Author Topic: Goodbye Homosapien (Latin: “wise man”) welcome Homospiritus (spirit man)  (Read 254 times)

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“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,”
                                               -William Shakespeare
When Homosapien first appeared on this world stage, this is how the Urantia Book described them in Paper 63;

“In many respects, Andon and Fonta were the most remarkable pair of human beings that have ever lived on the face of the earth. This wonderful pair, the actual parents of all mankind, were in every way superior to many of their immediate descendants, and they were radically different from all of their ancestors, both immediate and remote.”

The time has come for Homosapien to have his exit and Homospiritus to make his entrance. But what really happened on that world stage?  Who directed the play and which script did they use? Who were the technical staff and actors- which roles did they play?

The director behind the scenes was the supreme while Lucifer was the assistant director aided by Satan. The technical staff members were Calgastia and Daligastia assisted by their many minions. The star of the play was Homosapien. The scheme was to substitute the original script for Homosapien with their own pseudo script which was to make sure that Homosapien was led away from his ascension career route. When the play culminated in the Lucifer rebellion, it spelled trouble for Homosapien since Urantia had to be quarantined to this very day.

Folks, when those charged with the task of your spiritual growth conspire against you, then you are in real trouble. Van and Amadon said in a recent Lightline that they had to wait every ten to fifteen thousand years (Yes thousand) to receive instructions. Homosapien was in deep trouble. Though there were rescue missions attempted from time to time, the same play-makers under the leadership of the supreme as has been subsequently revealed saw to it that they almost did not make inroads. Even to the point of interfering with the first bestowal of Christ Michael with Jesus on Urantia which ended in a great tragedy. This gave Urantia a new negative badge of being called the world of the cross to the Universe.

All is not lost as our Universal father always has our back. It may seem like it has been a very long time to Urantians but time on Paradise is viewed differently. For example the two hundred years after the rebellion was like two days on Paradise. Urantia is slated to become not only an architectural sphere but also a revelational sphere as was revealed on Lightline USA for Sunday 02nd May 2021.

As Homosapien hands over the button to Homospiritus before exiting the stage to the Mansion Worlds, we wish you the best on this journey that you, Homospiritus, are embarking on and pray that you will do well as there is the second return to set Urantia on the right path back to Light and Life. It has been quite the adventure and you will have yours. Till we meet again in the future.

This has been Homosapien.
Thank you.

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