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"Invitation to Channelers"
« on: May 11, 2021, 05:19:28 pm »
"Invitation to Channelers"

 By the Universal Father
 May 9 2021, Phoenix AZ.

 "Notice of interest"

 "I am your Universal Father attending this session with my son the scribe, we must selectively mention that these meetings with the scribe are subject to his reception capacities and the responsibilities acquired as a host of the Lightline Offices that we are so successfully installing.  In various sectors of Urantia, it is for no apparent reason that today's transmitters on lower channels will be left without supply by completely removing their receiving channels.
 We are committed to providing the transmission media capable of listening to the Voice of the Father and we extend a wide invitation to strive for synchronization to these updated supplies.

 "I am the Universal Father giving rise to the most sophisticated advances for planetary intercommunication in these times of the beginning of the New Universal Age.

 "Let us take these arrangements for granted and make public the contributions that are being made to deliver and make use of the population with some of its incipient services to bring them to the bosom of the Father.

 "This is your Universal Father leaving the scene.


 "I am your Universal Father  returning to the scene, directing the scribe to a new session we are pleased to observe the follow-up of the indications that were being imparted in today's Lightlines, we share through these transmission circuits the Voice of the Father as  a service for raising the levels of spirituality in humans who are kind enough to listen to the information coming from the Isle of Paradise through this servant, let me serve this time the rich and necessary food for the growth of their souls.

 "This is a service indistinctly as it is offered to the other creations of universes apart, they are universal transmissions that are distributed by generalized individual means to which Urantia (the Earth) begins to have access, from the times of privatization, and of the  imposition of restrictions, that is, the quarantine administered to avoid the Luciferic rebels who polluted the 37 planets infected with the Lucifer Rebellion virus.

 "Today we celebrate the opening that is beginning to be evident.

 "I am your Universal Father giving support to these new transmitters arising from the individual effort to stay afloat in the midst of these inhospitable conditions for survival. We leave the analysis of the listeners, of their readers, and we end this new modality.

 "I am your Universal Father leaving the scene."



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Re: "Invitation to Channelers"
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2021, 04:00:27 pm »
Thank you Father. Thank you scribe.