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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THE CIRCLE OF INFINITY
« on: October 03, 2021, 03:46:50 pm »
Thank you CIRCLE OF INFINITY, thank you Lemuel. Amen to your words with thanksgiving and praise. I apologize that I read this important message after my post but glad to be in agreement.  

General Discussion / Re: HOLY MOLLY! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
« on: October 03, 2021, 03:35:09 pm »
Apostle Paul wrote it beautifully as posted below. Ron's suffering makes this quote most appropriate by all means and we are heart stricken by it Ron, praying for your full restoration. I hope and pray that you would find comfort in the words below from your now celestial friend. 

Holding our tongues from the ears of the cabal is wise and the cancellation well received. I pray that Father would finally put these insane entities into highest security facilities on the prison worlds, if not ready to eliminate them just yet in hope of their repentance. The cabal and their leader are foolish enough to show their true colors and are without excuse or choice. We just need to be patient and pray for the power of God to manifest in this bad situation once and for all. I pray for unceasing divine protection over Ron from this day forward, and all of our loved ones. 

Thank you Father God for all that you do, thank you Michael of Nebadon, thank you Machieventa Melchizedek and staff for your faithfulness and willingness to start over one more time to lead Urantia into Light and Life. Our faith is unmovable in your abilities to make all things right. We honor and love you and stand by to serve you all for eons of time. 

Treasure in Jars of Clay

7Now we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this surpassingly great power is from God and not from us. 8We are hard pressed on all sides, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.
10We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 11For we who are alive are always consigned to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our mortal body. 12So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.
13And in keeping with what is written: “I believed, therefore I have spoken,”d we who have the same spirit of faith also believe and therefore speak, 14knowing that the One who raised the Lord Jesuse will also raise us with Jesus and present us with you in His presence. 15All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is extending to more and more people may overflow in thanksgiving, to the glory of God.

16Therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, yet our inner self is being renewed day by day. 17For our light and momentary affliction is producing for us an eternal glory that is far beyond comparison. 18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

I will try to find it for you Andre, just give me some time. 

I have listened to this recording with great interest for I had two family members in my lifetime who departed the way we could never imagine. The answer is very comforting to me because my niece took her young life due to the extreme pressure and restrictions her controlling father implied upon her. This awful tragedy forever broke her mother's heart. Her life was cut down by forces of evil, so innocents and full of beauty inside out. The other was my grandfather whom I still consider the most honorable man I even known. I compared him to Job from the bible. He never done anything wrong only good all his life, loving, caring, just, humble and hardworking. He never went into the hospital, never took a pill in his life, never missed a day from work, and worked until the last day of his life in this late 70s. A momentary lapse of reason drove him as he would not take words of ungrounded accusation lightly. Out of the infinite goodness and mercy of God he was allowed to step back from the thereafter to comfort me, for I was so shaken up by the news that I could not stop crying and said, "at least you two love each other" referring to my marriage. Years after that in church the preaching was about judgment and passing into eternity. I went up for prayer and said to the pastor that nobody made it into heaven from my family expect my great grandmother. She said, I tell you the way God is telling me, Do not say that! You do not know the mercy of God! Praise and worship Father forever and ever. Amen

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THE CLEANSING
« on: September 30, 2021, 01:10:07 pm »
Dear CALUMNIA and Lemuel, I consider your words heavenly manna for today and thank you so very much for them. Just this morning I had to face negative emotions and words leaving my heart and mouth that was profoundly triggered by my environment. It took my desire to the next level to let go of them, understanding that I either be a positive influence or become like it. I realized that no matter where we go we will find ourselves in various 'pits' in the world, crying out for reformation. Thus, these are the only two options we all have, for isolation would make us ineffective to catalyze positive change. 

I know my reactions to evil are not the best they could be, but I have not considered it the part of my markup when living in the dream of the coming of the Kingdom of God for decades. It has been a fresh awakening and I am so glad that you have addressed it almost instantly buy these words. I believe that I did not fail for the reason that I am still standing, but from many other aspects this has not been a fun ride so far on the bumpiest road.

Your words are very helpful in sorting things out and I am most interested to gain understanding of the statement "it will take years". We all are up in age and though we have received the promise of life extension, it is still hard for me to envision change in such magnitude that it should take years, until we finally reach the state of unspeakable joy. What stimulus we may have to accomplish such change if many past years have not been enough to let go of old personality traits and problems? Is it Jesus' return? Is it the peace following the elimination of negative entities? Is it ascending in the spirit to higher awareness to able to discern heavenly realities? Any way it comes I most welcome it and I am sure other as well! 

May perspective has already changed in the past year to understand that we are at the beginning and not at the end. I felt much pressured by my faulty understanding that I only had time until the Lord’s return to line up with the Devine Will in order to qualify to be a useful servant. Then I learned that our qualification is based on our willingness to leave everything behind to serve and willingness to undergo these changes whatever it takes, which is a marvelous foresight for the future. It helped me to regain my peace but now I have to make peace with the fact that changing the world for good will take much time also. Detesting the world makes us bitter not better, so help us to love the unlovable and detest only evil. May our Father reward your efforts in helping us to reach destiny in Christ Jesus.

Andrey, I remember that on one Lightline many months ago (3-5) there was mentioning of black holes in a Q&A and a High Celestial made a comment that our scientist are really off track trying to figure it out for those are space junk, but then he added it is a secret.  

Thank you for all the details. I gained much understanding. I would like to know why the ultimaton is called the God particle.

Understanding that electricity will flow in the magnetosphere to the end user, will the air get dangerous around the towels? Should the infrastructure be built the way it avoids interaction? For instance when airplanes take off they will have to maintain a certain distance from the towels? How about high trees, their animal inhabitants (birds, squirrels) will they be in danger? We could get electrocuted through the cut wires, especially when water is present as a conductor. How will it be when it’s raining or thunderstorm?  

My curiosity took me to check out what I find about the vault around the earth core, because I could not envision it. I am posting below what I found so that you would not have to search for it, but I found nothing about the vault because scientists considering it the part of the core - inner core and outer core. (see image at the link below)

The core extends from near 2900 km depth to the center, taking up more than half of the Earth's radius (Figure 1). It occupies roughly one-sixth of the Earth's volume and accounts for nearly one-third of its mass.

Earth Core - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Planet Earth is older than the core. When Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, it was a uniform ball of hot rock.

core | National Geographic Society 

Earth core formed gradually, beginning 4BY ago and henceforth during the entire geological evolution under the barodiffusion mechanism without the melt of silicates and sulfides.

Earth Core - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics 

Here they are talking about the freezing of the core. Is that mean to solidify as it did?

The outer core is coolest at the top, near the CMB, but freezing proceeds from the center outward because the increase of the freezing (liquidus) temperature with pressure is greater than the adiabatic gradient: d T L / d p d T A / d p.

Earth Core - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

I have also read an article Earth's core is growing 'lopsided' and scientists don't know why | Live Science that I found festinating, even if might not be everything factual. I am proud of humanity for understanding this much based on the seismic waves data they have. Thank you for reading it, I hope this start an interesting discussion.

Quote from the article:

“Scientists can only see it when they study the seismic waves (subterranean tremors generated by earthquakes) passing through the planet's solid iron inner core. For some reason, waves move through the core significantly faster when they're traveling between the north and south poles than when they're traveling across the equator.

Researchers have known about this discrepancy — known as seismic anisotropy — for decades, but have been unable to come up with an explanation that's consistent with the available data.  ……

However, this asymmetric growth doesn't mean that the inner core itself is misshapen or at risk of becoming imbalanced, the researchers said.  …….

On average, the inner core's radius grows evenly by about 0.04 inches (1 millimeter) every year. Gravity corrects for the lopsided growth in the east by pushing new crystals toward the west. There, the crystals clump into lattice structures that stretch along the core's north-south axis. These crystal structures, aligned parallel with Earth's poles, are seismic superhighways that enable earthquake waves to travel more quickly in that direction, according to the team's models. ………”

An explanation follows that says the magnetosphere is affected by this lopsided change. It might be very small change year by year but eventually it adds up. Will that affect the WTP at all?

Blessings and love,



Thank you Ron, I really enjoyed listening to this tape. The answers were energizing and so humbly and lovingly put. It creates the atmosphere of peace and protection that does not come to us effortlessly nowadays. Monjoronson also well explained the origin of the pandemics and he said that there will be TWO major pandemics in the future. We are only at the first one. He added how to be protected from deadly diseases energetically. I used to have such a great faith in that always, until we kept hearing how vulnerable we can get and experiencing it through you mentally. I chose to believe in being 'untouchable' that helps in any bad situation to overcome fear by faith. If ever occurs a reality check we then face it off regardless. 

Threads for New Transmissions / We are in day to day Preparation
« on: September 24, 2021, 11:25:03 am »
Received: September 24, 2021; 6:38 am. (I was late to attend our meeting at 6 am)
Speakers: Thought Adjuster, Machieventa Melchizedek   
Subject: We are in day to day Preparation

Good Morning dear Father and Celestials. I am here now, listening.

Very well then, I am here (my TA). We are trying to communicate at least. Write, the days of today will shape the days of tomorrow. If today is wasted away so it will be tomorrow. Think about it always; change your perspective about what is important. You cannot live randomly as you know.

Yes, this is your Father speaking, you are easily distracted and that would need to improve in the coming days. We are still watching what will happen; the core does not improve only the signs are increasing that it will happen soon.

Soon can be any moment and it can be months, but we do not know. We want to get the missions off the ground, Machieventa has a lot to deal with as always with the insurrectionist blocking and attacking. He is using liaison forces to get them out of his way; he has the authority to send them to jail or to the Ancient of Days.

It is good you pray (for Machieventa), because it sends him energy and get the attention more, but we are very aware of the situation of course. Michael is organizing his mission to Urantia too, and dealing with the situation as it comes. 

I sense that hell is breaking through.

Yes, but not as you think that now we enter into war with the liaison forces against the insurrectionist, rather that the instability of the governments are making it rather difficult to keep the planet in peace and when the shaking takes place, a major trammel or major earthquakes will put the governments into emergency mode. They will try to keep control with fists of iron over the population. That will make it more difficult to receive Celestial instructions and help, so we need to force our ways into the situation and let them deal with it as it comes when seeing that not everything is going their way. We need recognition first, before we can help them effectively. Ron is suffering and he is not able to represent us right now in his current condition.

Why not heal him now? He has received countless promises and truly, we are now getting accustomed to that Celestials say one thing and do the other. That is not very good and we oppress our minds from judging it wrong and dishonorable.

True, it is a problem, we want to keep you informed but in the same time we are not sure when or how to do it, debating and making decisions. So we try to keep hope alive and it comes down as dishonesty or dishonor. You all know we are honest but our story can change day to day. Then when we are silent one of you will surely ask the why question and how it is going to be and any answer we give will shape the next that might be contradictory. You all should partake as you do when dealing with earthly situations and trying to solve problems, you have many factors to consider and take care of fist. Preparation is an important part when everything is fluid. Same here. Once the day comes that the preparation is over and we go live so to speak, then the events will determine our next step. Our goal should be to able to keep control and not just react to a new event and that is a big task even for us, when the entire earth is against us in ignorance. Even those who say they are for us are often unwilling to serve as it would help us. We have great power but if you think of it, we do not want to force ourselves as the insurrectionists, as always, keeping in perspective heavenly laws, it is very delicate situation we have to deal with. Yet Father will get His will done but it can take decades and until that it is chaotic and much is coming.
The tribulation that you think of as government control is inevitable when the entire population is in need. It is not conspiracy or power struggle, but when dealing with masses of people they must establish military order and those FEMA camps will become inevitable and be needed. Of course those who are put in positions are not educated on military the democratic way. It always represents exercise of power and control. It is needed. How the insurrectionist will flow into the events we do not know, they will try to gain control and many are in high positions in the society to do so. What is control? Will they try to force people to become their followers? No, that is not possible, but they may try to silence those who are not. Then they are in power position full force. We protect you all but it is not an easy position as we all are volunteers, but trust Father for more. Just pray in all situations and take one day at the time until things settle down, pray if you need help and we are here for you, and persevere as you can and help others.

This too shall pass. It is worldwide, yes, but it will come once on each territory, and while need to reestablish some order after the plate movements will take place, the actual disaster will be for hours (per territory I understood). Then we all have to deal with the consequences. Not all will happen in the same day. It will break out place to place but the difficulty will be in that the nations and worldwide organizations will be so overwhelmed with the need that many areas will not be able to receive aid. People will be hungry and needy and it will be difficult to go through it, some will perish. Nothing you can do, or anyone else, we need to go through it and we will. Like we said, this experience will follow you through eternity, you will be remembered for this and it will accelerate your spiritual growth tremendously. You know that you are secured in the Father’s heart in any event, and now truly need to elevate your perspective to be a citizen, be a universal citizen more the earthy only. Wherever you are, you are safe.

How much of this I made up?

You have not made up any, but because I am preparing you for a long time it is in you hopefully, so when you need to rise above you will. Just do not fear. That is key because in fear you detach from me mentally and that is not what we want you to do or go through.
You can post this on the forum; it can be helpful for all to see.

Thank you Father, Is there anyone else?

This is Machieventa Melchizedek. Thank you for taking that transmission, it helps to understand where we are and what we have on hand to deal with. We have power but our hands are tied by Universal Laws and considering the Father’s Will. We do our best and as long as we do not give up the Missions will develop further, just having a rocky road to begin.

Thank you very much Machieventa. 

Thank you Moses, this is really great. They have no clue whatsoever. Of course it is new to us too but we are not scientist, so I was wondering where they stand nowadays. 

So now, let us pray that the world will receive the revelations that Father, Rayson and other Celestials so willingly bring to humanity, mostly through Ron. It saddened me to hear on LL that many are against Ron's messages that proves what Apostle Paul said, "the carnal mind is enmity against God". Let there be Light! 

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: DISTRACTIONS
« on: September 19, 2021, 11:48:55 am »
Truly Lemuel, your posts from Columnia hold invaluable lessons for all of us. Interestingly each time I feel I have already know this, and I am sure you do the same. It is in us but then why not manifest in a greater way? Because Father is in us, the Source and Center of all that we all learn, but we are not yet fully integrated with him is the answer, I believe. As we know Ron is and Lemuel Is very close and many of you very close, and we all are in a different levels. Great to ponder over these lessons, make decisions and receive greater impressions, because on the end of the day we can see how we have actually ignored the prompting or altered the motives or changed our ways of thinking from what (or whom) is in us. We KNOW, if we are willing to acknowledge it. Wonderful Celestial teachers are assigned to us to accelerate our growth, but Father is able to bring us the message from outside sources also if needed, may that be a human, a friend or a stranger, he is able. Are we receiving it humbly is the question. That is where the daily struggle comes in, as Christians say to ‘kill the flesh’, and as Columnia says, ‘the ego is the greatest of all distracters’. The great EGO, the oversized I am in the GREAT I AM. Let this settle in the deepest way to remember the words GREATEST DESTRUCTOR, so that we would remember where to point the finger at all the times in spite of the many destructive outside circumstances and events. Although circumstances can truly distracts us out of our control, our responses even more according to the above. I like the ‘lost it’ expression because afterwards we know exactly when we lost it, and hopefully learn from it and improve day by day if we are willing to focus on controlling our thoughts and responses.

I am eternally thankful for the goodness of God and for the attention and love of our Celestial family. We feel unworthy because we know that we ‘lost it’. Lost connection, lost focus, lost the zeal and thus we feel less then rightfully so, but we are continually encouraged to pick up where we lost it and press harder to restate our good sanding with our TA. I hear Celestials pointing to this most important fact most every Lightline and the way back to the path is to reconnect and eventually remain in the presence constantly as Lemuel does, because we have savored the joy of Oneness it creates. Remaining with the plan to transmit daily at the appointed time is the way to get enabled, we then face the day with confidence knowing that we are connected and always guided, directed, instructed, rescued and provided for thus peace is our inner state, as Jesus said. Peace that passes all understanding, in spite of the bustle and hustle in the world able to withstand the turmoil. There are issues of life that are truly annoying and we want to shed them off like snake skin, but even in that we are comforted and receive instructions and perspective that enable us to be patient and not having anxiety attacks as I have even experienced in times past, which is absolutely not from Father as we know. As Ron put it to me, it is like running the Marathon on one leg without connecting to my Fatter within. That was very helpful, thank you Ron.

Overcoming does not come effortlessly and it is by all means require our full attention given to Father, and as Moses said so well, making decision over every little act we are so accustomed to do in response to outside triggers, alarms, notices, and news pieces. Humans are accustomed to feed the EGO! No wonder it grows then, for what we feed is what will grow. Our growth must be an inward progression and not a response to outside stimulus no matter how great and influential that might be, spiritual or natural. We cannot become one with a person may that be a living being or a dead who already finished his or her course, thus becoming attainable, or with a Celestial being, only with our Thought Adjusters and through our Oneness with other beings. I am well aware that most of you already walking in it and might feel that am I stating the obvious, but I hope it will bless someone still thus I share it. Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

This is really fascinating and I do marvel after believing since I first learned about the atom that the electron is one of the smallest particle circling around the nucleus at different distanced orbits [1st orbit holds (2), the second (eight), the third (16), the fourth (32) electrons to orbit saturation] and that the unsaturated outer layer determined the atom’s charge. We learned that the building blocks of the atom are the Proton in the nucleus (+), the Electron (-) on its orbits and the Neutrons (with no charge, in the nucleus). Their numbers follow the rule that I no longer remember, and they are equal number with the electrons (? or protons?) and their presence has to do with the atomic weight. This is old knowledge to build on. Reading your post titled: Electron Body Aided By Ultimatons to Retain Electron Independence  I marveled that we never had a thought about why the electrons would not zoom into the nucleus, what would hold them up?  Now this explanation gives us an answer although hard for me to visualize the poaches, but understand the concept.

Perhaps it could be an achievable goal for scientists to learn about ultimatons, but how could be an antiparticle that is so far incomprehensible for most of humankind? Is that therefore what is called the God particle? I know you told us on Lightline once but I do not recall, sorry, what part is the God particle, was not the ultimaton?

Humanity is far from recognizing or able to measure quantities as much as 10million and 35 million KHZ, is that correct? With these new revelations given to us now there is no limit to new discoveries? How much the Hydron collider at Cern built on any of these knowledge? I know they claimed to find the God particle but not sure of the rest other than they accelerate particles (electrons) to split the atom?
Since I have not heard you speaking about the neutron at all is that because it’s completely inactive? As to my understanding what you are saying is that the ultimaton is the smallest pre-particle without charge? Is it made of light / energy? Are they ordained by Father, meaning how would the electron know to assemble such way?
OK, the neutron is a particle of the atom but the ultimatum is a pre-particle of the electron and they have nothing to do with one another apparently. Do you know what kind of pre particles the Proton made of if any, or is that one unite? How about the neutron?

And what is the Interferon? I mean how can it prepare for the future? Does it prepares this New Universe Age to develop? It looks like without them the electrons would not form. On the illustration the Interferons are occupying one half of the electron, are they to compensate for the ultimatons energy to keep balance? Does it have intelligence or able to receive instructions from Father God? It seems to be vital part of the electron, but where does it come from to assemble? This is a hard mind exercise for reason of being part of Universal communications.

Interferon known in biomedical science, and I assume having the same name is a coincidence. Or is it possible that science knew about interferon in the atom before your revelation only I missed to learn about the new information?  Interferons are a group of signaling proteins made and released by host cells in response to the presence of several viruses. In a typical scenario, a virus-infected cell will release interferons causing nearby cells to heighten their anti-viral defenses.” Wikipedia

Yes, this is exciting especially because it will change the quality of human life forever. I will love to receive the answers, but please be careful with sharing your secrets. This art work is beautifully down. I just have one more question. Please ask Rayson if there will be more revelations released about pre-particles in a future time, or now we really know the smallest units? We thank Universal Father, Deity Absolute and Rayson for releasing this revelation. Pretty awesome! Thank you Ron

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Who answers our prayers?
« on: September 12, 2021, 02:30:33 pm »
Dear Members and Guest,

We have started a discussion on Saturday LLUSA (September 11, 2021) about answered prayers and the processes whereby we may receive answers. Interestingly each one of the participant had a different point of view or knowledge from the UB. Larry therefore suggested that we would bring up the same subject on the forum again to receive answers from all who wish to participate, and hopefully together we would reach a unified conclusion. You may bring your transmission also.

I have found 169 verses in the UB by searching for the word: Prayer. Many of those addressing the evolution of prayer (Papers 63-95), and from paper 125 all related quotes are referencing Jesus’ prayer life and his teaching on prayer. He could not address the specific question who is answering our prayers, as he referred to all Universe Personalities under the name of ‘God’.

Apart from that, I have found only couple of quotes that touches on the subject of our discussion; however I did not receive a clear answer by reading them. Please find quotes below. I would suggest that you would listen to or read the transcript of said Lightline to flow into the discussion before you would bless us with sharing your knowledge and understanding. We appreciate and would love to read your comments below.


Paper 5 - God's Relation to the Individual

5:3:4 (65.6) The moment the element of self-interest intrudes upon worship, that instant devotion translates from worship to prayer and more appropriately should be directed to the person of the Eternal Son or the Creator Son. But in practical religious experience there exists no reason why prayer should not be addressed to God the Father as a part of true worship.

Paper 17 - The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups

17:6:5 (204.1) At the time the creatorship charge is administered to a Michael Son by the Eternal Son, the Master Spirit who directs the superuniverse to which this new Creator Son is destined gives expression to the “prayer of identification” in the presence of the Infinite Spirit; and for the first time, the entity of the subsequent Creative Spirit appears as differentiated from the person of the Infinite Spirit.

Let me please add my thoughts and motivations to this subject and share some perspectives. I am getting the vaccine for several reasons:
  • Universal Father told us so
  • Michael of Nebadon told us so
  • My Thought Adjuster answered, Yes, I should get it  
  • My son asked me to get vaccinated being concerned for my wellbeing
  • Want to protect the community from potentially spreading the virus as an unvaccinated recipient 
  • Understanding the importance of herd vaccination to stop further spreading and mutations 
Above all, each point is more important than my opinion, but since I made my decision the above points became my opinion due to Divine intervention, thank God for that. I am confident that Father and our Celestial family would not lead us harm's way if the vaccine would be endangering our lives. Ironically, I set up the first appointment and my immune system’s harsh reaction to a sudden inflammation prevented me from getting it until next week at the rescheduled time.

As a result being unvaccinated, yesterday I came in contact with a family of five whereas the mother was just released from the hospital with Covid symptoms while she felt weak and fairly sick. She sought accommodation and relief from homelessness with her four children, all jammed in a car. When she was able she and her eldest son worked in a restaurant whereby supporting themselves in temporary housing situations due to their recent migration from out of state. We helped the family with shelter, food, clothing and necessities and secured hotel rooms via a government agency where she will be quarantined for 14 days and the children will live in the next room to hers (one about eight, three teenagers, one is licensed to drive). The ministry will continue to see about their provision and by the time the quarantine is over they will be moving into their new home with the assistance of a government housing program. I trust and pray for happy ending, but when the virus hit home like this we become more alarmed of the problem. Now I truly relay on my faith for safety after this potentially dangerous encounter, while praying for the family and others including self. Yet the real question is, how many people we may come in contact with unsuspected that are carriers of the virus with or without their knowledge? It was alarming to me also that my dog was coughing and felt sick for few days prior to this. I never heard a dog coughing before and was not sure if they could catch Covid-19. According to CDC dogs are unaffected by the virus but can be carriers on their fur and transferors by petting and handling.    

When we see these events happening to people with whom I came in direct contact with, vaccination becomes desirable all the sudden. As a health care professional my son had to witness several Covid-19 death cases in the hospital; some are young parents leaving behind small children. No wonder that he is concerned for my vaccination and I should honor that and be thankful. Plus an article ravished my heart about a 17 year old girl who was helped by construction workers to be lowered down to her mom’s hospital window to say goodbye to her on her Covid resulted deathbed. The daughter was not allowed to visit her mom due to one person only visitation rights that her father exhausted. It is a truly heartbreaking story just to think about, but how much more to live through it. I hope and pray that you all would get vaccinated soon.

Blessings and love, 


« on: September 05, 2021, 09:04:44 pm »
I would like to remind you that I have been downloading LL recordings and transcriptions from the beginning and would be happy to provide them to Dominick that may save him some time beside that old recordings are no longer available of the forum listings. 
Beginning last September my computer work was halted, computers destroyed and my data scattered, thus I could no longer download the French LL and some others, depending on which service provider the Hosts used (for some download require an intermediary media such as Dropbox that I could not access anymore.) Very sorry for that. The good news is that I have LLUSA, LLEU / Amethyst, and Alice's recordings in full, most of Rene's and Lemuel's recordings in Spanish, and the French recordings up until last November. 

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