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Astrological Forecast for December 2021
« on: November 25, 2021, 10:46:17 pm »
Astrological Forecast for December 2021
November 25, 2021
As some of you may know, I enjoy doing astrological forecasting, as I was really introduced to the idea of cosmology when I was a teenager and developed it well in the 1970's when it was easier to do than to do today.  Finding the Urantia Book did not change my interest there, as I use it profile people sometimes for my own information or for theirs.  But thanks to the Urantia Book I have come to peace with it.  Yes, if it is just used as a foretelling of events  by the stars it is, frankly, Russian roulette and it can kill you with one awful mistake as those per-prepared meanings for sun square mars or Uranus square Saturn, and on and on, do not read the true matrix of circumstances that are unique each time they happen.   Just so you know, I no longer approach astrology that way, I approach it-- because I now can--  with transmission ability.  That allows me to pick out the most important events for a horoscope for individuals and to forecast what the coming month might bring us with regard to the transiting planets overhead.  I will do some that for December for you now.

The State of Time
For December 2021

Ala Ron Besser reading the transiting destiny planets for their astrological meaning

December 4 features a New Moon with a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses can be powerful triggers of events.   The eclipse is when the sun passes through the moon orbit and becomes temporarily a dark orb.  Depending on the latitude of the eclipse, the norther hemisphere may not see it and vice versa.  That is typical of all eclipses but this one is seen in Antarctica only! and only the most southern tip of Argentina will get a glimpse of it.  Otherwise if you are on a ship south of South of Brazil in the middle of the Atlantic can anyone else see this one.
In astrology eclipses trigger big events.  Yes, events happen a lot and even during a solar eclipse the event is something you never heard of, and this particular eclipse is so far away and so few will really see it, it is ignored easily by any of you.  However,  you and I and a lot of others have taken a big time interest in spirit and the events that are foregathering on our planet for a millennial show of power to us to change the way this earth is handled and how your growth in spirit is to be adjusted.    There are other triggers in the December chart that have to be looked at to figure out why this eclipse is a brutal one for the world to assimilate shortly.
There is now approach another transit that is a slap in the face we need to pay attention to. 

Add to that the Pluto influence which changes lovely Venus, intellect and physical beauty both many time in that beauty can be  smeared with revolutionary distortions and demands.  That usually means no one is  looking at the control gauges for social maintenance,  and when the indicators on the gauges start warning and  showing the nasty side of life especially in mass markets and mass food supplies, no one is there to take precautions.  The eclipse sets the key in the door to unlock that door of being self satisfied to look at warnings like this and that directly affects  your/our security this time.  No one is standing guard to stop events that government should be doing.

Then, almost immediately, comes along square of the Sun and Neptune on December 12 indicates events that are not so easily controlled.  We forecast the undoing of the control of orderly market, financial market progress.  This appears to be the reason the gauges are showing warnings and it may trigger instability of the markets to the point one could have a correction of over 6,000 points.  That is about a 20% correction.  The dating depends on the bond market raising rates of about 6% about 2% too much, which seals the timing of this correction as in mid December.  Frankly, no body wants to see this as it is harsh and bankruptcies over margin calls and other things can be triggered such as a bond market so tight it refuses to progress enough to fund American debt.

Now here is the problem underlying this market thing.

The square of the sun with Neptune suggests a lot of people have the dreamy idea of there is no reason for the market to go down that much.  But the main reason it may go down is there is a fundamental shift in man's thinking about money and its worth.  Neptune is so dreamy, but the square (a square in astrology is out to cause you all sorts of problems personal and global), and a square lets you dream to cause trouble.  The trouble this time, I think, is that man thinks he can progress with markets so long as there is no war, or a supply of goods problems.  The truth is we already have wars and we already have supply problems, and this square with dreamy Neptune abruptly ends the dream.l
What could be worse yet?  The major security of all our destinies with money and work, Saturn,  forms a square with Uranus.  Uranus is the biggest influence for people wanting to be free and free love and all of that.  It is a lot of good things too like brilliant inventions and great painters and musicians for it rules Aquarius, and many a genius is bor or influenced with it, but that is because it is personal freedom too to develop such. This time it affects the security Saturn usually supplies.  These are two bruisers of planets and they deck it out by suggesting that poor man may try to seize control of life by riots and subornation.   That is Uranus digging its heels in on conservative Saturn. 

The finale is on Christmas day.  Venus stops moving forward in appearance from earth and that is what astrology calls retrograde.  That signals events suddenly turn stagnant.  If they are good they stay sort of that way,  If they are very difficult they stay that way for awhile too.   Venus not only moves backwards (retrograde) it heading for a transit collision with Pluto, revolution.  Again, policy makers are day dreaming and do not address the seriousness of a market crunch, possibly a disaster for most, and the triggers of the four horsemen of the apocalypse come up over our horizon to beat civilization to death and it is a whole new ball game we each have to save ourselves from.

This is RA:

"So you, Ron, got all that from a transit chart? [Yes] And what might we have to say? [You are reporting some of this yourselves . . . .]  Indeed we are.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON has informed ME,  RA, that Jesus is withdrawing direct person to person intervention over the disastrous behavior of people today, and that he has no choice to stay out of a population which is radicalized over the pandemic and their insistence on persona freedom over communal responsibility to do otherwise.  I am RA, and I demand to hear this better in my own terms Ron.  What do you see for me?

Ron -  RA, your actions and reactions are symbolized by MARS in these charts, and that is the power of action to correct dangers.   But that symbol changes as the problems may change RA, and today the symbol is on spiritual action to do what has to be done.

RA - Thank you.  I join this only to say, WATCH OUT!  He gets the drift and I agree you all need warned this is one rough December to get through.  I leave it at that for now.  K"  RA

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "So . . . .   Hmmm . . . . .  I tell you Ron you are reading my tea leaves a little too well me thinks but then, hey!  why not!

"We take this reading as  seriously as Ron does, and for that reason keep your boots on, as the financial situation is so rough on many of you already, this will make many things worse.  Ron says a drop in the market DOW of over 5 thousand points is inevitable.  I say he is being too modest.  10,000 points is more like it.  Bitcoin may not survive it either.  I leave all of that alone to say this too:

"The trial for Ron is to get well.  The trial for some of you is to go to the pasture of your last years in the flesh and stay the course.  For others this is not for weak sisters to join.  It will be Mission after Mission, but the whole idea of a Magisterial Foundation and its Magisterial Mission has to be re-addressed for Ron, for ME, for GABRIEL and for RA, as Ron has correctly pointed out that HE is now in charge of security for the Missions and particularly for Jesus.  Jesus stays the course for a Second Return, but there is a stranger in our midst called METATRON.  METATRON now calls the shots and we wait for his voice when he is ready to decree just how these Missions are to play out.   He is not yet to say very much right now except to state that a financial collapse is inevitable.  Timing is always a problem, but Rons astrological analysis is as good as anyone can produce right now.  I leave."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I also wish to state that the entire matter of Sun and Uranus and mars are symbols and Ron reads them that way and not planets.  You who are goofy and rigid,  must catch Ron that reads symbols and not the goofy idea planets affect events like this; so he reads them with me an he is subject to the statement: "We are not responsible for facts or conclusions by a human at any time. The management."  I can only say that METATRON is in charge now and I wait with the rest of you to know under what circumstance our Missions become visible.  Thanks all.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON AT YOUR SERVICE."

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