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« on: January 08, 2022, 03:21:28 pm »
Hello everyone.
Here is the link to Lightline USA Saturday 8th January 2022. Host: 

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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2022, 12:42:46 am »
010822 Audio Tape Lightline Saturday Host: Lemuel
Subjects: The Ring of Laity and the common man; Role of the two celestial beings accompanying each human on Urantia; Militia in the USA; When the Missions will become visible;
Transcribed by: Moses Ouko
Link To Tape:


Lemuel: Hello and good evening or good afternoon everyone depending where you are of course. You are most welcome to lightline USA Saturday the 8th of January 2022. This is the first Saturday lightline  USA for this year 2022 and I am Lemuel the host and I want to welcome you all again once more and we just see what happens as I now invite anyone here from our beloved celestial family upstairs if there is anyone here who will come and talk to us.  So is there someone here? Tarkas!

The Ring of Laity and the common man

Tarkas: Yes, good evening Lemuel. I am Tarkas. I am One Without Name and Number as you all know and I am so pleased to be here on this first light line, Saturday light line of this year 2022.As you all know you have had a month's rest during the month of December and we have not been resting. We have been working night and day as you would say because there are so many things and so many changes that are almost constant. Just a few days ago there was something new laid before you and Ron took a lot of trouble to explain the difference between Deity of the laity and God of laity and within just a short less than 24 hours I think it was off the table so to speak. But you have also been advised and Jesus himself has told you that he will wear a ring and the ring is to be referred to as the ring of laity. It is a beautiful ring, A precious ring and one day it will stand for all to see and people will come to see it. It was explained to you what in fact it refers to. The ring of laity. It is the ring to honor the Common Man. That is to say you, those of you who are not clergy. Those of you who are not and never will be the old fashioned Pharisees and scribes and Sadducees and all those who wrote down the law and were cruel in planning that law. There will be no more priesthood as in the past. It is the people who are the church. It is you the people who are the flock of Jesus and you are all known. So this beautiful ring of laity is for all of you. The Common Man but more than Common Man. You are all the salt of the Earth.

I want to tell you a story. There was living in a palace as you may well imagine daughters of the king and queen and also as you may well imagine they were dressed accordingly. They had every conceivable luxury. One day they found out that the Cook, those who serve downstairs of course, the cook was taken ill and they couldn't find anyone quickly enough to take her place and so the butler had a big problem. But before he could find a solution one of the princesses confronted him. Why? Why is there no food on the table etc.? Well the butler tried to take the bull by the horns so to speak and tried put this princess in her place. And what he said was something like this; Dear lady you have a roof over your head, you have clothes on your back, you have food in your stomach, without people who serve you, you would have nothing. You cannot Cook. You cannot sew. You cannot build. You cannot do any of these things and yet you come to me to complain? I'm only relating this story to emphasize the fact that you may stand tall and raise your head because you are the common man. The common people who are indeed the salt of the Earth and who make everything else tick because without you, they would not be able to survive for one week.

We are now into a new year 2022 and this is Tarkas. I’m still here and I want to emphasize that just to remind you, we are still in the birth pangs of a New Universe Age. You are all fully aware of what has taken place in the past two years since June of 2019. It was totally unforeseen, totally unexpected and it has brought so many of us almost to our knees so to speak. But as the saying goes out of bad always comes good and we have as they say need being the mother of invention Thanks to Father who has seen fit, not just seen fit, seen It was absolutely necessary to get rid of the old and start a New Universe Age. And so we are still at the birth of a universe age. On top of all these changes you all know that there is a Magisterial Mission already taking place. There is the Michael Mission but I cannot tell you much about that and there is the return of Jesus. And there is also things to set up under the umbrella of the Magisterial Foundation.

For so many years now, I'm going back to the original teaching mission in the 90s. We were so optimistic that that would be a success but as often is the case sooner or later people's egos get in the way and finally it all crumbled. So perhaps you can understand our viewpoint to begin with wondering whether we would all suffer the same experience again with this Serara forum but we did not. We are so pleased. We are thrilled that there are so few of you, this little family who have come together, not one of you has shown your egos. You are honored from above the way you have conducted yourselves. Your loyalty. Your determination to stick with it. Alright I think I have said enough for the moment. This is Tarkas and I hand this now back to you, Lemuel. Thank you.

Lemuel: Well thank you Tarkas. Thank you so much for those words. They were very encouraging thank you and can I ask you? Are you to remain here? Are you to act as an MC or not?

Tarkas: Well this is Tarkas I cannot promise that, Lemuel at the moment. I simply cannot promise that at the moment but if I am able to, I promise you if I am able to, I will. But for the moment this is all I have to say and let me see if there is someone else here. And yes. It is a teacher of yours. It is Amadon. So I will step back and let Amadon take over for now, Lemuel.

Lemuel: Well thank you again very much, Tarkas. Thank you so much.

Amadon: Good evening all. This is Amadon. Yes you all know me. I'm also one of the teachers of Lemuel and as you all know I am indeed a great friend, long, long friend of Van the Steadfast. Well I only want to say in fact a few words which in fact I have already said but this is for the benefit of you English speakers and listeners. I did mention this the other night with Lemuel for his Spanish listeners and that is to remind you all again of the change. In fact I know you've had it before but also to remind you that so many changes almost moment-to-moment and the fact that Adam and Eve are now not to begin with, they will not go ahead and continue with their original plan to set up the school in what will become the Main building if I understand it, for the Magisterial Foundation where are all the other things hopefully will take place and I understand it there will be perhaps an office there for the Rayson corporation and also offices for the Magisterial Sons Monjoronson and Serara and Sen-sen and I believe there is one possibly two others. As far as the return of Jesus is concerned I do not know and I cannot mention again just to see how or where or in fact will an office be needed for Jesus and well I can see that Lemuel's Thought Adjuster has just told him yes in fact Jesus will need to have a place as an office. So thank you for that, Lemuel’s Adjuster. So I will continue for the moment. Yes this is still Amadon and the other thing, the appointments that were initially made, those people who were initially appointed in situations for the mission and that has changed of course as well But you are to be reminded that you are needed. You will be used and to just be patient. Keep your powder dry as some people keep saying and all will be revealed in good time. I would just like to emphasize the fact again that we appreciate you all so much. You're so loyal. Those of you who are here on direct call and those who are on streaming, I cannot see, well Lemuel is looking to see how many there are on streaming at the moment. I don't know, I cannot say. In fact I can only see one at I think at the moment…

Ron: There are three.

Amadon: Ok thank you Ron. There are three on the streaming service and I think just one on the internet. Alright, anyway you are all very welcome and greatly appreciated for your loyalty. Alright. Well this is all I have to say. So thank you. Thank you Lemuel. And until next time hopefully.

Lemuel: Alright. Thank you. Thank you so much for that Amadon. Well this is just Lemuel now at the moment and I’m just thinking to myself, something did come to my mind and I don't know at if it is my Thought Adjuster or it is…Good no, no, no,...This is Jesus.

Lemuel: Thank you Jesus .Welcome.

Role of the two celestial beings accompanying each human on Urantia

Jesus: Thank you. This is Jesus and I am pleased to be present at this first lightline USA on a Saturday and perhaps you're all wondering what is going on really with myself and with my return? Well I can understand that and in fact I have also asked myself the same question believe it or not. But just think for a moment; You have just been reminded of the fact that not only is there a Magisterial Mission, Not only is there a Michael mission, Not only is there the science officer Rayson and the corporation that is going to … and all the rest under the umbrella of the Magisterial Foundation but also we are still at the birth of a New Universe Age. I just want to remind you also of something that Father instigated not very long ago, I can't remember Lemuel but I don't think it's more than three months ago when He said He stated that from that moment on every man woman and child on the planet is now accompanied by two celestial beings. Do you remember? Yes I'm sure you do. Well I want to mention something; One of the changes, just one of the recent changes which I, yes I can bring to your attention. One of the things that these two celestial beings who accompany everyone on this planet; they are monitoring the state of the soul.

Now you also know that that is also the task of the indwelling Thought Adjuster But does every man woman and child on the planet have a Thought Adjuster? No. On the one hand the Father does not want to lose any of His children. On the other hand, how many in fact are His children? That is to say, how many are in fact indwelt by His proper spirit, by His fragment, the Thought Adjuster? Not everyone. Does that mean that there are so many millions of people who do not have a soul? No, we don't want to say that. What we want to say is; is the soul having any kind of food at all? That is to say, is that man or woman in a position to do and be a certain way that helps the soul?  And obviously I'm talking about spiritual things. In so many cases in fact there are millions where this is absolutely impossible. So many are in a survival mode from day-to-day. You are all aware of this. Millions of people who are living in circumstances that are absolutely deplorable. Unimaginable. How can the soul survive? How can it grow in such a situation? These people are never exposed to spiritual things. How can they be living under such circumstances? And so these two celestials who accompany such people know the situation and they will report back. That's about as much as I'm allowed to tell you about that situation but it is just a reminder of so many changes that are taking place.

There are so many new orders that have had to be created. When the supreme being did what he did you all know that he took with him millions and these things cannot be done overnight. Certain things are put on the table and they are planned for but then almost immediately they have to be re-planned because of changing circumstances. Now coming back to my situation; and I'm asking myself what is going on? Well I want to tell you I still have, I do have, in fact I have always had the authority to go ahead and do what I plan to do But obviously there are so many things that I need to take into consideration. Not just for myself, not just for you but for all the Invisibles that are here with me. And I can see RA standing in the wings waiting to come and say things to you. But just before I allow him to do that I want to say to all of you; You will, you will all see me just as soon as I can possibly manage it without endangering the lives and the situation anymore and it will be changed with my appearance. This is Jesus and this is all I have to say and I bid you all a very good evening and thank you Lemuel.

Lemuel: No, thank you Jesus. Thank you so much. Alright. So I understand that RA, yes well good evening RA and welcome to you sir.

Militia in the USA

RA: Yes thank you. This is RA and you have had for me before and I want to remind you all that I also have tremendous power and I carry tremendous authority and the reason why I want to say these few things is that you don't need to reminding because I know you have seen it on television recently. Just a year ago when the most terrible thing, unspeakable things happened when so many attacked the White House in Washington. Those images that went around the world, they churned the blood of many, many, many honest democratic people throughout the world. Thinking my God what’s going on here? Really, a day of infamy for the United States of America. Just yesterday I believe it was that Joe Biden the president of the United States went public and put the blame firmly on the shoulders of Trump. You all are aware, I'm sure that Trump still has millions of followers and most of them are extreme right and many of them belong to their own militia. Oh yes they have little armies all over the place and they mean business. These I will stop when the chips begin to fall after the announcement of Jesus But it also depends to a certain extent on the success or otherwise of the Regency being set up.  

Now you all know and all understand that without Regency it's going to be very, very, very difficult for any of the missions to take place in the way that they should be taking place from our point of view. But if the Regency is successful then we know how to move and we will nip in the bud, there will be no tolerance. We will take them out and you know what that means. These people do not deserve to live. They do not think in a democratic way. They only want their power to dominate people who do not think like them. You all know extremism whether it is right or left is in fact a sickness. It is an evil sickness that eats away at the very soul of these beings. You have just had some very thought provoking words from Jesus about the spirituality or absence of spirituality of so many millions of people around the world. It will not be pleasant, the work that we have to do. We know that. It has been likened to a cancer and we are surgeons and they must cut it out. It is not pleasant but it will be done because it must be done. And so I want to assure you that myself and all my stuff, we know what to do, we know how to do it, we have the authority and it will be done.

This year of 2022 will go down in history for all sorts of reasons and I can tell you most of it is good. I can assure you of that. Well I will step back now this is RA and I bid you a very good afternoon. Thank you.

Lemuel: This is Lemuel, thank you RA so much. Well this is Lemuel. Just give me a moment please I need to…I got a bottle here (Laughter). It's not a bottle of wine. It’s a bottle of Aquarius. Just a moment … Well let me see. Is there anyone else here please? (Silence). No, I'm not picking up anyone else at the moment. So perhaps Ron can I ask you if you would like to make a comment or if you have a transmission you would like to give us please.

Ron: I have a total blank at the moment (Laughter)...Look…

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek

Lemuel: Ok thank you.

Ron: Lemuel you have four on streaming right now and 16 on the direct call. You're doing very well with an audience.

Lemuel: Thank you.

When the Missions will become visible

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I wanna say to all of you that this Saturday light line is now considered a success. We left Lemuel prove himself and he has in our mind and ears. Ron was just listening, Lemuel. He doesn't have anyone directly involved with him at the moment But he does have Machiventa Melchizedek always listening Because what you need to understand all of you is that the missions that are to start on Urantia First become visible when Ron begins the engineering for the construction of the WTP utility. We will build the plant and demonstrate how electricity is broadcast to people for 200 miles around the tower. When Ron has opened the engineering for the drawings and specifications and has the money to pay for it, you now have the start of the magisterial, the visible Magisterial Mission on Urantia. Ron wasn't quite sure who or what was going to initiate the visible Magisterial Mission on Urantia. Now let me say this on behalf of Jesus; we do not intend to mix the two. If Jesus wishes to appear before the actual engineering is contracted for, then he may certainly do so. But that is the second return and not the Magisterial Mission. Please understand that.

Furthermore let it also be understood that the severe headache and the other problems that Ron is physically experiencing even now has to be rescinded for the visible part of the Magisterial Mission to be seen. We are doing everything we can to prevent the deterioration of the transition into physical death for Ron. For that reason we are allowing one or two things to occur that we do not usually permit when a magisterial mission appears physically.

One Ron will signal to all of you what the status is with engineering. As soon as he has a contract he will let you know and that signals the visible part of the magisterial mission. It's already busy spiritually but you cannot see that.

Number two We are also appointing his friend Dominick to a position with Ron that he needs to take seriously. We will not say anything else but Dominick will be informed what position is and what he’s asked to dedicate himself to.

Number three Which is just an add-on. We are looking at the situation with the United States government and the Old Russia- Soviet Union as it was then called. Today it is called the Russian Federation but it is no longer a federation, is now considered a dictatorship. For that reason we suggest that the Service known as NATO take a step back and refuse any new membership in Europe. For that reason alone Ron is looking at it and saying, The Balkan states are under serious pressure to rejoin the Warsaw Pact. The Warsaw pact will no longer be called that But the Russian dictator Putin is considering drawing a new defense line through not only the Balkan states but also through Azerbaijan. Yesterday Azerbaijan (Ron: Laughter…I beg your pardon, my tongue is tied over that) called for a police invasion of the Russian army into its statehood to prevent further looting and destruction, would you believe, over the cost of gasoline. The place, not the capital city but an important city of Azerbaijan, has opened up with a riot where most of the stores on the main street were looted and burned. And many cars and vehicles were also burned. The chief of that state has asked the Old Russia to send in troops and police. We predict this is the end of an independent nation known as Azerbaijan. For that reason Ron we are no longer going to name… (Laughter Ron: It’s most embarrassing. I can’t get my tongue out of the way.)

Now; the truth of the matter is that this signifies to the United States and its state department a reassertion of, would you believe, a new Cold War. Watch out! It is our intention now to push WTP to the fullest measure that we can. Ron is waiting and pacing waiting for resources. We are going to provide them. Ron knows how. Furthermore we are going to start using some of the personnel that are on this forum. Several people have been invited that when the electric plant utility is built, to become the executive secretary and greeter as well as the plant manager. They are already assigned. What other personnel we need will have to be developed by the engineers and by Rayson. And by the way the new electric utility will have a name on it called Rayson Electric.  This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron and thank you for speaking with me and for me

Ron: Well, you’re most welcome Machiventa. Did you have more?
Machiventa Melchizedek: No I don't.
Ron: We thank you Machiventa very much.
Machiventa Melchizedek: Thank you Ron.

Michael of Nebadon: Now this is Michael of Nebadon. We need to speak with Dominick this evening. I assume he'll be here but we also need to speak with several others of you and Ron will arrange a private meeting via this conference facility when we let him know what it is he must meet with you for. Other than that I do not have anything further, Ron.  Machiventa does not but Tarkas does.

Ron: Welcome Tarkas if you're there. Please go ahead.

Tarkas: Thank you Ron. It is this Ron; we now have named you as the Chief Subscriber to the Magisterial Foundation. We want to own it and we will. We want to own the Rayson Corporation but we won't.  Michael of Nebadon called to you two mornings ago to remind you that they dare not take the liability and therefore the responsibility for construction of a building. They are removing their names from the Rayson Corporation except for the Magisterial Son Rayson himself. Rayson will be the boss as Ron calls him But Rayson will always go through the CEO which is Ron. Ron will arrange the salaries, the Engineering payments and the construction firm costs and invoicing for construction. Beyond that we have one additional concern and Ron already has it I see.

The building will be built on about 20 Acres plus or minus on old farmland that is now in a fairly high elevation and is surrounded by forest. Ron would like to build about 20 Acres cleared there for the tall tower and the building itself. For that reason he must advise the Township of Dover what is planned for the municipality and also invite them to contribute. If they do the facility will be partially owned by them and if it is owned by them there will be a constant non tax basis for their income and running of the township. That's new to Ron…

Ron: Brand new and I love it (Laughter)

Tarkas: Thank you Ron. And this; how much should you sell of it Ron? We suggest a tenth. For a tenth of its income.

Ron: That could be quite substantial. It is worth billions, Tarkas. At least hundreds of millions to start with. That's quite an income for the Township. It's in the millions. That’s right.  It’s most of the budget. Although I’m not sure what the budget for Dover is anymore

Tarkas: Probably about 7 million.
Ron:  Somewhere in there, yes.

Tarkas: (Laughter) Ron, aren’t you the one? In any case we are also gonna do this for Dover Township; once we have established the utility, we will pay the cost of Dover High School, Dover Middle School and the elementary school entirely. What they need to do is provide police and security to the utility.

Ron: Oh that should be interesting may I speak?
Tarkas: Yes Ron, please.
Ron: Dover Township no longer affords it's on police department.
Tarkas: We didn't know that.
Ron: It is now North Eastern Regional police which is a federation of townships around the city of York to pool the resources for one Police Department. I believe it is still current but I really don't know. I can't confirm it.

Tarkas: Thank you Ron.  

Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael of Nebadon. (Chuckle) Yes and I have this to say; your knowledge of the municipalities around you is priceless. The Regency will be established with you as its chief executive.

Ron: Oh my God. You make a political monster out of me. (Laughter) May I bite you sir?

Michael of Nebadon: No you may not. (Laughter)You may not bite me sir. The truth of the matter is we will discuss this later on, thank you.

Ron: Yes sir.
Michael of Nebadon: (Laughter) the truth of the matter is (Ron: One moment please)

Tarkas: This is Tarkas, Ron. Thank you for the announcement.

Ron: Well they can supply it. well in fact better than a local.

Tarkas: I agree but they need to reassign a local police force. (Laughter Ron; what joy you will bring them.)
Ron: Otherwise how about the state police? You know you've got a point there.
Tarkas: In any case (laughter)
Ron: I really prefer the army Tarkas.

Tarkas: I know you do. Don't go there. (Laughter). This is Tarkas and as usual, I find myself being undone by Ronald Besser over the usual circumstances that can't be helped. Yes Ron. It makes you a political monster in what way?

Ron: Have you ever dealt with five or six municipalities each with three elected officials? Each with a staff that numbers in perhaps the 20's and 30's, All having a point of view on how the Township of the municipality has be run and complaining to the boards that it is not being properly done and  they need more services. If you've never done that you have to become a political Maven to stand on top of it. I don't expect that the protectorate will become that but in policing matters and budget it will.

Tarkas: Thank you. Valuable information to speak…I assure you. So Ron, does it bother you?

Ron: Frankly it's natural. Yes and I'm fine with it.

Tarkas: Thank you Ron.

Michael of Nebadon: (Laughter) This is Michael of Nebadon. Political monster that you may become, please understand that you are in the spiritual nature

Ron: Yeah I will have a magnificent uniform (Laughter). All red with a cloak. (Laughter)

Michael of Nebadon: Remember you have an audience. Let them hear this in a standard way, Ron. He's of course referring to Cardinal Richelieu. If you know your French Revolution, It was that cardinal who sat in control through the Vatican as to how much the Revolution could spend and who it should execute. He was the most powerful man ever around the world at that particular time. He wore a magnificent red Cloak and a classic painting shows Richelieu in that particular garb and that's Ron’s reference to red.
Now, how does the York County commissioners fit?

Ron: They are supposed to be over it.

Michael of Nebadon: But No. The Magisterial Sons are over it and you Ron will have to advise the York County commissioners their role which is as counsel to the protectorate. I love that, Ron, thank you.

Ron: It fits.

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you.

Ron: I see Father. Am I catching it father?

Michael of Nebadon: No Ron you aren’t catching it.

Universal Father: Now this; I am the Universal Father Lemuel. Ron has about 15 minutes more. I am going to pass it back to you. You conclude your lightline as you wish but do not cut it off. Pass it back to Ron for the final information he has to pass.

Ron: So Lemuel take it back. When you're done pass it back to me, Ron, please. Go ahead Lemuel.

Lemuel: Alright. Thank you very much Ron. Thank you. I want to see just for the moment in fact if there is someone else here who wants to come and say a few words. Just give me a moment please. Thank you. (Silence)No I'm not picking up…. There is no one else that wants to come. What I would like to do, first of all I see that Donna and Larry joined me and there's another one-I just got a number I don't have a name. So welcome to both of you and …

Ron: Lemuel, would you check with Amethyst? To see if she has a transmission.

Lemuel: Just one moment please, Amethyst. Amethyst, Can you hear me?

Ron: Unmute her.

Lemuel: Yes of course. Amethyst is unmuted.

Amethyst: Hello? Okay you got me now right? You can hear me?

Lemuel: Yes, go ahead Amethyst.

Amethyst: Ok. As I have been sitting here listening I have been prompted by Jesus to add a few words.

Jesus: This is Jesus and Lemuel has reviewed for you and you all know of my Ring of Laity. I want to let you know at this time that all of you and some of my sheep from other flocks will be given by me what I will refer to as Acknowledgement of laity to you. It will be a simple oval Opal. You can wear it on your hand as a ring or you can wear it on your clothing. It will not be given to you until you are resurrected on the Mansion Worlds. This acknowledgement will also be retroactive and go back and be awarded to all of those who have been able to understand the Father's will and understand and support my missions. There are not many. I have many flocks but few sheep in these other flocks. (Amethyst: One moment.) I do not know at this time what the finished number will be but as I complete my mission, I will. This will be an extra feather in your cap so to speak. So I say to all of you I look forward to my Acknowledgement of laity to you when the time is appropriate. This is all I have for this moment. I thank you and I pass this back to Lemuel.

Amethyst: Okay this is Amethyst and Lemuel you have it.

Lemuel: Thank you very much Amethyst and thank you Jesus for those words. …Amethyst and well yes that is something wonderful that Jesus has just mentioned to us. I thank him so much for that. Well to the rest of you this is my first light line as you know for Saturday and in fact I'm not going to open up this for Q&A tonight. There will be other occasions. If you had a question just keep it for next time if you could be so kind. And so we are on time. It's just 1 minute after 9(pm),1 minute after 3(pm) where you are. I will hand this over to Ron but before I do that I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have assisted. The direct call-ins and the streaming and there’s one or two on the internet. I want to thank Tarkas of course and Amethyst and Jesus and RA. Thank you so much for your words. And so it only remains for me to say to all of you, thank you again so much for your support and I say goodnight to all of you and I look forward again to welcoming you all next Saturday, at the same time. Thank you and good night to you all and with that I will hand it back to Ron. Ron, do you want me to mute everyone?

Ron: Just leave it as it is right now, Lemuel. If you would please, just as it is set up. You have all the controls so if there's any need to unmute or answer a hand up you have to unmute it for me. I can't do that

Lemuel: I'm not going anywhere of course (laughter). You'll be here for another what, 15 minutes or half an hour or what?

Ron: I think it's about 15 minutes

Lemuel: Ok alright

Ron: Alright. And I remind everybody on behalf of Lemuel that he has a Thursday lightline in Spanish and that is at 11 a.m. New York time on Thursday mornings.

Lemuel: Correct.

Ron: Just so that they know if you don't speak Spanish, It's not gonna do you much good. I can't but Lemuel has a tendency to explain in English. So your choice, that is 11 a.m. Thursday mornings, now is Lemuel’s Espana. Alright let me go back now to our speakers concerning the Magisterial Mission and its visibility. To remind you the visibility of the Magisterial Missions begins when I have a contract to do the engineering of the WTP tower and utility. I want you all to understand that I am not the originator of all that has gone into this design. Rayson has provided the critical points of just how this plant works. I couldn’t have done it without him. In fact it would not have appeared without Rayson. I also have direct conference influence from the Deity Absolute and the Universal Father. There are several experts unnamed that provided information as well on how to handle electrons. I advise all that when I say it is mine, please remember God played more than 50% to it But for reasons of state and liability it must appear that I take all responsibility for world challenges Or government challenges. You name it; it's Ron who will answer and not the Divine.

Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael, Ron.

Ron: Thank you.
Ron: This is something I must report to you, Lemuel. Are you walking around with the phone?

Lemuel: No. I just stood up. I'm not walking, Ron. I shall sit down again.

Ron: Alright. No. It sounds like someone's walking. It's quite interfering. Let’s proceed. Let’s see how it works.

Michael of Nebadon: I’m Michael of Nebadon. To the rest of you, please understand that if you want to be part of the magisterial mission, then it begins with a Magisterial Foundation and its access to the Rayson Corporation for the construction of Rayson electric. That will be a plant, an antenna and customers for 200 mile radius. We can Electrify Philadelphia. We can Electrify Harrisburg and 100 miles north of it practically. We can Electrify Baltimore. We can Electrify Washington DC from this antenna. Please understand that this is a major contribution to the planet and that there is no interruption of electrical service due to storms or accidents. What it does take is an antenna on each house, business or automobile to electrify them. That is a separate project and I'm not discussing it today. Now this; Ron just said thank you for Clarifying that and thank you Ron. The truth of the matter is the entire mechanism for the Magisterial Foundation is not being funneled through Magisterial Foundation but through offices that the Magisterial Sons will erect themselves. But in the meantime Continental Square in York City will house not only the building but the Rayson Corporation and the Magisterial Foundation in the same building. One secretary will take care of all of it probably for two years. And one last thing before we leave, the truth of the matter is that Ron is seriously ill and cannot change things himself. Dominick, he expects to see you later today. I hope you are on that schedule. However the truth of the matter is you should be taking dictation immediately after this goes off the air, for something you need to know personally. Please take the dictation if you can. Get to Ron's when you can. And finally this; There are now I believe 3 on streaming and 17 on the direct call.

Lemuel: Yes.

Michael of Nebadon: One of you has come over to the audio internet and thank you for doing that, it's much more dependable. For all of you please understand the door is open for your service but you've got to make contact either with the discussion forum or with the Ron Besser, to understand the conditions of what you're dealing with. We're not going to go into it here but the time is rapidly approaching that you will have a job to go to and work for the magisterial Sons. This is a big jump forward and we're grateful for being able to announce it on Lemuel’s Saturday light line.

Ron: I have nothing more right now and for that reason we are going to close it down. Thank you everyone. We do not have a tape running and we do not have any other service running. Lemuel, when I say goodbye you have an x at the top of your screen.

Lemuel: Yes.

Ron: Say goodbye and click the x.

Lemuel: Ron, I have not stopped the recording.

Ron: You haven't then that's all for the good. Alright, Lemuel, we are done would you stop the recording please?

Lemuel: Yes I will. Once again thank you all very much indeed and I look forward to all of you on Saturdays so until then please have a good week and be happy. Goodnight.


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Online prozonov

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« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2022, 03:10:18 am »
Be attentive and competent when you publish such important messages: not Azerbaijan, but Kazakhstan.

Online Majesthia Gondo

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« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2022, 11:01:21 am »
Thank you Moses for this transcription.
Thank you all.
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Online Moses Ouko

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« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2022, 11:13:31 am »
Dear Prozonov,

Well noted but Kindly listen to the recording. I have transcribed it verbatim. Thank you and God Bless.

Love and Blessings,
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Online Ron Besser

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« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2022, 12:02:06 pm »
For your information, the reference to Azerbaijan is correct.  Perhaps Prozonov does not know what is going on in that republic as the news service there may not be reporting it.  The leader of Azerbaijan requested police forces from Moscow to stop violent demonstrations, looting and burning, over the rise in gasoline prices.  Azerbaijan feels it cannot control with its own forces for such a wide spread type of civil disorder.  Moscow is sending in a large contingency of police as requested.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Online prozonov

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« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2022, 01:17:48 pm »
Dear Ron, you don't know what's going on in the world.
The CSTO Collective Security Organization, which includes the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Republic of Tajikistan, at the request of the President of Kazakhstan, brought peacekeeping forces into the republic in order to secure the most important strategic facilities. This became necessary after the attempted coup d'etat by terrorist gangs in various cities of Kazakhstan. So the bandits seized the international airport in Alma-Ata, completely plundered the city, killed servicemen and policemen, and even chopped off their heads. This all happened at the beginning of the year in KAZAKHSTAN.
Azerbaijan is located on the other side of the Caspian Sea. Capital - Baku. The capital of Kazakhstan is Nursultan, formerly Astana, and even earlier Tselinograd.
Look at the map, the names of states are spelled differently ...
Best regards, Prozonov
Дорогой Рон, это вы не знаете, что происходит в мире.
Организация коллективной безопасности ОДКБ, куда входит Российская Федерация, Республика Беларусь, Республика Армения, Республика Казахстан, Киргизская Республика, Республика Таджикистан по просьбе Президента Казахстана ввели миротворческие силы в республику, чтобы взять под охрану важнейшие стратегические объекты. Это стало необходимым после попытки государственного переворота бандами террористов в различных городах Казахстана. Так бандиты захватили международный аэропорт в Алма-Ате, полностью разграбили город, убивали военнослужащих и полицейских, даже отрубали им головы. Это все происходило в начале года в КАЗАХСТАНЕ.
Ажербайджан находится по другую сторону Каспийского моря. Столца - Баку. Столица Казахстана – Нурсултан, ранее Астана, еще ранее Целиноград.
Посмотрите карту, названия государств пишутся по разному…
C уважением, Прозонов

Online Ron Besser

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« Reply #7 on: January 11, 2022, 10:05:49 am »
Hello Prozonov,
There is indeed some confusion and I do not question you really.  But the Lightline in question referred correctly to Azerbaijan.  That was a result of the BBC producing a news program received here with film inside Azerbaijan showing looting and fires and an interview with some residents worried they could not take of the civil unrest on their own over gasoline prices escalating.  

The odd thing is the BBC has not done a story yet on Kazakhstan which I find more important than the Azerbaijan news as you tell it.  It is not impossible I missed the Kazakhstan story entirely as the CSTO actions are more important than a gasoline riot in Azerbaijan.  But that is the only story I had to report on that Lightline.

Finally, perhaps the stories are related I do not know and the entire matter creates diplomatic turmoil but I am satisfied you reported the more important issue.  Why the BBC speaks to it the way it did about five days ago I do not know, but it is probable they are doing more reporting on this bigger story now and I missed it.  I do appreciate you telling us about the security apparatus as I am not familiar with the CSTO and I am glad you mention it and its members too.  Thank you.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Online prozonov

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« Reply #8 on: January 11, 2022, 10:47:17 am »
Dear Ron, thanks for the message.
The BBC is lying. Riots due to the rise in gas prices have occurred in Kazakhstan. Everything is calm in Azerbaijan.
The most truthful and objective information is provided by the Russian media on the Internet, where there are English versions. In "free democracies" everything is censored. They lie and misinform. You can compare.
It is good that our site is the most, most honest, truthful and divine on Urantia.
Уважаемый Рон, спасибо на сообщение.
Би-Би-Си все врет. Беспорядки из-за повышения цен на газ произошли в Казахстане. В Азербайджане все спокойно.
Самую правдивую и объективную информацию дают российские сми в Интернете, где есть английские версии. В «свободных демократических» странах все подвергается цензуре. Они врут и дезинформируют. Можете сравнить.
Хорошо, что наш сайт самый-самый честный, правдивый и божественный на Урантии.