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December 26, 2021
Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel, and Machiventa Melchizedek
Title: House of Wares
To all who hear this, we are now ready to provide a scenario for the production of the Magisterial Mission
We now need to examine several salient points. 
1.     There will be no visual reference to Jesus
2.      There will be visual experiences in the night sky
3.      The truth of the matter is that the Magisterial Foundation is sufficiently prepared to provide all of the support we need immediately
4.      The traditional need of night sky lights will be followed; we like that
5.      The traditional need for magical effects will not be followed
6.      The trial that we must afford Dominick and Ron is to provide them with sufficient issues to provide resources to the remaining staff which we name now:

Staff to be appointed (spelling done by sound and may not be accurate)
Louise Solson
Brian Fredricks
Wilson McNuff
Tarra Louise Manard
George Meyer
Elise Van Ruth
Phyllis Simpson
Steven Gitz
Persons of Interest:
Louisa Carrington
Bill Wilson
George McNair
Darrel Friesly
Barrel Sams
The following individuals are not ever to be used:
Allene Vick
Bob Divine
Mark Rogers
Byron Belitsos
Darrel Frost
Office staff Urantia Foundation
Urantia Book Fellowship, not all but some. Decision later
Various faculty, Colorado School, and other schools
The new style Mission is to be provided by the Magisterial Foundation, the Rayson Corporation, York Pre-particle Corp, and the Holding Corp.  There are three additional corps we will rename later.  A publication arm will be one of the renamed corps. 
And these last lists
Principles to follow:
1.      Executive positions are already ordered
2.      Subordinate positions for humans are already ordered
3.      Positions for the Rayson Corp and York Pre-particle is under the supervision of the Magisterial Son, Rayson, and not shown here
4.      Finally, the entire matter of preoccupation with minutiae detail is up to you Ron, alone.
Persons of Interest to be established:
Ron that is up to you to fill in
1.      Engineering personnel
2.      Banking institutions
3.      York College participation
4.      Spiritual agencies, if at all
5.      These are all subject to approval by the Magisterial Sons, the Salvington Government, and the Chief Deities to whom we are subordinate
Personnel to be determined without portfolio:
(TBD Later)
The following numbers are general classifications of salary
Executive Branch = 130k – 180K
Supervisory Staff = 62K – 95K
Office Personnel = 40k – 55k
Houses and Warrants:
1.      We will see to it visas and diplomatic channels to be employed for overseas personnel to United States
2.      We will transport no one from Australia
3.      We will rehouse and transport Phyllis Simpson, and any other personnel from US and Canada we determine
4.      Temporary housing will be for 90 days 180 days to find more settled housing, own housing, literal housing
5.      No housing is unaffordable if it is required to be held close to the Magisterial Foundation Bldg.
6.      The Magisterial Foundation offices will be secured in Continental Square, York, PA
7.      The Rayson Corp offices will be supplied within the York Protectorate Zone (YPZ)
8.      The warrant of the YPZ is to be established under the auspices of the adjunct to the Magisterial Mission, their security is the security of the Mission in York, PA
9.      Commissions, Councils, Consultations, and other Warrants are under the YPZ and at the discretion of the Magisterial Sons and Their missions.  The Magisterial Sons, Serara, Monjoronson, Sen-Sen, and Rayson, have already determined the extent and the personnel for security reasons within the protectorate.  We the Magisterial Foundation must bring the political parties together.
a.      We are supplying to the Director and his subordinates of the Magisterial Foundation key personnel transportation to and from the offices; and for any other reason, the cars or vans will be waiting outside for assignment.
Housing for VIPs:
1.      To be supplied at the discrimination of the Magisterial Sons
2.      To be supplied by the Salvington Government if required
3.      To be made available in York, PA at our (Monjoronson, Serara, Michael, and Gabriel) discretion
Individual Assessment for protocol effects:
1.      When Ron is in attendance and any of the incarnated Deities or even subordinate personnel are in the room, Ron will call them to stand, the incarnated individuals will call them to be seated
2.      The arrival the Magisterial Son Monjoronson, must be preceded by incarnated Melchizedeks.  You will stand for the arrival for the Melchizedeks as well.
Concluding and additional statements
We are now quite sure that Ron is quite competent to follow these instructions to the letter.  If he were not competent, we would house the Magisterial Foundation elsewhere.  But this evening’s dictation with Dominick doing the transcribing is sufficient reason to tell us that we can depend on each of them.  We conclude the following:
No one will be required to stand by or stand for re-evaluation once they are assigned to staff.  All who work for the Magisterial Foundation will be salaried.  All will work for you Ron, particularly, like Dominick, will have ancillary requisition to special funds, to provide for special assignments.  This statement implies such individuals, will have extra-office assignments, and that funds are required for them.
Overseas transport or continental north America, over 100 miles, will be using our transport aircraft.  Under 100 will be cars that assigned and other transport mentioned.

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Re: House of Wares. Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel, and Machiventa Melchizedek
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High five to you Dominick for putting down on paper the road-map, so as we have now a clear idea where we are heading to, even though all the projects are still in their infancy, but if we stick to the plan, we will get there with the help of our celestial family. Kudos
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.