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Perspective of Mission Details
Sat, 7/30/2022, York, PA, United States
Transmitter Teacher(s): ARTHURA MELCHIZEDEK
Receiver(s): Dominick O
It's Saturday July 30, York PA Volume Lesson 23.
Perspective of Mission Details
This is Arthura Melchizedek. The Mission details title may disappoint some expecting to see headlines. We are fine tuning what needs to be done. If we were to give you some perspective on the amount of preparation and detail, and we were to hand you the starting manual of preparations, it would be well over 300,000 pages. Now, humans hardly wants to read an assembly instruction manual, let alone a book of any strenuous length of small print. This is just to give you a relative idea of the details on the celestial side, that any one being given responsibilities must understand. What is more important for the human participant to want, to understand, and be able to carry out within their means, within their capabilities, is the execution, and doing, and being, and creating, what constitutes the Brotherhood of Mankind (Humankind if you will).
This is a prime directive much easier to follow than a 300,000-page manual. Just strive to bring the spirit of the Brotherhood, resultant in the Father within you, and you will be doing the equivalent. You will be able to follow the spirit of the manual. Each of you has a unique experience. Each of you has a specialty, then, to share with another. There is always someone who does not have your specific uniqueness, and therefore, you always have something to give. And conversely, you always have something to receive.
And this is perhaps one of the good takeaways for today.  Because it is difficult to receive, somehow, in a planetary situation such as this. It is always a race to be recognized as something to give. Whereas, it is shameful, somehow, and looked down or frowned upon, to be vulnerable to receive. So, listen to your Thought Adjuster, Spirits of the Father, Son, and Infinite Spirit, to give you those cues; that this is a time where your service is to receive from another. Receiving is also a part of this brotherhood. It's not just giving all the time. Putting forth the effort to listen to another is a good example. There is no better way to do both as a gift to the Father and your Creator Son, than the gift of listening and receiving.
The ultimate fulfillment of attainment-feeling is providing this Brotherhood of Man and the Spirits in your life, in whatever doses you can muster. At the end of the day, status attainment, material wealth, while nice, is wisely understood never to be that ultimate pinnacle of human achievement. Somehow, it does not last either. And the really satisfying life achievement is this transcendence were talking about. No matter what life throws at you, a human transcending, achieves one of the ultimate goals of life. And they do so, at such a young and vulnerable stage as being a human on the planet.
The fruits of this transcendence adds to the concept of the collective consciousness, where the Brotherhood of Man is a resultant consciousness of the Fatherhood of God. A family concept experienced and lived with the Trinity of God and all it entails. To expound upon the combinations, to go beyond Trinitization, but the imagination of the Universe.
And yes, one of the fruits of transcendence is the capability of absorbing a 300,000-page manual.
Piece of cake, we promise :). But for now, we command you to experience and have joy. We dare you.  Some of you might react unconsciously; that you would rather take the manual, thanks. “Real men read manuals.”
We shared a good laugh off the record. And this is exactly what I'm talking about. This one did not even care to share his laughter with you. Shame on you, Dominick, I say with the smile.
Dominick O:
Yes Arthura, point well taken.
This is Arthura. There is a Light Line today at 2pm Eastern, and all you have to do is bring this spirit with you. The rest will follow as they say. And We will, and from Our side, reinvent the phrase, The devil is in the details, because this is no longer the case. The details are Michael's. We wish you a good day. We could say more but this is a good stopping point. Good day.
Dominick O:
Thank you Arthura. We appreciate you speaking once more. Good day.

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Dominick, why do we learn from Arthura is posting what the first steps are to accept the start the mission from us to them and them to us, and then end only to learn it is in a 300,00 page manual?   What did I not find that makes me question why the post did not answer the questions:  what is to be done to start the mission?  From their side?  From ours as a consequence of announcing there is something to know about what  is to be don?  That is Arthura to answer I think.  Thanks for your work.   Ron

PS: Oh, yeah this -  why do I stand tall and not get anything either?  That is just not happening to you either.  R
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