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Teacher/Speaker: RA and Father/TA
Subject: Communication Lines, Space bodies and Disaster Preparation
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 25/06/2021 11.40am(AEST)

Let us go further.

I speak on communication lines.

Despite the inhibitive nature of circuitry disconnection for reasons of state, I still can reach you as Father.

I am still embedded in your personality circuits. 

As discussed I am you.

As this has been further explained, you will understand it in an intricate way as I have made it clear that I am you in every way and that you are in attunement with and in me.

As you stop in your busy lives,  you pause to allow me to speak in your mind.

This is lacking in most humans who fail to recognise my presence is very real.

It is with this I speak as RA and as Father. The two titles are singular as we are a collective in the cosmic circuitry through the Father’s own bestowal of Himself to the creatures of the time universes. The time universes are also described as trial universes as the trial is to become ascenders and know the voice within as this is to you.

Communication is both mind circuitry, personality along with telepathy with those Entities so connected in this circuitry for which I, RA, speak in. 

You are hearing me as RA, I speak eloquently when I wish to and I also speak matter of factly as a scientist does on space exploration in the time universes. I know many clusters of galaxies surround you and your astronomers and astrophysicists are discovering a lot of these clusters but are not able to determine the nature of the activity of these space bodies at such large distances over the span of many light years. It is important to note that when such discoveries are found by your scientists they are limited in the technologies they are using. It is apparent that little is being done to achieve finer areas in their own abilities to reach out to us in the telepathic way as so much more can be relayed in understanding the science of the space bodies they are seeing in their telescopic arrays. If it can be helped, then it would lead to greater perspectives in what they are viewing in real time. However, there is a difference in the way there is a time lapse in reception between real time and space time as they are picking up distortions in this way and therefore causing distortions in the extrapolation of data on their end. Such distortions are not factored in and as a result, causes scientists to make false assumptions no matter how good their intelligence suggests. 

I bring this subject up because you just read articles on the matter that scientists are discovering these huge clusters of galaxies that are in a line billions of light years away.

Such a finding is true in a certain viewpoint. That viewpoint is that it is correct that there is a cluster and a linear pattern as what they are seeing. But when viewed through the lens, one must take into account the distance the light travels to reach earth in this way and there is a certain bending of such structures that occur over that distance. Such is not seen in the lenses being used and as a result fails to see the deeper picture that exists in and between these clusters as they are to be viewed more in the three to four dimensional degree of lineage. Such are being viewed as a spaghetti splat on the glass panel and the spaghetti is not seen in varying degrees of angles. If it were to be seen in those angles, those clusters would have another dimensional aspect to their activity that is not being seen.

I bring this up because it has to do with the limitations the science community has in relation to the tools they are using which inhibits the ability to see beyond just a splat on the glass.  As it so happens there are space bodies just near your planet that have Light ships ready and waiting for the medical emergency that may be imminent soon when the natural earth disasters strike in areas that require it. It is important that you who can do these transmissions, to take the time to tune into and receive vital intel as it would aid you to safety.

I speak as one with the Father of All and that is to tell you we are here to assist you in these times now and in the future to aid you in bettering yourselves in service. Such service is beneficial in ways that will bring about a humanity far different to what you have now. When the chips fall, you know to sharpen your alert tools that you have in your makeup. Such that certain life directives become more in focus rather than the usual humdrum of slavery to your money masters. For years, you have been enslaved in the money making industry and as such cannot live without paying your due. It is not meant to be like that. How can one live in such a shop of making ends meet when you have nothing to give but to earn it well enough? As it is, even that is becoming dire soon.

So why am I making some noise and why now? Point is there is a turn coming that makes it so harsh as to cause a great big fat truth to lie in its wake.

I am here for the simple reason to prepare you for the worse and to allow you to take the time now to listen to your Adjusters.

That’s right to listen to me as the Father within you. I speak because you know something is up and very much requires you to prick your ears little mite to sense something is stirring in the pot you now have in Urantia and even beyond in the space bodies that your planet happens to circulate in. There are certain morontial worlds being formed in addition to the ones already in existence. We have asked the Michael Sons to create these additional worlds in preparation for the influx of ascenders to their ranks. 

It so happens that we have already got such an influx to the turbulent nature of the death rates that now pummel so many lives on various worlds such as your own. There is a lot of work for the teachers on these Mansion Worlds and it will require a lot more to assist the recovery efforts of these souls who are not able to assimilate what is happening to them. You, of course, who know what I am speaking to are able and willing when that time comes to be of great use as teachers also to aid these lost ones to the light of who and what they are. When the earth attacks occur and the population decimation mounts there will be a contingency operation in place for the human survivors but there will also be that some of you may cross over and assist with the recovery of souls on Mansonia. Some of you will be amazing in your efforts in this way as well as when you are on the planet before you cross over when that time comes. 

Such fervour and commitment you will and are fostering will enable a greater balance in the way people will be assimilating and accepting even when Jesus does make his point clear and present. This is a concerted effort by all involved and one that will understand and are wary of the nature of the rebels at every turn to hail it and ask for it to cease and desist. Just as Jesus told the one called Satan to get behind him, so too will you confront such and put it in its place as it should be. Such obstacles are inevitable and it needs to be called out for what it is. You will be like a dog that sniffs out a rat. That sounds simple but probably more tricky in practice. So I urge you to be both vigilant and wise in your counsel going forward.

This communication is a vital way to allow you to connect yourself well with me and allow for this connection to grow. Allow me to be present and to accommodate any further intel I can give. I bow out now, I am RA  and I bid you a good day.  


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Thank you 7inOcean for this posting. Thank you Ra and Father for your words.
Just as Jesus told the one called Satan to get behind him, so too will you confront such and put it in its place as it should be. Such obstacles are inevitable and it needs to be called out for what it is. You will be like a dog that sniffs out a rat. That sounds simple but probably more tricky in practice. So I urge you to be both vigilant and wise in your counsel going forward.

Love and Blessings,