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Hello all--
Van was our MC. We heard from the UNIVERSAL FATHER, TARKUS, Machiventa Melchizedek.  There was a lot of interesting discussion on the motives that cause rebellion. I thank all celestials and callers who participated.

Hello everyone,
Van was our MC. We heard from TARKUS, Khalil Gibran, and Ron provided a great deal of information from the MOST HIGHS, and John Foster Dulles through MICHAEL OF NEBADON and THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. I encourage all to listen as it provides a great deal of insight.

Hello everyone,
We had a good call. Van was our MC and TARKUS was there to observe and provide protection to the call. We heard from Van, TARKUS, and Bree, who was in phase for THE UNIVERSAL FATHER and CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY NUMBER 6. These transmissions were followed by a good discussion and I thank all of the celestials and human participants.

OK. I'll start the questions because I have so many and forgive me Ron if I ask things that you think I should already know, but there is just so much to unpack here. So please bear with me.

1.  You said this is a change in our planetary government. Does this mean that Machivnta Melchizedek is no longer our Planetary manager?

Ron here:  Machiventa says he is staying and that he heads the Urantia government and especially with all of these changes coming about, there needs to be a firm Melchizedek in charge.  "I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am in charge of the new planetary government of Urantia."

2. Do these morontia "companions" replace the jobs that were done by our seraphim in the old universe age?  Can, or will they make themselves known to us at some point?

Ron- Yes and no.  The planetary seraphim act nonchalantly about this change but they should understand what they used to do on Urantia is now changed so radically they may no longer recognize it as the same planet.  The morontial companions as you call them are ready to serve Ron royally when he departs Urantia finally and they know him inside and out but the seraphim who used to attend him know him well too and there will be a small battle to see who gets to go with them.  Yes, Amethyst, the morontial companions are not called that but that is a good name for the concept too and they do take the place of the seraphic corp entirely on Urantia so that the supreme Ron detests as to his policy has no bearing on your or the rest attending these Lightlines and Streaming they afford too.

3. Does this affect the changes being made to our bodies for any life extension or is that now off the table?

Ron -  Yes.  Beyond that I do not know much as I have to learn all of this too as it was not taught to me before today's Lightline.

4.  Does this impact or change the plans for all the missions on the table?  

Ron - [MICHAEL OF NEBADON] "The Missions already knew these plans over a year ago but only recently have they been fully approved for Urantia.  I dare not speculate as I do not know how this works precisely and Jesus and the Magisterial Sons have already incorporated these plans into their Mission.  Ron reminds Michael that he should explain just who is affected to begin with and that is everbody who is a host for a Lightline, everybody on Streaming audience and even many who do not attend these Lightline sessions.  All in all there are about 40 of you who are destined to work together under the new decree.  Ron says are we alone in our new home under these changes?  The answer is no, as you join the MIDSONITERS in their ascension careers as they are the only material forum in my Local Universe of Nebadon who has attained, with you, this level of spirit accomplishment.  K"

I listened on the streaming and then the tape, and again I replayed parts of the tape. I am trying to understand if they fit into already existing plans, or if it changes all the plans.

Thank you Ron

« on: September 11, 2021, 04:35:12 pm »
Wonderful job Dominick!  Very impressive. 

Hello everyone,
Thanks to all for the good turnout and discussion. Van was our MC. We also heard from JESUS, Machiventa Melchizedek, Elise's Thought Adjuster, and CHRIST MICHAEL.

 I thank all who participated. Van was our MC, and we heard from him as well as Bree, CHRIST MICHAEL, and Power Director 4. The theme of the call and discussion was learning to  develop our spiritual imagination and being proactive in developing your future work for the missions. Thank you!

Hello everyone,
We heard from TARKUS, Van, and Malventia Melchzedek, as well as Lemuel's Adjuster. I thank them all. We also had a good discussion due to the questions and comments from the callers, and I thank them all as well.

Ron--You slightly misunderstand my point. I in no way meant to imply that people don't know that violence is evil, or that world war II was in any way  justified due to lack of spiritual knowledge. I think every thinking person can agree on that. I only meant to refer to the AVERAGE man and woman who feels lost because they are sorely lacking in the spiritual nutrition that God intended for all humans to have.

Ron here Amethyst -  I addressed the implication of your view, that's all Amethyst.  The average man is as guilty of disrepute as the big sinners in some cases and I think they are often too lazy to address the fact they do the wrong thing all the time and expect to be confused not when they think they deserved a no-change criticism from God who the average man thinks is too busy to notice his small infractions.  But God does notice and God does remind the average guy they are not getting away with anything by being small or a guy.  I respect your views but I went after was the larger implications of your statement which should have answered you, that the small guy does not eat even when the nutrition is widely available anyhow.   I just do not think they should get a pass, for en mass they contribute to the total lack of respect and care for God and His care of them in most cases.  Ignorance is understood but they are indwelt and those Adjusters can speaks as clearly as yours does when you transmit if they chose to develop any kind of spiritual unity. The Adjusters know the the average man and the score, and I would suggest they roll their eyes up over their heads at the obstancy the average man is capable of.  I am not nearly concerned about the average man as maybe you might be in that department.  Thanks for your post Amethyst.  


This particular paragraph from weydevu's post from MICHAEL jumped out at me because it brings to my mind a question I have always wondered about. 

But fate has not been kind to Urantia.  Urantia today languishes between the precipices of despair and heartless devotion to the old texts of the Bible that no longer feed the majority of my sheep in the Kingdom.  I lament this with all my heart, but I still have a quiver in my pack of arrows on my back and that is  Monjoronson will support the new mission without having to redouble the errors of the Urantia Book Foundation and the heartless versions of the people who eventually squalored the teaching mission to its recent death.

I have often wondered how many souls have been lost through no fault of their own. The people of Urantia did not cause the Lucifer rebellion. The people of Urantia did not cause the default of Adam and Eve. The current people of Urantia had nothing to do with the death of Jesus. Is it no wonder most people are confused and lost?  You cannot plant a seed in the soil knowing there will be no sunlight or water. The seed is doomed before it is even planted. The thing that is a real surprise is that so many souls have succeeded at all.  This is a testament to the Adjusters, but how many people have never heard theirs because they didn't even know they had one--a Divine spark to show them the way. 

   Glad to know you are not sick Sue. 

Hello everyone,
We had a wide array of celestial helpers today. TARKUS was our MC. We heard from Amadon, Van, Rayson, Machiventa Melchizedek, MICHAEL, JESUS, and we were introduced to the SALVINGTON GOVERNMENT CHIEF OF STAFF, ( formerly Gabriel who has been promoted), who indicated that we will be hearing a lot from him. I thank them all and I thank all callers who attended by phone or streaming.

Beautiful Moses.  Just beautiful!

Hello all,
We had quite a robust discussion about all that has transpired in the last couple of days. Our MC was TARKUS. We heard from Bree, Adam and  Eve,  JESUS, Miriam through Elise, Power Directer #4, and Lemuels's Thought Adjuster.  All in all a very good conversation. Thank you one and all, callers and the celestials.

Hello everyone,
TARKUS was our MC. We heard from Van, Adam and Eve, Bree, a Mighty Messenger, and briefly from Machiventa Melchizedek.   I thank them all, and all who attended.  Van focused on the good work of the new transmitters. Adam and Eve are interested in learning of your service interests. Bree reminded us of all the healing that is needed, and the Mighty Messenger touched on the fact of increased communication and activity around the planet in the past couple of days.

Hello Everyone,
We heard from CHRIST MICHAEL, IMMANUEL, UNIVERSAL FATHER, Valerie's Adjuster, and Miriam, as well as Van and TARKUS.   Thanks to all.

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