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Teacher: One Without Name and Number (OWNN)
Subject: The State of Inhabitability
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 18/10/2022 7.40 am (AEDT)

S: It has been a wet spring season in the state I live in. The LaNina event is still bringing in huge amounts of precipitation to the extent that these weather events have caused flooding of inland rivers and towns. This flooding is spreading across borders and affecting three States and another State which also has suffered the rain event which just recently occurred. Governments have now stepped in to assist with their Defense Force personnel to assist in rescue and recovery along with financial aid to those most affected by these floods. The floods have caused towns to be flooded and houses inhabitable. Many people are affected in these areas where they are located near rivers that are experiencing huge volumes of rising waters. It is devastating to watch whole towns awash with water everywhere. People are now ripping out carpets and furniture that are wet, but there are reports that this weather of raining will come back and cause more flooding in the days ahead. The La Nina is still lurking to arouse such a wet phenomenon. These inland country towns for many years have been relatively dry and their rivers trickling by only to be facing a huge inland sea of water in their wake after so much rain now making its way down streams, rivers, creeks and so on. All eyes are on the great Murray River which is a main water source from which all other rivers are affected by its flow. As a result these towns are now seeing massive flooding. 

The State of Victoria is in an emergency crisis as it deals with the flooding of a number of towns. It will also cause food prices to rise due to the disruption of supplies and shortage of workers who are busy with the recovery work of their homes, businesses and so on. It is a massive task and one that will take weeks to find some normalcy. 

For now, it is a time to be alert to the weather that keeps coming and to watch the news for developments as it may occur. Even in the town I am in, the rivers have flooded to the extent that roads were closed and drivers have to steer a different route. This sort of flooding is not seen for some years. Some say a decade ago, others say it is a 1-in-1000 year flood. As for me, towns built near rivers and beaches should never have been placed and bad town planning should be revised drastically. I see it as a consequence of nature and humans who ought to learn from it and do better than just stay where it will happen again and again. Local Councils need to do better in planning their towns and avoid approvals near rivers entirely. Something that is too late now to change. As established it is;  those buildings will suffer many times until people come to a realization that it is not habitable or sustainable to persist in such an environment. It is no wonder why in ancient times, the nomadic tribes who had tents were able to move more quickly when such disasters strike and they were able to adapt to the environment they were confronting where certain disasters pose unlivable life. It is for this reason, the ability to move has secured their survivability in those times. 

While I ponder on the plight of man’s predicament. I ask for someone to come forward to speak on this. Silence and waiting……..I sense a teacher, go ahead please, if you would….

OWNN: “This is your teacher for today, dear one. I am here to speak on the natural disasters you are witnessing and you are right to be affected in some way by it. In your mind, you are seeing how those errors in town planning in allowing towns to be built near rivers and even on beach fronts where such erosion, flooding, landslides, even loss of lands can be as a result of such severe weather events. This is only going to get worse, as the earth experiences changes in its climactic pattern in the last year or so and the polar regions are going into a retreat. I am One Without Name and Number. I am your teacher and have no name to give you. My title warrants that I am anonymous and wish to stay that way. A name and number is for the identification process for those tasked in areas of work. Mine is not so classified as I work across fields, space and time. I assist you as you ask for someone to come forward to speak on your thoughts. It is a current situation in your news media you watched this morning and your reaction is both intelligent as well as emotional due to the fact this could have been avoidable. Rather, it is a disaster in an aging urban planning mechanism which is failing to understand the geomorphology of the landscapes these planners are dealing with, both in the past eons of geologic history, as well as, in the current climate of landform topography. Such planners do not see the errors made by previous planners and are now facing the real disasters that soon will render such plans inhabitable. 

“You will discover that when the planetary earth changes occur many areas will be in such a state of inhabitability, that most will take on the manner in which the nomadic tribes once used. Such will be the rapid change that will come across the landscape in which humans will need to learn to move quickly or go under with the changes. You are wondering the reasons for such a change is to do with the necessity for adaptability, to the earth’s new cycle which is now emerging to cope with the huge numbers of life it has. It can no longer sustain such a number. Both animal and human populations are at a rate it can not sustain. You must consider the old philosophy of the weight to land ratio. The more life-forms on it, the land is to sustain the weight and pressure upon its crustal plate. When one plate is heavier than the other it will be submerged and do a take to balance it. You are not aware of the mechanisms in which a tectonic plate derives from and to where it will go to align its parts to the other. That is yet to be understood by scientists to factor in the weight that is upon the continental areas of the plate itself. The oceanic plates also will experience the increasing weight of the waters now rising due to the ice melt in the polar regions and that too will offset the balance between the lands and the oceans. This is a water planet and it must be dealt with accordingly. Your lands are moving in relation to this weight ratio I mention and it is so delicate even more so now than in the geologic past. The earth’s core has shown its liquidity in that it too will cause it to buckle under some weight that now will place pressure elsewhere. 

“I will only mention the subject of the earth’s dynamics and no more. I teach this. I do not delve into the Mission plans as that is the subject of those so identified to do that. My area of expertise is to touch upon the geology of the earth's processes as that will soon come to the fore when it erupts into a full blown planetary emergency. The Mission plans will come into play to adapt to the change and will amend it as to human cooperation. I am One Without Name and Number, that is all for now. More is coming as the disaster will become more compounding on other factors you will see soon enough. Good day. Out. K.” 

S: Thank you so much One Without Name and Number, I appreciate your knowledge in the areas that concern me too. I feel that I have someone that is sensible about what I am seeing too. I appreciate some level of coherence on the problems of urban planning and its aging practices. For that matter I leave it there. Enough said. 


Hi Ron,

This is amazing news to finally see! I have been following Dr Salla with his Exopolitics site on a number of his sources who are able to receive from ETs. I find this refreshing to see this now being made available through you to receive in transmissions. It verifies the work of others and the information being relayed to us humans to know more about so much we, as a whole, need to be aware of. So few of us have caught up and kept pace on the various revelations, let alone to get through reading the beautiful Urantia Book we are so fortunate to have to allow us great enlightenment and inspiration.

I also am very grateful for this post and for the Pleiades to make contact with us humans who are able to receive it. This is so good. I also like to make mention also the work of Dr Steven Greer. I have watched a documentary titled: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind(available on Amazon prime video) (excellent to view) and also read his book titled “Unacknowledged”(available on Kindle from Amazon) which is a must read for all those who are wanting disclosure on the subjects he talks about. Dr Greer is also the founder for the Center for the Study of Exterrestrial Intelligence(CSETI)(p.217 “Unacknowledged”)  …. And is heavily involved in the work of CE5 contact. It is an amazing area in which people all over the world are now taking part in this and working together to make contact happen and to foster unity and peace in spirit. In Dr. Greer’s book “Unacknowledged”, Steven has mentioned the cover-ups and secrecy going on by the deep industrial and military complex also called the Cabal who are reigning a tight control on others to keep even free energy, anti-gravity technologies and so on from the public and for public use. It is also been the case where many inventors of free energy and certain technologies with their Patents were taken away or refused by the Cabal’s influence. Even your WTP Patent will also suffer setbacks and difficulties due to the Cabal who do anything to disrupt such work; and in light of Dr.Greer’s disclosure of this, it is no surprise to see that anyone with such Patents like your WTP, will hit a brick wall. This means there have been others who have tried to get free energy systems out in the past, but were not able to because a select body or Cabal interrupted and denied approval of such Patents.

It is interesting to know what is going on and reading the book “Unacknowledged” is highly recommended as it reveals to us so much that eyewitnesses and insiders are able to tell us things that have been for so long kept from the public. It is high time that disclosure of such truths be allowed and for us humans to get ready for some real innovation and free energy to propagate for the betterment of our living and for our environment. I am so with Dr Steven Greer and his work along with so many others who are wishing such disclosure to come forth as well as your WTP Patent which will incredibly be so good for what it can do. The Cabal is still there however, and it is only a matter of time that the ETs will blow it out of the water when they decide to do a big visit themselves!!!  I hope they arrive with their Mother Ships!! And no, this time,  it's not an alien invasion, but a truly enlightening awakening!!

I am amazed with the numbers Ron, they are as a species, One Billion years old and we are only one million years old. Surely we have a lot to learn from our brothers from the ORBARA and for that matter the Local Universe of ANDORA. I have a book called “The Seeders” from the author Elena Danaan in my Kindle from Amazon which I am yet to read and has been recommended reading by Dr. Salla as well. My Adjuster has got me busy reading and catching up on all of this so I can keep pace on Cosmic activity.

Ron, you have certainly received a lot in this transmission and much information is relayed to give us more to be fascinated with. I understand that such information needs to be given carefully due to the huge difference in how advanced the Pleiadians are compared to us Urantians. We have a lot to learn indeed!! Even reading the story from the Iargans (see link: ) has so much for us to be inspired by the way of life is in another world. 

I also am with you Ron when you say, “We are grateful truly!” for the visit from highly esteemed beings. I surely hope this continues for our mutual interests and advancement as well. I thank mostly Michael of Nebadon and Michael of Andora for allowing such disclosure for us to be educated so much more. 



Thank you Ron for the additional information which is amazing to know. It is good to know that our earth’s core is being watched closely for the reasons explained, which it too is astonishing both in size, temperature and chemistry/gasses along with oxygen now causing some concern. It makes the job of the Master Force Organizers and the Power Directors interesting work as well as stressful to say the least. Now that we know that this type of problem has occurred elsewhere with Anzylo that it makes for close monitoring due to what can happen when it goes over boiling point. Nice to see Michael does not want to lose his Bestowal planet into a million pieces in space as it is such a beautiful planet. It's terrible news about the rat population and our human population for that matter. We will have to wait and see how it will go when the Regency can place some new policies to handle the planetary problems we are facing. Thank you all for keeping us so well informed. 


Thank you Ron, Power Directors and Master Force Organizers. I am rather curious now as to what is reported to us regarding the earth’s core. For some time now we have been getting the idea that the core was overheating and becoming unstable and may cause the earth to tilt and as a consequence place pressure on crustal plate movements. Does this new report mean that the earth's core is more stabilized and will no longer be causing instability and crustal/tectonic plate movements?

 It is interesting that the Chinese scientists have discovered more in the way of laser penetration to determine their findings. It makes for a fascinating discovery in the scientific world to reshape our previous understanding of what makes up the earth’s core. Thank you for sharing that part with us and what has been discovered. It still remains to be peer reviewed and checked and verified by other scientists who may also want to do further studies and similar testing on the methods which have been performed by the Chinese scientists. I just find it interesting that a laser method was used and how could that have been performed deep into the earth’s matter which is so dense in parts as well as chemical. 

Thanks for the report as that keeps us abreast on new discoveries. As an aside, I find that the earth’s core extreme temperature overheating at that phenomenal heat is alarming at that rate as that, if I am correct,  is as hot as our Monmatia sun! Should we be concerned?  In another thought, I think the fact that Father wants to make Urantia into a University sphere “without human habitation” suggests to us that a great change is coming to see that to be the case. 


Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Awaiting for Commencement of My Second Bestowal
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 4.30am (AEDT)

You are not sure what it is to understand and so you step back to get a better perspective on what it is that we are letting out at this moment of time. Just recently you have been hearing the term the Secret Police and that is such a term unheard of for us as well. It is not to do with norms that are in place, but to do with what the Paradise Trinity now places to inform us not to go ahead unless it is safe to do so. Most of our Mission plans are ready and are in place to go with, but the current matter of nuclear weapons and the use of them concerns the Universal Father in particular. As is discussed in recent developments any nuclear weapons that are used can have such an effect on the earth’s atmosphere that it will disrupt our work in assisting you all on the planet. The free energy system relies on a good working atmosphere and so on. That too, will be difficult if nuclear weapons are detonated and so we will render them useless by means we will not disclose. I am the Creator Son, your Local Universe Father and Sovereign, my name is Michael of Nebadon and I lived the life of JESUS in my first Bestowal in a human life on a mortal planet. It is still my pride and joy and so it will be again in my second Bestowal as JESUS before you all once again.

This time it will require much more than the first as we enter into a different age and mentality on this planet. Much change will occur and so it will require all the assistance that I and my team can offer to enable your growth and survival. Danger is lurking and you will all need to be on the watch as the earth is about to change due to the tectonic uplift and how that will affect the landscape you live on. 

There are so many areas of concerns and we will attend to them in each as they occur. For the most part we will be with you and reassure you that assistance is not far away. Right now we are ready and waiting for the go ahead signal from the Universal Father who is doing a sweep on the landscape of Urantia to ensure it is safe for us to begin our work. At the moment we are awaiting for the Secret Police to give us an update and we will not speak any further than that. 

Stay tuned for our updates as this is a rolling ball so-to-speak. I tune out as that is all for now. Good day, Out. K.


[Thank you Micheal of Nebadon for explaining a little more for us to be aware of. Shalom.]

Speaker: JESUS
Subject: Standing Down due to Some Concerns
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/10/2022 5.50am (AEDT)

This is JESUS. I am requesting this scribe to stand down and stay quiet until Michael and I have determined what it is that needs to be done at this point in time. There is quite a lot concerning us and we are of the opinion to stand down our work for a time due to the dangerous situation now occurring in Urantia both with conflicts, global recession and financial woes yet to be a real problem. That is all. Out. K.


Yes thank you Steven, it is good you see it in a sensible way and I agree. It is amazing that the planet has been under management and has given us more time on it. For how much longer I do not know, but I sense it is a real mover and shaker when we have the earth move under our feet and walls of water lashing over our heads. Then, that is truly going to remove a lot in our wake. On the other hand, if it is delayed for a time, then it also gives Michael and JESUS more time to prepare us for a planetary change. How that is going to be done will remain under wraps and yet to be unfolded when it is appropriate to do so. Thank you for your reply. Sue.


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and JESUS
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/10/2022 7.30am(AEDT)

I would like you to make a new header for this post. This is JESUS and Michael of Nebadon speaking. I am aware the date in your part of the world is the 10th of October and that is the date we have established to begin our Michael Missions to this planet we call Urantia 606 of the system of Satania, in the Local Universe of Nebadon which is among many Local Universes in the Seventh Super Universe, named Orvonton with its capital of Uversa, the seat of the Ancients of Days. That was a mouthful, and for good reason, to the facts we need to present to introduce ourselves to the world we now consider mostly in default both spiritually, materially and administratively. 

The header above is a statement now being announced in the Universe Broadcasts throughout the system of Satania. It states this: Urantia 606 is in Default and will face adjudication by the Ancients of Days by request of the Paradise Trinity. As a result, the Missions we will introduce will be swift and harsh due to the status of the Rebellion this planet has been under for an unusually long time that it has no bearing with the laws of Universe Administration. Micheal of Nebadon and I will now no longer be doing a renewal mission but a disciplinary mission to establish good conduct and social reform. There are more to that than we state here but it means there are various issues we must address to the populations of this planet now experiencing overpopulation to the extent the material earth can no longer sustain it. The earth will buckle in its tectonic plates in various locations and cause crustal movements and ocean inundation on a planetary scale. Loss of life will be in the billions by our estimation and those who die will be taken care of. 

What will be left is destruction, loss of supplies, transportation and energy. It is for this reason we will introduce free energy, pure water systems, free energy car systems, and food supplements of the sort that maintains your body during the harsh environmental conditions the survivors will face. Civilizations as you once knew will disappear as so many will be under the oceans and the new lands will be formed in newer areas. The planet will undergo a metamorphosis of the sort it has done in its geologic past. I, as Michael of Nebadon, have seen it before and am aware how much damage this will cause to a heavily populated earth as Urantia has now become. This will now be occurring in the phase we estimate to be between late 2023 through to 2025. JESUS and I now come to prepare you all for what is a troubling time ahead. Most of you will simply go into shock and then panic. That is to be expected. For now, it is our task to prepare you for your life in the next phase of your adventure when you do die, if that happens to you. That will be for you to know and to relieve you of fear. For those who are fortunate to survive, it will also be an extraordinary adventure in a new world that emerges from the rubble and mess that may be left after the earth changes subsided. It will be a testing time for the most part as you discover so much of what matters in life and beyond in the new life to come. You will have us here to guide you and assist you in this phase of renewal as you will see how much more our works means to you. It is with this you will find Father and know the journey better than it ever has been in your past. The past is done, the ‘old house that Jack built’ will be gone and the House of God will be your new home. 

That is all for now as we go about this with a sense of the duty of care we have for each of you, who are to face some harsh truths soon enough. We ask that you do not fear, but rather, to know that the Father has your life in His hands and you will be taken care of even now and in your eternal future. You will come to know that in due time. I am Michael of Nebadon and JESUS as we speak as one. Good day. Out. K.


[Thank you so much Michael of Nebadon and JESUS. What a message to receive today. It is good to know that we need not fear even though there are scary times ahead for us to watch out for. Shalom. ]

[T/R note: I am not sure if I should put this out to the public forum as it is rather shocking news and may cause many to be upset and panic. I will listen again and ask Michael if it is appropriate to place it….]

Sue, this is Michael of Nebadon, I am sure you are receiving this as quite alarming and rightly so it is. This is not comfortable news to your ears and nor is it for your fellows either but to hold back this revelation would be reckless as well. I have no business in keeping my children in the dark over matters that affect you and it is my duty to prepare you for things that do. That is what fathers do and so I make it known in order for you all to be aware and be ready for such life changing events. I and JESUS, will do what we can to reassure you all that such planetary disasters are given much assistance and care for such a massive loss of life on the planet. When a planet is placed in a Default category it is immediately placed under the auspices of the Ancients of Days and is given priority attention and management as well as funding for disaster relief. This frees up the queue for supply and support. In such a case as Planet 606 is, there is no time to waste as things now become clear to us that the earth’s core is behaving in an abnormal manner now reported by the Power Directors who keep a close watch on it. It is losing its magnetic ability at such a rapid rate that it will cause the earth to tilt and the crustal upheaval will result due to the inability to retain heat and pressure. The Monmatia sun is causing this as well from its solar flares of late, that it too affects the magnetic field around the polar regions of the earth’s atmosphere. I am told that it is imminent that the earth may turn at any moment and we must make our introduction to prepare the populations for their life’s purpose and ascensionary plans to look forward to rather than be consumed in fear and shock. I would do anything to avoid the numbing effects of shock, but the truth must be known so you are able to remain calm and in a state of assurance that your eternal destiny awaits you, no matter what happens to your earthly life. Please place this at once, as there is more for us to report in the coming days. Thank you for checking with me on this and it is true what is stated. Out. K.


[okay thank you Father Michael I will place it, as you requested.]

Hi Julio,

I have to say how ridiculously inappropriate to put up a list of personal music to the public. I had a hectic day at work today. Now I wind down waiting for my dinner to roast in the oven and check this list out which brings back a lot of memories looking at some of the songs. I must admit I am a fan of other types of music both rock and chillout lounge stuff. Thanks for the memories bro, and hope you are doing okay in your part in this world. It's tough and crazy right now with what we know is so turbulent after the Pandemic which is almost looking like it is settling down I hope. We still wear N95 masks at my work (hospital setting) and everywhere outside of it is relaxed and back to normal. Our cases are dwindling and that is good news.  

I write here because I feel there is a need to respond to your post on music and since no one seems to make any comments, I also am wondering what music we will discover on the Mansion Worlds once we pass over to be there and dance. I could imagine it to be quite moving, electric and truly astonishing when we consider the other worlds’ talents that wind up in heaven with us too!! Imagine meeting so many different types of music gurus and sounds that will simply take our breath away. I know some of us have different tastes in music and different styles etc but when it comes to the musical artisans, I can almost hear something more sublime and adoring if I could find the right words. Peace is one thing; silence a great beauty; and music in the higher realms in spirit form is an entirely gorgeous other. It makes us realize just how much captivates our emotions, our heart and minds to what makes us listen so intently to those tunes whether it be metal, rock, melodic, classic, chill/calm, reiki or the simple silence of nature, those sounds do have chords in our experiences in life and makes those connections we can relate to. What a marvel indeed that music in all its different forms can be and make, to move us so much.

I think when it comes to worship however, our own way of it would be something else entirely when we know, hear and attune with the great Source and Centre of our being, That is an entirely personal and deeply sacred experience to respect all of its own in one’s own way with the Father of All.

Somehow at first I thought the music list should not have been placed on the forum as it is a place for discussion and not a place for music fans. I appreciate the memory lane but hey, let's move on, we have a Divine mission now making its way here in Urantia and wow that will be a day we will never look back, but forward because our Divine teachers, be it JESUS, the Melchizedek brothers, the Magisterial Sons and/or the Trinity Teacher who will surely make our days so much more memorable just from the sheer beauty of their words and their intentions.

God bless the Divine Sons of God!!


Speaker: Manodet Melchizedek
Subject: Missile Launches are Rendered Useless by Us.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/10/2022 5.50am (AEDT)

You are concerned about the number of missile launches that North Korea has been firing in recent weeks and that is being monitored by us with both the Planetary Prince and the Planetary Manager. I am consigned in your region as one of the Mission Governors in the Pacific region, I am Manodet Melchizedek. I have relayed my concerns as well and it is being watched as most of these missiles are deadly. Any more of these that come close to civilization, we will render them useless on impact by our own methods we use. This is not to be disclosed how that can be done, but it is something that we use once we are aware that nuclear weapons are being deployed. 
I am keeping this short at this stage due to the coming business we have that makes the world stand up and take notice. That is all for now, Good day. Out. K.


Threads for New Transmissions / JESUS - My Arrival is Soon
« on: October 07, 2022, 15:03:14 pm »
Speaker: JESUS
Subject: My Arrival is Soon
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/10/2022 5.45am (AEDT)

I know this seems like a quiet spell waiting for my arrival and that is because most of my time is being used to check and verify what is most at risk and even potentially advantageous. Policy renewal and social reforms are on the top of my list to do as well as the usual religious meanings that require it. I am JESUS and that is the one that was on the earth long ago, but I promised to return, and it is soon to be my turn to make another round of new inspiration to enable your growth with your abiding Thought Adjuster. It is with your Adjuster that you become aware of what it is that leads you north. As soon as I arrive, it will become a non-agondontor age on the planet. Prior to my arrival, most who have been led and found their Adjuster within, are the ones who are Agondontors. Agondontors are those who believe without seeing, the faith journey with their Source and Centre within, the great I AM. 

In my sojourn in the Levant two millennia ago, you will recall many times those two words I used to identify the Source within and the personality of the Universal Father whom I love and represent. It is with this I bring, and with more of what needs to be learned and understood as I was abruptly killed before my time. Now that is to be continued and no one or thing can remove me as I am a Spirit Being/Entity incarnated in material form. There is more to this as Michael of Nebadon is in it with me. As we return to complete the work of renewing your minds to the Father and His House. 

I leave it there as much will unfold soon when I appear and you will know me when I speak the words of the Universal Father who bids you all to listen to the Son of God in your midst. There are more who come with me to do this work and they represent the Father also. This is all for now, be prepared for my visit and may you be in my peace. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS, we all look forward to your arrival. God bless you and Shalom.] 

Speaker: JESUS
Subject: Keep On Course With Me and Your Adjuster
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 05/10/2022 5.56am(AEDT)

This is JESUS. I'll keep this short. There is one thing to do for you while it is time. Keep on course with me and with your Adjuster. Stay vigilant and informed by our steady stream of information we have now being made on a daily basis as the air is clear and I can make some remarks and sayings once in a while but mostly there is too much work to do and we have a huge list of personnel now ready to do it. I am JESUS. May my peace be with you. Shalom.


[Thank you very much JESUS.]

Hi Ron,

Thank you for this post from the Magisterial Sons and Moses. So good to learn these things. I notice how much the historical past in what occurs in the financial system catches up with us. The Link to the article regarding the Panic of 1907 and 2008 makes for interesting reading that sheds more light on it. It occurred to me, as I paused to reflect on your post and on the history in it and with Moses speaking that this is bringing out a thought that intrigues me. Is history coming back to us to learn from it and more? Why is Moses now speaking out of the blue? Does this point to the moral leadership issue now being present in the idea of the Regency? And how does the financial system operate, being what it is, requiring tightening in being secured by more gold and not by the shady practices of the past as spelled out in the article on the Federal Reserve history? 

I recall back in 2008, that I was watching the stock market on Foxtel at the time, and saw it go into a sea of red and how it took a heavy nosedive. And then the news came to the Lehman brothers and other big companies etc, who as I understood it, that those loans they handed out to people who could not afford them ended up bankrupt and those monies could not be recovered, this wound up into a domino effect and caused a collapse in the way it was handled. Here it is that we discovered that those big companies once considered ‘too-big-to-fail’ ended up failing because of unsecured loan practices to poor credit borrowers. It turned out a lot of poor Americans were forced into foreclosures on their own home and had to sell up and move out. It was a scary time for a lot of people. The market ,as well as the property market, took a hit for some time after 2008. Today in 2022, we are seeing rising inflation, rising interest rate hikes, petrol and food prices and market volatility. It seems it may happen all over again. It is interesting to note that since the 2008 fallout, certain governments have had to step in to put further security and guarantees in place to secure people’s deposits. The Australian government, in fact, did put that in place as I recall, in order to avoid people withdrawing their money out of the bank in droves because of the fear of banks collapsing by sheer panic. 

Now it is that the Magisterial Sons are putting in place some further security with the backing of the gold standard and parity of the currency. I wonder how this further stabilizes an already volatile stock market still reeling from the Covid Pandemic with the ongoing drama of supply chain disruption and transport shortages that may look at this with the existing competitive eyes. Here we see a move away from global competition to a standard of stability not seen for centuries. In reality, there is still a long way to go to see this take effect.

To be precise, there are so many ways one can look at this and I appreciate how the Magisterial Sons are approaching it. Thank you all. 

By the way, to Moses of ancient times, HELLO MOSES!  It’s quite a surprise to hear from you through Ron. Can I say congratulations for reaching the Finaliter status. Such a wonder to have you here with us and at a crucial time in our history. God bless you Moses!! And cheers! Sue.

I pause to allow for anyone to come forward for me to type it….I wait…

An Unknown Speaker speaks: 

“It is an overcast cloudy day in your part of the country. You will see a lot of rain coming this week that will drench heavily in the central and eastern part of your continent. This will turn an already saturated earth into a soggy sort and more flooding will result. You are aware this once dry continent can get very wet easily where this weather becomes so intense. Such that you will find out soon enough that the earth in various places will also experience unusual weather patterns. I am speaking here on the circuitry supplied by the Uversa reflectivity commission. This is now being watched as it too is suffering interference by the insurrectionists who are still lurking to cause mayhem everywhere. 

You do not know who is speaking because that too is withheld for reasons of state. It is to enable this to get to you without gaining the attention of the rebels who insist they do what they can to disrupt the service here, once they know who it is. You pick up my signature and find it both familiar and peculiar. Nonetheless, it is in this way, I can speak without further ado from the rebels. 

What is to happen soon I ask that you keep watch and be prepared for some rude changes that most are not going to be comfortable with. This is now being truncated by another entity now higher than me. I stand back to allow this Entity to speak here.

Yes Sue this is ….well dare I say it, Deity Absolute. No one can interrupt here as the cabal around you is removed. They insist on causing you to be lazy and sleepy and lackluster on your situation in life. That is to be changed as we get you back to a rhythm you are requiring more involving activity to avoid the habits of cabal influences. This too will pass, and you will all come on board with JESUS, Michael of Nebadon, the Melchizedeks and the Magisterial Sons. Soon, this will occur as a Divine Mission visible and in material form to enact a new age in Urantia. It will be a new dispensation as it is the Second Bestowal of Michael of Nebadon to cause a great change both in the way you operate and live. There was a meeting with the Council of Equilibrium on the matter of Planetary Default. However, I intervened in this meeting to circumvent it by saying that this planet is the Universal Father’s and it is with the Paradise Trinity that the Divine Mission must go ahead and make waves in the waters of Urantia. No man or woman or child will be left unaffected by the change that will take place. Planetary default is not going to be placed as the Father is now intervening in the affairs of men as we speak. Certain sub-humans will be removed by fiat. Certain cabal influencers will be rounded up and adjudicated. Certain governments will be put on notice to repent and relent with the Magisterial Sons who now know that this planet is on notice for default if it does not behave. 

Now this: we are now taking these matters seriously and at once. The Master Spirit AYA has its hands full with more work in regards to the Paradise Trinitys’ injunction to mandate the Missions and to subvert default of Michael’s Bestowal Planet. This planet will eventually be turned into a garden world and soon it will be if it is in default when humans rebuke the Master and Father of it. I am the Deity Absolute and this message is done. I sign out. K. 

Thank you Deity Absolute and Master Spirit AYA and the One who is unnamed that alludes to me.


Speakers: JESUS and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Possible Planetary Default
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2022 9.10am (AEDT)

[It is now daylight saving time where I am and the clock is put forward one hour. It is not something I like, but what is placed in certain states to practice. I lived in other states and territories in the past that do not have daylight saving and it makes a whole lot of sense, for the simple reason to keep at standard time because of the sheer heat of the sun in the warmer northern part of the continent. Also, it works better for farmers that way. In the cooler southern states, the idea to have more recreation time in the sun was favoured by most so that extra daylight in the afternoon was a bonus to enjoy. I see the point, but still find the standard time far better in any case because why upset the natural cycle of the sunrise and sunset and with the habitual nature of animals. Milking cows early in the morning just got a whole lot trickier so I hear from those who do that work….]   

I am JESUS Sue, may I intervene in your daily thoughts here. [Yes of course JESUS, go ahead if you would please…] Thank you. Now, what is at stake is the course of what is occurring in your world is so alarming that although I am keen to step in to start the Mission, Michael of Nebadon is now requesting me to stand back and wait this out so as to see what is unfolding before our eyes. If those who are using nuclear weapons and even doing testing with them are to be told to stop, due to the sensitive nature it will cause to your earth’s atmosphere, along with the horrible effects of such weapons if used in war efforts. I am convening a meeting to discuss this very issue with the Council of Equilibrium as it is concerning me what is escalating out of places such as between nations such as Russia/Ukraine, the North Korea regime in its rogue missile launches, and the middle east that is now showing signs of tension flaring once again due to the cultural protest erupting. These tensions boil over and begin another round of conflicts we do not wish to see at all in the middle of what we have plans to be about. 

If there is any nuclear confrontation and unrest then I, Jesus and the Magisterial Sons will pull out, period. The Universal Father has made it clear that no such actions by humans be tolerated. Father is adamant if this goes a certain way, there are consequences, and He is to declare a default at once. Once a world is declared in default, it suffers planetary failure and isolation. It will eventually die of its own accord. For those who are wondering what happens to them in this instance is that you are to live out your life naturally until you naturally die, from there you go to the receiving area in the grid to be assessed, from there those who are with Adjusters will be transported to the Mansion Worlds and be adjudicated as to your status from such a world. Most will not stand, but fail because of the nature of rebellion still inherent in humans. 

This is not easy for me to state, but one that must be reported due to the nature we are now seeing as turning worse than a few weeks ago. If these conflicts turn around and peaceful dialogue is sought, then we may avoid default and move towards Mission actuality. Right now we stand back and watch and wait for which way this is turning out to be. Humans are unpredictable at worst and yet potentially transforming at best. It is truly up to each and every one of you to seek the Father and seek peace and not war and division between you. I seek for you to do so and so I leave it there. This is JESUS and Michael of Nebadon speaking as one. I bid you well and in peace. Out. K.

[Wow, thank you JESUS and Michael of Nebadon.  At least we know how you are seeing this one way or the other. And it is saddening if it is the other. Default is not something we could ever wish in your Universe and it is a shame on all of us. May we pray and seek you Father in all that is and is to come. May your will be done Father as to the state of this world and for our future. ]

[T/R Note: folks as I write here I am feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness enveloping me and it is tinged with a foreboding loss of life soon; it seems so likely, yet it only takes goodness in humans to behave and seek peaceful resolutions, this could turn around for the better.  Let us hope so, Sue.]


Just listened to this tape. 

Thank you newstarsaphire and Ron for this recording as I think it is one of the most important to date due to what it contains. So many of the points made are so valuable to learn as to what it will do for all of us in the coming time ahead. It is wonderful to hear that the Cabal is removed and that the Divine Missions, the WTP Patent and the Magisterial Sons who will incarnate soon is now being approved by Father to go ahead with. I advise everyone to listen to the tape and a transcript of it would be so good  as well so all can follow what is good news indeed. Congratulations to Ron for standing up in the morning even though he thought why he did so while his body is so done with. Like Jesus said, "the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing". So be it. 

Thank you all. I look forward to what more can be as Ron places more posts on the Forum between now and Sunday and yes reading those posts is refreshing as more goodness is coming, and "goodbye" to the Cabal!!
Another disciple still standing, so help us all Father!


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