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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Middle-east on fire
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:03:21 am »
Yes, Ron. As many know, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all are derived from the old religion of Abraham and their One and Only Gods are the same Deity of the universe. So, they are religions of brotherhood for the same God.
The Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, with the term deriving from the patriarch Abraham[2][3] (a major figure described in the Torah, Tanakh, Bible, and Quran, variously recognized by Jews, Samaritans, Christians, Muslims, and others).[3][4] The three major Abrahamic religions trace their origins to the first two sons of Abraham: for Jews and Christians it is his second son Isaac, and for Muslims his elder son Ishmael.[2]
[Abrahamic religions - Wikipedia]

If there are some discrepancies in their doctrines, we can expect that someday God Himself or His Son or His Grand-Sons-and-Daughters would come to this earth and tell the truths about what are correct and right.

Until that day, how about to find the common doctrines of each others together for the peace?


Hello, in this recording, it is a quite critical revelation that the significant source for the greenhouse gas, carbon-tetrachloride (CCl4) is from the nuclear testing in some countries.

Here is an article in 2016 that scientists are questioning why the emission rate of CCl4 is so high than it is expected although the gas was inhibited in one area of production:

In the paper below, they call it a 'mystery' and attribute the cause to its use in another area of chemical production not regulated for its use. But it is just a guess and not proven yet.

[The slow decreasing rate of CCl4, that scientist are questioning for its slow rate because it should decrease more rapidly as their expectation. Image from NOAA]

So, it is needed for scientists to pay attention for the nuclear reaction as revealed here.


Discuss This Web Site / Re: Internet Audio
« on: May 10, 2021, 10:40:19 am »
Ron, there is a possibility of internet connection in such a global disaster.

The SpaceX company recently provides a satellite internet service called Starlink. Its device made of a small disk antenna and modem is about $600 and the subscription fee is $100 per month for quite fast speed. Now in service.

[Image from CNet]

Since the user computers and web servers are connected by these devices through satellites, internet is expected to be possible each other anywhere even though the ground infrastructure are broken. Currently about 1300 satellites were launched already to the orbits and their goal is to launch 12000 satellites some day.


Discuss This Web Site / Re: Internet Audio
« on: May 10, 2021, 08:26:01 am »
Hello Ron and Moses,

I inform that the 'internet audio' connection was possible on my smartphone by using the app provided by the VastConference company when I attended the recent Lightline Saturday meeting.

At that time, there was no noise or problem at all for me but the number of attendee was not much than those of LL USA Sunday or Tuesday. If someone is getting a problem in streaming connection or phone connection, this 'internet audio' connection by smartphone app may be a workaround.


Hello, there is a very mysterious painting in Korea a few centuries ago called 해상명부도 (Maritime Afterlife Painting) by unknown painter who seems to have known some celestial secrets which reflect the knowledge of Urantia Book I think.

You can zoom the photo in the Google Arts & Culture site to observe in detail.

The painting is made of eight-panel folding screen from right to left as like the stages of human life from the birth. The first (right most) panel is the First Psychic Circle of a person who started from the land world (material status). As his Psychic Circle increases step by step on those panels, the sea world (morontial status) appears. The protagonist, inside of moon, stays on the 4th stage (Psychic Circle) and the land world end at the 5th stage then the air world (spiritual status) appears with some angels on sky.

His morontial status and capability like clairvoyance is depicted as a gragon with cintanmani (dragon ball). And there is a omniscience and omnipotent genie (Thought Adjuster) holding a sun to help him on the sky upon him. All the angel-like spiritual seraphims in the sky, the animal-like morontial nymphs in the sea and the human-like midwayers in the land help him to ascent his Psychic Circle together.

After he attained the 7th Psychic Circle, in the 8th panel there are Trinity God - God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit on the sky looking him and them lovely with the blessing of lotus leaves falling down to the worlds.


Ron, I searched many old Korean paintings. But the painters know the perspective method to represent the depth in space but use realistic drawing method except these particular ones in such tombs in that era, which depicts too much difference in the sizes of humans though in natural realistic drawing style. 

In the below painting ‘Standard of Ur’ in 2600 BC on the artifact of a Sumerian country Ur there is also larger and smaller people. This is also one of the questioning painting. And we know that Sumerian civilization came from Adamite culture and Sumerian kings are estimated to be the descendants of Adamite.


Hello, we know that Adamite, Adamsonite and Andite were giants as written in Urantia Book.

In a Korean tomb in 4th to 5th century, there is a wall painting inside of it which depicts giant humans. In below painting, the right big person is sitting on a big table while a left small man is bowing to him.

[Guest Hosting Painting zoomed - Mu-Yong-Chong Tomb]

Though some people think that such a contrast in the sizes of human is exaggeration for the social status of figures, but it is not because the drawing style is not authoritative and their faces and gestures are natural. The three men sitting on tables and two woman standing are giants in the below picture. And the others are usual humans.

[Guest Hosting Painting - Mu-Yong-Chong Tomb]

As another example, the below painting is on the wall of another similar tomb. The second man of a priest is a giant as such priest class was Adamite as Seth. The fourth woman of a noble is a giant too who is one owner of the tomb. And in the Korean history books, it is written that the king of the ancient Korean first country is a descendant of the more original heavenly people.

[Procession Painting - Sang-Yeong-Chong Tomb]


Hello, some parts were excerpted from the recording as below:

1. About soul projection to Mansion Worlds for the answer to Waydevu
[Michael of Nebadon] 1:08:04 The soul is the projection that is a future Ron. Your soul is a future Waydevu and so on. Those of projections becase they are not establisehd as truly operating yet as a identity on the Mansion Worlds or in spirit. What Ron was refering to is that most of you spin off projections into spirit that can learn and return at learning back to you unconciously. They are persona that spirit recognizes but the Mansion Worlds do not. Yet, there are up there learning as those beings student on the mansion worlds. We leave it at that.

[Ron] It isn't spirit projection but is persona your self projection. You can project without being in the first place. Your soul is a good example. To project the soul as a student to Mansion Worlds.

2. How to transmit by writing for the answer to Robert
[Ron] 1:12:06 Please sit down and stop worrying about matras and quiet time and internal communication with prior or not. Sit down. Clear your mind. Both feet on the floor with a pencil in your hand and a tablet or keys your hands on the keyboard whichever you prefer. And start to speak to it and write as you speak. You can say "I am Robert. Is there a message?" And you're typing that: "I am Robert. Is there a messages?" And you just keep speaking if only to yourself. Speak it and write it as you speak it. At some point your teacher takes over your speach mechanism. Try it that way.

[Machiventa] 1:15:50 Ron's instruction to Robert is precisely right, Robert. Don't dismiss them. We must somehow engage those minds who cannot transmit with the idea there is a valuable and valid connection between your hands, your eyes and your brain. Help the hands and the eyes help the brain, Robert. And speak at least when you start "Is someone one there?  This is Robert. Now I speak to myself. And I start speaking and writing at the same time.  Now I here, this is Tarcus. Hello, Robert. Keep typing. That's what you will find Robert. Let the hands open the door. Let the brain understand the hands feed you. And that's your voice speaking as you write even your own material. Toss the ball upto your teacher. And they will use the mechanism already there, Robert. It works even during the day and you have no idea. You are using it. Now this is Machiventa Mechizedek. We used to teach that the quiet time needed to proceed or preceed the transmission. Ron says: Oh forgot six! What is all this meditation and quiet time and lighting candles and breathing deeply when it dosen't have, darn thing, to do with transmitting. Well the baby minds it is necessary to quite them. But your mind, Robert, is mature. It is steady. It doesn't need that. Please stop it. Use your natural ability to write, to speak, to quesiton and allows the hands to open the door. Type anything until Tarcus or someone, some teacher picks up the word or speaking and type them or write them or whatever your processes.

Thank you.


Hello, in Korean folklore and artifacts, there are the concepts of Four Deity Animals (사신수) or Five Azimuth Deities (오방신). Old people thought that the Four Deity Animals (deities) protect the central animal (deity). And even until 19th centuries the four and five flags of such animals were used in military actions and for the marking of the five positions of a castle.

I estimate that these concepts are related to the concepts of the four Nodite groups and Adamsonite. The old memory of four Nodite groups and Adamsonite seems to be symbolized as five mysterious animals in Korean folklore and artifacts.

In a 7th century tomb in Korea, called 강서대묘 (Gang-seo Big Tomb), there are paintings of mysterious animals on the four walls and the ceiling inside of it. The owner of the tomb is estimated as a noble or king in that time.

[The 3D illustration of the main room of Gang-seo Big Tomb]

The color of the five deity animals seems to mean the skin colors of the groups:
East - Blue Dragon - Eastern Nodites group - Area of Iran
West - White Tiger - Western Nodites group - Area of Syria
South - Red Phoenix - Southern Nodites group - Area of Iraq (Sumer)
North - Black Turtle - Northern Nodites group - Area of Lake Van (Vanite)
Center - Yellow Dragon - Adamsonites - Area of Copet Dagh (Adamsonite)


Hello, for your refreshment here is the famous painting.

[Image from Wikipedia]

The picture Starry Night painted by Van Gogh in 1889 seems to contain religious messages.

In the center of the night sky, there are two vortex like clouds. I think they depict the Milky Way in the center of which our Father lives there. The upper one is bigger than the lower one. They make a Taiji shape of Yin and Yang. As described in Urantia Book, the Yin means the Spirit (Thought Adjuster) and the Yang means the soul of a human and they will become one in someday.

Around them there are many bright stars that means the celestial who help and care the person for his ascending carrier.  Under the sky there are mountains that human has to overcome in his earthly life in order to go up to the sky. Between the mountain and sky there is fog area which means the Morontia, the Mansion Worlds where the soul of the human must pass through before he go to heaven.

In the center of the village, there is a church of which roof is like a sharp tower as like it points the Spirit and the soul. By positioning the church on the center of the painting the painter hints the religious meaning to the people. In the left side, there is a very big and leafy tree which seems like made of many souls who want to ascent together to the sky.


[Van Gogh - Wikipedia]

Ron, I regret that I criticised the negative portion of Korean Christianity in my previous post because there is also positive portion as like in society bright side and dark side coexist. Korean churches do not recruit people by payment. I think some misunderstanding happened for the issue. And because I started reading of Urantia Book as a non-Christian I don’t have much experience inside of Churches. The content of my previous post was my opinion for the social reputation for Christianity that I guess. And I think Korean Christianity contributed much for the enlightment of people and social reformation. Thank you. 

Hello Ron, I'll reply to your question as I can because I cannot represent Korean or Asian people. So it is just one person's little opinion.

In Korea, churches are criticized by that they are being commercialized as like making money company. And they often are criticized by that people go to church for their private material interest. For example, if an owner of a store go to church he can get many customers in the church and earn more money.

To me, and to usual religious Korean Christian, there is neither western God nor eastern God because there is only one God for all the universe. For example, in Korea before western Christian missionary came to Korea to disseminate Christianity, Korean people had believed already One God of the universe and the name was '하나님' (one deity), '하느님' (sky deity). Such One God name appears even in the lyric of Korean anthem. And according to Korean old history book it mentions that the first ancestor of Korea came from sky and his name was 환인 [Hwan-In]. In my analysis of the original hanzi pictograph of the name, it means an 'original shining giant' as Adam as depicted in Urantia Book. So, I think the Korean ancestor is related to Adam and Eve and also Nodites because in another mysterious Korean legend book, 부도지 [Boo-doh-Ji] there is a long story which depicts Creative Mother Spirit  (마고, the oldest mother) and Caligastia and Daligastia (이희, two liege).

Ancestor veneration in Korea is ended already factually in my parent age in my opinion. Korean young people have already been modernized as westerners in mindsets. They don't believe non-material superstition like ghost, soul and spirit any more like western young people in these days I think. They want to earn money as much and fast as they can with any means and retire fast to rest and enjoy leisure life. I do not have an intention to criticize only Korean. I think such a thing is a global phenomenon increased more and more in the world.

I am not sure that all the questions were replied.


Thank you Valerie, sons of God for your sharing of the feeling and the story.

Sons of God, thanks for the reply post. I searched 'Reinhardt Bonnke' in Wikipedia and Youtube. And I found that he was a Pentecostal evangelist. I remember such Pentecostalism in Korea also. In mass gathering of People, they cry for getting a Holy spirit and Speaking in Tongues. Such enthusiastic mood was a trend in South Korea until 1990s maybe. That was the peak of the Gospel dissemination in Korea and after that such Christian renaissance is diminishing on I think. In these days the youth usually don't care Christianity and people criticize the immorality of Christianity. So I think there is steps and stages of religious and spiritual enlightenment and development. I think all the such things are meaningful positively to people in their steps though a part of it has negative things. This is just my small opinion.


In the film Minari which was made by Brad Pitt's company and Oscar nominated in 2021, there are some truths and religious meanings though it is a real story of its producer.

* Be careful * There is movie spoiler here.

In the film, in the 1980s of United States, a Korean family (father, mother, daughter, son) moves to Arkansas to make their own farm.

The father don't believe non-material things and refuses the dowser who came there to find the place of their well. A weird neighbor Paul (he seems to symbolize a prophet who has spiritual capabilities) who is a veteran of Korean war, appears to help their farming. Paul is poor and humble but he is depicted as he is a little fanatic that he acts like he gets immediate prayer response and he sees evils and expels them. And even he carries a big wood cross on his shoulder as a torture service every his Sunday.

The grandmother (She seems to symbolize some feminine deity) of the family comes there from Korea to care her grandson (he is the producer of the film) who is ill in his heart (It seems symbolize that humans are ill in their hearts) and  granddaughter. She plants the seeds of Minari (It symbolizes the life of human) which is a stem vegetable and the title of the film by a brook near their house. The Minaries grows well randomly without caring as the seedling metaphor in Bible. At the last scene of the film, the father and his son come there to harvest them with pleasure.

So many problems happen to their farming (like all the human problems in the Earth) . One day, when the grandson throws a stone to a serpent (It symbolizes evils) to expel it, the grandmother tells him not to do that saying that if it hid, it is more scary. The grandmother cares their family well sincerely but she makes an unsacred mistake in the church service on Sunday. One day, since a blessing sunshine lights in the morning, the grandmother becomes ill. But after that, the grandson becomes better in his illness and the father gets his good business chance. But on that night, the grandmother makes a fire thoughtlessly on the hut which stores all the vegetables harvested (It reminds the loss for the rebel)

In the next scene, a new sun rises again (like a new era). The parents go to find a place of well with Paul and a new blue suited dowser (Jesus?) with a hope. And put a stone like a memorial stone to mark the place (as like an declaration of New Universe Age).

At the ending scene, there comes the time of the harvest of Minari (human life). The father and son go to the field of Minari which was planted by the grandmother and harvest them with pleasure.

The song which was made and sung by the grandmother and grandson is this:
Minari, Minari, Minari, Wonderful, Wonderful Minari.

The meaning of this seems that:
Life is Wonderful.

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