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That name,...Jesus
« on: February 01, 2021, 01:22:34 pm »
When I was 15 I wrote this poem, which I named "That name, ...Jesus"
What name, breathes on my soul,
A soothing, comforting balm.
A joyful, helpful, faithful song
What name? - That name . . . Jesus

Which name lends with its meaning
A whisper of hope, for the hopeless
A new life of joy, for the joyless
An uplifting current midst downwashing waves
Which name?  That name. . . Jesus

When I am alone and afraid,
When no one on earth, my fear can evade
When then in my hour of need,
In the hour when courage and valor bleed
In the time when temptation rides high,
And I'm pulled twixt the cavern and sky,
One force will be shattered, defeated and die.
The other will leave me, the victor, knowing why
The other?  That name . . . Jesus.