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« on: Today at 12:02:52 am »
Thank you Rene for your kind and instructive words. I agree with coming into agreement with our Celestial family, for which reason I am seeking clarity. Father also said that it requires extreme delicacy, thus he might thought 'putting it on the air' on the forum. For certain, we do not want to create panic and it appears that time is short also. I wait until further instructions. Your messages are very much appreciated, looking forward to read them.

General Discussion / Re: The Guardians of Destiny
« on: July 30, 2021, 07:04:51 pm »
Sorry for the late response. I would like to comment, this is what we were waiting for the most, a peak preview into the future. Most of what is written here has been foretold before in bits and pieces, but until now I was uncertain if I would even see the day of positive changes. Delightful prognosis.  

Obviously, Regency is the only solution to all problems, thus (re)education becoming the forefront of all activities. It is admirable that Father is willing to invest such huge amount of gold in order to straighten out human mistakes under the falsehood of rebellion. We thank Universal Father and Michael of Nebadon for their generosity and restoration, and for not giving up on the planet and her people. As long as we do not lose perspective of the ever-present help and guidance, we know that we will come out victorious. It is also a blessing to know Ron that you are the only person on earth who has been jointed, because even if we all are on a different plateau, it is helpful to understand concepts. 

Thank you and blessings, 

« on: July 30, 2021, 06:51:04 pm »
Thank you Rene for this message. Father said, "It is essential to get these notes on the air for the information of the general population."

I have offered to post these messages on YouTube and after Father agreed that I would, I posted some last year until computer losses and hacker's attacks stopped me. Upon recovery I have asked if I should continue posting and was told to hold on. I again asked on last week's Lightline and was told to hold on.  

I am now not sure if I should go ahead and post the earth changes related messages to be 'on the air' to inform the general population or not? Please advice,


Threads for New Transmissions / Hear and Obey (react)
« on: July 27, 2021, 11:21:23 pm »
Speaker: My Thought Adjuster, Van the Steadfast
Date: July 27, 2021

Message title: Hear and Obey
by sonofGod

To my TA: Father, please go ahead, I know that you want to talk to me.

Yes, daughter, I always want to talk to you, but you became dull of hearing for believing a lie. I am glad that you have come to understand it. In the future you will hear my voice clearly and you are to act upon it immediately, for that too is falling short. You are debating and reasoning it out, but that is definitely the worse you can do, because you miss everything that I have for you. You know it because you have already paid the price a great way and this is now coming to an end IF your hear and obey. So, let us talk about what would keep you from really obeying me. It is the ego and you must push that back, for the Spirit will never agree with your ego. If I did, you would not need me, and it is coming some cunning ways. You keep saying you want to obey -react- and I know you do, but there is a difference between doing what I told you to do or thinking about it if it makes sense to you. Until it comes to making sense even you could do it alone. Again, I will ask you to do things that do not make sense to you, as you have been led into many situations that you said you know it is my leading because it made no sense to the natural mind what I asked you to do. I sent you into situations that were known for its dangers in your site. You needed my deliverance at times and you learned by experience that I am always on your side. How much more this will be the case when I will send you into the unknown? You will only know that it is dangerous and that I am with you. If you remember the times that I led you to conquer fear and the only way you could do it is by faith, knowing that between me and my angels you are safe. How many miracles you have seen and it will only multiply because you will not comprehend with your natural mind. Are you ready for the ride? Are you willing to walk the path of mystery to you, but not to me? For I am the path that I’ve planned out for you while taking you to the place of glory that you have heard me say, there is light for you at the end of the tunnel. And you know that the light is Jesus’ face as you have seen his face glowing so that you could not make out his features. He was taking you by the hand and led you into the wonderful meadow of his light where the sun does not need to shine and the flowers covering the entire field like carpet. You saw it and were delighted. Are you ready for the ride?

Yes Father, I am ready.

Then you just hold on tight for the ride of your life. May God be with you, our Universal Father whom I am the part of.

Amen. Thank you Father, I felt the flow of the Spirit and rhyme, so I would say these are your words even if I knew some of them before. Should I post it online?

Yes, you may.

Thank you Father again, bless your holy name!

Is there anyone else who would like to speak? Machieventa, Life Carrier AB, my Teacher, whom should I receive by name?

This is …..  not sure whom I received. I will fill in as we go, please go ahead and forgive me for doubting.

That is OK, it is a learning process and I am glad that you are willing to learn. So many would not and that makes me stocked, and I am hoping that you will not become silent again. Be alert, be vigilant, be alive in the Spirit, all else has to come second or you would fail. I am going to talk to you about the great day of your suffering, for it will be scary, and it will be the day when your spirit will overcome your natural ways. This is for all of you, you will experience a breakthrough in the fire by the spirit power in you. As you say, what you pressure will release its content, and only what is on the inside can come forth, nothing else. What it is made of will come out. Father put a whole lot on the inside of you, more then you could now comprehend, for he put himself on the inside of you for one day to come out to manifest through you.

This is Van for your surprise, not what you thought but not heard at the beginning. (This time I heard it clearly.) I am Van the Steadfast and now I want to tell you about the wonderful pressures of life. The results are wonderful but the experiences may not until after the fact, when you can look back to see the good that the situation afforded in you all. As you all know I am speaking from experience, I have been there, but you are not looking forward to 150 thousand years, only a few, while the shaking will decimate your planet. You will start rebuilding and recreating the right way, the lingering is over, the long suffering at the evil domain that you have endured ever since you were born as so many of you, or to say all of you as you were born into their system. Some of you coming out with greater and deeper scars than others, but on the end all does not matter. Look at the way the wounds of your Creator Son and his earthly body, Jesus. He is healed and grew glorious and so you all will do from the pain you are today. All I ask you to do as Father stated just hear and obey, and that is everything you can do, because it will keep you busy for eternity. Look up, look ahead, do not look behind ever again, and do not wait for the day to start anew, begin today. Father’s grace is sufficient for you every day.

Thank you Van, I heard your words and grateful for them, do you want me to post it?

Yes, I do most definitely, for it is for all of you. Good day.  

Thank you again, I wish you a very good day also, I am on my way to obey. Amen

Hello Everyone, I have received these words today and post it here for a new beginning, trying to transmit again. The goal is to get into the habit to "hear and obey". The vision my TA reminded me of shows me where I am in the spirit today. I was crying for being caught up in thorny bushes and not able to get away from their grip, taring off my skin and summer dress. Blaming the cabal, even though they are guilty and I hope they go downstairs, I should do my part to ascend. Obey means to respond and collaborate with our TA and Teachers more attentively and focus on their words by free will choice, for Father would never force us to do anything, of course. He is speaking so gently that is easy to 'overlook' by executing our own plans for the day, for there are many, and the self-will drive is strong by the tyranny of the urgent. Work and daily living arrangements can so overshadow our minds that we easily lose focus in the spirit. This is the great overcoming part, to overcome self-will and I would suggest to practice with me whomsoever feel it fit.

I took a more serious look at the fact that Ron's work ethic and performance outweighs all of us, which is great. Even though he has the most real reasons not to, and I wish and pray him the very best in all. But what is the difference? It is that he does not have to make a choice to obey for the path he chose for himself is his very essence focusing on the work ahead, and there are no other plans, contingencies, or occupation for the day, other than cutting grass once in a while that is a great way to relax and recharge. His ways are no magic and a tangible way for us to follow, and I wish and pray we all get there. Do not have to transmit in order to do so, meditating and following through the words of the Messengers given to us for personal development on the forum and on Lightline would suffice, so just let us be honest with one self. Take a good look at how many self improvement words you have put into practice and how many fell on the wayside (not even remembered anymore), while we are always news trigger ready and remember the heard? As my TA said it is a path and it is impossible to get where we are going 'one way or the other'. I am thinking to hang unto some select few words in print to meditate over for the time being of potentially being cut off of electricity that can be prolonged under the circumstances (no Internet, computer, or radio, given that we still have some place to crush down and belongings and breath in our nostril). We should have our spiritual food stored up and not just natural, but of course we have our Celestial family to feed us daily. It is a daily bread that we must intake, and it takes everything. I mean no harm to tell what we should do when many of you are way ahead of me. I am preaching to the quire always, but if it encourages even one soul I feel I should. This, I believe is the teacher in me for I always wanted to share soul food and information. Please correct me if I am wrong so that I would not take the wrong turn right at the beginning of my newfound commitment, especially asking Ron, if he thinks this is not a forum practice, protocol or goal. Thank you   

Blessings to all    

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: RA: We Speak in the Spirit
« on: July 27, 2021, 11:05:25 am »
Sue, reminding us of the bigger picture is mind opening to that we all shall fully surrender in view of the coming events and help from the Universe, being so much greater than us. We are going to tackle difficulties and situations that we still have some control over by contributing to the solution, but for the time being of going through the event is a great dependence on Spirit entirely. Years ago I have seen a dynamic short video how it is going to be; so imbedded into my mind that I will never forget, the event we will never forget. It is a comforting thought to fall into Father’s arms. I wonder if it's still true as it was said to us in one of the Lightlines that the main event, the breaking up the plates will take no more than two and a half hours - of course understanding that earth movements may continue in divers places for many years until total settlement will be reached. 

Thank you so much for your posts and thank Father, RA, Machieventa and Probius for their words very much.


SongatSunrise and Moses you both wondered about the meaning of Jesus’ words when he told us to read between the lines. If we read the entire paragraph in context, quote:

“My presence is desperately needed and I desperately need to get started and I will. I do not have to wait until the publication of any book. When I make my decision to go, I go in spite of everything else. August is a particularly significant month for me and let us see if it can be arranged for some wonderful phenomenon to take place that you will all be able to see in the sky and you can read between the lines of my words. I bid you all a very good afternoon. This is Jesus.”

We then see that the ‘read between the lines’ refers to his coming. What we are going to see is the ‘wonderful phenomenon’ as the sign of his presence. As to my understanding he will not immediately appear to the public, so we may not see him at once, but we shall know from this sign in the sky that he is back. In Rene’s July 23rd post Father speak of a gathering, quote:

It is unprecedented, that we are in the darkness of the night, gathered in waiting for the highest resolutions that your brother Jesus can make.
"I, the Universal Father, pledge to hold the happiest of the most anticipated gatherings on Urantia. It is the most important event I have ever seen held in a world cut off from all possibility.
"Moreover, things have radically changed, the contingents of companions crowd together in a gesture of fidelity to the Master. We have prepared their presentation with such delicacy, that it is worthy of their Hierarchy, many will be confused with the majesty of His presence.”

I believe that the majesty of His presence will manifest in the presentation in the sky that the ‘contingents of companions crowd’ (celestial entourage of Jesus) planned out and as Father says, “We have prepared their presentation”. Then we shall know that Jesus is back and wait for “the happiest of the most anticipated gatherings” that Father promises to those who belong to Jesus. I am sure in my heart that Jesus will present himself to his true followers before he will appear on international television to all the people of the earth in all nations by ways of available technology.


Ron, I have understood from your second post on the 22nd titled 'DEPARTMENT HEADS for the Michael Missions to Our Planet - Information About Them' that the Executive Committee is called off by Machieventa Melchizedek whereas he said,
"As MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, I warn all of you to shut your mouths. Do not attract unnecessary attention to this site or to yourselves individually. Ron has let it be known in several posts to those who help him plan, that he is cooling to the idea, and removing it at my request to form an Executive Committee of planners and fund raisers and will advise others later that the idea of independent use of your own ideas about how to do the funding for books already completed or nearly so.  Ron has put a treasure trove together for people to read so long as he can get the funds to publish them.  He has donated all of the books to be owned by the Magisterial Foundation and will use what royalties that come in back to the Magisterial Foundation's own bank account.  You may donate with the full disclosure it is used for publication only.”
I can understand his concern fully, for with every word we speak about the Missions we now represent him and his staff, so, we shall be waiting for his instructions. I wanted to express my interest becoming part of the team's fundraising efforts. I have gathered some information on fundraising methods in the past and saved some online database and platform we could use. Foundations have strict guidelines, deadlines and require written proposal, thus dealing with them can be time consuming at first. I can still do my research in the meantime. I believe from experience that once we start it will unfold and build momentum. I would love to be part of this work and offer my help with creating printed materials, search and reach out to organizations and individuals. I post this now to keep my interest on record for the future. 
Before the idea of Executive Committee came up my intention was to put together a package of a fundraising campaign via email and social media, then I intended to show you the ready product before launching, A great presentation is half the victory because we only have a short window time to capture the attention of a person (about 10 seconds). My goal was to secure some funds for the expansion of Ligthlines coupled with increasing awareness, and to generate some funds towards publishing, thus the warning. I stop until some turns of events and instructions.  Thank you for your notice,
I am very glad that you have turned all proceeds over to the Magisterial Foundation and not to the government as first thought, knowing that every penny will go to the right hands for right purposes. Thank you for that and many blessings,

Thank you Moses for the accurate transcriptions, they are very helpful even to English speaking readers in recapping the heard. It is very much appreciated  Keep up the good work


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "The most important event".
« on: July 23, 2021, 03:56:53 pm »
Thank you Father and Rene for this transmission, it is a beautiful message, so glad to read it. 

« on: July 23, 2021, 03:22:28 pm »
Thank you Clency for sharing this sad loss with us. My deep sympathy and condolences Albert and your family at the time of grief and sorrow. I pray that you would find comfort in the Lord.     

Hello Everyone, 

On Sunday’s Lightline Ron complained about the quality and speed of Internet Service from various providers. I just landed on this infomercial yesterday that explains why this is happening (sorry for the fluff) and offers a solution that you might be interested in. 

Groundbreaking Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi and Exposes Greedy Internet Service Providers (

As I was looking for the place to post this message seeing the many options brought something into my mind that I would like to mention here also.
I began duplicating the Serara Forum website by a website copier program for preservation purposes when Ron first brought up the need about a year or so ago (it was when the mirror server got set up).
The project became hard for me to complete on my personal computer due to the huge volume. I stopped copying after about 100 GB of data and I was only at the beginning.

Ever since it worries me to potentially lose data when Internet may get cut off, for I believe it would be utmost importance to have this site preserved. Thus, I bring it up to keep it on the forefront of our minds. Unfortunately, I have no solution to the problem yet, but it would be doable with proper equipment some of you may have TBs of storage space and fast internet connection to do it.


This is to address Archangel Ryan’s request to post our interest in what capacity we would like to partake in the Missions. You can listen to his message at LLUSA on June 9, 2021 (first message). I have been contemplating and praying into this subject and forwarded my answer in prayer, but should post it here also as we were asked to do so in the General category.

I believe Father has blessed us with many gifts, too numerous to count, and with the wisdom to recognize that He is always ready to bestow more on us according to the need and our willingness to receive. So far, during my lifetime I have gained substantial experiences in many areas. I wholeheartedly offer all that I learned, possess, and experienced for serving in the Missions. I will be happy to accept a position that my TA Father and our Celestial Leaders find fit for me to fill a need. I love creativity having a pioneer spirit, and love to see ideas blossom into working processes, and into beautiful material and intellectual products. It would be hard for me to prefer one activity over another, because they interweave to reach our goals. Whatever I had put my heart, mind and hands to in the past I always loved the work and done my best to walk in excellence. Although I have been wondering for a little while trying to figure out what is left of me after the shaking, I trust that none of my experiences and commitment got lost.

I was involved in many endeavors while moving back and forth to Europe, always in need to start over, always dreaming of a better future, and always interested to learn more, even before my heart was overtaken by the realization that the kingdom of God is at hand, Jesus is coming back, and we should start a brand new life turning the world right-side up. What a beautiful future! Accordingly, I have never been fully satisfied with the stations of my life, expect for the seasons of meaningful occupations. I hope and pray that God would fill our hearts to the fullest satisfaction and peace when partaking in the Missions.

[These are my experiences: For the early half of my professional life I was laboring in different scientific research laboratories in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and stem cell research. Even before that according to my choice of chemistry major I worked in a food factory doing quality control, water analysis, and microbiology. In the meantime I've developed a successful art product line in Europe that I abandon when submitted to my husband’s career path, then developed a fantastic food product in the US that did not make it to the market for various marketing reasons. returning to the US I have departed from science under some financial pressures and gained great business experiences over the next twenty years in planning and developing projects as founder and co-founder of business startup operations. The various occupations demanded management and leadership skills in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, financial services - FHA and government secured loans -, and insurance sales. Out of need I have also learned graphic design for advertising and marketing material development purposes, and been involved in direct marketing, small wholesale operations and retail management.]

Each endeavor has its own story encapsulating my failures and successes, but the main benefit of all is knowledge and experience. Afterwards I feel that all I have learned was to prepare me for the call. Having many interests, and also as part of being a mother, I studied and promoted natural healing and many been blessed by it, but when I met Jesus in this season I dropped everything for His namesake to reset my life. As a result, utilizing my knowledge I have received two visions of kingdom building projects that I wrote in two books, one of which Jesus named Salvation Healing Center back in 2005. As well I planned out (wrote, designed) the first issue of a kingdom of God advancement magazine that I adore, having been a heavenly download in 2015. Perhaps all is for the not so near future that I am not able to foresee yet. as for now that Celestial plans must have changed, I am waiting to receive my new assignment.

When I felt I was called to follow Jesus more closely I began volunteering in 2008 to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our local community members and homeless population. In this season I authored couple of more books, waiting for editing and publishing and those I would really like to (need to) publish. In 2016 I have developed a channel to post videos of the learned, because I believe I have a teacher’s heart. Teaching has always accompanied my life some ways. I have done some tutoring very successfully, some training of sales professional, and been driven to teach classes about living in the Kingdom of God. Also, I have been gravitated towards changing and hopefully restoring the lives of young adults – now lost to addictions and iniquity – , and gained some momentum and foresight during ministry operations. Years ago I received prophecies of a future woman’s ministry. All is well, but I have little affinity to deal with little children with short attention spans.

Lately, I have spent a whole year with studying pathology to be able to diagnose and treat some diseases that medical professionals failed to acknowledge. Knowing that Father will not waste any experience, I believe this might becomes useful in the coming hard times when earth changes may cause the spread of new epidemics. I do not know why I had to go through this, but it took me a whole year to finally able to stop worrying about it, while had to fight the evil domain to tooth and nail also. It felt as hell on earth for me, and I declare it is over. After two years of intense spiritual warfare the only goal of my life is to be able to refocus on the work of the Missions. You have my full hearted commitment. I am willing to leave behind everything that does not belong. I would appreciate if I should not be separated from the apple of my eye. So help me Father and our Celestial family. I am still in the state of need for enlightenment and clarity as it has been promised to us, and of course in need of receiving direction and instructions from my Father daily, who lights the path to my feet.

I thank Archangel Ryan for asking and wish to repeat that I will be happy to serve in any Mission in any capacity you see fit for me. I hope to become part of a team that is chosen for me, wherever I fit the best, or a leader of a special assignment tailored for me, knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Also, it is in my heart to help Ron any way I can, not that I would have so far, but I hope so. He needs all the help he can get and I am willing to do whatever is useful to help him, once I can truly set my mind on things above not on earthly things. The truth of the matter is that my ego(?) is making my heart weaver between serving Jesus, and Michael, and Machieventa, and Adam and Eve when I hear the need, as little kids do in the candy store. Thus, I have to admit that I am not in the capacity to make these decisions for myself. All I know is – and I speak for all of us here – that we are very blessed for being a part of this work! All glory be to God, our Father! Thank you Father! Amen

Thank you for your reply Ron. 

I believe Machieventa said to pray for that Rayson Corporation would succeed and this inspired me to take one more step. Of course, I understand that Rayson and you make all decisions, I only wanted to help with some information. We never know if it may comes handy one day. 


Ron, I am sorry that I missed LL yesterday but listening to the replay. I have been pondering about Rayson Corporation’s need for good engineers ever since I learned that Matt is not intoned with the work currently. I looked at different options and found couple of them that is valuable enough to report to you.

I have found a very skilled team in product development, 3D planning and rendering, and making prototypes of high technology items, for example yet plane engines and IT technology. They also undertake patenting and licensing but not mandatory to use their services, as they offer a four parts process that you can utilize partially or take advantage of all four entirely. As to my understanding this team is undertaking potentially patentable ideas from entrepreneurs to help complete the entire process for a fee. They have a superior engineering team and the needed facilities to take the product as far as finding the manufacturer. They attend tradeshows, do marketing, but I believe that your products will have such major worldwide impact and importance for planetary technical advancement and goodwill of humankind that it will put Rayson Corporation to the cutting edge in terms of negotiations. You perhaps could negotiate for royalties with the company from the sales. It would take a complete fool to reject such offer when it comes to a product to serve humanity for ages. Visiting their websites can give you an idea of their enormous capacity to carry your inventions to success. It is a large site; I read many of the details and am happy to work with you to find more answers that would save you some time perhaps. Not sure of that with the speed you can travel.

I have found another team that is focusing more on communicating customer satisfaction and highest integrity and transparency, producing new patented products themselves and helping individuals and business entities to reach their goals, including engineering as part of the same four step process. They have invented award winning small household items and electronics that you see on TV infomercials such as in “As Seen On TV” program. I believe you should find success between the two. This would eliminate the need to set up your own facility for now, that takes a lot of money too (the computer corrected my spelling mistake to ‘moony[font="Segoe UI Emoji", sans-serif]😉[/font]’ It take that too, to get infatuation with the ideas). I post many links so that you would not have to look for these details.

Thirdly, I have downloaded a book from another inventor who went down the rocky road of product development – prototype – patenting - licensing that had cost him a fortune with little success. Then he found that this traditional model is what everyone follows, but not the best model. There are cost effective powerful ways to break this protocol, about which he wrote this free book, using it for marketing his services. I read some of it and found it very informative. His services are not in the area of development and prototype, rather in the administrative, legal and marketing arena. I send you his book (.pdf) that may help open your mind to new venues when comes to that.   

Here are the links to the two groups. Presenting many links for easy view

1.       Belcan
Belcan Global Engineering, Consulting, & Technical Services
About Us | Belcan Global Engineering and Technical Services
Global Engineering Services & Innovative Solutions | Belcan
Transportation & Automotive Engineering Services | Belcan
Technical Services & Engineering Case Studies | Belcan
2.. Enhance Innovative Solutions
Here is the link to the book from NEW INVENTIONS (

Please let me know if anything more I can do about this. 


General Discussion / Re: Finaliters
« on: July 01, 2021, 05:59:40 am »
Excellent news Ron and congratulations for all your agreements, books and accomplishments.. Delighted to be a part and your blessed example to follow if ever able to pick up your speed enough to see you flying by with God speed. 

Blessings to you all to have a marvelous day. Much love, 

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