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« on: April 30, 2021, 09:21:21 am »
I begin my day with a Prayerful Heart and begin to type.  What comes out does not feel like a Voice to me. It is closer to home, I believe this is co-created with my Holy Spirit (TA) and flows like this:

Prosperity!  It is your Birthright as Sons and Daughters of our Father!  Do not be shy or bashful.  Neither take this lightly.  Use your Heart and Soul to appreciate and exercise your Prosperity in a Balanced and Loving way.  It is yours to earn, to have, and give away, just as your Father gives endlessly.  The cycle of wealth is to earn it, to have it, to give it away, forever repeating!

Always Give Appropriately!  Your Heart and Soul will inform you what and when it is appropriate.  Your greatest joy will always be sharing with your Brothers and Sisters!  As you save and put away for the future, save a portion to be used for Being Generous.  Generosity is the secret to a True and Prosperous Life!  Only the generous can experience having more than they need.  If you want to experience wealth, give something away, something of value to another!  This is the full experience of Bounty, Prosperity, Joyful living!

Each Day, when you ponder what to give away, do not underestimate gifts of the Spirit!  They can be powerful gifts!  They have the potential to do far more good than mere money or physical things.  Have you thought about giving away your Best Smile to the first stranger who crosses your path?  Do you know your ready and easy Laugh can brighten another's day?  Show someone some Love!  Do you think they will not notice?  Freely you have received your Spiritual Gifts!  Giving them away is always free!  And now you make room to receive more Spiritual Gifts from the Father/Mother of All!  This process of prosperity becomes a continuous cycle of Enriched Living.  It becomes second nature, a Life full of Joy and Laughter!

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Re: Prosperity
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2021, 10:15:42 am »
PJammer thank you!  In spite of problems over issues you fear, and we all do my friend, you deliver and deliver better and better.  I feel pride for your accomplishments in this area all the time as I know it takes such effort to get to the point you have arrived at very well.  Please make yourself feel comfortable and maybe, when you are ready, the Missions can use you as a programmer with them to inform many people t he truth of what has to be told about the Father and His Sons and their care for us as you do so well illustrated here.  Thank you for a wonderful moment.   Ron
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