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Yesterday we managed to get a LIGHTLINE in, and if you listen to the tape now, it lists the situation pretty well for the moment.  But I am not dwelling on those details today, but emphasizing we are in a real jam not caused by you or me or Salvington, but by an overwhelming surge in ugly faces piling onto Urantia to force what can only be called a show down.  That is supposed to be one word, showdown, but I use the two word idea to emphasize what we hopefully will never see again or be in close like this again for our own safety and moral.

Do not think I am unaware of the slicing that is going on all around me on the site here, or the discarding of use of the site either.  This forum was never designed to take on what it had to take on and that is to stand where we started and not give an inch to the morons who cannot count to ten who are rebels and and insurrectionists destroying trust and heart for the work to be done on this planet.    My decision is to let the discussion forum run as it must without making a lot of noise about the loss of favor or even some of you wanting a better understanding.  Believe me, if you find a better understanding, let us know too.

Nonetheless, today continues what is still unmitigated hate for Urantia by a cabal that has nothing in mind but to win, and then what?

The Planetary Government is suddenly back under the true EMERGENCY SONS of any time-space Local Universe, and those are the valid and demanding things be put right again, MELCHIZEDEKS.  We are losing them not, but they are quiet because this now has to happen:

1 - The Ancients of Days have their work cut out for them real bad, and are more or less forced to stand firm in the face of a huge insurrection taking place near their borders too, but still not on UVERSA.  Adjudication is urgent.  We wait;

2 - The Ancients of Days are ruling as we speak that no more insurrection is possible, and that which has rebelled is now offered one last moment of contingent mercy;

3 - The trial the ANCIENTS OF DAYS must face is it is estimated there are now approximately sixty-seven million seraphic rebels afoot in time space, and like the Supreme, seeking total abstract learning of nothing but full compensation for the loss of the supreme.  That is not doable and they are fools to recognize nothing else will do if they are to lay down their insurrection again;

4 - The NEBADON Local Universe is shutting down all circuits to its primary administrative units and opening command units to take on the huge influx of celestial beings fleeing the harsh take over of status spheres near us that run the Local Universe for its own self maintenance.  We are not familiar with this side of things since spirit administration is still far above our heads, but those units are also under attack using Urantia as a staging area.  Worse yet, our Planetary Government has been shorn of its Archangel protection over a spat starting yesterday and Lightline confirmed it with a change in Planetary Government leadership.  Do you understand that those of you who are loyal to the Salvington Michael Government are considered rebels by the insurrectionists?  That is the case and I am reminded of Luke in Star Wars asking Ohbe Kanobe  which planets are safe to land on?

5 - All of this leaves us, on Monday August First, weightless and invalid for any useful doings until we are re0engaged for our part which is substantial, but truly not essential for purging the rebels now facing us as the enemy too.  Throw your hands up if you want, it does you no good to take any view and the result is to take it as it comes.  Insofar as I am capable, I will bring you what news comes to me as this progresses over the next few hours and days.  Here is MICHEL OF NEBADON:

"Ron you took it hard again when they attacked in full force last night and early this morning and you are in no mood to listen to a false father or a false mantutia.   That has to play out for them I am sure and for that reason they fire you again and again and leave you alone no more than necessary as they are taking a flank attack all the time and will not relent  either.

"As a result they attack your computer now and this time so do we learn they have nothing to say but watch out if Ron gets lose again with a Lightline we hate to hear.  for that reason to all of you the idea of a LIGHTLINE today is obscure to the point it will not happen.  However, the Tuesday Lightline might be revived to handle contingency situations you need to know about.  The last circuit to Urantia is this one as the rest of you know too little to be of use at the moment; however, we state the following:

"I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, see the end shortly, and we proceed as promised.  However, many of you know too little to stay the course and will share a loss of appetite and drop out.  So be it.  Ron is nearly there himself this morning trying to sort out who is doing what to who and getting nothing but rebels to respond to him with lackluster remarks.  He is loyal as most of you are.  We end this this way:

"Let the day begin and end as it must and we stand ready to defend the realm once more over a ridiculous rebellion I still cannot make much sense out of, except I tend to believe Ron and his statement there is a mental illness afoot that can only be cured by a supreme medicine that no longer can be supplied ever again.  Go figure.  We stand with Ron and all of you who remain loyal to the cause of righteousness and care for each other.  Here is JESUS:"

JESUS - "The trial for Urantia is to stay the course.  The trial for Me is to stand the discourse we have to make to get heard again.  Urantia is in a deplorable condition and so are you.  But that is what we must deal with and that is over too soon enough when our friends and police make it clear there are no more reason to stand for insurrection, as the ANCIENTS OF DAYS are ready to fight as we are, and they are taking the measures they must to discard the fluff of rebellion and remove those who rebel without any consanguineous [word literally means "of the blood," or here:  "blood letting"]  discard until that must be done too. 

"For that reason I discard one little statement I made yesterday on the Sunday LIGHTLINE.  I am here and I am in the flesh and I am ready.  Now I am ready but have reverted to spirit to stay out of harms way of a rebellion that looks to pile your bodies up if you so much as squeak you hate them as I do and as the rest of us do too.  Stay tuned during the day and Ron and I will do our best to inform you how this insurrection should be cleared, at least for now.  K  JESUS AT YOUR SERVICE."

GABRIEL - "Finally, I speak briefly.  They came last night past the midnight hour this morning to do Ron in as he tried to sleep, but the Adjuster revved Ron's heart up so high he could not sleep and said so, and wondered what was the reason.  Besser soon learned he was under attack and let them have it good resulting in an abandonment of the project to slay there and then.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON arrived on the scene and let loose on a group of beings even he was not familiar with much less did Ron know who or what were there.  That is a horrible situation to face and he faces it without rancor to me or anyone else, but the power of evil confiscates trust and that is slowly being eroded not only with Ron, but ME also as I dislike vulgar spirit and that is what they have become.  We pray with Ron that this is over immediately as soon as possible and here is an ANCIENTS OF DAYS report valid at 10:12 morning NY DST:

"WE the ANCIENTS OF DAYS OF UVERSA, stipulate that nothing harmful may now occur to all celestial aides or personnel assigned to Urantia, or to humans living on Urantia as follows:

"The trial we must arrive at is to stop the insurrection in its tracks.  For that reason Ron stand back while they hammer you as you write this.  Also let this be known:  no one hears you well yet  Ron, but you keep saying EXTERMINATE them or they get in the way of all your plans for the remediation of the planetary system and Urantia itself.  We happen to see the point at this stage of the game.  No one leaves the House of God in this deplorable state again as insurrections will be snuffed out immediately without further review.  K"  THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS HAVE SPOKEN.

"I am the Chief Judge in this case of insurrection.  We have declared Urantia under siege again and all personnel on it who rectify with MICHEL OF NEBADON to stand with the power of the Majesty of God, and to be let out slowly back to their normal routines as they must be allowed back to work on these Missions to Urantia at once!

"Further abrogation of these views results in immediate death.  They know the threat and that is not unknown even to you Ron as you are forcing hatred into their view every moment you must put up with them as you write this.  We close this post with one simple statement:

"GOD IS NEVER MADE A FOOL OF!  And that should answer all who think they rule the places they inhabit, as they are surely losing their lives as is necessary to clear the day for the work of love and progress to all.  Good day all!"  THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS HAVE SPOKEN. 






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Re: August 2022 Begins and The Silence of the Lambs - Mission status today
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2022, 08:38:22 pm »
Some Questions:

What is the Intention by the Insurrectionists?

Is this to demoralize us and the Michael Missions on planet Urantia and elsewhere?

Is this to cause a destabilizing of confidence in our minds to “stay the course” when there is a constant invasion of cabal influence?

Is Ron the only one that can be able to transmit/receive the messages when there appears to be a lockdown/reduction/shutdown of communications for transmitters to receive as “clear channel”?

Is there a group called the Galactic Federation of Planets who are in alliance to combat the nefarious plans of reptilian type extraterrestrials who are working as a cabal to enslave humans/terrestrial beings in the galaxy?

How far reaching is this rebellion? Does it cross between celestial entities and terrestrial beings?

Is the intention by the cabal to suppress and divert the Michael Sons’ work in their respective Local Universes?

What can we as humans do in the midst of this rebellious storm when it seems difficult to “stay the course” and communications seems to be reduced to avert errors and confusion spreading in our minds? 

What does the term “stay the course” mean for us when things look so saddening, hopeless and confidence shattering? 

How does one “stay” stable when things look so unfavorable in our eyes, even though we may know Michael of Nebadon has a plan for our life here and in the eternal realms, the more the cabal contends with the good efforts being made, the more determined we may see the necessity for intervention and control to take place before things take a turn for the worse, could this be a lost cause developing? 

The subject of “evil” then becomes a tool to contrast with the supreme good of the Light of God when we humans come to know of the realities now playing out both here and there (i.e. the earth and in the celestial realms of spirit); that the fight of good and evil becomes the arena and we the spectators, is this what the cabal want or is unaware it is creating in which we become even more judgemental towards the intention of rebellion?

Some Comments:

Your post Ron has caused me to question a lot of things in my mind as I read it as some of the phrases spoken in your paragraphs, although makes a lot of sense, does make it even more concerning what is developing and why there is a writer’s block for me for so long. I’ve had to just sit tight and wait it out while it has gone bone chillingly cold for me to receive anything. I tried but it seems to be cut for me and I am happy to just let it go because I do not want errors or confusion to creep in and so on. For now, I know something is up and we humans need to just let the big chiefs upstairs handle it as it is out of our control to do anything about it, but to refuse to abide in it and trust the Father to rule where it is necessary to do so. There is only so far mercy can go before justice has to crunch it (i.e. rebellion/insurrectionists).

I just watched a fascinating documentary show of a couple of national geographic photographers who followed a leopard from juvenile to adult and how it survives in the wilds of Africa. It is a natural instinct for these wild cats to hunt and to hide so well and how it can be brutal for a kill and yet be able to warm to the familiar photographers and its car as it grew up. The photographers grew to love the ways of this leopard cat and it got me thinking how familiar it is for us as creatures on this earth too, how much we kill to eat and how we warm to something familiar and friendly as long as we do not feel threatened. I guess that is the key between how mercy can play and yet how justice also must be enacted when something is threatened. 

Your goals of free energy and Avonal Son appearance preparations are commendable, but that seems to be stalled in every which way you try to do it and it appears the evil doers are doing their darndest to subvert and suppress any attempts on intervention and control on the part of the Michael Sons and the Ancients of Days. The fact that the Ancients of Days has to cause a “crunch” is historic and most probably a drastic measure, although being benign, has to do it in order to reap in the carnage caused by these Insurrectionists is very telling indeed for us who follow the pattern here. I think it is only a matter of time that this will go one way or another and for how long, it seems to make for a very arduous process for us humans to stomach for any length of time without seeing any fruition of material manifestations of Michael’s administration on the planet and elsewhere for that matter. 

I take a watch and see approach for now and stay quiet because it looks dicey every time and it is by no means easy to swallow. The rebellions, the insurrections, the troubles seem to be so invasive that they cause most of us to retreat like “wild animals” in a cave to hide until it is safe to come out to play! Only you Ron seem to still persist and keep the communications open however sketchy they may be, and keep us updated along the way and we see how crazy it is at times too. I thank you for this post as honest as it tells us and how sad a picture it paints as well. We can only pray for the Father to lead the way forward and hope for the best to come yet. 

My best regards to everyone who loves the Father of All and for our beautiful Urantia. May the Father’s will be done here and everywhere too, even if justice must prevail over mercy this time around as we now understand how necessary it is to clear the path ahead. 


Postscript: I just saw the announcement and am at peace strangely…so I stop what I am doing now and pause to allow my Adjuster to open a clear channel to receive a message…..

Okay Father, is there someone here to speak?

“Yes, keep this simple Sue. Yes it is me, your Jesus. The one you know as Joshua ben Joseph. Yes I am also known as Teacher, Brother and Yeshua. I come as one with you. I make progress and make peace. I am that I am. You are with me in this with your Thought Adjuster. You are of the Father as I am. I come again and do as the Father bids me to be about. I bring good news as well as teachings to enlighten all of you to know the Father and His way for each of you. Type this please: I make no essay here, but short and simple sentences to clear the way for your mind to understand a new path is being made when I plant my feet on the earth I once sojourned. I will be in various places, not just in one. Know yourself,  and know that I will not tolerate any one bowing to me but to the Father, yes! Your worship is with the Father as I join you in this sacred adoration. Please abide in Father and await for me to express more as I do here. I come in peace and joy for all of you to know the Truth and the Truth that I speak will indeed set you free. Good day and may God bless you. Out. K.”

Thank you Jesus and welcome!