record again. Rayson has passed it. Serara is joining me identically and we will be the team you would see I would suggest even before Jesus appears. Now that is something brand new for today everyone and I am not going to discuss it further but the situation on Urantia is horrific. We need to get to you before something happens that we can’t. So Bon voyage to the Magisterial Sons, the Magisterial Mission and this in some way will affect The Crown, Ron.

Ron: However it does I’ll be delighted. Thank you.

Monjoronson: The truth of the matter is Ron The Crown is much better off today than it was yesterday after your little serious footnote to all that they wanted to explain to you is now fully satisfied in their own mind.

Ron: I thank you Monjoronson. That means more to me than anybody else listening. But thank you.

Monjoronson: You are most welcome and I wish you all a good day.

Ron: This is Ron. I hope Valerie that’s helped and I turn this back to you Amethyst.

Valerie: Thank you.

Amethyst: Ok. Thank you for the question Valerie and Ron thank you for the explanations from the Universal Father and Monjoronson and unless anyone has any further comments I guess it’s time to close it down. Did you have anything that you wanted to add Ron before I shut it down for the day?

Ron: Oh no. I’ve had too much too much to say. Thank you Amethyst.

Amethyst: Alright. Ok. Alright. Thank you Ron. Alright so having said that, having figured that out, I thank all of you for being here. I thank all of you for your questions and comments. I thank all of the celestials who stepped in and helped us with our understanding today and I will see you next Wednesday on the 28th and with that am going to say good bye.

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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2021, 07:30:21 pm »
Thank you Moses for the transcription, much appreciated. Now i would like to say something regarding transmission.  I've been trying to transmit for awhile now and Malventia Melchizedek was spot on the fact about the problems i'm having and many others encounter the same issue.  I've tried to transmit before but from my own understanding i keep tapping into my subconsious mind, and it feels like its something i'm capable of saying but with a much higher tone than usual.  The fact that I'm also unable to fully differentiate my thought and my thought adjuster just doesn't help either.  To me it's like riding a bike struggling to initiately balance the bike and just know when you balance it you remember it for life, and to me it's incredibly frustrating knowing i'm so near yet so far away....

Second question is regarding Ron's health issues.  I'm sure we've known about this for a very long time and that it's a really complicated question and most people are still confused as to why the Father has not given Ron a miracle.  The intention for Ron's wellbeing is true for sure for all the benign beings, and that Ron has also been tested and trialed and experimented upon continuously.  Is it possible that the celestials is using Ron to gain valueble information on a unprecedented scale? If this is true can Ron say no? If the intention is pure then in the long run this may prove to be useful for future applications.  Or is it possible that the Father healing Ron by fiate could trigger a unprecedented situation to the Deity Absolute in a way that He doesn't want to create a new precedence for future applications? Or could this situation be so complicated that the Deity Absolute needs advise even from the Consummators?

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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2021, 11:47:42 pm »
DaCandyMan, it takes years does it not to answer a simple personal question.  You and I have discussed the highs and lows with each other for years now and you still wonder how yo are dealt to skip the basic need in you to express your full desire to be able to talk with the Deities and the Divine to your own satisfaction.

I have known you since about 2016 or before and we skip through episodes of real disaster for you and sometimes for me,  When I say disaster I am referring to having  to deal with a failure of some sort we never expected to be handed.  Believe it or not Dingxin it relates to not being able to transmit.  You are not hung up on it my friend.  You are, I think, by passing the step that results in the break through you are confident awaits you.  I have looked at it with the divine helping me too at the moment and you are transmitting.  But you seem to think there is a piece of magic in words you are not getting.  Here is the report DaCandyMan from the divine to assess you today:

"Dingxin, Ron prefers you to be Chinese and he fully realates to the things that have hurt you so badly.  For that reason we all ow him to take the report we give to him and to make it public to you to assess your transmitting abilities..  This is here for you to assess too now:

"You transmit all the time.  You are unable to relate meaning of the transmission.  You seriously harmed your mind a few years ago and Ron knows something of the story and lets you rest in peace with it too.  Your mind is secure and ready to help now as it is fully healed from those episodes of recent years past.  However, you remember them in true horror and must heal yourself further b understanding you hate anything to do with sexual promiscuity but the body forces you to look no more than usual and you are left now in relative peace.  Transmitting arises out of your fears more than your peace, and for that reason trials about the meaning you hear bypass you.   We suggest you transmit your subsconscious not but if that is the only thing you seem to get, transmit it until it proves itself fully reasonable to your mind it is a true teacher, and it quite often is the Melchizedek, Malvantra.  He is a teacher to Ron too and Ron gains great benefit form those lessosns he derives from Malvantra as you will and do Dingxin.

"For that reason there is no real reason for you to be alarmed any more.  Ron keeps to himself all he knows and lets you find your way back as he was quite sure you had a lot to offer and you do, but you will never find inner peace standing in the place you have selected to stand right now, and Ron knows enough of the story to stand by patiently as you teach yourself  the truth.  Malvantra transmits to you daily and you keep passing it off as the subsconscious.  You are very stubborn and Ron recognizes that aspect of your character and lets it pass between you and waits for you to recognize you can do what you need to.  You already transmit Malvantra.  Now transmit Gabriel.  He is there waiting to come in.  You sit and do it, just do it."

End of lesson.  I hope you got something out of that assessment for you DaCandyMan as it is important you reach the level that brings you success and some of the peace of accomplishment that brings to you,  We now return you back to your normal thought processing.  Best wishes Dingxin.   Ron
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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2021, 06:10:55 pm »
Thank you Moses for the accurate transcriptions, they are very helpful even to English speaking readers in recapping the heard. It is very much appreciated  Keep up the good work


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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2021, 11:51:33 pm »
Regarding the issue of being able to transmit the voice of God, which I think we all want to achieve, I believe that it will never hurt any number of recommendations and instructions that we, who sincerely wish to achieve that high privilege, may receive from the Celestials. and the comrades in the forum who are already important transmitters. In the LL of last Wednesday, (my thanks once again to Moises for those  written versions), Malventia Mechizedek gives us very interesting information that is easy to understand and assimilate, but which, nevertheless, is not enough for those of us who are in pursuit for this purpose, (at least for me), let's think that we are going to achieve this goal for sure. There must be something else that could be related to personal merits, either in this life or in the past. I say this because I have reference to cases where people without this knowledge and guidelines that we receive here in this forum, nor who did practices to become transmitters, spontaneously wrote complete books through these telepathic communication. The most interesting case is Graciela Busto, a Sai Baba devotee from Argentina, who after some trips to India to the Avatar's ashram, had decided that would be her last trip, and speaking mentally with herself, she said to herself: " This is over ", and immediately she heard the voice of Sai Baba in his head who told her:" This is just beginning ", and she ended up writing a series of books, all telepathically dictated by Sai Baba, all very interesting; one of them being "When the Master Calls", a book that is like my bedside manual. In fact, I understand that these are different aspects because here in the forum you are transmitted from many circuits, but I think that in any case, the role that our Adjuster plays is decisive. 
This about Responsive Recognition is something that I think is extremely important to be able to activate that switch that Malventia Melchizedek refers to, because certainly we have all experienced that type of higher thinking at certain times. According to Sai Baba, every thought that comes to our mind of value and meaning is dictated by our Divine Spark, everything else without survival value is the product of our mortal mind. Thank you very much Malventia Melchizedek for that masterful lecture and thank you Amethyst. Thanks
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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2021, 11:37:11 am »
Occerpa, as usual you whet my appetite to speak.  Amethyst has so convoluted the name of that Melchizedek I am beginning to wonder who did speak to her Wednesday with a name that is actually spoken to and spelled MALVANTIA.   MOWL VANT SHA is how it sounds in English, and if the English is operating well, that is that Melchizedek who I used to know as a well combed and gentile aide to mankind.  Occerpa, you are not guilty but misled by we expert transmitters and I feel sure you will recover your native tongue to say his name than we English speakers can.   For me I do not think eternity will correct me and  my utter confusion between Megatron, Metatron, and Majeston and Sai Baba better have a good glossary for ascensions that have to do with English speakers at hand.  God bless the Spanish, the Dutch, and the French.  The Italians are left to handle this themselves.

With regard to the work of transmitting:  my dear fellow Occerpa, what you say is always and fully true as the inspiration of books, papers, and sayings that get published and make a difference to the fellows who read them, is essentially God-speak without naming it.  Your over focus on what you cannot do is just that and in your sublime place in the heavens Occerpa, you will see yourself as the man who could but would not and that is a trial of sentience and not upon God ever.

Your wrestle with a voicing failure to you always strikes sparks of your thought I find priceless and so much enjoy what your frustration brings out of you to say.  You, like a lot of members here, are so much better than you think you are, and thanks to discussions that seem to point up your failures you want to hide, it elicits from you Occerpa a shower of sparks that is such marvelous food for thought to a Besser, for your remarks fully transmit true mental states of your renditions of self-pity sitting at a banquet table you feel guilty feasting at using only your grubby fingers to feed yourself.

There will always be mice on the table too who carry off chunks of cheese better fed to our philosophers than the goat milk Socrates used to drink by the vat to keep his masculine vitality high.   We today do not bother about that kind of vitality but I must advise you Occerpa, that the East and its gurus have nothing to abide in Socrates himself, because Socrates today thinks like you do, they tell me, and for that reason he fully ingests Sai Baba instead of goats milk for his masculine vitality so in love with God.  You are in love with God.  I am less so, but I work very hard to have fellows like you advise me of the worth of the silence of peace,  and I believe you.  My trouble, Occerpa, is I am a babble-whit and I get a rash if I am repressed in speech.  So you must see there are good medical reasons for being noisy like me.

With regard to the mice stealing food from the banquet table, here is Sai Baba speaking to your soul, Occerpa:

SAI BABA - "You Occerpa find me dull and then find me witty and then find me tired and the tell me to go away,  and I do.  That is why you cannot transmit.  That is what I tell you today."

Ron here:  Sai Baba just shot himself in the foot, and now let me bring him back to behave himself:

SAI BABA - "You bring tears to my eyes Ron, so stop it.   Let the peace of the day survive you for a change Ron, and give Occerpa his due:  Occerpa you listen well and then fail to deliver just because you do not trust yourself well enough to utter sacred sayings over the lower lip of a man who spells charm but fails insolence ever.  For that reason we stand back while you strike your back with lashes from a roller ball full of thorns to chastise yourself into the silence you hope is something like the quiet of contented lambs.  We are never unhappy with the lamb or the lion, but you seem to feel there is nothing left unless you tell Ron how bad it is in your heart but never take your heart to task for living well with the means of the plenty you take from the banquet table you sup at with Me, Sai Baba.

"Ron worries your English is too poor to comprehend complex phrases in English, but that is all he has to express himself with, and he does that brilliantly most of the time.  He did a mock up cover of his new book called INFINITY and when it was done SAI BABA got fully hysterical as Ron intended by placing a cartoon mouse on the cover, under the word Infinity, discovering a big piece of cheese ready to take it on.  The cover is meant to convey the mice on Urantia are hungry and if you can make Infinity look like a big piece of cheese you can get takers.  So the book if that cover were to appear would sell a lot of copies to the mice on Urantia if they thought they could spend it or maybe like Socrates, eat it for the sake of gender vitality to know about it, the money would flow to make it a commercial success.

"I am Sai Baba, and you know me well in your own mind, probably as your Thought Adjuster.  Ron knows me both as Sai Baba and a Thought Adjuster at the same time, and while you cannot adopt that same attitude he does, he does share the deep humor of having religion without a state to hold and pay taxes on as you do (and he does too but ignores its meaning), and to be without the seriousness so many of you, like you Occerpa, praise God constantly, and without some anguish all the time.  The only thing is ron can get a good laugh inventing covers for a new book he dare not use, but brings great satisfaction for the laugh it brings to Sai Baba Himself.

"I greet you today as always Occerpa, and wish you rest and peace the rest of this day too.  SB"


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Re: July 22 Lightline
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2021, 01:53:25 pm »
Thank you Ron for pointing out the proper pronunciation and spelling of the name Malvantia.
Occerpa, as usual you whet my appetite to speak.  Amethyst has so convoluted the name of that Melchizedek I am beginning to wonder who did speak to her Wednesday with a name that is actually spoken to and spelled MALVANTIA.   MOWL VANT SHA is how it sounds in English, and if the English is operating well, that is that Melchizedek who I used to know as a well combed and gentile aide to mankind.