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Title: EXISTENTIAL DEITY - Communications
Post by: newstarsaphire on November 18, 2020, 01:32:41 pm
November 18, 2020    Existential Deity – Communications
Subject:  Communication
11/18/2020 12:36 PM  DST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

[After reading the posts from Ron and Lemuel this morning I was reminded of a couple of times lately where I was addressed by “EXISTENTIAL DEITY”.  I thought this was odd that it did not come through as the individuals of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  While thinking about this I was asked to please take a transmission on this subject.  My impression, from the transmission you are about to read, is that they have decided it is a prudent method to provide us with certain missives that require a ‘pure’ line of communication to us.]

“Thank you Phyllis.  I am here to tell you great things are in the works right now for Urantia and her people.  Oh yes, I am aware of how things look, and the helter-skelter way things seem to be unfolding, but honestly, you must be used to that by now!

“Great changes require great change; you know this to be true and you know to what I refer.  The loss of the supreme, the infiltration of rebellion, the insidious acts that have affected, and in some ways rocked, the entire universe system.  Nothing new here.

“What is new, is a new way of better thinking and doing and connection with the incorruptible Existential Deity.  Yes, that is correct, no room for interference in broadcast and reception and “clear channel” is the flavor of the New Universe Age.  We, as Existential Deity, have purposed to re-scaffold the ascension process for many of you from Urantia and other rebellion-scarred planets.

Why is this so you ask?  Let me explain further.  Firstly, let me clarify to this transmitter, and to those who read this message, that you will oftentimes now receive us as “Existential Deity”.  Why “Existential Deity” is simple, as that is who we are as we come together in special union to address specific concerns, such as your ascension carriers, and how we now choose, at times, to directly connect to specific humans.

It has been made abundantly clear to us that for all intents and purposes it is in our mutual bests interests to interact with certain mortal groups in a direct capacity through the connection of receiving our missives precisely at times.  Interference at any level will no longer exist via this new course of action and we deem it necessary to ascertain not only your full co-operation in this new endeavor but also to grant to you, via this direct connection, the experience of sensing our intention and ‘essence of being’ to provide you with grounding for your understanding and proper perception of meanings and values.

Let it be known that this new method of connection we have chosen to provide is as close as we dare come to your human experience of ‘face-to-face’ encounter.  That is implied to simply help you understand and relate to your mortal experience of knowing someone via personal “presence” and experiential sharing, over and above other methods of communication available, which are lacking in so many areas of experiential perception for you.

With a view to not overwhelming you all with too much too soon, let us just say that we are convinced of the benefits we shall all reap from this-co-operative, collaborative effort.  Your Adjusters have been prepared for this and you have also been apprised that the Spirit of Truth has been upgraded as well.  These changes help ensure the elimination of interference in any way by the dregs of rebellion that would attempt to thwart a new level of relationship, and will solidify our joint efforts to usher in improvements as we see them for this New Universe Age (NUA).

We wish you a “new’ day!


Title: Re: EXISTENTIAL DEITY - Commumications
Post by: Lemuel on November 18, 2020, 02:14:53 pm
Hi, Newstarsaphire,  a great transmission. I am so pleased to read it as it also confirms
my own receiving that the Trinity wishes to communicate with us directly.
This is a great leap forward, of course, and should give our confidence a boost.
Thank you.

Title: Re: EXISTENTIAL DEITY - Communications
Post by: newstarsaphire on November 18, 2020, 03:18:24 pm
Hi Lemuel,

I was quite surprised to receive this transmission and wondered what they were going to tell us.  I am so thankful as well for what they have chosen to do and, as you say, clarification for myself, and confirmation for what you received.

As you know, there is much clearer understanding when you are the receiver of the transmission, as we receive more than we can put into words, and that is what I find so exciting about what they desire us to comprehend in this missive.  

Domtia and keep well