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Relationship With Our Father
« on: April 23, 2021, 09:57:18 am »
I begin my prayer time.  I wish to speak with my Father.  I desire to have a conversation.  I begin like this:

Dear Father, Thank You so much for showing up and inspiring us in our real roles in "Light and Life" and Jesus' "Second Coming".

Today I pray that you tell me/us more about what you called "the most Beautiful and Advanced Relationship yet attempted".  Tell me all the hows and whys of how this can be.

I would be Delighted!  I can think of nothing more important in this moment that I can do for You.


Think about more than just this word.  What is it?  Surely You know.  It is a good place to start.  You have Faith in Me!  You have put Your Trust in Me!  Against all odds, despite ridicule, You have been belittled, You have felt deserted, You have shed Your Tears.  Yet You refuse to give up, on Me!  Do You know what this does to a Father's Heart?
Can You imagine how Proud I am of You?  All of You!  Every Human Son and Daughter I have ever created.

Are You surprise I include everyone?  Have you ever seen a human Mother beg to allow her son be spared the death sentence?  If You haven't, I assure You, it will break Your Heart.  Do you imagine I could Love any of my children less than these Mothers love their erring child?

Never give up on your erring Brothers and Sisters.  I have ways of finding My lost sheep you know nothing of.
I tell you this, a lost sheep found has more gratitude towards the Shepard than a whole flock that was never lost.

A "Beautiful and Advanced Relationship" always begins with Faith.  You must believe I am Your Creator!   You must become aware of my exquisite Love and Care for You.  As you do this, You first learn to Trust Me, then You begin to Love Me.  But all this happens without Me showing my Face!  This is what makes Our Relationship so unusual, so special.  It was never an easy relationship.  In the beginning it almost appears to be very unlikely, a real failure.

But with the Father "All Things are Possible"!  Know this, it is not Me that is doing all that is possible, it is You.
From all the possibilities that I offer, You choose what "Will Be Done"!  In your choosing I participate.  I teach when you ask Me questions.  I inspire when you seek it.  I shower my Love upon you when You make Me Proud!

Please never see me as a Father who is angry or domineering.  Only man displays anger because he is not patient.  I Your Father have no time limits at all.  I am Eternally Patient.  You however are designed and motivated to progress each day.  Through experience, You make better choices as you go.  Never see My Will as something You must defer to!  My Will is that You make the Highest and Best Choices You are capable of!  I know what these are before You do.  So when You choose to do My Will, You are actually choosing Your Highest Will that I Foreknew.  This is advanced knowledge I am showing you here.  If you can Grok this, You will never again be afraid of my Will which is also Your Will.  We are One!

So come to Me in Prayer!  Ask me All Your questions!  Pester Me like a little child pesters his or her Mother by hanging on her apron until she finally relents!  But consider the gifts I send you each day.  Show Me that You are grateful.  They are often subtle, but none the less Beautiful and Full of Love.  More than anything give Me Your Love!  What more could a Father desire than this?

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Re: Relationship With Our Father
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2021, 02:30:21 pm »
Thank you for posting.Thank You Father for Your words.

Love and Blessings,

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Re: Relationship With Our Father
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2021, 08:25:57 pm »
PJammer--Thank you.  This is an inspiring and wonderful transmission.  Keep up the good work!!
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