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Teacher: Peter, the Apostle
Subjects: Mind transference, Clear Channel, Jesus and Good Humour
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/11/2020 3.00pm (AEDT)

S:They just keep coming. As I pause in silence to just let it be, thoughts and voices do come in a steady stream. It sounded crowded and I needed to distinguish from my own mind to that of what it appears to be on a different plane or dimension. Mind is able to sift through the avenues of normal thoughts to that of what is transferring in an astral sense of comprehension. If that is what can be sensibly described. So as it is, I am better to just get up and get some refreshments and then come back to it with an open mind as to what is transferring. I request that it is a clear channel and that the Father surround me with His light and protect me from evil that may lurk. I take a breath now and request Peter to come to speak on this if He may.,.

Peter go ahead if you would please:

P: “This is not an easy subject to explain as you ask for it to be. As you know and are aware, that the mind is able to travel inwards, upwards and crossways. As you think, the nerve centers work to channel certain parameters of perception as you gain the answers you seek. So that is a normal travel in the human mind as you train yourself to consider different approaches, scenarios and possibilities. That is the explorative mind when applied in different settings. Now, when it comes to your ability to receive these voices you are hearing in the mind, this is of a higher level in your adjutant abilities in hearing and translating it in an audible way for you to comprehend. However, although it may be audible, it is transferable via the mind channel of another. Sort of like you would get in the process of telepathy where two minds can think alike or along similar pathways of thought processes. So in effect, where two minds gather, there is a synchrony in place when you receive it. 

“Pretty much how I sense your mind in relation to your thought on the matter of colouring in the printed canvas and how you can see beyond the simple process of artwork to the methodology of human endeavours in placing yourself with effort and dealing with trials as they happen. So, as you can tell, it is when you sit to listen, those voices do transfer and are on that channel you happen to tap into. Do know that it is important to request a clear channel and for the Light protection of the Father as these channels can get crowded with unwanted guests. I can come in when requested as you did just then. It is only when you request me that I take the initiative. When there is no request, then those channels do get traffic and can sound crowded. So, do remember that, as you tap into the frequency that you may happen to listen into. This occurs when you are well trained in the art of receiving such sounds as you can also discern this from your own mind and that of another type of source outside of yourself. 

“I ask that you be careful in this as this can be tricky on your level as so often is the case with transmitters that get it jumbled with a lot of your own mind input. So often you may require to just pause and listen and then take it as it comes. You will know it is genuine when it flows in a sensible way. It need not be a fast one nor a complicated one. It is one that is relatable to your human understanding and in a language that you readily absorb as your own. This is why it is so tricky as it can be so entwined into your brain stem that you indeed think it is your own mind speaking, but really it is because you are allowing this frequency channel through the brain stem into those neuron centers that allows for you to decipher what this is when even I speak it for you. At times it seems you are speaking and then at other times it is an alter ego that speaks and is totally a different entity entirely that speaks its mind. This is dependent on the skill of the teacher of course as it does become blurred between the scribe and the teacher. The higher the entity the greater density of energy is required in receiving such input as it travels down your windpipe, if I can put it that way.

“So as it is, I as Peter, am speaking to you in your mind at the same time you are speaking it vocally in your throat as you recognise a flow as I speak it naturally to you. This is a natural course of elocution to you as you can see it working as it should. It should not be a complex jumble of complicated words or vocabulary, rather it should be a sensible flow in a sentence given the subject we speak on. That subject is to do with the transference of mind in reception of messages. Such messages are usually lessons, a warning, an insight, an idea and other times it can be a full blown dictation on a subject as this one is about to be. 

“As you know, I have had to learn quite a bit when I got to the Mansion Worlds to learn a lot about such methods of telepathy and mind transference as our minds are very much sharpened in the way it is connected with others in the classroom. It is why we function well as a group as we connect in our minds, in our thoughts and in our abilities to attune with the Father of All. Father is the connector as well as the controller, He is our great cement in all of this. It is why you are sensing this connection as you are gathering yourself up with renewed vigor. No one is beaten by this rebellion but you are being understood in the crises that you weather and how you pick yourself up after so many disappointments. It is with such compliments that we are able to continue in good faith. I get a lot of this sort of encouragement as we further our goals in the business of “perfecting” our being in relation with one another and with the Father. 

“It is your business to know this as this will only increase as you grow and become more and more attuned with the Spirit of God and then also with us as we are very much attuning in ever increasing amounts. While this attunement is the Father’s business, it is imperative to understand that your willingness with the Father is the most valuable of all experiences you will and can encounter in your journey. I ask that you take your time and do not rush it as there is an eternity to follow. I am learning this too and a lot of patience I may add! As the Peter you all know in the scriptures, you know that I can be quite a bumble at things and lots of times I have had to learn the hard way as you all do. So in that vein it is good we are on the same page.” 

S: Peter is there anything else of importance you would like to add as what you have explained is quite new and very helpful as to our growing need to connect with our Celestial brothers and sisters?

P: “Yes, there is one other thing of importance I would like to speak on and that is the subject which is dear to my heart. Jesus. Why I say that is because He is the one that put me on the straight and narrow and nearly lost it at one point. But due to the fact that Jesus being human like the rest of us was at the time, we all could do with a laugh. So Jesus got us in fits of laughter many times over and for that I can safely say that Jesus won my heart over many times. I am sure that Jesus will do the same for His work with most of you as He finds His feet back on Urantia and at it again over the message you all so desperately need to hear. Jesus will win you all over in the same way He has done for us and I am sure delighted to join Him in this endeavour. That is the important part to remember not to take things too seriously but to delight in the funny things that make light of things in a good way. You are enjoying this, I can tell, and more is coming when you are so becoming.” 

S: Yes Peter, you are right on the dot on that and it does make a whole lot of sense. It is good humour that gets a lot done in a short manner of time and that makes a big difference does it not.

P: “Yes indeed it does and it makes the work more enjoyable among you humans as you can do with a lot of that right now. The world is in a dismal state and it is only going to get a lot worse but take heart that Father is with you and is taking this to heart as much as you all are. I will need to close this now as this subject is well covered as much as can be explained in your language. I thank you for the opportunity to speak on this and welcome you for any more areas of thought that you may have anytime. I bid you a good day.”

S: Thank you so so much Peter, it is such an enjoyable session and I am glad there is going to be some good cheer with Jesus too. God bless you Peter and good day.


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Hi Sue, that was a great transmission and it was a pleasure to hear from Peter the Apostle, he seems to be a pleasant down to earth type of person (celestial) and hope he contacts you again.