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Dear Folks,
With the considerable and welcome help from Valerie, here is the complete book in one folder, consisting of four files.  

Song At Sunrise.  and Sons of God

Hello Everyone,
My apologies that I send the link originally as personal.  Chapter 9 is now enabled for all to view.

Please let me know if there are any other problems with the links. 

Hello Everyone, it looks like the last post was for chapter 5 somehow.  Here is the new link:

Hello Everyone, 
Here is the link to the Chapter 1 of the Crown, Tomb and Coronation via Google Drive.

Have a blessed, peaceful and joyous Christmas!
Song at Sunrise


Hello Everyone, My Dropbox is full, so I am making this available through Google Drive. 
You will need a Google account to download the Google Drive.

Hello Everyone, here is the Introduction to the book, the Crown, the Tomb, and the Coronation.

Hello Everyone, here is the Foreword From the Deities from the Crown, the Tomb and the Coronation.


Hello Everyone, here is the audio link for the Chapter 3 of The Crown, Tomb, and Coronation, The Lines of Authority of God.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Another Way To Do The Missions
« on: December 17, 2021, 12:24:20 am »
Transmitting 54 12-16-2021

Good afternoon, 12:12

Dear TA, we got the post from Ron yesterday outlining the troubles that seem to threaten the second coming and the Missions.
I would like to suggest a different approach.

Jesus was a citizen of Israel, born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, and familiar with all the countryside. Wouldn't it be simple if he showed up in Israel, as himself, Yeshua, and became familiar with the country as it is today?

He is already winning friends and influencing people. Why not start where he left off? Maybe he could have James John and Peter with him. Maybe David, Abraham, or Samuel or Paul.

(Midwayers could play dress-up!)

I think that he could work with the Israeli government better than any ambassador for bringing peace to the Middle east. Jesus speaks the language. He knows the people. Why not start the regency in Israel?

The other Muslim nations around know who Abraham is and would recognize the name Melchizedek.

I think RA would be impressive to the Egyptians, and the establishment of disarmament would be an astonishing thing to the Iranians, the Iraqis and the Saudis.

The European nations could observe, and notice the effectiveness of a Regency. but I feel that the credibility of Jesus and the Melchizedek Corp has to be built slowly and steadily, and gradually gather the notice of other nations.
The Jews already know of the Melchizedeks, because the Dead Sea Scrolls prophesied their coming.
If America is coming apart at the seams, and a huge tectonic plate shift occurs, that would be a perfect time for the Melchizedeks to step in and take charge of the rebuilding, and Ra and his forces to make sure there is no looting and thuggery.
Only after Americans see how things are working in other countries may they decide to try the regency idea too. It may take a while and a few elections to remove the criminals from the legislature, so we may be looking at years, but only when America has a serious financial crisis, food shortages, as well as the renewed pandemic will people be willing to look at alternatives. When Americans see that RA means business, and the Melchizedeks really do know how to enforce a new policy, then Jesus could appear and lend his support. Then he may choose to reveal his true identity. I don't think "God with Us" could be any better exemplified than starting the missions out at the bottom,  with plain common sense and clear and perfect truth accompanied by the power to enforce. 


Hello everyone.  Here is the audio link via Dropbox for the Chapter 4 the Nature of God, from The Crown, the Tomb, and the Coronation.  
One link is for files 1 - 5 and the other for files 6 - 10.
Please let me know if there are glitches.  I am not comfortable working with Dropbox.


General Discussion / Questions about force, energy and personality
« on: December 08, 2021, 11:19:52 pm »
Hello everyone.  
There are many things I don't understand, and request your comments or help on these questions.  Thank you.

Does force, or energy, or power have a "personality" or some kind of "awareness"?

Or to reword it, does the energy or force projected from a personality carry with it some of that "personality"?

Or in another way, can the influence of a person be projected as some kind of a "force" or "energy"?

Is charisma an energy that can be used to coerce?

Does energy that emanates from people or places become resident in us?


Can this charisma or influence be used to override free will?

When a person has a lot of charisma, and it is used as a influence on others, do the celestial judges look at that as neither good or bad?

Can the "allowing" of that influence override our free will?


Can the supreme, or an entity project "influence" and it remains viable, even after the departure of the supreme or that entity?

People remember how they feel about a person, place or thing. Can a supreme-influenced person, place, or thing embed itself in someone's memory so that it can cancel out or discourage free will?

Thank you for your thoughts.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Joy
« on: December 07, 2021, 06:23:17 pm »
Indeed this is the day designated as the date of Jesus' announcement, December 7th, 2021.
So something needs to be said.
OK. Understand that Jesus is already on the planet. In the flesh, he is making contact with people. Not just any old people, but rather those who can be among his supporters and helpers in the mission to come.
It was mentioned there needed to be people in Cambodia and Turkey, and other places, who know about Jesus. I understand that Jesus could see to it that groups of influential people would be able to talk to their countrymen, and say, "This is the real deal folks! Listen to him!"
Jesus is going to be heard all over the world, and not just in English speaking countries.
Will there be a tincan to translate or will there be real people that Jesus has already contacted?
I feel that this month of relative silence for us, is simply the cook getting the cats out of the kitchen so he can get his work done. I know -- I have 5 of 'em!

Will Jesus quietly help Mr. Biden with his discussions with Mr. Putin today? There is the prospect of a war over Ukraine.
How will Jesus and Melchizedek deal with Putin?
Things have to be worked out in secret. They don't need to tell us.
Since this Jesus Mission is such a one-of-a- kind, all sorts of entities are crowding in to see what is going on. As helpers behind the scenes, we are in a glorious stage production, of which Shakespeare would be proud. "All the world is a stage". . . ,
So I am saying be glad you have a chance to appreciate your world a little more.
This one here is planning to decorate the tree with dozens of Thank You notes. instead of shiny balls. Making the tree personally meaningful is another way to create a beauty and joy.
So this December could be one of the most productive times both spiritually, as well as physically, as we purposefully prepare for future shortages. I was astonished when the Universal Father wished us a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. I used to think Christmas was pagan! And that God would be displeased the thought of any celebration. But I think it is safe to say that joy is always appropriate. Joy is the theme of the 3rd Sunday in Advent, for those who are church goers.
Let joy be filling your every event this December . . . Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Family reunions? Office parties? Concerts?
Let there be Everlasting Joy for the people of God!


Hello Everyone, here is the link to chapter 8 of the Crown Tomb and Coronation.

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