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Threads for New Transmissions / Changes will soon come
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on Today at 07:10:57 pm »
This is Jesus at your side, I am all that you are aware of and I thank you for being so kind.

We are all waiting for things to get going but never mention hour nor day. The world situation is horrible as is the situation with the insurrectionist and all those who oppose our plans and the Missions that are very much affected by their bad behavior and unwillingness to behave. But we have our ways of dealing with them and the Ancients of Days are active in getting them where they belong.

Take to heart what we keep telling you and wait out. You have all shown that you are able to be patient and you have a good understanding of what is most important to accomplish right now. Nothing can be set up or started without peace, which is the most difficult thing to achieve in a world like Urantia where people don't care about each other and the terrible conditions under which the majority of the world's population must try to earn a living to feed their youngsters and educate them to become good citizens with knowledge and experience with which to serve their people or even the world.

So many talents are lost for lack of proper education. Young people who have no purpose in life tend to become disinterested and can lower themselves to bad behavior and even criminality due to their environment and the lack of interest of the governments in their countries, who only care about their own wealth and prosperity to be used for unnecessary luxuries and silly entertainment without any moral or spiritual knowledge.

All this will change once We tighten the reins and your people in charge become willing to listen to wise counsel. Many will leave office and many will not understand what is going on and start wandering in search of a new way to survive. I speak harsh words but you know how to take this and so do some of the others on this list.

Please continue your prayers for all that is needed to turn this world into a place of morality and social behavior that is so very much needed on this planet

Thank you Elise for taking this transmission.

Thank you Jesus for your clear statements.

This is an interesting discussion, but certain parts I do not understand clearly. Namely that if our eternal journey is predetermined for individual ascension, who would be in the position to chose to ascend in pairs? If I understand it correctly, it has never been a choice, rather it's Father's decision to create certain beings to live in pairs for a purpose, such as material sons and daughters. Back in the days I have read many literature from Christians who have received revelations on life in heaven. We know that married couplies stay together on the mansion words, and heard the example of Dr. Sadler and Lina being together to date. So as I read the same in those books. Now the question is, how long these couples distained to stay together? Is that their choice or eventually they will be assigned to do different works and grow apart? I heard a being from an other material planet, more advanced then ours, saying that they would not want to drag their mate with them for eternity. They couple up until one may say, this was the most fun I ever had, but now I am ready to move on. Then they separate without the drama we experience here on earth, The other thought I always had is that the purpose of marriage is to raise up godly offspring and to serve Father together better then we could individually due to the support we provide for each other. That is a beautiful concept as Eve expressed their appreciation for it, but who else do we know for an example? I remember Michael of Nebadon addressed once that our marriage institutions are set up wrong, a marriage covenant should last until the children grow up. I am curious how this subject will be approached in the new era towards the planet reaching life and light. For now I agree with you Amethyst, it is better to be alone once we had experienced a broken covenant very hurtful ways. Only when couples would "pray together to stay together" without the betrayal this may works on the material worlds. Life in the spirit is still a mystery for us in certain aspects for lack of experience. Yet constant introverted behavior creates imbalance in the soul and as a results we seek to be part of a community of like minded individuals. This forum creates an environment just as that and we should be happy when the earth population will come on one accord, how to live this life and what to teach to our children? I thought I used to know but now all is a big questions  mark right before the big changes ahead that will provide many answers by default, I am sure. Thank you Eve for this post and prayerfully whish you and Adam the most fulfilling beautiful relationship forever more.  
Warning - solar storm will hit the planet on Thursday August 18, 2022, that is, approximately two days from now.

Electrical oscillations may occur on this day, mainly in regions close to the geographic poles.

Yes, possibly a solar storm like this, directly hitting our planet, or even stronger solar winds, will be the trigger, the short circuit that will cause the geographic axis shift and the subsequent natural catastrophes around the world.

This is a reference I made in my fiction book about 2012 that I launched in 2010 at the International Book Biennial in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. At the time I signed as Julio da Luz as a writer. Then, with this new trilogy the new universe age  = love I sign as Steinmetz with the stage name as writer, Caesar Steinmetz.

Yes, I pray for divine protection and, above all, that before the reversal of the geographic axis takes place, first the various missions of God on our planet take place, mainly, the announcement of the return of Jesus.

See the link below, linked to the solar monitoring of the science site in Portuguese language Apolo11:
Post Script:

Yesterday, August 15, 2022, Monday, a relatively rare event took place on the global panel on earthquakes, also linked to the Portuguese language science website of Apollo 11.

There were thirteen earthquakes above 5.0 degrees around the world.

To be more precise, two were more than 6.0 degrees and 11 were more than 5.0 degrees.

I have been following this site for a long time, practically almost every day, and normally, the amount of earthquakes of this level - above or equal to 5.0 degrees, with dot flashing on the screen, is less than 10 ten in the day all over the world .

As it is not possible to save the image, I had no way to register, practically the entire planet with light researching, because earthquakes equal to or above 5.0 degrees of the Richer scale, appear with a flashing dot on the screen.

Now, at the moment, this August 16, 2022, 19:25 local time in Brasilia has only 7 dots blinking on the global panel.

Possibly, when the geographic axis change occurs, the solar panel will have a very large amount of dots blinking all over the world.

If you have time and are curious, take a look at the global dashboard from time to time, for example on the following website (the images are self-explanatory):
PostScript 2:

Look at another image of a solar flare in motion picture in the attached file.

The image is from the same website, Solar Monitoring of Apollo 11.

I believe that the solar flare captured by the moving images will be the one that will hit our planet approximately on August 18, two days from now, according to the attached file.

Another possibility that I'm thinking about now is that if the solar eruption that occurred was the factor that caused a rare amount of earthquakes of equal to or greater than 5.0 degrees of the Richer scale to occur yesterday, precisely on the day it occurred the solar flare, as I understand it.

I believe that there may be a possibility of a connection between strong solar eruptions and the reflection with a greater amount of earthquakes equal to or greater than 5.0 degrees as happened yesterday (13 earthquakes), precisely, I repeat, on the same day of the eruption that has been moving towards our planet since yesterday, August 15th, 2022, from what I could tell from the moving images.

Yes, normally it takes approximately 3 days for the solar storm to reach the planet. The solar flare that will hit our planet took place yesterday, the 15th and will hit our planet on the 18th.


Aviso - tempestade solar irá atingir o planeta no dia 18 de agosto de 2022, quinta-feira, ou seja, daqui há aproximadamente dois dias.

Poderá ocorrer oscilações elétricas neste dia, principalmente, em regiões próximas aos polos geográficos.

Sim, possivelmente uma tempestade solar como essa, atingindo diretamente o nosso planeta, ou até ventos solares mais fortes, será o gatilho, o curto-circuito que irá provocar a mudança do eixo geográfico e as catástrofes naturais subsequentes em todo o mundo.

Esta é uma referência que eu fiz no meu livro de ficção sobre 2012 que eu lancei no ano de 2010 na Bienal Internacional do Livro da cidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Na época eu assinava como Julio da Luz como escritor. Depois, com esta nova trilogia a nova era do universo = amor eu assino como Steinmetz com o nome artístico como escritor, Caesar Steinmetz.

Sim, eu rezo por proteção divina e, principalmente, que antes de que a reversão do eixo geográfico aconteça, primeiro aconteça as diversas missões de Deus em nosso planeta, principalmente, o anúncio do retorno de Jesus.

Vide link abaixo, ligado ao monitoramento solar do site de ciência no idioma português Apolo11:
Post Scriptum:

Ontem, 15 de agosto de 2022, segunda-feira, aconteceu um evento relativamente raro no painel global sobre terremotos, também ligado ao site de ciência no idioma português da Apolo 11.

Foram treze terremotos acima de 5,0 graus em todo o mundo.

Sendo mais preciso eram 2  dois com intensidade superior a 6,0 graus e 11 eram superior a 5,0 graus.

Eu acompanho há muito tempo este site, praticamente quase todos os dias, e normalmente, a quantidade de terremotos deste nível - acima ou igual de 5,0 graus, com ponto piscando na tela,  é menor que 10 dez no dia em todo o mundo.

Como não é possível salvar a imagem, eu não tive como registrar, praticamente o planeta inteiro com luz pesquisando, pois terremotos igual ou acima de 5,0 graus da escala Ritcher, aparece com um ponto piscando na tela.

Agora, no momento, neste dia 16 de agosto de 2022, 19:25 horário local de Brasília tem apenas 7 pontos piscando no painel global.

Possivelmente, quando ocorrer a mudança do eixo geográfico, o painel solar estará com uma quantidade muito grande de pontos piscando em todo o mundo.

Se tiver tempo e for curioso, olhe de vez em quando o painel global, por exemplo, no seguinte site (as imagens são auto-explicativas):
Post Scriptum2:

Olhe a outra imagem de uma explosão solar em imagem com movimento no arquivo anexo.

A imagem é do mesmo site, monitoramento solar do apolo 11.

Eu acredito que a explosão solar captada pelas imagens em movimento será a que irá atingir nosso planeta aproximadamente no dia 18 de agosto, daqui a dois dias, conforme arquivo anexo.

Outra possibilidade que eu estou refletindo agora é que se a erupção solar ocorrida foi o fator que fez com que ocorressem uma quantidade rara de terremotos de igual ou superior a 5,0 graus da escala Ritcher no dia de ontem, justamente no dia em que ocorreu a erupção solar, pelo que eu percebi.

Eu acredito que pode existir possibilidade de ligação entre fortes erupções solares e o reflexo com uma quantidade maior de terremotos igual ou superior a 5,0 graus como aconteceu no dia de ontem (13 terremotos), justamente, eu repito, no mesmo dia da erupção solar que está se deslocando em direção ao nosso planeta desde ontem, 15 de agosto de 2022, pelo que eu percebi das imagens em movimento.

Sim, normalmente, demora aproximadamente 3 dias para a tempestade solar atingir o planeta. A erupção solar que irá atingir nosso planeta ocorreu ontem, dia 15 e irá atingir nosso planeta no dia 18.
Yes, I see the error of printing 4 again, and that is wrong, wrong, wrong and no wonder you are confused.
I quote Bulletin #26, July18. 2020:

"A list of Triunities to Be [Examined]:
1 - Triunities 6, 7, 8, 9,10, skip11, then 12, 13, and 14 are almost entirely deleted!
2 - Seven Triunities are revealed in Paper 104, but a total of one hundred fifty (150) exist.
3 - Seventeen (17) mored besides those listed in item 1 are also deleted . . . . ;

I do not list any other information in Bulletin 26 regarding the Triunity inconsistencies and what to do about them.  I doubt I know that at all RAZ at the time.    Nothing done to date (August 2022) suggests that the Triunity revelation will ever be repaired, but what we do have is enough to relegate the change of supremacy and ultimacy to the SPIRIT OF GOD concept now over rides those mandates in triunities in error altogether.

I much rather you disregard my first post done in a hurry without consulting my documentation, and let the idea of Triunity counsel alone until we get a clarification on just what in the world constitutes the measure of the Infinite Spirit back into our legacy of spirit on Urantia.  IT is that serious, and at first thought the Infinite Spirit had directed things into the Tandyboro edification of spirit control over the time universes.  But I am not in clear confusion even over His work although his ambassador blew a hole in everything but failing to consider we too are out of spirit enhancement due to the fact we have no real figure to point to as Spirit administration. 
In fact, Tandyboro just commented to me to leave it all alone until Jesus Himself clarifies his relationship to the Infinite Spirit later in our review of the Second Return, and that should occur shortly or it is useless.   I did not mean to ruffle your feathers RAZ with my comments but I knew we had no clear cut answer to those Triunity errors as I am not sure what the revelation might be regarding Paradise Trinity Triunities and by that I mean, do the Triunities still operate?  Or do we have a different arrangement of the Guardianship of the central lodgement of the Paradise Existential Deities?

"The trust you show Ron is amazing, and you let sleeping dogs lie with this response, which is far superior to your first response, and it upset RAZ it was what he thought a blow off.  Not really but you knew there was trouble in examining certain Triunities and said so but made a transcription error to make it worse.  Now we must examine the Triunity revelation without caring about Urantia repercussions.  For that I turn to the Planetary Prince, MANTUTIA, who says it is a pedantic argument still and  Ron you are not wrong to be charged with a little sedition yourself for blowing RAZ off without knowing it.  He is truly unsure why the Triunities exist in the first place.  You reason they are the detail counsel to the Trinity to cat legislation upon, and taht is fully incorrect not, but more correct to say they inform the Paradise Trinity of time-space changes and outer space issues still pending before the autocratic Universe Space Planners designation as the Master Force Organizers.  For that reason no one, even They, why there had to be a Triunity anymore for the time-space region spirit development once the God the supreme issue disappeared and now so has God the Ultimate issue dissapeared.  I suggest you save this post for your own good too Ron as it carries the exposition you want when someone questions it.  K"  [MANTUTIA AND THE MASTER SPACE ORGANIZERS AT YOUR SERVICE AND THANK YOU.]

Ron to you RAZ - the problem exists yet over how the Infinite Spirit speaks to time-space over the objection of the seraphic hosts.  The organizers of time and space does not include Father at all, but is founded in the revealed Triodities.  These are not infinite counsel but sub-absolute counsel and should not be confused with Triunities.  Further, RAZ, I doubt we can do anything about any of this until some day into the far future we are advised of the solution to the problem of Spirit to the time Universes although I expect or suspect the Infinite Spirit is already resolved over this issue already. 


Threads for New Transmissions / Jesus - My Appearance
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 03:57:00 pm »
Speaker: Jesus
Subject: My Appearance 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/08/2022 5.50am(AEST)

This is Jesus. Yes I have a few words to say this morning. Today is just another day to you but soon there will come a day you will not forget when I make my name known and then the world will not be the same. It will mean a lot of changes on my part to correct the awful ways this world has gotten into and truly is not good for any of you anymore. I am coming soon as I am already here and will appear very real in your eyes soon enough. I do not make dates or times as that is useless anyhow to any one as I would much rather approach it wisely when it is right to do so. I await the Ancients of Days for their updates on the curtailing of the insurrection and rebellion that still lurks. This will soon be cleared and when it is, it then I can safely do my work. For now let us bow and prayer with the Father that all that needs to be done for Urantia will work well for me and for you and all those who represent me and the Father of All. May you have a good day and stay safe. My peace be with you, Shalom.


17/08/2022 5.50am(AEST)

[Thank you Jesus for sharing a few words today.]
AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 14 AUGUST
« Last post by Raz on Today at 01:53:37 pm »
Sorry Ron, but petulant I am and your response gives another reason why. On the Sunday Light Line and in my first post I mentioned how Triunity Four was one of two we were asked to pay attention to and know. Now in this response, you indicate that Four is one of three that no longer exist. (if the latter is true then that will need changing in the transcription) There is so much contradictory information given that while I do have an idea where things are headed there is no way I can claim to remember or know what end is up. We have whole concepts and leadership announcements one week and the next they are rescinded. But I do still thank you and Spirit for all your and Their efforts on our behalf. 
petulant Raz
2022-08-16 8-30

Good morning All!


I am the conductor and we can consider the transmitters as the musicians of the orchestra.

It is important to have a significant amount of musicians with different musical instruments to hear a song, a more beautiful song full of different sounds and harmonics that complement each other.

Thus, this comparison of the conductor with the other musicians is the team of transmitters.

Yes, continue with your broadcasting work, each in their own way, each with their musical instrument.

Today Jesus mentioned that He was the maestro, and the transmitters are like the musicians in an orchestra.

I appreciate that greatly, especially because I will miss the next two Sunday Light Lines because of preparations for two major orchestral concerts of sacred music, one in the biggest church in Lufkin, and one in the biggest church in Tyler, respectively.

When we think of transmitters being musicians, and Jesus the conductor, don't forget the stage managers, the librarians, the guy on the mixer board (like my son), the lighting crew, the recording crew, the composers of the music, the ones who acquire the fine instruments, the teachers of the musicians who enabled them to be able to perform at all. . . did I miss anyone? Building maintenance people, sponsors, printers of programs,. . .

Oh yes!
The audience!
Because there would be no event without them! They add to the enthusiasm of the performers, and provide the backdrop -- the reflection of what is being heard. The celestials in the audience do not go by unnoticed by me. Even though I am only a violist --(what is that?).

We have a dozen or so transmitters in our midst. What a small orchestra! The reason the concert I am going to be in is important to me is because it will utilize musicians from the two biggest church orchestras in the entirety of East Texas. It is really special to have the string players from a major city church orchestra to be participating.

That is why we need more transmitters! Every musician in this orchestra started with Twinkle Twinkle, or some other simple tune. If you are not a transmitter, don't be afraid to try. If you stick with the positive, and listen for an outlook that you hadn't heard before, maybe your Thought Adjuster is smiling with you.

And you've got to practice every day!
How to you get to Carnegie Hall? You practice, and practice, and practice some more. . .

Which is what I shall be doing today. . .
Now RAZ, do get petulant.

You know darn well where the errors are without having to reference Papers.

Thge Triunities have nothing to do with the supreme or the ultimate unless they are directly addressed in a Triunity.  A few do and you are supposed know well enough they no longer participate.  Why learn their function if it is cancelled?  The poiint is you know why errors occur in that Paper and you do not need me or anyone else to instruct you about Paper numbers to stay away from.

Over a year ago I also announced that certain Triunities were cancelled - or whatever they do to a counsel that abandoned its place on Paradise.  There are three which no longer exist:  Those are Numbers 04, 07, and one we never saw, number 22 which is still top secret if it were allowed to operate anymore.  Otherwise those lasting and staying around are still the counsel the Trinity uses to follow universal developments in various parts of the Master Universe.

There will be NO EPOCHAL REVELATION to read for years RAZ.  You know the reasons as best as i do and that is by the announcement over six months ago, that the entire idea of a new epochal revelation is not dead!  BUT! Jesus will inspire the next one and it will be based on his assumption the Second Return meant something to the majority of people living on this planet.  I hope he is right, but to hold my breath that long is not convenient.  I am sorry to bring the news to you, but you were here with the rest of us when these things were announced, unfortunately, months or a year ago.  

May I also remind all who read this post the Sleeping Survivors were called in an epochal Roll Call of Justice on August 5th.  That is ongoing epochal information you already read RAZ and so do the rest of you but forget sometimes it is.  We have, by the way, another epochal announcement maybe to be supposed to be made today -  i cannot tell because I am not in good liaison with the Chiefs at the moment.  For that reason I let them do it; however, be assured it has to do with the epochal idea of revelation becoming available in different forms than most of this readership is used to.  

"I AM NOT AT LIBERTY to speak to any of this Ron, and this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON suddenly back in liaison with yuour poor mind so crass and broken down with nothing but plastic cups, and for that reason I say this:  the readership on this site is fine if they knew how to take so much information, but they are not doing that and treating information like a wrapper on a candy bar.  True some are fully understanding, but your Guests in particular are agog at all the information flowing and if you do not keep transmissions going, you have no information again.  I announce the following idea without details:

"The last story to be told is not Ron dying off and leaving us stranded but some of you denying Jesus when the cock crows again in the last trial set on Urantia soil ever again.  Somebody will say something!  That is our secret and learn to roll with the punches.'"

General Discussion / Re: Here and Now
« Last post by PJammer on Today at 11:38:50 am »
Greetings Father, from Your Son, here living "One day at a time".

It is my Will and Intention that I live each Day in Your Holiness!

What could I possibly fear?  In Your Holiness, All is already answered.  There are no questions, only Eternal Bliss in every Now moment.

Is this not Heaven on Earth?

For me, right Now, it is more than enough of Heaven on Earth!

Thank You Father!  Whom else could I talk to about such things?

Thank you Lemuel and Thought Adjuster for this prayer.
I feel exactly the same way.  Eve is uniquely qualified to speak to us about this because of the issues she and Adam have had to experience, and yet they are still devoted to each other. I, for one do look forward to having 'helpmate' if God allows it.   
Thanks for your post. 
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