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I seldom worry myself over the future condition of time in our work on this planet we call earth and they call Urantia.  I do not dispute the fact that there is a problem all the time somewhere and somehow it gets tamped down in such a way, no one notices the solution very well at all.

However we are going into springtime now with a serious problem and I prefer to address it astrologically, as most of you are aware of the language and not the language of revelatory prophecy which this takes.

I often refer to the astrological symbol PLUTO.  It is a symbol that is all, but the darned thing is it times triggering pretty scary stuff to the idea of peace and tranquility proposed in an astrological tryst appearing.

If you took the history of this world, the symbol Pluto crops up for two huge world wars in the 20th century.  Pluto in a happy relationship, they call a trine in astrology, is hard to deal with as WWII started with Japan trouncing our Fleet in Hawaii when Pluto made a trine to the ascendant of the United States chart.   A Trine is supposed forebode good vibes and not the start to war, but in this case it was trine to the American will to resist.  Now that Pluto symbol is moving right into a very serious patch of bad luck for the United States, and somehow it also applies to getting a strong spiritual Mission to our world.  I discuss this as follows:

This month (end of April) Pluto enters in Aquarius,  And that  calls for redefining the relationship between individual and collective and challenges authoritarian power structures.  Aquarius is working in all of our birth signs as an independent and judging personal sense of what I should do or not do.  IT is ruled by a planetary significator called Uranus.  Uranus is unpredictable and does some bizarre things including sudden scientific discoveries and sudden ends to countries and people.
Pluto is entering that den of scary changes, and Pluto itself symbolizes personal issues with authority.  IT is the mass extinction of the dinosaurs as I see from a spirit indicator that on our calendar date of March 3rd 2 million 400 thousand years ago, the last dinosaur breathed its lst in Honduras.  IT was a little agile dinosaur but it was the last true dinosaur due to the fact that the air was poisoned by so much fire it suffocated instead of dying from injuries.

Today we have Pluto making the same address it was when that creature died without enough air.  This time there is no dinosaur as a creature, but we have a dinosaur of hate and crisis on the planet and it will be suffocated by the evolution of old age and lost horizons to such a condition. 

There are two areas this move of Pluto into Aquarius will start to address for years to come.

1 - Financial distractions and banking problems;
2 - The loss of certain nation states are probable starting now and working for the next 12 to 15 years to come.  Pluto takes about 28 years to go through one sun sign.  Aquarius is vulnerable to a Pluto transition because Uranus which rules it is a true social wild card too and is unpredictable.  Pluto is unpredictable, and add them together, we have starting a serious look at the death of huge number of people and countries and states.  Sorry to lay it so think on the line, but such can be read into this seriously.

Most people leave the governments they live under alone just to keep the peace of living in it.  But look at Iran and poisoning their girl students rebelling over social practices against young women and girls.  Pluto is going to make a run at Iran and watch out Iran, you are not playing that transit well at all.  The old religions in Handstand are forcing the Uranus in Aquarius posit to come to terms with the total loss of power over a surprise incursion of another view by the Afghan people and they seriously question why kill a country over a head scarf too or having women teachers?  Pluto does not make right necessarily, but always attacks out of date social forms and we have plenty to change on Urantia now.

Lastly, the Second Return:  From an earth prospective, such a return is hard to carry forward since it is a 2nd time it has happened, and Pluto though the reforms created under the first Bestowal of Jesus, was sufficient and over.  But Pluto moving into Aquarius now has a new idea about how to use a Bestowal Son on this earth.  It indicates, "let the people be, but warn the people, there is no justification for rebellion again.  That shows up as a square of Saturn (the symbol of full responsibility must be taken) to Plut in June, and all hell can break lose by a group of people who refuse to behave for any reason, and wind up annihilated by a new war no one thought could happen (Uranus intellect without responsibility).

I leave it alone now.  This late spring is not done with us easily to get through it in one piece.  War and rumors of war are all around us now, and the US is a kingpin in most of it,  but it too is like my natal chart, full of foreboding unless it takes responsible action to stay on course and use good will to warn and stop wars if possible.

The financial picture is grim and is hard to predict for reasons stated.  War is entirely possible in the regions where fair play is never observed, and the last of the Mohicans who live unobserved by social media, may make the final difference for all of us however Uranus acts to stop the flow of illicit drugs and over stating immigration with far too many people involved.  A mass extinction could happen when so many gather in flight.

Thank you for your attention, and do think about your own safety and providing yourselves supplies while you can find them. 

Ron Besser/ your horoscope maker not but I am listening to the world at war no longer, but insisting that the Second Return take shape quick and soon, as the INTERREGNUM  we are in now cannot last to our benefit for long. 


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