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Peter, Tarkas and Machiventa on the Subject of Fishing
« on: November 08, 2020, 07:56:01 pm »
Teachers: Peter, Tarkas and Machiventa Melchizedek
Subjects: Fishing 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/11/2020 11am (AEDT)

P: ”Thank you Sue for your request for a teacher, I am here as your teacher, you may think it is I, Peter, and that is so and there is another who is present to speak and that is Machiventa as well as Tarkas. We are all here to give it a go with you. We are willing to test your ability as to what you are given this morning. I know you have relaxed yourself over time and that has given you a sort of a breather. Now it is encumbered upon you in realising you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain when you apply your skills with us as this will serve you and all your brethren in so many ways. I am to speak to you on a subject that is quite new to you.” 

S: And what might that be Peter?


S: Wh-a-a-a-t? Excuse me Peter,  what does that have to do with anything these days!?

P: “I know this sounds preposterous but it is something relatable.”

S: Okay then, go ahead Peter.

P: “Right, I want to try to do something and ask you to think of a time that you went fishing in your life. Do you remember it?

S: Yes Peter, it is with fondness that you bring that up as the other day out of the blue, I recall those wonderful moments with my earthly father, when we would go out at sunrise into the bay in the tinnie and throw out the hand lines and sit quietly waiting for a bite. And then there were the porpoises/dolphins who came close to the boat while we were riding the water to another fishing spot to throw out lines for better luck. It was a beautiful morning and how pristine, with crisp fresh sea air and a warm sun shining on us. The seagulls lull the waters nearby and make their usual bird songs. Then, there were the days I went out with my brother years later on, in his boat to catch some big fish on our lines. How I hauled in at some point a three foot local shark and let it go, then at other times I would bring in some Trevally and some Bream fish. When we would get home and, with the fish cleaned, Mum would bake them in alfoil with such care and oh how gorgeous and fresh was the fish we ate! Nothing like a freshly caught fish to eat! Yes, I remember with fondness the times out at sea with my Dad and my brother, how serene and peaceful it is to just sit in the boat and soak it all in in a quiet setting with our thoughts wandering in joy. I thank you for asking and do you have a point to make as to bringing the subject of fishing up?

P: “Yes I do indeed. Before I do, I want to ask you to think again back to when you sat there looking out at the water and holding the line, what was going through your mind at the time?”

S: Well, it is interesting you ask that as I must admit it was such a long time ago and how different the times are as to what was then and what is now. Our thoughts do differ in relation as to where we were at in that time and day. Obviously, my thoughts were young and free and I simply was a free spirit at that stage in my young life, full of life and much to learn and yes I simply just enjoyed the moment I was in with my father and then also later on with my brother. It was in these moments that I got to know them a little better in such a relaxed setting and how the atmosphere has that effect in allowing us to be just ourselves with our thoughts in the moment. Little to think about really, when we are just enjoying the sun, the water, the sea air and the fun of catching fish! 

P: “How about I say to you that is exactly my point.” 

S: Could you please explain and expand on what you are inferring Peter? I understand you were a fisherman too in your day and there is a lot you experienced too.

P: “Indeed, I was a fisherman in my time, only because it was a necessity to find a way to earn a living as well as to have food on the plate for my family. At times it can be a grind, but at other times, it is a pleasure to just be out on the water and take in the freshness of the day. It is also nice to be away from the crowds on the shore and get some peace. What you notice in your description is how relaxing the setting is, so you can unwind and just be yourself. That is a nice change when you can do that and oftentimes we all do need that. Fishing to me has been a wonderful outlet of emotions where I too can unwind and just be myself and the same things occur for you. It does have that effect, when we are out on the sea and breathing in the fresh sea air, it is so refreshing and exhilarating. Why I bring up this odd subject is because it is so important to find a place to unwind and just be yourself. Fishing does that in most cases even though it can be such a fruitless exercise in getting fish, but is well worth taking time out and letting your hair down. It makes you feel so good and you also get back your own sense of worth in realising how beautiful nature is. Our Father allows such beauty before us for our own enjoyment and edification. Although, it is quite clear your thoughts do differ in different time zones in your life, you were younger then and now you are much older and more mature and so your thoughts are much more ingrained in the way how you perceive things and with nature. You do grow as a maturing soul when you look out at nature and how it reflects yourself so well in those different moments in your life.” 

S: Wow, Peter that is so nice and deep, you are certainly sounding like a different Peter than in the times of Jesus, does that mean you also have matured over time?

P: “Yes, as it so happens, that is a matter of course as you would understand it in your own life. I am no different to you and no wiser but we grow in the way that makes us stronger in ourselves and taking that time out like fishing does wonders to your own sense of where you are at. It helps clear the mind and helps clear up so much that may get in the way of your perceptions. It also helps you to focus better and see things differently than before. Nature does that to you. That is why going out fishing for me and for you is such a clarity call. I call it that because that is what it does, most of the time. You return back to the shore more reinvigorated and fresh in your mind with better clarity. I get that all the time and it is so good to have that outlet. I miss it as much as you do as I can tell.”

S: Yeah, I miss those days with my dad and my brother, fishing was such a beauty and a fun time to be ourselves enjoying the fresh sea air, it is so intoxicating!

P: “Indeed, now I have Tarkas who is itching to speak.”

S: Thank you Peter, yes please if you would Tarkas go ahead.

T “Yes this is Tarkas, I am One Without Name and Number, I would like to mention also along with Peter how important it is to find a time to refresh yourself and have a change of scenery that helps reinvigorate yourself. Fishing is one of them, and it can also be in other ways such as swimming, bushwalking or just taking a stroll along the beach. Whichever is manageable, try to do that more often and take that time to refresh, as it helps you clear your mind and not be drowning in the pressures of life. What you have going at this day and age is terrible to be honest. So many pressures, so many bills to pay and so much onus is upon a citizen to perform and behave in society where the cost of living is out of control for most to cope with. So you do need to find a time out and get back to nature and find your feet as you may get so lost in the sea of depression that happens in the age of COVID-19. This virus is dangerous as you know and it is not going away anytime soon until a workable vaccine is in place and we think it may be well placed by mid next year. Your scientists are slow and methodical, but they will find the breakthrough and will get on with the task of recovery. Even then, it would take time to roll out these vaccines as they will require more than one dose in each recipient. 

“Nevertheless, those pressures are abounding as we speak and when it does become all too much, we urge you to go easy on yourself and take time out when you can, to reset your mind. If you do not, the pressures will mount and you will find a pressure cooker ready to burst. I urge you to be kind to yourself and find more time in receiving from us as we can help relieve and reassure you as the process of living carries on. The future is very uncertain as the earth will throw its own spanner in the works and we do not know how this will turn out. But be assured, much will change and a lot of loss will result and whatever happens, do take that pause you learn so well in your ‘fishing’ moment to look to nature, reflect and see in a more positive way forward. There is a way but how you see it, is entirely up to you. We, on this side of the veil, understand this process and encourage you to take it easy upon yourselves all the while trying to maintain your survival as best as you can. 

“Obviously, there are things that are totally out of your control and that you may think you have no control over it. That can happen at times and we understand that. It is best you take one day at a time and channel yourself inward with your Thought Adjuster in prayer as to the guidance that can be shared. I hope this may help you and that you may be well advised by your TA in relation to the changes coming. Keep in tune and with us as well. Now I have Machiventia here who wishes to speak. Good day dear ones.”

S: Yes Machiventia, I sense you wish to come forward, go ahead please.

M: “Thank you Sue, you are a keen one this morning, and I am pleased you are. Now what I wish to say is not nonsense to us but it may be to all of you. What Peter highlights in the fishing process is an important one for you to take and to not think it lightly as you will find it will help you immensely in the days ahead. The other thing I wish to mention also is that while I was with Abraham in those old days, he was an army general in that time and there were lots of issues about the lands of the Levant. Obviously, I have had to, on many occasions, persuaded Abraham not to push and shove people but to use diplomatic exchanges to come to a reasonable sort of agreement between the warring factions he often encountered. It was not an easy task as the men in those days were not placid but aggressive in their natures. In those days, I have had to take time out too, as there were so many times I came to loggerheads over these men who just don’t seem to get it. Anyhow, with much persuasion and convincing, these men saw better in terms of how much better they can get things done if they cooperate and work together in a common goal. That way their lifestyles can be a lot easier to deal with in the long term. 

“There are so many instances of such deliberations and also for those in the Salem schooling that those missionaries went out to use those same techniques of persuasion to reason with the communities they encounter to see another way of living and doing. In that way, they gain better use of their skills and improve the way they interact with one another. So on it goes through the great lands of Persia and beyond in those ancient times. I thought to add this because it is so important to find a way with people and to have that connection that is so relatable. Fishing does that too as you learn to just be yourself and interact in a way that befits the occasion. 

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I now close this with the following words for you to think on. Count your days wisely and use the time as best as you can as the Father knows all things and seeks your counsel as you also are in His thoughts. I bid you well and a good day. G’day.”

S: Wow, thank you Machiventia and Tarkas and Peter for coming through, I really appreciate your insights and I enjoyed this with you. I bid you well also and may you also have a good day, thank you. Out.