Author Topic: New Member Registration Truned Back On after filter changes 03Aug22  (Read 8347 times)

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Due to severe spamming issues we get hit with I had to turn off the registration box to the discussion forum recently.  Thanks to Dominick who can find his way into re-registering issues in the software, question filters were installed that should prevent spam easily by asking the question, "What is the universe name of our planet?"  You know and I know but do not answer it here please as that question can only be answered by someone who knows something about the Chicago doings of many years past.

I am pleased to announce then registration is back on as of late last night and is working in the respect no one has attempted to register we know of because of the filter is only for what we know together.  Let us see if the world has any interest left to deal with a site like this one is for all of us.  Thank you for your patience and a good day to all!

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