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42 Tape #42 Breakfast Tape -Prophecy-Universal Father and Machiventa Melchizedek

We are getting close, folks.  This tape states our wait is planned and is called the INTERREGNUM.

JESUS indicates his fury at legislatures that do not legislate against mass murder and the reprobation of guns and murderous violence -  a choice spot to hit them with when the:

REGENCY - to be instituted as Counsel to the Executive Branch of US Government from the very first, and the Legislature changes addressed.

The Universal Father addresses the Prophecies in this tape.

Machiventa Melchizedek is the Planetary Manager and he affirms FATHER'S statements much is to be done shortly.  

We are running out of sand in the glass of time and we start with an empty glass not but no time to stand back the irony of horrors even the USA cannot seem to curtail in its branches of government.  

Link to Tape 42 - The Prophecy of Future Actions shortly

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  • 032923 Breakfast Tape #42; host: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: Jesus and Magisterial Sons are on the planet invisibly, the Regency will be in place in about 3 weeks, Melchizedeks will be visible; Speakers: Universal Father, Jesus, and Machiventa Melchizedek
  • Transcribed By: RAZ
  • Link to Tape:

Ron Besser  
This is Saturday, April 29, 2023, a tape of prophecy. This is Ron Besser. The voice of God.

Universal Father  
For about six weeks now, the entire matter surrounding the application of work to be done on Urantia has been in progress, For terms of our own, the situation now has turned into remedy. A remedy means to fix and to find an answer to a problem, usually of a medical nature, the Missions to Urantia are not medical, they are spiritual. And in Spirit, there are remedies too. For your information, I wish to make a statement. This is the Universal Father. To those who support and behave for the transmission of prophecy through this individual and other transmitters when we choose. I am now about to tell you something you should understand. First, the entire matter of the Second Return is now in effect. Second, the Second Return is not in doubt nor is it in progress that you can see it. The Second Return is through transmitters. And they are speaking with Jesus beside them. For that:

Ron Besser  
One moment.

I am Jesus. I am Jesus. For reasons that Ron cannot quite fathom, he finds his breathing difficult and the peace of mind not quite settled. I don't want them to be. For a change Ron is not in charge, I am. For reasons that I'm in charge, I have to make a statement. A statement that you must understand somehow. You will not see me for months. I need to be anonymous. I need to be sure that what I approach on the street or in the theater is safe to be in front of. I see the mass murders. I see the goddamn fools in the legislatures. And that is exactly my attitude. I will see to it the legislatures remember what they have to undo. Fully, let me be at peace with you now. The truth of the matter is that the entire mission to Urantia is just me at the moment. The Magisterial Sons are on the planet invisibly. The Magisterial Mission through Monjoronson is activated. The Serara Mission, the other Magisterial Son incarnated is to be withheld for about three weeks. That's from April 29. For that reason, then let me state this. We'll call it prophesy. The Regency, and the definition of the Regency is consultation by spirit incarnated to the administration executive branch of the United States Government. Let it be known, we're not hiding it anymore. The present president, who is Biden should also be aware, if not only by this message, but several other messages he refuses to pick up because he's too busy. There must be an understanding even by that brain, that there is no choice. There will be an inculcation and then Biden will understand he walks with two counsels, one on the right, one on the left, and every important decision is not with the Vice President but with Paradise Sons. The Vice President Kamala is not to be part of any of these considerations, as she is totally incapable of understanding the importance of a regency. That is our decision, not hers. Now, for reasons of state, and that means there are secrets, we bring you this announcement: Take no effort to understand that those of you who attempt transmission today and maybe the next week, are fully exempt from becoming lost to information. If you try it and break through, you get it all. But if you don't try it and are capable of it, we cut you. You are not a server, you are an egotistical disciple. For that reason alone, you should understand we make no particular charge against you. But that you are a false reading we cannot depend on. Ron has indicated in a transmission that most of you have refused to read because of length. But it must be lengthy to tell you that those who attempt transmissions in the following week are exempt from the changes we must make to the discussion forum. Ron is fully aware and will comply. Now this: I am Jesus, I am among you. I just can't be seen and that's my choice. For reasons of state please understand that when I do appear, I'm here for about 25 to 35 years. The Paradise Trinity and for those of you who don't know what that is, shame on you, will make it available to this planet. The first stages of Light and Life but not until we remove the minotaur, the symbol of war and Roman aggression, so long ago that has never stopped and must stop now. Putin, Ukraine, the dictator of North Korea and South Korea, China, and the islands of the Chinese South China Sea; they will rue the day they intended any harm to anyone else. And if they do further, there is a way to address them. I Jesus, have grown up to the expectation that no one climbs over the lip of the kingdom to create havoc, like Trump did. No one in their right mind should ever believe that man meant well. He will not run. He can't. This is Jesus. This harms some of you and I don't mean to. But I also have to lay the law down. This is a mission, not a plaything to see how things go in some form of an interview to figure out who decides what. The mission for the next presidential election is not 2024, but 2030. Then we will decide how the Regency becomes permanent. And for all presidents how the Regency will not brook insecurity and other forms of constitutional failure; that you've got Americans supporting insurrection and frankly, sedition in the United States government is not to attend the Regency ever again. The House of Representatives will be removed to 215 people. The US Senate will remain 100 as long as there are 50 states. But it shall be the producer of policy that is approved by the House. The President no longer signs on or off bills that come through those agencies. We fully expect secession, reduction, and even war. You want another civil war. You may ask for one but we'll squelch it before it starts. And finally this: I am a Jesus you are not entirely aware of. I am peaceful, I am caring, and I do as necessary for the protection of children, men, and women in the kingdom. You want no part of the kingdom, live outside. But then you're going to have to build your own fire and find your own meat. We won't help. And finally this: I am about to reduce my footpad that is what you see and hear except to Ron and to those who transmit me easily. That's Elise, that's Lemuel, and perhaps to new transmitters, dream. For that reason, we leave the rest alone. And for this let it be known that Jesus, I am not angry with you. But I'm putting the law down. We're getting too close to other events that will scare you. I'm here. Listen for me as you can.  Good day.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The entire matter of Ron and the voice of God is not rescinded forever. But he must learn that when I appear I always require an introduction without further instruction. For some reason or other, he did so. What does that mean to me? It means that he is fully under the control of the Universal Father, who knows all my plans. And for you, ladies and gentlemen, listen carefully to this prophecy. No one knows Ron, except Me, the Father, and maybe two or three of you. He doesn't look for fame or any notification in the papers or any way to be famous even for wireless. Oh, he will be. But for now, it is interregnum. This is the interregnum folks. Make the best of it, you can. And finally this to all of you: understand that the issue is not just the Second Return. It is also the return of a Master Intuitive, individual like myself, who can figure out what you are really up to. Most of you are not up to much. You don't know what to do about it. For that reason, we also state that the entire matter concerning Ron, the discussion forum, and other possibilities we haven't really counted; is to remain online as long as we can. For reasons of state, we are also going to provide a statement for Ron to understand and you not. Ron, you are being fooled with integrally and must learn to deal with it on your own level. You have and I appreciate it. Now this: the matter concerning what I have to say further is succinctly this: the Missions themselves are about to enter what Ron calls the interregnum. That is a long period, not of silence but of quietude with seemingly no king. And for that reason, you are on your own briefly. We'll watch what you do. And for now, I step back. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. Good day.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek not. I am the Universal Father. Thank you, Ron.

Ron Besser  
Thank you, Father. Please speak as you choose.

Universal Father  
Thank you. He is referring to my will, people. He never steps back from it and gives everybody the chance and the choice to say what they need to say. I am grateful for that and so should you be. Some of you got into trouble lately over issues that are very minor, but you don't realize how they skew attitude. For that reason, it was called to your attention. I fully enjoy watching Ron work when he is pressed to the wall. And finally this: there is one prophecy nobody wishes to speak to. And that is what do you do with Father in the middle of progressions we have never used before for a Mission. The answer is not easy to come by. You have no reference. Ron coined the term interregnum and he uses it correctly. That's when there is no king. That is when the family rules through several individuals. And would you believe that's what we're going to do? You're not going to have Jesus but you will see the Melchizedeks. They have a lot to say, some things to announce, and above all, establish the Regency. It will be put into effect in about three weeks. Stay the course. Enjoy it if you can. I now step back. And this concludes the tape. Thank you

Nothing is lost to the heart of God,
nothing is lost for ever;
God's heart is love,
and that love will remain,
holding the world forever. (lyrics by Colin Gibson, Words © 1996 Hope Publishing Company)