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Teacher: Peter, the Apostle
Subject: FOR THIS YOU WERE CALLED, the canvas of life.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Time/Date: 08/11/2020 11.30am (AEDT)

S: When I wanted to get an idea how big a new book would be, I look for the biggest book I had in my collection, it was kept in its original box it came with and it is a very large(8.5Wx11.5Lx2inches Deep) and beautifully white padded hardcover with Velva-Gold Page Edges, the Nelson Family Reference Bible - the New King James Version. My earthly father gave me this years ago and this morning, when I opened the front cover and saw his handwriting in the presentation page written to me dated 6th December, 1989 with the verse he suggested, namely, 1 Peter 2:21-3:12. I opened to the verse suggested. The first six words of Chapter 2, verse 21 stood out and hit me for the truth it speaks. I quote them: “For to this you were called….” . I recall the date my father wrote and how long ago that was in that time he served up such a passage and how it still rings even now. And then my mind went to the Apostle Peter who wrote these letters and how it is we have not heard much from Peter. And so while I was in the shower washing my hair, it dawned on me Peter came to speak. Here it is:

The Apostle Peter speaks:

P: “So you see the writing on the wall. Do not beat yourself over it. You and I have had our moments of failures and troubles. Recall I failed the moment I kept denying my affiliations with Christ when the bird crowed and I realised my shortcomings. You also have your realisations and suffered as I have. Recall also in the same passage that our Christ has suffered and we are to learn to follow in His steps. It is with all else that we are to learn those steps with Him once more. Oftentimes we may stumble and oftentimes we pick ourselves up, dust off and start over with renewed vigor. So often we forget that we are not alone in our trials. You and I are as one in mind and heart as to our journey we all do share so much in common.

“I am Peter, you know me as one of the disciples of Jesus and fondly remember me, I am deeply touched that you thought of me in this instance of time. I am here with our brothers, Paul and Timothy. There are more of us gathered here to support the work of Christ Jesus who is to Return to you all in a manner that will surprise most of you. He will take on the mantle of us, as well as with you all in the way He loves those who follow in His steps. He is marvelous and grand in His new mantle and we are so proud of Him for His take on the work of Urantia. It is not without its hurdles and not without the trials you all go through even now as that will always be the challenge that presents itself as the truth brings out the shenanigans who do not know how to behave when they ought to.

“Know too I am just as bemused as you are too as to how Jesus will take on this new work but you have marvelously given me an insight I never thought about and good on it for you, could you please bring that forward, dear one”.

S: yes Peter I am honoured to be asked to do so here, as you were speaking it dawned on me to see the work of art on the wall and how it translates so well in the situation we find ourselves in. Folks, at a local department store, I picked up some cheap paints, brushes, gel pens, crayons, pencils and packets of frameless white canvas and one that has a printed design to colour in with two words also to colour in. As it goes on my day off, I set out with my gel pens, colour pencils and crayons to colour in all the printed design and gradually the blank canvas began to show a lot of colour and life. The two words began to show a lot of character, and it reflects so well the whole picture as cheerful as the words. The words are: BE HAPPY. How it springs to life with colour and painstaking care in detail application. One little smudge did occur and then it turned into an effort to blend it carefully so as to make it almost appear it never could stand out as before. So too does it so happens to us in this way as we see how often we can work so carefully and then, along comes a smudge, and we also must take the care to let it blend in and not let it take over our efforts. Does this present what you are so impressed with Peter?

P: “Yes, of course it does, as it portrays so well all those areas of the human endeavours and not to rule out those matters that tend to discourage us as it was seen in the way a smudge occurs in your work on the canvas. So too does it appear in your work with us who are also caring to tell you that we too understand the hurdles you go through in order to maintain some composure. I too have had my days of this, and let me reassure you, it is not over yet, not by a long shot! So there, it is for this reason we are here to reassure you on your efforts and to continue to encourage you to keep in step with the Master. Our Christ Jesus is the Master. He is surely a great teacher and a great brother among you fairly soon as that is His aim in the Michael Mission. It is with the new book that you will gather some sense of insight as to the huge trove of information that is yet to come that Jesus and His Team of helpers will be busy about. As you will find on that printed canvas, there is always something more to find to colour in and it has yet to show more light, colour and life. You only have to pick up the pencil once more and give it a go. It is then you will surprise yourself with how much there is to do. Does this bring sense to you?”

S: Well yes indeed Peter and I thank you for bringing out a part of the work not only by us but by the creativity that the canvas presents. I wish to thank the Father of All for such a grand canvas for us all to participate in. Peter, do we get more messages from you and are you able to stand by as I enjoyed our session today?

P: “Yes dear one, you only have to ask of me and I will be at your side at a moment's notice. I am pleased you have made this effort with me and I look forward to more sessions with you when you are free. Please keep in mind that like those smudges, do not let it bother you and ask me to help you see it is just a smudge after all, and hey, there is always another try to make it better! In this way every attempt gets better as you train your eye to do better and your mind strengthens as you go with all of us who are here to help. I bid you a good day dear ones and hope to speak again. Shalom!”

S: Thank you so much Peter. That is such a fun lesson and I am so helped by it. I look forward to more from you. And good day to you too Peter.

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