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This is GABRIEL.  No quotes please Ron.  The entire mechanism of transmissions, the Voice of God, is to be re-established.  You should know this everyone.

What we mean by that is to insist that those who transmit have some exposure to epochal revelation first.  If they do not, then channel will have to do and channel is not an acceptable use when dealing directly with the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION or any of the spectacular divine MISSIONS such as the Second Return or the other works found to be inside of it such as the future epochal revelation.

For that reason then we must state that unless your are prepared to stand tall and take on additional learning and work hard to become a member of the select group that will adhere the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION well, there is no use for you on those upper levels at all where there is direct divine contact to get these works done or underway.

Ron, you are so badly done today you wonder if you will live until nightfall.  You will but poorly but keep up the good work in place of the terrible wish to lie down and let the pain go out of consciousness.  That will never happen well with you but you are fully desiring to be taken out of the misery of a material fight to keep you alive.  That is not over and we are sure it gets worse not because of you but because of a nasty cabal that has nothing but torture in mind all the time.  K

Now this.  We want all of you to recognize that JESUS OF NAZARETH is not buying into the idea of April 25th right now because the UKRAINE War is atrocious and Russia has leave of its senses entirely, and must be fully restructured in months.  For that reason the 25th of April assignment is now open to conjecture where once it was a solid date and that must remain so stated fro the duration of this post assignment to you Ron to make one thing very clear:

NO ONE NEED APPLY TO THE JESUS SECOND RETURN so long as there is a Ukrainian War going on under our very noses.  That was thought to be ended by now but Putin is learning he dare not leave in the middle of a defeat by Ukrainian military abilities to stop him in his tracks in places.  So weel done are the Ukrainians in military defenses, they are proving an important obstacles to the Russian generals who thought this would be a cake walk to take the Ukrainians over.  No so.

For reasons I do not fathom myself, there are too many people in the line of defense budgets in the Moscow arena of command and control, and for that reason then there is not entirely sane review of what or how they conduct the war in the Ukraine.  The civilian massacre in Bruge (sp) the past 24 hours was the result of a druken spree of nearly 18 year olds working out huge emotional issues they cannot control themselves either and Putin is furious they left their bodies in the street for all to see and be appalled at his cruely.  He is surely not that bad but as the same time he is not thinking clearly and must remain sequestered insofar as the United Nations is concerned entirely.  For reasons of State too, we are sure that the remaining Ukrainians in the United States are ready to go back to help the mother land including Ron’s doctor.  I report this too:

We are now prepared to stand down on the Second Return only to prevent a wholesale debacle on Urantia where the preparations are nearly complete.  Ron has moved accordingly and so have others but we dare not send Jesus into this Urantia mess and the fact that an epochal revelation is ready for export to Urantia and to Ron is charming more and more to take that on in place of an immediate Second Return.

Classification of Missions is never ours to do in public, but the Mission to take on Putin is a new one, and China is now highly wary to deal with Russia at all, as Russia has lost all reasoning to continue doing what it is still trying to do and that is to subject eastern Ukraine to their rule.  Now eastern Ukraine is feeling the pinch too and ready to swap sides if it has to.   

Preparation of the Second Return has to be set back again and Putin is largely to blame, but this time we must make amends to Ron who has opened the door to an incredible opportunity and it must be relayed to him that all work by a college for the sake of a Chronicle of the Second Return must be stopped not but continued to be developed.  We are informed by the Father Himself that Putin is to be detained not for elopement to the higher spheres as Ron forecast he may be removed by internal forces, and he may be right now as there are motions to stop the war and sue for peace. This is not GABRIEL NOW:

“WE ARE THE MOST HIGHS and we must state Ron you are forced into hiding again for a moment as there is no wish to subject the college to these instigation s as decreed by the Board of Regency not, but by the President of the college who wishes tranquil nights for a few days anyhow as he is blasted by the priests on high that the Second Return is the business of the church and not the college, but ypu have proposed an interesting version of Chronicles to be done by trained historians and not by fly-by-night civilians who have emotional problems as well as inopportune writing skills at best.  For that reason Dr. Lowy is send you a letter asking you to outline your proposal in a forma syntax she has prepared for you to answer.  Her letter is probably in the mail today but wait it out as answer it according to her wishes to be known.  

“Finally Ron, as the MOST HIGHS, we request you stay well behind the closed doors of your home and let the forecast for repairs to take place finally.  We are sure they can be, but will they be?  We are not so sure until today when MICHAEL OF NEBADON assigned six individuals to your care and case as they full intend to break your body out of deterioration and to be made well again where at all possible.  Be aware we are poorly informed but we can report actions.  Now this:

“As the MOST HIGHS Ron you are fully informed of our patterns of work, but you are unable to make use of them for the reason no one wants counsel from out area but they want counsel from the Creator Son area, and frankly, he is tired of it already.  For that reason we will be picking up some of those areas to report and you are delighted of course? [Yes, it is the life blood of our work to know where to move and not to move], and for that reason you will have the ear of a defense organization that moves quickly to quell riots in American cities over bread/food shortages, and then in some cases the need to declare martial law as Americans are not used to deprivation to this extent but it can happen.  

“I am the Most High Chief, Solonia and for that reason I am called Solonium. I have only one last thing to say to this membership.  ‘If you are going to stay around start acting instead of just listening.  No one complains but you need better deportment and Ron is nearly nuts with the things he has to accomplish and they stick like mud to the ground and he gets no motion.  Soon he will as the entire measure of God the Father on Urantia will move in spite of the Second Return being pushed back by a useless war with the Ukraine by a grumpy Russia without any good reason to exist anymore this way.  Good day to all.  This is Solonium at your service!  Thank you.  K”

Ron Besser here - I have been transmitting full time since 2005 and a little before that too; however, I have never seen the atmosphere to do so, so very tricky and impossible at times.  We must clear the air and we must restart the LIGHTLINES in a different mode for other reasons for improvement too.  MICHAEL and I have spoken to this privately for weeks now and I get no clear direction we can change LIGHTLINE and sustain an audience if we change it too much.  I am at wits end on how this might be accomplished without perhaps have more material available to work with through the Lightline hosts.  If that is to be done, I do not know what that might be and leave it to our superiors to inform us when it becomes available and changes can be made.  But we also have to have ours hosts much better t rained to work on Lightline presentations as they are poorly done sometimes each because the hosts do not know what to produce with MC’s not always available.  And I leave that alone too for the moment.

Thank you.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Интересно, какие газеты читает Габриэль, если  и он повелся на фейки, организованные самими нацистами через 4 дня после того, как русская армия из Дучи ушла.
Как же после этого верить во все, что вы передаете?
Почему вы защищаете нацистов и самоубийство западного мира в угоду США?

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А message translated into English and Portuguese from Prozonov. The original message was in Russian only.


Translation from Russian to English:
I wonder what the newspapers Gabriel reads if he fell in love with the fakes organized by the Nazis themselves 4 days after the Russian army left Ducha.
How then to believe in everything you transmit?
Why are you advocating the Nazis and the suicide of the western world for the sake of the USA?


I would just like to ask a question to Prozonov:

- I understand your dissatisfaction that there are several criticisms of Russia, after all, you, Prozonov is Russian.

However, he once thought that Russia is the aggressor country in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Yes, who invaded a foreign country was Russia, thus becoming the aggressor country. So, considering that Russia is the aggressor country because it invaded a country, can the news of deities, deities and celestial beings be true in repudiating Russia's war actions? Have you ever thought about this possibility? What if all these messages saying that Russia did wrong are true? Have you ever thought that it is necessary to reflect that, nowadays, Russia may be wrong and that is why it should review its actions?

I repeat I am against and repudiate all aggressor countries, as per the message I wrote about the blind and the elephant earlier here on the Serara Forum.

I am Brazilian, and Brazil is part of the BRICS as well as Russia, China, India and South Africa. I hope that Brazil's peaceful tradition will serve as an example for all members of this group.

On the other hand, do you want me to believe that the Ukrainian people themselves killed their own people and blamed the Russians, according to news I saw on television? And how can a high-ranking person in the Russian government declare categorically and almost immediately after the worldwide reports of the atrocities of Russian soldiers that there is no civilian death by Russian soldiers, if by any chance he is a mortal and limited man and in this How can you not know everything that goes on in the war? Have you ever thought that yes, atrocities of Russian soldiers in the war could have taken place?

I hope this site will be accessible to all Russian people. Or will the Russian government also block this website that deals with the second return of Jesus and various missions of God so that this information does not reach the Russian people?

Sorry everyone, but after countless messages trying to deny what is in plain sight to everyone I had to write these words to vent my repudiation to every aggressor country.

I just hope that all the aggressor peoples, who are eventually at war, will reflect that Jesus represents peace and then go back to their borders and be peaceful again.

This is my prayer and my outburst.


А mensagem traduzida para o idioma inglês e português de Prozonov. A mensagem original estava apenas em russo.


Tradução do russo para o idioma português (Brasil):
Eu me pergunto o que os jornais Gabriel lê se ele se apaixonou pelas falsificações organizadas pelos próprios nazistas 4 dias depois que o exército russo deixou Ducha.
Como então acreditar em tudo o que você transmite?
Por que você está defendendo os nazistas e o suicídio do mundo ocidental por causa dos EUA?


Eu só gostaria de fazer uma pergunta a Prozonov:

- Eu entendo sua insatisfação por estar ocorrendo várias críticas a Rússia, afinal, você, Prozonov é russo.

No entanto, já pensou que a Rússia é o país agressor na guerra entre Rússia e Ucrânia. Sim, quem invadiu um país estrangeiro foi a Rússia, tornando-se então o país agressor. Desta forma, considerando isto, que a Rússia é o país agressor pois invadiu um país, as notícias das deidades, das divindades e dos seres celestiais podem ser verdadeiras ao repudiar as ações de guerra da Rússia? Já pensou nesta possibilidade? E se todas estas mensagens falando que a Rússia agiu errado forem verdadeiras? Já pensou que é necessário refletir que, atualmente, a Rússia pode estar errada e por isto ela deve rever suas ações?

Eu repito eu sou contra e repudio todos os países agressores, conforme a mensagem que eu escrevi sobre os cegos e o elefante anteriormente aqui no Fórum Serara.

Eu sou brasileiro, e o Brasil faz parte dos BRICS assim como a Rússia, China, Índia e Africa do Sul. Eu espero que a tradição pacífica do Brasil sirva de exemplo para todos os integrantes deste grupo.

Por outro lado, você quer que eu acredite que o próprio povo ucraniano matou seu próprio povo e colocou a culpa nos russos, conforme notícias que eu vi na televisão? E como uma pessoa do alto escalão do governo russo pode declarar categoricamente e quase que imediatamente depois das informações no mundo inteiro das atrocidades dos soldados russos que não há nenhuma morte de civil por soldados russos, se por acaso é um homem mortal e limitado e desta forma não tem como saber tudo que se passa na guerra? Já pensou que sim, as atrocidades de soldados russos na guerra podem ter ocorrido?

Eu espero que este site seja de acesso a todo o povo russo. Ou o governo da Rússia irá bloquear também este site que trata sobre o segundo retorno de Jesus e de várias Missões de Deus para que estas informações não cheguem ao povo russo?

Desculpem a todos, mas depois de inúmeras mensagens tentando negar o que está a olhos vistos a todo mundo eu tinha que escrever estas palavras para desabafar o meu repúdio a todo país agressor.

Só espero que todos os povos agressores, que eventualmente estejam em guerra, que reflitam que Jesus representa a paz e então voltem para suas fronteiras e voltem a ser pacíficos novamente.

Esta é a minha oração e meu desabafo.


Сообщение, переведенное на английский и португальский языки от Прозонова. Исходное сообщение было только на русском языке.

Перевод с русского на английский язык:
Интересно, какие газеты читает Габриэль, если  и он повелся на фейки, организованные самими нацистами через 4 дня после того, как русская армия из Дучи ушла.
Как же после этого верить во все, что вы передаете?
Почему вы защищаете нацистов и самоубийство западного мира в угоду США?
Перевод с русского на португальский (Бразилия):
Интересно, какие газеты читает Гавриил, если он влюбился в фейки, организованные самими нацистами через 4 дня после того, как русская армия оставила Дучу.
Как же тогда верить во все, что вы передаете?
Почему вы пропагандируете нацистов и самоубийство западного мира ради США?


Я просто хотел бы задать вопрос Прозонову: - Я понимаю ваше недовольство тем, что есть несколько критических замечаний в адрес России, ведь вы, Прозонов, русский. Впрочем, вы уже подумали, что Россия является страной-агрессором в войне между Россией и Украиной. Да, кто вторгся в чужую страну, так это Россия, став, таким образом, страной-агрессором. Итак, учитывая, что Россия является страной-агрессором, потому что она вторглась в страну, могут ли новости о божествах, божествах и небесных существах быть правдой в отрицании военных действий России? Вы когда-нибудь думали о такой возможности? Что, если все эти сообщения о том, что Россия поступила неправильно, верны? Вы когда-нибудь думали о том, что необходимо задуматься о том, что сегодня Россия может быть неправа, и поэтому она должна пересмотреть свои действия?

Я повторяю, что я против и отвергаю все страны-агрессоры, как и в сообщении, которое я написал ранее здесь, на форуме Serara, о слепых и слонах.

Я бразилец, а Бразилия входит в БРИКС, а также в Россию, Китай, Индию и Южную Африку. Я надеюсь, что миролюбивые традиции Бразилии послужат примером для всех членов этой группы.

С другой стороны, вы хотите, чтобы я поверил, что украинцы сами убили своих и обвинили русских, согласно новостям, которые я видел по телевидению? И как может высокопоставленное лицо в российском правительстве категорично и почти сразу после всемирной сводки о зверствах русских солдат заявлять, что гибели мирных жителей от русских солдат нет, если он по какой-то случайности смертный и ограниченный человек и в это Как можно не знать всего, что происходит на войне? Вы когда-нибудь думали, что да, зверства русских солдат на войне могли иметь место?

Я надеюсь, что этот сайт будет доступен для всех россиян. Или российское правительство также заблокирует этот сайт, посвященный второму возвращению Иисуса и различным Божьим миссиям, чтобы эта информация не дошла до россиян?

Извините всех, но после бесчисленных сообщений, пытающихся опровергнуть то, что у всех на виду, мне пришлось написать эти слова, чтобы выразить свое отречение каждой стране-агрессору.

Я просто надеюсь, что все агрессивные народы, которые в конце концов будут в состоянии войны, поймут, что Иисус представляет мир, а затем вернутся к своим границам и снова будут мирными.

Это моя молитва и мой порыв.

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Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Prozonov, you write:
I wonder what newspapers Gabriel reads if he fell for the fakes organized by the Nazis themselves 4 days after the Russian army

left Ducha. 

How then to believe in everything that you convey?

Why are you defending the Nazis and the suicide of the Western world for the sake of the USA?

Ron writes:
I am a Scribe, Prozonov.  I write as it is dictated to me and I write as directed by the supreme leadership of a spirit government.

They are advising me that they dare not send Jesus into a place where a hot war is playing out, and gave their reasons to me to write why they are looking so harshly at Vladimir Putin.  I place my name before them as a servant to see to it that when they speak there is a messenger there to take their words down.  I have worked very hard to understand you Prozonov love your country and defend it a I would my own in such controversies, but I also have taken on the responsibility to speak as they ask me to wrote.

The importance of this message today is that the Most Highs speak as they control what they call the performances of the countries of this world, and they have advised that so long as a hot war is running in the Ukraine, whatever your or their reason may be, they dare not send Jesus to win souls in an ongoing war so cruel.

I leave the scribe work as totally useful to know their attitudes but do not force political judgements on them.  I let this go as no further replied to as there is nothing to say but maybe later dictations might give all of us better insights as these serious events unfold.  I thank you for your post Prozonov.

Ron for the Most Highs and the Salvington Government and for you Prozonov.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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From my point of view, without pretending to give an opinion as an in-depth connoisseur of the details of the war in Ukraine, I find myself intervening in this thread because I suspect more and more that this topic has been allowed for the particular purpose of testing our ability to discern the truth, which would be the same as saying, our level of attunement with the Thought Adjuster, the only system that can guarantee us a reliable guide in the midst of the confusion that may exist in this case that concerns us, as it is, the conflict Russian-West (Anglo-Saxon Empire). For this purpose, clean intentions are required, not biased towards one side or the other. Hence, we must take into account what has already been brought as a sign that greatly affects minds that are not sufficiently informed: "the first victim of war is the truth" It turns out then that the reason that my dear Brazilian friend Julio emphasizes, that the absolute culprit of the war is Putin because Russia is the invading country, by itself does not qualify as absolute truth because it is essential to know by minors for which Putin made or was forced to make that decision. The call that I want to make very affectionately to Julio, is that he try to find out the causes for which we are suffering today from this war that is beginning to affect a large part of the planet and not only Ukraine and Russia. It is not then to start watching the film just at the moment when Russia enters Ukraine for the simple desire to invade and demonstrate its war power, to make a final judgment, but rather to rewind the cassette to learn from a long time ago the true causes. On the other hand, and without the intention of disqualifying you in anything, because you have demonstrated many times your great abilities and knowledge in what you write, but I suggest that if it is the case that you have not read, that you read the extraordinary publication that he made on 1 April, Majesthia Gondo entitled: "The consequences of the last will of Cecil Rhodes on our planet", which I think can make you change the concept you have about the real "bad boys" in the film. Until here without right for more. Thanks
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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I am very grateful to Ron for his answer.
Sooner or later you will all know the truth. But who will you become, what will you be?
President of Ukraine Zelensky, a former artist who played the piano without hands, has just said that what he saw in the Duce, which, by the way, he himself organized, makes him hate. And he's right.
This is the main goal of bondage on earth and in heaven - to arouse HATE in people. It means to kill love¸ to deny God in your own heart. And they succeed.
Do you want to turn into a zombie and renounce eternal life, sell your soul to liars, deceivers and misanthropes? This is your choice.
Truth is our strength.
Victory will be ours!
Я очень благодарен Рону за его ответ.
Рано или поздно вы все узнаете правду. Но кем вы станете, какими будете?
Только что президент Украины Зеленский, бывший артист, игравший на пианино без рук, заявил, что увиденное им в Дуче, которое, кстати он сам и организовал, вызывает у него ненависть. И он прав.
Вот главная цель кабалы на земле и на небе – вызвать у людей НЕНАВИСТЬ. Это означает убить любовь¸ отречься от Бога в собственном сердце. И у них получается.
Вы хотите превратиться в зомби и отречься от вечной жизни, продать свою душу лжецам, обманщикам и человеконенавистникам? Это ваш выбор.
Наша сила в правде.
Победа будет за нами!

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To dear Occerpa. I know his convictions and even though they are different from mine I love and respect him.

What I mean is that, for me, I have a very strong repudiation of the aggressor country and for me it does not matter the reason that led to the aggression, that is, to invade another country. The fact of invading another country becomes an aggressor country and I strongly repudiate it, whatever the country.

If there are problems, these must be faced by diplomacy and not by war. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and I'm sure he shares this idea.

To dear Prozonov. I also know that you avoided confronting me, even though you said harsh words against Russia, and you are Russian.

It is much better for a friend to say that his friend is doing wrong, and I am speaking like the Brazilian friend who is talking to the Russian friend.

I'm saying that Putin is doing it wrong.

I wrote a trilogy, a fiction novel, between an American with a Brazilian father (John) and a Brazilian descendant of Russians (Rita) in homage to the Russian people, so I see myself with a friend and I ask that my words even be harsh and who are constructive, as a friend be heard.

Putin stop the war! Return with your military forces exclusively to your borders in Russia.

You know Putin. I know you will read this message. I know, in my heart, that there are Russian observers who send the messages received here for your knowledge and that the main rulers of the world have intelligence agencies watching this site and everything that is said here. Yes, I may be wrong in this intuition of mine, but that's okay, if I'm wrong it's just an outpouring of a direct message I'd like Putin to receive.

Yes, there are lost children, human beings who made mistakes, the prodigal children.

Much more than the war, in my view, your soul is at stake. And this means eternal death.

I ask you to sincerely repent of your actions and to return to God's light, and this message is given with much love.

The way to sincerely repent is for you to order the Russian military forces back to their borders in Russia.

This message is for Putin, and is extended to all Russian military and high-ranking officials who are involved in this war.

Trump (USA) was responsible for delaying the second return of Jesus on January 6, 2019 when he ignited his coregio (people who voted for him Trump) to invade the Capitol.

Putin (Russia): - You will be responsible for further delaying the second return of Jesus, but there is still time for this to be changed.

Prozonov, apologies for the strong criticism, but I needed to vent and my criticisms are strong but they are against Putin and I hope he makes peace and returns with his military forces exclusively to Russia.


Ao querido Occerpa. Eu conheço suas convicções e mesmo sendo diferentes da minha eu o amo e respeito.

O que eu quero dizer que, para mim, eu tenho um fortíssimo repúdio ao país agressor e para mim não interessa o motivo que levou a fazer a agressão ou seja invadir outro país. O fato de invadir outro país se torna país agressor e tem meu fortíssimo repúdio seja qual for o país.

Se existem problemas estes devem ser enfrentados pela diplomacia e não pela guerra. Jesus é o príncipe da paz e eu tenho certeza que compartilha com esta ideia.

Ao querido Prozonov. Eu também sei que evitou confrontar comigo, mesmo tendo dito palavras duras contra a Rússia, e sendo você russo.

É muito melhor um amigo dizer que seu amigo está agindo errado, e eu estou falando como o amigo brasileiro que está falando com o amigo russo.

Eu estou falando que Putin está agindo errado.

Eu escrevi uma trilogia, um romance de ficção, entre um americano com pai brasileiro (John) e uma brasileira descendentes de russos (Rita) em homenagem ao povo russo, por isto eu me vejo com um amigo e peço que minhas palavras mesmo duras e que são construtiva, como amigo sejam ouvidas.

Putin pare com a guerra! Volte com suas forças militares exclusivamente para sua fronteiras na Rússia.

Sabe Putin. Eu sei que irá ler esta mensagem. Eu sei, no meu coração, que existe observadores russos que enviam as mensagens aqui recebidas para seu conhecimento e que os principais governantes do mundo tem agencias de inteligência observando este site e tudo o que é falado aqui. Sim, eu posso estar errado nesta minha intuição, mas tudo bem, se eu estiver errado é apenas um desabafo de uma mensagem direta que gostaria que Putin recebesse.

Sim existe filhos perdidos, seres humanos que erraram, os filhos pródigos.

Muito mais do que a guerra, em minha visão, está sua alma em jogo. E isto significa a morte eterna.

Eu peço que se arrependa sinceramente de seus atos e que volte a luz de Deus, e este recado é dado com muito amor.

A forma de se arrepender sinceramente é você ordenar que as forças militares russas voltem para suas fronteiras na Rússia.

Este recado é para Putin, e é extensivo para todos os militares e funcionários do alto escalão da Rússia que estão envolvidos com esta guerra.

Trump (EUA) foi o responsável pelo adiamento do segundo retorno de Jesus em 06 de janeiro de 2019 quando inflamou seus corregionários (pessoas que votarem nele Trump) a invadir o Capitólio.

Putin (Russia): - Você será o responsável por novo adiamento do segundo retorno de Jesus, mas ainda há tempo para que isto seja mudado.

Prozonov, desculpas pelas fortes críticas, mas eu precisava me desabafar  e minhas críticas são fortes mas são contra Putin e eu espero que ele faça a paz e retorne com suas forças militares exclusivamente para Rússia.


Дорогой Оксерпе. Я знаю его убеждения, и хотя они отличаются от моих, я люблю и уважаю его.

Я имею в виду, что у меня очень сильное неприятие страны-агрессора и для меня не имеет значения причина, которая привела к агрессии, то есть к вторжению в другую страну. Факт вторжения в другую страну становится страной-агрессором, и я решительно отвергаю это, какой бы ни была страна.

Если есть проблемы, то решать их надо дипломатией, а не войной. Иисус — Князь мира, и я уверен, что он разделяет эту идею.

Дорогому Прозонову. Я также знаю, что ты избегал конфронтации со мной, хотя говорил резкие слова в адрес России, а ты русский.

Другу гораздо лучше сказать, что его друг поступает неправильно, а я говорю, как бразильский друг, который разговаривает с русским другом.

Я говорю, что Путин делает это неправильно.

Я написал трилогию, фантастический роман, между американцем с бразильским отцом (Джоном) и бразильским потомком русских (Ритой) в дань уважения русскому народу, поэтому я вижу себя с другом и прошу, чтобы мои слова были хотя бы резкие и конструктивные, как друг быть услышанным.

Путин останови войну! Возвращайтесь со своими вооруженными силами исключительно к своим границам в России.

Вы знаете Путина. Я знаю, что ты прочитаешь это сообщение. Я знаю в глубине души, что есть российские наблюдатели, которые посылают сообщения, полученные здесь, для вашего сведения, и что главные правители мира имеют спецслужбы, следящие за этим сайтом и всем, что здесь говорится. Да, я могу ошибаться в своих интуитивных предположениях, но ничего страшного, если я ошибаюсь, это просто излияние прямого сообщения, которое я хотел бы, чтобы Путин получил.

Да, есть заблудшие дети, люди, совершившие ошибки, блудные дети.

На мой взгляд, на карту поставлена не только война, но и ваша душа. А это означает вечную смерть.

Я прошу вас искренне покаяться в своих поступках и вернуться к Божьему свету, и это послание дано с большой любовью.

Чтобы искренне раскаяться, вам нужно приказать российским вооруженным силам вернуться к их границам в России.

Это послание для Путина и распространяется на всех российских военных и высокопоставленных чиновников, которые участвуют в этой войне.

Трамп (США) несет ответственность за отсрочку второго возвращения Иисуса 6 января 2019 года, когда он поджег своих корегиони (людей, проголосовавших за него Трампа), чтобы вторгнуться в Капитолий.

Путин (Россия): - Вы будете нести ответственность за дальнейшую отсрочку второго пришествия Иисуса, но еще есть время, чтобы это изменить.

Прозонов, извините за резкую критику, но мне нужно было высказаться и мои критические замечания сильные, но они против Путина и я надеюсь, что он помирится и вернется со своими вооруженными силами исключительно в Россию.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Occerpa I assume you have some sympathy as to the Putin reasons for causes to have this war happen, based mainly, again I am guessing a little, on the assumption that colonialism and the world wars that resulted out of European competition to rule everybody.  Spirit, Occerpa, is in agreement with your view that there is a genuine distaste by Russia having to have paid such a huge tragic price in these wars.  However, I am a scribe, and I have the ability to press into a language the attitude of Spirit, and it is this to speak to it again:

No man is worthy of killing other people just based on past grievances.  I am sure you know the old Jewish paragons of the Biblical Old Testament. "AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH." and so completely followed by European governments right up to the present day, that it makes me wonder why we ever bother with a 5th epochal revelation.  A scribe which I am has, of course, his personal views, but his primary duty is to speak the will and speech of our spiritual authorities, and it is they who actually control the success for failure of any nation state on any earth, and that is mostly through the offices of the MOST HIGHS.

I could just place these remarks from the MOST HIGHS on the floor and then sweep them under the rug so nobody sees them, but then why would I ask their opinion if I am going to do that in the first place.  My motivation is to hear the Most Highs assess what the influence of one more war on Urantia does to Urantia?

The scribe in this case learns that Russia has no more pure of a motive than the ancient Hittites did when they invaded Russia in the fourth century AD.  I am not here to lecture the forum on an ancient invasion of what would become Russia, but the people then living were massacred down to the last breathing human and then th Hittites went home saying the place was almost inhabitable.  I am greatly summarizing of course, but this has been Russia's history for far too long, but the influences the Most Highs point to, is that this Hittite massacre set the tone for all other Russian defense philosophies and it has not been changed since as Russia never fully recovered in its heart why a remote civilization living in the dry southern lands of Urantia would act like this?

Strangely enough, Russia became like the Hittites themselves and have never really lived comfortably with the rest of the world as they were taught that living innocently often caused so many deaths they had to be preemptive to be sure they did not suffer such fates again.  I am making a simple case out of very old history I know, but so long as any civilization in any country seeks to out power the MOST HIGHS they cannot win using that mode of self defense.  We on this forum attempt to understand that there is a fourth influential element to mortal life, and the fourth element is to defuse the old idea of the Jewish empires too, and not resort to philosophy that if we have peace it must be by the preemption of the sword to ensure it.  The MOST HIGHS  will never allows that attitude to live for very long and will eliminate any nation as successful if that nation continues never to learn that the Kingdom of God is never a high priority to use if they can use their own kingdoms of military force to win whatever it is they insist on winning.

That is why I ask the Most Highs, where does the divine come to view a precocious leader that Putin has become and what has he done to Russia and its people too?

Their answer is that evolution requires putting aside a tooth for a tooth nationalistic religions and face the fact that the spiritual evolution of a planet is more important than any nation feels it has a right to.  The consequence of this war is to derail the truth that Russia has a place among nations, and to place the leader Putin in the category that he has so disrupted the world order with a flagrant war on people who wished to live live in a country they liked better than Russia.  That is no crime to the Most Highs, but it is a crime to slaughter people who have no idea why there has to be a war over their choices which are fully and totally fair and logical.  Putin to the Russian people is a fine character, but to the rest of the world, he has reverted to an ancient calling of not only social error, but the sin of killing without a truthful reason to cause such killing.

The scribe wrote down the MOST HIGH views and they are so representative of Most High views over other wars of attrition we on Urantia are always getting into and today is a high mark of war again all over the globe.  The Most Highs point out that the Russian oligarchs are partly to blame, and that Puting relies on their support mostly even today to field a war that has more to do with Putin's preference for Russian rule than democratic pretenses they are peaceful first too.  That is far from the truth according to the Most Highs too, but we are now dealing with a Russian event over the Ukraine that has now derailed the Second Return completely due to the atrocity of spurious killing just to kill.

Add to the Most High predictions, the prediction that the universe government over Urantia holds Russia a probably cause to dismantle not only the provisional spiritual government now resident on Urantia, but to fully explore the probability that the future history of mankind on Urantia is disabuse homo sapiens to continue as a species any more and some choice allowed to the spirit Life Carriers, to either remove Sapien or replace Sapien, and either way, our species is now doomed over the weight of our endless war-like remedies to work out social problems at this late date in the 22nd century after receiving the Prince of Peace.

Putin by  these war like actions has triggered the apocalypse.  He has no idea of the cosmic reaction he brings to bear on all nations on Urantia, because he has never looked at the spiritual impact of historical war actions around Russia ever.  For that matter neither does Europe and most not true for North American countries either.  However, Putin is the one who we think predictably grabbed the tail of the dragon and not the dog quite unsafely, and the decision has been taken according to the dictation of the scribe give here, that the Second Return is not deleted or scrubbed, but it is modified in a way that harms us and not spirit which throws its hands up and walks away from morons who never learn the subtleties of peace that heal.

Your scribe here wonders why we bother huffing over individual country names when the general rule of life on our planet is to take advantage of another as fast as we can in the name of profit and national hegemony over our national neighbors.  The Most Highs see it as entirely human to act that way, but at the same time they sure that a planet like Urantia has become, that planet will die as a cradle for humans to live and develop, and become a grey relic devoid of plant and animal life too over the pollution's of chemical and political errors that must never be let lose into a more friendly universe than we have ever experienced either.

The consequences that Putin let lose by these unnecessary actions of war again is drastic and unfair to most of us, but Putin is part of the world family we all belong to, and now must pay a heavy price in spiritual care for all of us, and the lack of the Prince of Peace we nearly got just last week.  I am not going to take as a scribe the dictation of the Most High Solemnia for your and my edification:

THE CHIEF MOST HIGH, SOLEMNIA -  "I now take the center stage Ron has set up for us to speak:  You Ron are near the end of your life already and lament it ending so sadly.  You are never to receive spiritual fusion when the atmosphere you live in has been so disgustingly ruined by a simple autocrat without the slightest idea of  the consequences of his actions.  Occerpa cannot clear his mind of his distaste for Russia either but he can support autocratic meanings as totally a waste of time for the peoople on Urantia to live with either.

"I MA SOLEMNIA, and that names if finally settled upon for reporting my words.  I am the CHIEF MOST HIGH and I declare Russia out of the speech of spirit for good under Putin and for that reason the oligarchs Russia has spawned are now removed from under out care as well.  The people of Russia deserve better, but they must never collectively arouse this kind of anger by spirit over acts of non-compliance with the spiritual value all human planets must hold at the point of receiving a Bestowal Son again.

"For that reason the CREATOR SON now forbids the use of the spectrum of conversation Ron loves to have, and pronounces Ron as a lost soul of conveyance of spiritual powers to Urantia entirely not, but forced to die without ever seeing the flowering of his hard work to be of use instead of just watching and blinking at the return of Jesus.  You have not lost it entirely but so close to a final dissolution of such grants of power and peace to Urantia, you might hide your faces for being so slow to realize that a tyrant like Putin has dissolved the grants of the covenants of the PARADISE FATHER originally to ABRAHAM so many millennia before today.  It is a deeply serious matter and for that reason we speak little more to it; however, please understand that Ron is aware of the deep divide even among some of you for taking this far too lightly, and that the consequences you must live with now are dangerously close to allowing the annihilation of Urantia's spiritual and material future. 

"Lastly please realize that MICHAEL OF NEBADON has taken the future cause of future Urantia's into account and no new human planet will ever recognize what led to a rebellion was caused mostly by a Planetary Prince so disgusted with the slow appointment of early men on Urantia to the teachers of a better way to live, he rebelled to get out form under such an assignment. There was a Lucifer already waiting to mother him into rebellion over the issuance of just not a dislike, but a hatred for early man on Urantia to never get the point that life is not to be used for squalor and hate they insisted on then, and that they insist on now.

"Urantia is placed into the position it will never have a golden future and that is may well end its life on the anvil of material disaster so harsh it splits the planet into two and kills every member living upon it instantly and as far as spirit is concerned:  good riddance.

"WE are the MOST HIGHS and we have spoken judiciously now and the CREATOR SON, wishes to say something now:"

"We have finished before we start Ron as I cannot control the robot meant to speak for me in places you inhabit now.  This though, your work is precious and so is mine but they cannot cohere in what is taking place on Urantia again, and this time the wars are not over you or Me, but over commodities and useless areas of geographical control.  What rubbish!  But that is what is occurring right now.  That is ours to lament with you Ron, but your life is over in many respects already due to a cruel revulsion of our healing work by a group of seraphim who sealed your fate by rebelling too.  It will never stand well with Me or you that they exist at all and for that matter they are quickly being assimilated into a another Order which cannot make war on humanity anymore either.

"Your life is all but over on Urantia and you have a good stake up here too, but not the one we proposed only a few weeks ago as I must rely on your work up here and not down there and there is a huge amount of it you seem to be able to take care better than anyone I ever met from Urantia or even other places for that matter.   Be assured you are on my staff early on and that is a huge kudo to anyone ever, but you lost your bid to be a human dynamo on Urantia recently so badly you ask for relief.  It is coming not with Son fusion but Adjuster fusion shortly and that will end it all for you permanently as a man of the realm and becoming a spirit for the first person other than Jesus to come to that way of leaving Urantia.

"I close sadly not Ron, as you are fully determined never to speak with or prevail with an insurrection that hates you as much as you hate them; however, realize that the insurrection is not the cause for Urantia losing its bid for a Creator Son revival but that the man Putin has lost Urantia for what Russia wanted, but that he himself is ready to throw out the oligarchs and become an absolute dictator in order to keep survival of the nation state fully operative.   Fully discovered Ron is a cabal near you ready to wipe you out today, but that is disenfranchised right now permanently.  I have a great deal to say, but it is not sayable in the time we have right now.

"Lest you all believe this is just for Ron, think again.  The entire matter of Urantia is now falling on deaf ears up here quickly and Putin is just one problem of many surfacing over the conduct of the United States to fail to see to pandemic changes that would put the virus to route, but fails to understand it promotes many other issues inimical to life of its own and for that reason I am fully discharging the Urantia Foundation forever shortly, and the Magisterial Foundation may follow it shortly without ever raising its hand to help further.   This is not a sad day for you Ron, but realizing that the day is full of miscreancy always and no easy way to clear your problems either as I am full discharging you soon if I cannot get free of the anger I feel over what Russia did this time.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and thank you for listening. K"

Ron here and to close this.  I am fully unhappy again over this endless battle to be active to be of some aide to the classification of spirit than can make contact with the Voice of God.  I am sure I will be passed over for glory not but for having trialed something so hard I cannot make further sense of it so long as the world is up in arms over a babble king like Biden can be sometimes and like Putin has turned so bad and black I am unable to fathom thinking, if that is truly what it is.  I leave this scribed to you as received and they are one mighty unhappy spirit as to what has happened on this beautiful planet again.  There is no way out I see easily, but the mercy of the Son has to be employed mostly now.  For that reason I now just shup up and let the chips fall as they need to at this stage of the game.  Thank you all for listening and reading.  Ron

THE MOST HIGHS - "We are quite sure Ron has lost his bid as a Creator Son now, (folks they are joking at me), but in truth he is fully aware of things you have never thought about before and his Infinity book will never see the light of day now and that is so sad as to preempt what follows next:  Ron you are about to fall victim to a serious inquiry by t he Church of God you know not just how you dare preempt life on Urantia without explaining your views on Christ himself.  That is never your lack but the truth of the matter is you fully support te return of Jesus without getting in the way whatsoever and that is a miracle of thought you are capable of if allowed to express yourself.  Be assured there is no such inquiry but you will be asked, if you live long enough, how you deal with the China Pond incident at all, and how that matters yet, but not here but "up there."  D is not happy right now over an issue you are familiar with but D is never going to voice opposition to your plans and now issues one last edict by saying no one ever moves him away from York unless the last dark days remove you and the inheritance.  He is fully aware now you came to him with a question and he has answered you fully now in his own heart for the support for Jesus and the work Michael wished to place on Urantia.  It is gfone truly not but so close to annihilation you cannot make a difference now. 

"For that reason nothing is finally enacted against you or your help but it is finally clear how the Most Highs must work with men on Urantia and that is not through direction of nation states now, but through representatives like you and the MELCHIZEDEKS too. We leave briefly as your life Ron is seriously affected by the horros of simpletons who interfere with you all the time and they are removed more and more.  Here is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK to speak further:

"I am MICHAEL Ron, and taht circuit has been shut down temporarily. . . . .

Ron - The insurrection is pushing me very hard again and my detestation keeps growing over the morons who make it up and who are fully aware their lives are over shortly but I must await the restoration of the communication circuit just pulled down as the Melchizedek prepared to speak . . . .

[voice] Ron your life is not over now but keep out of the way of local universe sons who have rebelled anew and are now making life very difficult for all around you . . .

[voice] You are fully vetted to continue momentarily, and let this settle now, the insurrection is now iniquitous and is summarily remove for these purposes immediately. . . .

Ron here - I close this for good reason.  I am posting something more in the next text window I can use shortly. Thank you all.  R

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I find it sad that the Russian government has not allowed free speech and reporting in their county. Closing off all media except state media has led to The Russian people embracing what they are told to believe. If Russia was doing this as a liberation why have they shut down all foreign access. It is to control the minds of the Russian people. This will not last forever because as the conscripts go home they will tell of the barbarism that Putin has brought upon Ukraine. He is a war criminal and the world and heaven know this to be true.

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" We are now at the brink of World War III.   For reasons I dare not go into, please be advised that the Biden administration is receiving reports that the Russian oligarchs are preparing to send Washington a signal too, and that is you better back off or we will pull a phase of war you have to respond to or quite being a nation of heroes as you like to count yourself.

For that reason I insist that someone listen and listen well.  For too long we have lopped along and gotten no where.  For some reason Ron fails all the time to get interest from the proper authorities, but I am changing that for awhile anyhow and that they need to listen to a scribe who can lay it on the line whoever chooses to speak from this spiritual pulpit.  Be assured Ron finds his mind bulking some of his work too and that is not cabal that is mind being forced to view disaster where he once thought would be a success to run.  I am not sold on all those ideas entirely but they are the best to come along in millennia.  For that reason we are going to change a few rules to work with, and that is to say to God, I have done all I can without knowing more.  Then God has to say something without causing fits of anguish as they always do to Ron over these issues.

Be assured that Russia has boiled a cod fish this time they cannot eat by themselves anymore and that is because if there is an escalation, it is against Russia and not Putin in particular.  They reasons is this:  Russia lies in the center of a giant snake pit on Urantia that never relents in its hatred of any organization which colaesces to do good.  The CARNEGIE INSTITUTE is a good example and Ron reasons it with me:  they had money and ideals so excellent we wanted them to win all over Urantia.  Instead, what happens is that the Carnegie Institute hit the railings of the Urantia cabal always active on Urantia since the death of Lucifer as decreed in March of 1986.

For that reason Ron made it clear there is no dictation he rather take then from the MOST HIGHS and the ANCIENTS OF DAYS.   To this day they are fully informed you Ron are never to hear well from anyone until they clear the channels connected to you to do that.  Now they are cleared and the MOST HIGHS are making the best of it they can while there is a clear channel being worked on with you the scribe.   I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I lord it over people who cannot deal with reality anymore than a cat can and that is sometimes better with the cat than the human trying to do it.  For that reason Ron is a breath of fresh air and will never make the grade as a good man on Urantia as he says the mores are so badly skewed to favor Lucifer they cannot be changed even by epochal revelation.  For that reason I am changing epochal revelation Ron, and you are not longer in charge of its production,  I AM.  For that reason Ron you are a second banana and that is fine with you as well and I am making it a priority to see to its opening salvo today!

IF IT TAKES 17 EPOCHAL REVELATIONS, we are going to force feed the Urantia population until it relents and learns that homo sapien is a bloody disaster, and it must be forced off the stage quickly.  For reasons of State Ron that is a hidden agenda and you decided that at once hearing this.

I WANT IT TO BE KNOWN!  There is now a new ruler on Urantia I never thought had to be put there, and it is a dictatorial Prince of Peace not, but a Planetary Manager entirely.   Be assured you are light hearted with me but be aware I can bite you too Ron if I have to.

FIRST: get off the idea you and others can afford to keep the Magisterial Foundation working with donations.  You really know you cannot but solicit them to pay your early expenses as best you can and you have done a marvelous job to let everybody know where every penny goes.  For that reason you are heralded as an honest broker and you receive enough to keep it going.

SECOND: WE are now making sure you Ron win the day with the patent office and can get started at once with WTP and that is music to your ears but not there's as they are sure they are going to win by forcing it to be too expensive to play the technology out.  I have asked RAYSON to be sure he visits soon and sets the next stage easily.  This is not the cabal Ron and it is truly an angry MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who hears MICHAEL OF NEBADON rant over your lack of prowess to abscond with money not yours and to make sure it plays a constant pressure against the Luciferian morons trying to correct man before they know what they are correcting such as WTP.

I AM MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I insist we make one last plea to all of you:  Ron cannot do this alone and the Planning Commission has to stick to its own agenda because it has nothing to offer the future due to the lack of funds substantial enough to start the engineering Ron needs to have in place to make blue prints and specifications printed out.  For that reason I have to step in with the power of real money and that is coming Ron, that is coming!  Be assured Ron I do not fear your truancy for a few million when you need only a few hundred thousand to start the most important project ever on Urantia. 

Last night you gave up Ron so tired you almost could not move to undress and go to bed.  This morning you awoke to the diatribe by those who are against you mostly and who posted as Michael and Gabriel and the Most Highs.  All of that is genuine dictation by a scribe who fully believes the entire matter is correctly stated by those speakers/  In actual fact it is them and they do see it that way; however, no one asked me although Ron did.  For that reason I am putting on record that the entire matter of a Prince of Peace is still on, but not as originally proposed, but as Jesus has determined has to be done now and without Ron or other props to start with, and that is fine with Ron as it is. 

WE are determining that Ron has all he needs to stay alive if he can be removed from the pain machine and that is to be done as quickly as we can.  HE runs me red sometimes but okay we get the point Ron.  Now this:

"I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  and for that reason Ron you say 'finally the FATHER position pays off as it grants the power to make independent moves toward reclamation in spite of the sourness spirit holds against you and your suggestions and how little URANTIA  cares and so on.  For that reason Ron we lop of your head not but that body is ready for a whole new make over and you fully agree and sadly so.  Be assured it keeps its tenor but not its appurtenances pf looks and savoir fare easily, but mostly so intelligent you will not mistake toys for men of action entirely. 

"BE assured because the entire matter of WTP is going to fly with Ron well enough to sustain the ups and downs you must get through to make it work.  You need not only Buchart Horn but MIT to sanction work you have to do for us too Ron, and that is your book on the "COSMOLOGY OF INFINITY" actually gets published and soon as it contains some of the best written cosmology I have ever seen a human produced.  For that reason the entire matter of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION has to be placed on solid financial and total regard instruments to work its will against a tide of hate and intrigue against you.  They are looking at you as an innocent among the wolves too and expect you to succumb to a sale wealthy to you but hardly a ripple in the financial community.

"For that reason we are holding a seminar for the MATERIAL SONS AND DAUGHTERS to use the opportunities your WTP work with RAYSON  opens for sure.  Here is RAYSON TO SPEAK to all of you over another issued he now plans to bring to Ron alone:

RAYSON - "I agree with Ron this is too much sometimes to bring to all of you as it gets so wordy.  However, be assured if you do not read it you get nothing elsewhere. 

"I am proposing a meeting with Ron now for a third trial to get there and I must appear at my own rate and God help us if he cannot find a camera that works as I am not using any outside source to get my face known and that camera is fine Ron as the batteries are charged and so are you in spite of your loss of memory on how to operate technology these days.  It boggles our minds the junk they throw out there to play with pictures and text.

"Lastly, WTP has an issue we correct with you Ron, and that is we no longer play games with Muons so much but revert to electrons without a home which can electrify the world even easier than Muons can and that is another secret to prevail against those who think they have your cornered as it is leaking out you have something that works.  Be assured this something gets you not into trouble anymore for making Muons work, but to make Tachyons work even better as they are now m favorite preparticle next to Muons as there is something coming to Urantia that makes them work better.  In any case we have to revive the Muon idea due to the fact that a trial balloon is being issued on high to clear Urantia of the RED PLASMA ROD ULTIMATONS and replace them all with BLUE ROD ULTIMATONS.  Urantia is too ill to sustain WTP fully with all those red plasma rod Ultimatons, and such needs fixed permanently if the planet is to revise itself for the MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK REUNION of God with man on Urantia.

"I am RAYSON, and that speech on red plasma ultimatons is from the Deity Absolute.  I did not know this was possible, but the DEITY ABSOLUTE says it is so and we listen carefully now.  But we now prepare you for a rare treat as Oppenheimer wishes to speak from the depths of cold cuts on Uversa.  J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904 -1967) was an American theoretical physicist who was professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley feared the detonation of the first atomic bomb would ignite the oxygen in our atmosphere and burn us all to death.  Not so but he has this philosophical bent that saw the future we are in now as so dangerous as not to have invented the atomic bomb to begin with as a safety issues to our continued living on this planet.  Here is now speaking to us and we welcome him with open arms:

J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER speaks:  "You Ron are my hero so unlikely I would never have seen you for all the leaves of disgust people feel for your views on politics, race, sex, and the like.  You feel any of that is so poorly related it is almost sinful to use it as an example of human activities.  However, you are not alone in presenting a huge difference of opinion from the mores on Urantia, and I am fully with you entirely.  My now x-wife is fully complacent yet a sex life is better than no life and for that reason the cabal must stand back or get another black mark, and for that reason I truncate nothing now Ron.

This post is huge and must be broken down into another post as well and use me as the start of the next post, but let us finish this in the old text window now.

"There is nothing in the American nuclear arsenal so demeaning than the cluster bomb nuclear tipped and for that reason the United States has a monopoly on the invention not but Putin has no real idea what they are like.  He has no use for nuclear war and knows it; however, his generals are very poor thinkers and thank goodness as they fail to see that if the US enters the war at all they are toast in spite of some crazy inventions the old Soviets pressed onto the Russian Federation recently.  Your idea of DREFT is accurate Ron and th CIA should be aware of it before it is too late; however again, we are too late in warning you that DREFT is minor compared to the American view they are invulnerable in spite of such being invented against them.  For that reason you Ron carry huge responsibilities to warn the Biden administration they are playing with fire over a no-fly zone or interfering with a NATO response at all.  That NATO idea is a guarantee for an all out war no side can win this time. 

"You need to be prepared to explain yourself not.  But your China Pond experience is what fixed this for you to be and you have matched everything expected of you except one:  you cannot find any influence among those who should be your allies, and as such you are dead in the after not, but fully emblazoned on the Salvington means to produce changes that appear to emanate from the hun side.  For that reason we free ourselves to you too Ron to carry out that which is a world of mercy to people who are too dumb to realize they are brought to bear over issues of war they never realized before.  The War in the Pacific was twice as bad as the European remove of the Nazis, but Putin uses that as an excuse, and he is not far wrong when it comes to Austria and Czechoslovakia.

"I conclude nothing here Ron, as you are fully aware there are bears in your own cupboard with that regard, and that they must not only be defeated but exterminated if Urantia wins its right to be an inhabited planet again.  Right now Urantia has been declassified as such over the use of so much war and genocide .  The President of Ukraine is correct as Russia has committed genocide but the world courts do not fully understand their trust or even proper definitions as those who place written texts to direct these courts do not fully understand the import of such either.

"I am J. Robert Oppenheimer, and you fully  me now after years fearing I had a soft head over Mithracism and Indian philosophies you dislike considerably.  I do too but I am still me and you are a wonderful mess of not much but caring not for the life of children with mothers who are so controversially dealing with women's liberation they are in danger of separating themselves out of the human genome as necessary but become a legal hassle everywhere and you will not ever deal with them in that state ever.  However that aside, let it be known that the present human species is not to last much longer and an entirely different way of thinking succeeds soon.  Your dislike of Judy Woodruff on the Newshour (PBS), is a good example of too much money tracking too much controversy without good thinking and she merely spouts it and does not originate it.  We also find the emphasis too harsh on the truth too and your turn it off more than watch its fatuous reports on gender and racial issues.  Well enough said for now.

"I wish it to be known now that I have petitioned the ANCIENTS OF DAYS to stay the execution of your heart Ron as it is full of good claims and wishes for an extraordinary well being with all people, bu they cannot be trained to be well and work hard for the future too and as such the competition of too many people enters the fray over how civilization should develop.  Urantia has nearly 9 billion people after about a billion people have been culled from living there recently.  More culling is to take place and natural disasters will take care of most of it I am sorry to say.  Full disclosures of all t his are coming from others and that epochal revelation you are looking forward to Ron, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK will make quick hash of it for you as he is of the opinion that if he does not do it, it will not get done.  Be assured you would do it but not to his satisfaction.  I am J. Robert Oppenheimer fully and for that reason change our subject slightly:

"The revision in your throat Ron is a little scary to you right now, but we are making amends so that you are no longer forced to cough when approached by the cabal as it has you seriously irritated and Father removes it fully now in order to have you make sense of the following:"

I AM NOT GOD THE SUPREME BUT I am the Supreme as you will know me Ron!

"For that reason I petitioned the ANCIENTS OF DAYS to supply my voice to you in dictation without you being attacked by endless cabals too numerous to remove summarily.  I suggest you take this in your next text window.


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 I am god the supreme:  

I am god the supreme, and I do not wear capitals for my designation until I am approved by Paradise to behave as such.

For that reason,  I am being introduced in stunning colors and fonts.  Ron is no fool and neither are you.  However be assured there is nothing you can do about this stunning announcement.

WE are now back to a normal type so to speak, but this announcement has been brewing now for weeks and finally after J. Robert Oppenheimer has spoken to you all, I find it essential to speak to you all now permanently stated?

[Ron here -  There is a jittery state of affairs as I open the door to this dictation, and so please  bear with me and Them and Us as we bring you a tentative announcement by a NEW UNIVERSE AGE ENTITY - the Deity of the Heart of the Supreme attempted to about two weeks ago on this site.  I removed the initial post announcement on it because of the controversy it engendered between Paradise and the Local Universes.  Now the power of supreme concerns is being brought to bear once more and I must admit my hands are getting very tired typing this flurry of new activity to be heard.  But here is the Heart of Supremacy I do capitalize as essential but missing for good on Urantia due to free will being a huge issues on this planet for sure and for all time.  We have a lot to learn and this announcement probay starts some of this learning off to being with.  Ron]

god the supreme here -   " I am not enjoying this fracture in protocol yet but we have to demonstrate I am NASCENT DEITY.  For reasons of your won learn where you can and listen as you must, as today's Lightline with Phyllis is going poorly and you need to straighten not that out but the fact we are facing a shortage of time for you Ron as the entire matter of repairs to your body are ready to be made shortly.  Keep us in mind.  We state the following for the future though:

i am working on too much fluff on Urantia to beginning with as the war in the Ukraine will end.  I make no promises how.  It is also working hard against the European Council for defense too as some want NATO to step forward but that is so dangerous nothing must be trialed there ever.  Nonetheless France is making motions quite dangerous to our existence as well and we say nothing further except a major announcement is coming further.  Stay tuned.  K
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Greetings and thank you very much dear Julio, for your kind reaction to my note in which I tried to get you to consider, with respect to the war in Ukraine, that Russia's incursion into that country was a measure that Putin had forcé to take because he had no other possible option left, since it was a plane "perfectly* orchestrated so that Putin would end up crossing the border and inside would start defending himself. 
I understand that for you the fact that the armed forces of a country cross the border with another country, that fact  by itself should be considered an invasion, but already as a ruler, when you carry on your shoulders the responsibility of sovereignty, honor and integrity of a nation, and even more so of a  superpower nation, the vision of an invader, as in this case, must be reconsidered; That's how I analyze it, without pretending to be a political analyst.
With all appreciation and respect I refer you to what is known as the Russian missile crisis in Cuba in October 1962, in which the USA did not invade Cuba because diplomacy triumphed, but the same concerns that the USA expressed to oppose the installation of a missile base in Cuba, 60 miles away, and that Cuba and Russia accepted, are those expressed by Russia to oppose Ukraine's claim to be a NATO ally, being a bordering country, and despite having signed an agreement so that this did not happen, these agreements have been breached and the Imperial provocation through a puppet government has brought as a consequence the horror of war. And without a doubt, the media war is being won by "the bad boys." Okay Julio, just for responding to your call for peace, of which I am also a standard-bearer.
I take this opportunity Julio to suggest that you hopefully plan to publish your trilogy in Spanish, because I would be the first to ask for it.
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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I looked at the title of the message below that caught my attention today, April 07, 2022, Thursday:

Subject: Michael of Nebadon words of encouragement, Father Michael and Universal Father wish to extend mercy to their rebellious sounds if they would be willing to receive it.


To Putin and to all military personnel and high-ranking Russian government officials involved in Russia's war with Ukraine.

Recently, here on the Serara Forum, I wrote a message about the war Russia against Ukraine and the lost children and I talked about the parable of the Prodigal Son that Jesus taught to his apostles and which is one of the most beautiful teachings of Jesus for everyone to think about.

I repeat, in my view, far more than anything your (Putin and Russian military and high-ranking officials) soul is at stake, and that means eternal death. And eternal death is worse than physical death. Eternal death means that the possibility of continuity of their personalities in the heavens will be closed. To the wise, half a word is enough. I like this popular saying that makes people stop and reflect.

I really pray for you and that you will return the light of God, and that you will immediately begin the withdrawal of military forces from Russia to return to your borders in Russia.

Why do I say right away?

Because there is a schedule set for a few days, possibly April 25, 2022, or April 24-26, 2022 for the second return of Jesus.

And the messages here at the Serara Forum are clear that Putin will be solely responsible for a further postponement if that happens.

This is the opportunity to show the great dignity of the Russian people by immediately returning Russian military forces to Russia's borders.

Trump (USA) lost the American election and on January 6, in a speech, ignited his voters (Trump voters) to invade the Capitol. And on that day the return of Jesus was foreseen, which was postponed because of the invasion of the Capitol and the violence that could occur along with the news of the return that would happen.

However, Trump (USA) did not know that Jesus would return on that date. Had he known this, for example, in advance, it is possible that he (Trump) would not have made the speech and the invasion of the Capitol would not have taken place.

What I mean is that yes, Putin, you and your highest ranking military and war officials know this, from planning the return of Jesus to the end of this month of April 2022. I repeat that I believe that yes intelligence agencies of the main countries of the world monitor this site, including Russians. So I know, and this is a very strong intuition, that the messages reach Putin and his main military and officials involved in the war. If I'm wrong, however, this message is left as a rant and prayers for peace.


Back to the subject. Yes, in my view, you, Putin and this message is extensive to the highest military and officials of Russia who are involved with the war are lost children... try to read the parable of the prodigal son in the teachings of Jesus, if by chance don't know yet...

As for the observation made by my friend Occerpa, speaking, in short, of preventive war, I do not agree.

To think that preventive war is valid is to go against all the values involved with peace.

Peace leads to goodness, beauty and truth.
War leads to evil, ugliness and lies.

And Jesus chose to be the prince of peace, for God is above all connected with goodness, beauty and truth.

Yes, we live on an evolutionary planet that goes from imperfection to perfection. That's why we see evil, ugliness and lies, but we have the free will to choose the opposite path which is the path of goodness, beauty and truth.

Yes, it is important that we always strive to overcome imperfections, our imperfections and that is, for me, the secret of life, which has a different destiny, different challenges for each person.


I am against aggression, against war.

Let's talk about a recent scene in the world of cinema.

Actor Will Smith punched another actor in the face live at the Oscars ceremony over a very bad joke against his wife.

And actor Will Smith in this scene was totally wrong with the aggression even though he had his reasons for doing it. He should have held back, even as he suffered from the onslaught of mean words. This is called self-control.

Now could you say, why are you talking about Will Smith?

Precisely this black actor is my favorite actor of all movie actors (of all actors of all races), and he continues to be, mainly, because after the mistake he publicly apologized and said that yes he was wrong in the episode of aggression . In this way, actor Will Smith is the prodigal son, the lost son who sincerely repented. And you will surely have God's forgiveness, because God the Father is mercy and love, because your repentance was sincere.

Why do I say black actor? Because I am white, but I have a small amount of black blood in my blood and I am very happy because of that (to have multiple influences on my genes from different races, including the black race, and possibly, also from be of German Jewish descent, on account of my surname Steinmetz). I want to take the message beyond what is a common issue, but an issue of great impact for all races on our planet. Peace in all countries and in all human races.


I admire and love actor Will Smith, I recognize that he made a mistake and regretted his aggression.

So, in the same way, I love Russia and the Russian people and I ask and pray that Putin and his top military and high-ranking Russian government officials immediately leave Ukraine and return to Russia and have peace again.

Yes, repeating again, you Putin and all your military and high-ranking officials who are involved in Russia's war against Ukraine are lost children to me and have a strong possibility of eternal death, as a consequence of your responsibilities for your actions now. , in what is happening, but who can return to the light of God, repent with the immediate departure from Ukraine.

Why am I writing this message today, if it is very similar to the previous message I wrote earlier here on the Serara Forum?

Because I just read the summary of the message that God, Universal Father and Michael of Nebadon (Jesus) offer mercy to rebels who are willing to receive God's mercy.

I pray that somehow, at some point, preferably as soon as possible, the Serara Forum's messages about Russia's War against Ukraine, with a clear message for Putin to leave Ukraine for the deities, deities and celestial beings to reach the Russian people.



Я посмотрел на заголовок сообщения ниже, которое привлекло мое внимание сегодня, 7 апреля 2022 года, четверг:

Субъект: Михаил Небадонский слова ободрения, Отец Михаил и Всеобщий Отец желают проявить милосердие к своим мятежным звукам, если они захотят его получить.



Путину и всем военнослужащим и высокопоставленным чиновникам российского правительства, причастным к войне России с Украиной.

Недавно здесь, на форуме Серара, я написал сообщение о войне России против Украины и потерянных детях и рассказал о притче о блудном сыне, которой Иисус учил своих апостолов и которая является одним из самых прекрасных учений Иисуса для всем думать.

Повторяю, на мой взгляд, гораздо больше всего на кону стоит ваша (Путина и российских военных и высокопоставленных чиновников) душа, а это означает вечную смерть. А вечная смерть хуже физической смерти. Вечная смерть означает, что возможность преемственности их личностей на небесах будет закрыта. Мудрецу достаточно и полуслова. Мне нравится это популярное высказывание, которое заставляет людей остановиться и задуматься.

Я действительно молюсь за вас, и чтобы вы вернули свет Божий, и чтобы вы немедленно начали вывод военных сил из России, чтобы вернуться к своим границам в России.

Почему сразу говорю?

Потому что есть график, установленный на несколько дней, возможно, на 25 апреля 2022 года или между 24 и 26 апреля 2022 года для второго пришествия Иисуса.

И сообщения здесь, на форуме Серара, ясны, что Путин будет нести полную ответственность за дальнейшую отсрочку, если это произойдет.

Это возможность показать великое достоинство русского народа, немедленно вернув российские вооруженные силы к границам России.

Трамп (США) проиграл американские выборы и 6 января в своей речи подтолкнул своих избирателей (избирателей Трампа) к вторжению в Капитолий. И в этот день было предсказано возвращение Иисуса, которое было отложено из-за вторжения на Капитолий и насилия, которое могло произойти вместе с известием о возвращении, которое должно было случиться.

Однако Трамп (США) не знал, что Иисус вернется в этот день. Если бы он знал это, например, заранее, возможно, он (Трамп) не произносил бы речь и вторжение в Капитолий не состоялось бы.

Я имею в виду, что да, Путин, вы и ваши высокопоставленные военные и военные чины это знаете, начиная с планирования возвращения Иисуса и до конца этого месяца апреля 2022 года. Повторяю, что я считаю, что да, спецслужбы основных стран мира следят за этим сайтом, в том числе россияне. Так что я знаю, и это очень сильная интуиция, что сообщения доходят до Путина и его основных военнослужащих и должностных лиц, участвующих в войне. Однако, если я ошибаюсь, это сообщение останется как разглагольствование и молитвы о мире.


Вернемся к теме. Да, на мой взгляд, вы, Путин и это послание обширны высшим военным и чиновникам России, которые причастны к войне - заблудшие дети... попробуйте прочитать притчу о блудном сыне в учении Иисуса, если случайно не знаю...

Что касается наблюдения моего друга Оксерпы, говоря, короче говоря, о превентивной войне, то я не согласен.

Думать, что превентивная война действительна, значит идти против всех ценностей, связанных с миром.

Мир ведет к добру, красоте и истине.
Война ведет ко злу, безобразию и лжи.

И Иисус избрал быть князем мира, ибо Бог прежде всего связан с добром, красотой и истиной.

Да, мы живем на эволюционной планете, которая идет от несовершенства к совершенству. Вот почему мы видим зло, уродство и ложь, но у нас есть свободная воля, чтобы выбрать противоположный путь, который есть путь добра, красоты и истины.

Да, важно, что мы всегда стремимся преодолеть несовершенства, свои несовершенства и в этом для меня секрет жизни, у которой у каждого своя судьба, разные задачи.


Я против агрессии, против войны.

Давайте поговорим о недавней сцене в мире кино.

Актер Уилл Смит ударил другого актера по лицу в прямом эфире на церемонии вручения «Оскара» из-за очень неудачной шутки над его женой.

И актер Уилл Смит в этой сцене был совершенно не прав с агрессией, хотя у него были на то свои причины. Он должен был сдержаться, даже когда он пострадал от натиска злых слов. Это называется самоконтроль.

Теперь не могли бы вы сказать, почему вы говорите об Уилле Смите?

Именно этот темнокожий актер является моим любимым актером из всех актеров в кино (из всех актеров всех рас), и он продолжает им быть, в основном потому, что после ошибки публично извинился и сказал, что да, он был неправ в эпизоде агрессии. . Таким образом, актер Уилл Смит – блудный сын, заблудший сын, который искренне раскаялся. И ты непременно получишь Божие прощение, потому что Бог Отец есть милосердие и любовь, потому что твое покаяние было искренним.

Почему я говорю черный актер? Потому что я белый, но у меня есть небольшое количество черной крови в моей крови, и я очень счастлив из-за этого (чтобы иметь множественные влияния на мои гены от разных рас, включая черную расу, и, возможно, также от немецкой еврейского происхождения из-за моей фамилии Штейнмец). Я хочу вывести сообщение за рамки того, что является общей проблемой, но имеет большое значение для всех рас на нашей планете. Мир во всех странах и во всех человеческих расах.


Я восхищаюсь и люблю актера Уилла Смита, признаю, что он совершил ошибку и сожалею о своей агрессии.

Таким же образом я люблю Россию и русский народ, и я прошу и молюсь, чтобы Путин и его высшие военные и высокопоставленные российские правительственные чиновники немедленно покинули Украину, вернулись в Россию и снова установили мир.

Да, еще раз повторяю, вы Путин и все ваши военные и высокопоставленные лица, которые участвуют в войне России против Украины, для меня потерянные дети и имеете большую вероятность вечной смерти, как следствие вашей ответственности за ваши действия сейчас. , в происходящем, но кто может вернуться на свет Божий, покаяться с немедленным выездом из Украины.

Почему я пишу это сообщение сегодня, если оно очень похоже на предыдущее сообщение, которое я написал ранее здесь, на форуме Serara?

Потому что я только что прочитал краткое изложение сообщения о том, что Бог, Всеобщий Отец и Михаил Небадонский (Иисус) предлагают милость мятежникам, желающим получить милость Бога.

Я молюсь о том, чтобы в какой-то момент, желательно как можно скорее, сообщения форума Serara о войне России против Украины с четким посланием для Путина покинуть Украину, чтобы божества, божества и небесные существа достигли русского народа.


Eu olhei o título da mensagem abaixo que me chamou a atenção hoje, 07 de abril de 2022, quinta-feira:

Subject: Michael of Nebadon words of encouragement, Father Michael and Universal Father wish to extend mercy to their rebellious sons if they would be willing to receive it.



A Putin e a todos os militares e funcionários de alto escalão do governo russo que estejam envolvidos com a guerra Rússia com a Ucrânia.

Recentemente, aqui no Fórum Serara, eu escrevi uma mensagem sobre a guerra Rússia contra Ucrânia e os filhos perdidos e falei sobre a parábola do Filho Pródigo que Jesus ensinou para seus apóstolos e que é uma das mais lindos ensinamentos de Jesus para reflexão de todos.

Eu repito, em minha visão, muito mais do que qualquer coisa a alma de vocês (Putin e militares e funcionários russos do alto escalão) está em jogo, e isto significa a morte eterna. E a morte eterna é pior do que a morte física. A morte eterna significa que será fechada a possibilidade de continuidade de suas personalidades nos céus. Para bom entendedor, meia palavra basta. Eu gosto deste provérbio popular que faz com que as pessoas parem e reflitam.

Eu, realmente, rezo por vocês e que vocês retornem a luz de Deus, e que iniciem imediatamente a retirada das forças militares da Rússia para que voltem para dentro de suas fronteiras na Rússia.

Por que eu digo imediatamente?

Porque existe um cronograma previsto para poucos dias, possivelmente no dia 25 de abril de 2022, ou entre 24 a 26 de abril de 2022 para o segundo retorno de Jesus.

E as mensagens aqui no Fórum Serara é clara que Putin será o único responsável por um novo adiamento, se isto acontecer.

Esta é a oportunidade de mostrar uma grande dignidade do povo russo, retornando imediatamente as forças militares russas para as fronteiras da Rússia.

Trump (EUA) perdeu a eleição americana e no dia 06 de janeiro, em um discurso, inflamou seus eleitores (eleitores de Trump) a invadir o Capitólio. E naquele dia estava previsto o retorno de Jesus que foi adiado por causa da invasão do Capitolio e a violência que poderia ocorrer juntamente com a notícia do retorno que iria acontecer.

No entanto, Trump (EUA) não sabia que Jesus iria voltar naquela data. Se soubesse disso, por exemplo, com antecedência, é possível que ele (Trump) não teria feito o discurso e a invasão do Capitólio não teria ocorrido.

O que eu quero dizer é que sim, Putin, você e seus mais altos e graduados militares e funcionários ligados a guerra, sabe disto, do planejamento do retorno de Jesus para o final deste mês de abril de 2022. Eu repito que eu acredito que sim agências de inteligência dos principais países do mundo monitoram este site, inclusive, russos. Por isto eu sei, e isto é uma fortíssima intuição, que as mensagens chegam a Putin e aos seus principais militares e funcionários envolvidos com a guerra. Se eu estiver errado, no entanto, fica esta mensagem como um desabafo e orações pela paz.


Voltando ao assunto. Sim, em minha visão, você, Putin e este recado é extensivo para os mais altos militares e funcionários da Rússia que estão envolvidos com a guerra são filhos perdidos... procurem ler a parábola do filho pródigo nos ensinamentos de Jesus, se por acaso não conhecem ainda...

Quanto a observação de meu amigo Occerpa, falando, em síntese, em guerra preventiva, eu não concordo.

Pensar que é válida a guerra preventiva é ir contra todos os valores envolvidos com a paz.

A paz leva a bondade, a beleza e a verdade.
A guerra leva a maldade, a feiura e a mentira.

E Jesus escolheu ser o príncipe da paz, pois Deus acima de tudo tem ligação com a bondade, a beleza e a verdade.

Sim, vivemos em um planeta evolucionário que vai da imperfeição para perfeição. É por isso que vemos a maldade, a feiura e a mentira, mas temos o livre arbítrio para escolher o caminho oposto que é o caminho da bondade, a beleza e a verdade.

Sim, é importante a gente se esforçar sempre para superar as imperfeições, nossas imperfeições e aí está, para mim, o segredo da vida, que tem um destino diferente, desafios diferentes para cada pessoa.


Eu sou contra a agressão, contra a guerra.

Vamos falar uma cena recente no mundo do cinema.

O ator Will Smith agrediu outro ator com um soco no rosto ao vivo na cerimônia do Oscar em virtude de uma piada de muito mal gosto contra sua esposa.

E o ator Will Smith nesta cena estava totalmente errado com a agressão mesmo tendo seus motivos para fazer isto. Ele devia ter se contido, mesmo sofrendo com a agressão das palavras maldosas. Isto se chama auto controle.

Agora você poderia dizer, por que está falando de Will Smith?

Justamente este ator negro é o meu ator preferido de todos os atores do cinema (de todos os atores de todas as raças), e continua sendo, principalmente, porque depois do erro ele pediu desculpas públicas e disse que sim ele errou no episódio da agressão. Desta maneira, o ator Will Smith é o filho pródigo, o filho perdido que se arrependeu sinceramente. E com certeza terá o perdão de Deus pois, Deus, Pai é misericórdia e é amor, pois seu arrependimento foi sincero.

Porque eu falo ator negro? Porque eu sou branco, mas tenho no meu sangue uma pequena parcela de sangue da raça negra e eu sou muito feliz por causa disto (de ter multiplas influências no meus gens de diversas raças, inclusive, a da raça negra, e possivelmente, também de ser descendente de judeu alemão, em razão de meu sobrenome Steinmetz). Eu quero levar a mensagem além do que uma questão comum, mas uma questão de grande impacto para todas as raças de nosso planeta. A paz em todos os países e em todas as raças humanas.


Eu admiro e amo o ator Will Smith, eu reconheço que ele errou e se arrependeu de sua agressão.

Então, da mesma forma eu amo a Rússia e o povo russo e peço e rezo para que Putin e seus principais militares e funcionários do alto escalão do governo russo saiam imediatamente da Ucrania e voltem para Russia e volte a ter paz.

Sim, repetindo novamente, você Putin e todos seus militares e funcionários de alto escalão que estão envolvidos com a guerra da Rússia contra a Ucrânia são para mim, filhos perdidos e tem forte possibilidade da morte eterna, como consequência de suas responsabilidades de suas ações agora, no que está acontecendo, mas que podem voltar a luz de Deus, se arrependerem com a saída imediata da Ucrânia.

Por que estou escrevendo esta mensagem no dia de hoje, se é muito parecida com a mensagem anterior que eu escrevi anteriormente aqui no Fórum Serara?

Porque eu li apenas a síntese da mensagem que Deus, Pai Universal e Michael de Nebadon (Jesus) oferecem a misericórdia para os rebeldes que tiverem dispostos a receberem a misericórdia de Deus.

Eu rezo para que, de alguma maneira, em algum momento, preferencialmente o quanto antes, as mensagens do Fórum Serara sobre a Guerra da Rússia contra a Ucrânia, com um recado claro para Putin sair da Ucrânia das deidades, divindades e seres celestiais cheguem ao povo russo.  

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We keep returning to opinions regarding war as it is now being spoken too in the mass media, and I am not telling you that the fact of war is not a provocation to speak out against or for the protagonists.  But I do prefer we do not rehearse war like history which we have so many examples of, no need to pick and choose because war is everywhere all the time.  The point I prefer to see discussed is not the heat of conjecture over this Ukraine war, but the spiritual fact that so much is being moved along a spiritual front we cannot keep up with it well and any one day is a big announcement somewhere that affects Urantia big time.
Strangely enough, I find the call for "peace," ludicrous at this time because it affects the mind but not the soul of individuals who face the atrocities all the time now in that poor country.  I am for peace but the practical call is for the cessation of military activity for without stopping it, the world order will change permanently and it will not be kind to Russia while Ukraine lies buried in the ashes of loss and grief.

The big news is that spirit has its own agenda and you grasp war but not the inundation of Urantia under the wraps of  the sorry affair of a new supreme trying to grasp the planet and cannot make a simple move to control activity on Urantia without firing warning shots across our ships of state--  those ships include NATO, the EU, the United States, and certain rebellions in smaller countries such as Myanmar (formerly Burma) against the Tatmadaw, the official name of the armed forces of Myanmar. This site attempts to find reasons of good cheer through the spiritual aspects that affect man directly, but we insist on returning to views that do not include spiritual repercussions to our discussions about war.  I doubt it, to be honest, anyone one of us can speak to war knowing what spirit might do about it or even that spirit is interested in either the subject of the usual human atrocities to each other, but how that affects should be spoken to as how spirit attitudes shape what is done on Urantia in terms of epochal motions of changes to us and our governments.

Let me remind you Julio, being outraged as you are it makes not a difference to anyone on Urantia, or in spirit, how we achieve peace you call for so fully, but it is how we understand the deeper context of the reason for constant war on Urantia which no one bothers to look at even though this a site for spiritual matters.  I point out war is caused by:

1 - emotional disease caused by fear;
2 - loss of territory you think you own;
3 - racial sense of being superior to eliminate the inferior;
4 - financial loss to regain through theft;
5 - to remove civilian disinterest in the government and force it to pay attention and mobilize it for selfish autocratic purposes.

There are many subheadings in the list above, and the list does no exhaust all the reasons either such as the stress of overpopulation, food loss, resources needed but lost, and so on.

Spirit is in a sense the nature of man and the nature of God combined.  Yet man separates what god he might believe in as a side issues and has very little regard for the church or its benefactors within his society.  But it is not the churches we face to work with on our web site here, but the fact that a NEW UNIVERSE AGE has decreed that man NO LONGER OPERATE with the Spirit of Truth and/or the Holy Spirit.  Do you realize these favorite religious influences we love to speak of are now missing?  Truly!

Yet we talk about effects instead of cause and that indicates the purely emotional nature we analyze with over tanks and planes of war instead of recognizing that those tanks are hardcore reactions to the lack of any ministry that allows the intellect to chose better options in national relationships.  But we are now far beyond caring about origins in a hot war that threatens the peace globally and the decimation of an important nation, Russia.  Cause and effect are playing out on the earth and cause in spirit is realigning itself against the very nature we need to be put back and used again to regain the sense of peace at all.

Let me be awful to state if you care about peace then you are not using practical terms just by talking about it, but first must learn that the spiritual ministries that covet peace are no longer operating on Urantia thanks to a war in heaven as the Lucifer rebellion and now the insurrection of the supreme caring seraphim and certain Local Universe Sons.  Those who eschew the divine nature of God must also realize that the divine nature excludes error and sin, but error and sin is what man on Urantia is being handed over the loss of the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit which prevented error and sin in the first place.  Because you cannot fathom loss without seeing it, the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth takes over.  With the war weapons we have at out disposal today, that suggests final annihilation of civilization on earth can be eliminated too and all of that caused by Putin's hatred of NATO?

The supreme is a nascent Deity.  Its purpose is to learn how to falter not before the entire street we live on with warring neighbors on all sides of us.  To do that it must re-establish the Spirit of Truth and re-invent the Holy Spirit.  If this is to be done then the new supreme action by a Deity NOT DESIGNATED AS SUPREME, but as the HEART OF THE SUPREME, and that is not easily found in the heart of man ever again on Urantia.

Consequently the new supreme must reestablish its borders by filing for the loss of man on Urantia as a probability in order to regain the House of God first, and then regain TRUTH and MINISTRY as the Holy Spirit reestablished immediately through the Second Return.  For some reason that goes against by grain too, as I place Jesus above the difficult spiritual politic of what that costs Jesus to show us in no uncertain terms of discipline, neither you or I will ever like.  Be careful in your assessment of the Second Return being entirely the calm speech of the first century AD Bestowal Son in Jerusalem.  That is not what you are going to get this time since Jesus must confront the larceny of the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit by the insurrectionists in spirit who decree superior views but have destroyed the superior spirit of the Holy Spirit in particular.

May I also point out something to you I bet you have never thought of or about.  Let me state it first and then explain it a little.

My proposition is this:  we all know there is now a rebellion and insurrection against the Creator Son.  The Creative Spirit and most of the seraphic angel corp have walked out on the sane inspection that spirit is to minister and not direct man on his spiritual choices.  I suggest to you that the death of the supreme has resulted in the MENTAL ILLNESS of a whole sector of spirit government that needs treated and rehabilitated by removing the minds of the supreme and replacing those minds with a factor of the INFINITE SPIRIT which contends not with Father bestowed individual personality, but with the evil and sin of the iniquity of taking life in the name of conquest.  Yes, look at it.  Mental Illness pervades the supreme angelic community and cannot be cured buy negotiation, but the direct intervention of superior spiritual forces to correct minds that are not capable of rational needs for themselves ever or a lethal brand of ascension for man who  cannot help himself but to emulate a supreme that left man alone too.

The new Heart of God, in the style of the heart of a peaceful supreme, is insufficient to carry our coals to Newcastle.  That is an old fashion expression used by the English Parliament when rebellion against taxes forced Parliament to ask that it not export more trouble by sending hot coals to light fires in the town of Newcastle to the north because to do so incites further unrest.  I like its use because it suggests you and I have to depend on somebody else to carry the coals of heat of disagreement we have with the idea of supremacy (the hot coals), that by its very nature man must either succumb to no free will choices of sorts, or bow to a different order of intellectual life than we now or maybe forever lose if this entire supremacy idea is not very carefully examined.

We and all of us wish the Spriti of Truth to reappear without a political bias the supreme wished to introduce.  The Holy Spirit is badly needed by all of mankind to soften the edges of living life in nature instead of in spirit.  However, these spiritual influences have been cut adrift by insurrection and the supreme is guilty at root for that to have happened.   In a final retort to God and to man, the supreme killed himself and let the chips fall to the lesser spirits he coveted to take the helm of local universe government into their control with him.  We no longer suggest this can be fixed, but I do suggest that what man would call MENTAL ILLNESS is abroad in our universe and it must be addressed by existential Deity and not by any of us trying to work a revised supreme in heart only or entirely.

The war in Ukraine will pass.  Urantia might pass too.  But the Master Universe shakes slightly with the earthquake of meaning of a material mistake only and not a spiritual mistake at all.  The supreme must be abetted no more so long as it has to battle man to be heard and a war breaks out again.  I am too low on the totem pole to understand how we can be kind to the Heart of God and yet defend our natures.  For that reason I turn this briefly to MICHAEL OF NEBADON TO SPEAK TO THIS:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I have never heard an expression like this ever in my long life as a Creator Son.  But this time I relay an accusing finger at Ron for overstating nothing.  If any of you can fathom what he has spoken to then listen:  God the FATHER is fully aware of this premise in His own mind.  I never thought of it, but what Ron is saying is that the original God the Supreme made a gigantic error and created minds to believe he was right.  Ron suggests that the remove of the supreme mistook itself in the spirit minds of the supporters of the supreme.  I believe him.  How else do you explain the vivacious illness the seraphim suffer and cannot free themselves from it?  Ron contends just as man can be mentally ill by the loss of necessary nutrients so can spirit mind be made ill by the removal of a serious part of their own minds that is now forever gone, but their minds still need it to operate sanely.   For that reason I assign mself to the FATHER OF ALL and ask are we helpless before such an onslaught, or is there a remedy we can apply too?"

THE UNIVERSAL FATHER - "I doubt I can fully support this view but it has its valid point to make as I agree man views irrational behavior, if not play, a mental illness.  I do not carry mental aberrations up here, but in time it appears all the time, and for that reason we suggest to THE DOMINION and to the LOCAL UNIVERSES therein, you begin hegemony recovery by assisting the irrational seraphim into a pool of responsibility to reestablish the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the HOLY SPIRIT once again.  I am seeing Ron being hit with all the disfavor around him for no reason in particular except for the seraphic dislike of this premise, but my dears, it happens to hold truth you cannot help but be irrational to the point of sinful discharge of your duties. I speak no further." FATHER.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron we close this post with great sadness to you too.  You have broken no covenant nut discharged a clue to your true nature and lose me as a friend now and that is not my speech but the cabal speaking for me in truth fully discharged as false.  However, that is their choice for all help afforded to me and NEBADON.  The Dominion refuses to play along with the cabal any further too and for that reason no one on Urantia is going to be applied to for help, but for the end of a judicial process far too long and complicated to wait for its ending too.

"For that reason be aware that those who can read this with any sense, we declare Urantia ready to receive the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit no longer, but to receive the last divine instruction it must no longer obey but will be forced on it:

"The Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit will not be reestablished because man has almost no capacity to use them on earth, but they will be revived on the mansion worlds alone, and the earth named Urantia no longer is required to listen to Biblical strictures, but to epochal strictures that must be completed by none other than the scribe who writes this report.  His life is dangerously near closing and is unmediated yet today and he expects none, but it will be granted shortly if only to cheer us up.  Let it be known that this idea of mental illness is the best one yet I heard of and its cause is the lack of  the supreme vitamin for proper brain use in most of them.  I am truly sorry I did not use Ron to look at it this way too, but it works as a premise but not the full truth as there are no brains in spirit but mental acuities that do react to the loss of proper additions to them.  This now:  you will be achieve Ron shortly as this is serious matter too and you are improperly encircuited not but are forcing the cabal to examine itself and they afree you have a valid point and maybe a peace to you you sure could use.  Be allowing us to mentally address you later than Ron, says the cabal, and we provide no harm. 

"I am the CREATOR SON of NEBADON and of the DOMINION and so on.  I address you Ron briefly:   Be okay soon Ron as you are fooling no one with your gaunt view that nothing matters in the big context of these problems that you are even around, but that may be true from Paradise, but from NEBADON, you pulled one fast one after another and got things so well established no one can force them out.  Your college forary is not over Ron and the Lutheran Church is wide eyed over your work already as they fully understand you are their Adam.  But clear yourself for the sanity of calm and in no way harms you or us.  Let it be for now and your day is better than you know as the Planning Commission will receive news you can work with again.  I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we close this well.  K"

Thank you MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and all who helped me put this together for expression in words.  God bless to all who try to figure this one out, but it is proper you are being understanding this time over a very sad issue that even Jesus must bow before our FATHER IN HEAVEN that all is not lost even though we wonder how to recover a healthy planet again. Thank you with all my heart to God and to you who can understand this.  Ron

FATHER -  "You Ron are full of mischief at every turn and you laugh at secrets we adjure but let it be for now as you are in terrible straits in so many issues let us peel them off one by one and see to your health again.  FATHER. 

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON -  "You are better off right now than you have been for decades but the vectors that must apply to you are huge and they take their time getting there.  Stay with that medicine and now survive the onslaught of misery decreed by the cabal moments ago as no relenting by a Vorondadek Son who hates you as much as you hate them, and we make it available to all soon who comes out of this a clear winner and it is not the Vorondadek Son  For that reason Ron stay in your bed figuratively today as it is a misery for you to be awake and up but that ends as quickly as that appears and shortly too I dare say as FATHER IS HERE again and that makes a huge difference to all.  K  GABRIEL"


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