Author Topic: Historically Divine Financial Manipulations and the new Status Quo  (Read 1501 times)

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Nov 13th,  2021
This is SERARA, and I will take it (pronunciations) as I can get it, as long as you capitalize our names as appropriate.
It is ok to call upon us in the Personality circuits of the FATHER within you and through you in the PARADISE TRINITY, down-stepped, Local Universally, in your system circuits and associates, for reception.  But it’s really just a complex way of describing a telephone chat, both formal and informal, at times.
Today’s “formal” topic address non-specific Q&A of a Light Line, but should surely spur questions in it, and on the Forum, and within your social circles without comment to anything requiring social or material proof of OUR factual presence.
The Bestowal Missions are designed to get your reality lives back on track, but we’re not going to get into that.  Just get straight to the meal and skip the drinks, ok?
Financial Institutions are the engine driving almost anything as history has shown it affects human morality, and manipulates with undo pressure, will decisions and mind volition to evolutionary norms not otherwise seen on different planets, star systems and universes.  It is a history not just unfortunate beyond our emotions, to behold the murder of a Creator Son. But to witness the institutions of a planet, through its Management, to destroy humanity in the name of rebellion, to the point of destroying souls in its charge.
What you would call Right and Left today are old remnants of an ancient game of double dragon, pitting sides against each other for the sake of the hidden Side, manipulating all sides of the poor mortals who cannot see the forest for the trees but for a proper education and avenues of proper service.
To drill down further and specifically, WWII and the 20th century encasing that historical period, are the height of human depravity engendered by Financial manipulations.  Financial is capitalized to represent Divine manipulations.  In a historical sense, these divine manipulations came from Administrations un-representative and in stated opposition to your Son of God, aka Paradise Administration(s), who themselves rule their time-space on down to the Principalities of Men (aka planetary kingdoms, provinces, states and so on).
Financial domains have been historically manipulated and the strings of those Principalities have sung a song of actual and potential hate by a self-exalted god who was none other than a Divine Son hailing from a Local Province of the Grand Universe.
I, SERARA, am what you would call, specialized in Financial matters, and whether through an entity such as Regency, or whatever else works fairly and equitably for your planet, I assure you, I am accredited and of Higher Authority than those of Divine Locality would dirty and confuse.  If the United States is to set a template to be replicated throughout the world, there will also be assurances for those state subdivisions you call states to be well Advised, through MY direct care as well, in such matters as their self-interest, too.
No longer does the planet maintain mutually assured destruction as the balance of Peace.  It will be a new understanding of brotherhood and sisterhood with a roadmap of a better life, spiritually and materially.
This is a good place to stop.  Thank you all for listening and I bid you all a good day.