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Greetings everyone, here are "notes" for the Sunday Light Line:
Light Line 01-23-2022 Sunday


This is TARKAS:

The Light Lines have been disrupted almost for a steady week. You do not know the true condition.

You get almost no interest because people are tired of reading the evaluations.
You think this is the end of the discussion forum.
No one is interested in discussion any more, and people are just using it for a Light Line connection.

I am One without Name or Number. I am of the Paradise regime. We are trying to keep the connection. It is not working.

Amethyst and Lemuel have not been getting an MC. We heard nothing from Clency on Friday.

He posted a tape. It was held but we have no evidence on the Salvington circuits.

Rene, you are getting into the same blind spot. Make sure you ask for an MC. Don't wait for one to appear.

Fully understood. Ron.

Statement as to condition:
Urantia has been snubbed once more by an over whelming number of Lucifer personnel who we thought we adjudicated, but are returning to their own position and attitude. Ron says you will not win. He will not provide any information. He is ready to close things down, and wait till they are ready to be removed.

Until the Ancients of Days decides where we stand with the proposed missions, as well as the idea of WTP as well as the idea of the second return, we are very carefully remaining neutral.
There is a proposed meeting today with you Ron and Christ Michael. Hopefully that will take place on Light Line.
If it doesn't, post the the Light Line to the discussion forum.

There are over 90 members listed on the discussion forum.
At the present there are only 4 making use of it.

The Lucifer rebellion and its influence is heavily marked on your own decisions. It is so subtle we don't know it is operating. For the most part, it is ignored.

Ron says, I'm up to here with the non-participation.

You will never fully understand the situation if you do not participate.

For that reason, we are ascertaining the Salvington Govt. is looking at the Light Line and is trying to ascertain the value of the LL.
They cannot service, for the lack of participation.

Ron has asked that the Light Line today go through, and that I be the MC. Ron is also aware unless I am available, and the Magisterial Sons are available, he will have to wing it himself. He would prefer not to.

We are transferring you to Amadon.

This is AMADON:
Always the present protocol that works so well for us.

The meeting today you call LL is supposed to be scrubbed in about 10 minutes. That is not the Lucifer rebellion. That is Christ Michael.
The other light lines have to be held. But you have to make a strong effort to get your MC and your regularly scheduled presentation.

The audience needs to be participating. When you speak, it strengthens the connection to the spiritual circuitry.

Here is Christ Michael.


Thank you Ron.
I am CHRIST MICHAEL. I agree what Ron said today in the post. For those of you with the attitude it will take care of itself, sorry, it won't.

If you wish to be a part of a group that understands, then please participate.
Sue Whiley has again gone off on a tiff. If she wishes to participate more, she has to step up to the plate, and take a swing at the ball, or do a transmission, with those who are trying to contact her.

Listen carefully.
There is no good reason to obtain a Light Line when the major part of the universe has to stand down because of the defiance of the old fashioned Lucifer rebellion. The adjudication did not work. They are still at it. For that reason we now eliminate. That is up to the ancients of Days.


Meanwhile, WTP is not under any order to proceed, but you are pressing to be recognized on Urantia. That you did very well on Friday. Today, Sunday, they are looking at the email you sent to the Dept of Energy.
They scrubbed all funding for WTP. The truth of the matter, they scrubbed all funding for WTP on Jan. 20. Your email came in Jan 21. You made one remark on Jan 18. They will look into the funding program if it is still in effect, as of Jan. 20.

It is one more synchronicity of things going wrong all the time.

I have no way of forcing it to operate correctly.

(This transmission about WTP has been rescinded.)

Now this: You use Dominick on your planning commission. He has decided he can do that as long as he has the support. However, the planning commission is of the opinion, for Michael to speak correctly, it must be through Ron individually.

Ron counters that by saying that each individual transmitter produces a slightly different review from the Creator Son, and must be made available for evaluation later on.

Dominick's use of individual commission members must continue.

Dominick has won great praise from Ron, and has stepped up to use the voice of God in a way that is particularly helpful for those in the group. Ron wishes you to continue that for your own excellent development.,

As CHRIST MICHAEL: I want to tell you:
1. The requirement for a second return has always been voluntary. That is, the second return is voluntary for Jesus to perform. We dare not order it.

Jesus has reported back that Ron feels a great emptiness. What you feel, Ron, is the lack of psychic information you depend on for you to stay the course. The TA has removed itself to protect you.
You have been grateful to the adjuster and you know darn well he is holding back.

You are getting false fodder from the cabal. They may as well be baboons. Ron has closed them down.

We are recognizing that the matter of the Christ Michael dispensation is ignored primarily by people on Urantia.
The truth of the matter, we are looking at removing the discussion forum for the simple reason the forum is not being used, except for the Light Line.

Dominick has made a website available that will serve that purpose very well, without the discussion forum. We will continue to evaluate it. If you don't want to use it, don't pretend. Eventually it will be pulled down.

As CHRIST MICHAEL I want you to understand that the forces that would allow the healing of Ron's terrible condition is withdrawn, because they cannot stand the attack of the cabal or the Luciferian personnel. Urantia is flooded with it again. Those of you who are hosts of LL know it too, because the difficulty of running a normal Light Line is very high, because they are attacking the hosts themselves.
We suggest to the hosts, KEEP AT IT! BUT EXPECT NOTHING BUT TROUBLE FOR A WHILE. We do not know how to tell you what to do about it. Ron has given you a good indication of how to get around it. Use it.

The following announcement is particularly nasty to the insurrection, and what is remaining of the Lucifer rebellion. The adjudication placed in force by the Ancient of Days is sailing. It has changed my attitude.

It is this: Starting with this morning when Ron couldn't get out of bed, they decided the entire matter of his "resurrection" was a broken measure, once again spoken to, and blocked by the insurrection.
In the meantime, it is just going downhill, getting worse and worse.

Ron feels that the Lucifer rebellion, and insurrection is all around him, and he cannot make any progress unless he has the Salvington Cavalry for protection.

The Planetary government has been overrun again, and they have no choice but to destroy all that is in their view.

Ron does not attempt to explain it, because it is a selfish voice. Ron knows it.

Furthermore: The frequency you are on, Ron, is super high. Very few can accommodate that, even in the insurrection. You were brought up this morning, to perform in that frequency.

2. The trial that is afforded by the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated before. If there is a return to the rebellion, there is an automatic depersonalization that will follow. We are going to put that in effect. That is 1 million seraphim, 325 thousand divine sons and a number of personnel that must be revealed, and that must be withdrawn from Urantia momentarily.

It is mostly on Urantia that they are gathering. For that reason, it was the bestowal of Jesus that got in the way of the plans of Lucifer. He saw to the destruction of Urantia, EVEN AFTER HIS DEATH.

YOU are not removed from speaking the truth.

I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER. Finally we have a man on Urantia who knows the difference between insurrection and the acrimonious decree.
Paradise cannot even see them. They are useless.

Ron is trying to find a word I don't want to be used. We will let it lie.
Ron: As you will Father.
FATHER; Thank you. The truth of the matter, we are going to clear Urantia even if we have to cut off our nose to spite our face.

Ron: That is ludicrous.
Father: You dislike something so much you will hurt yourself to get that out of the way.

With all the personnel destroyed, we don't have enough to run the missions!

Your trial with the Department of Energy is not over. They see what you have, and are amazed.
They never thought of how to do it, except that you showed them. I hope you can make amends quickly enough to get this built.

I am UNIVERSAL FATHER. I have spoken. Christ Michael, how do you attend my remarks now?
I withdraw.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Thank you, Ron. The truth of the matter, I am fully supporting what the Father has to say. They are all around you Ron. You detest them. They have no voice, power, or real way to discriminate against good. One by one they are being removed again. We did this on Saturday, Friday, and Thursday. We will do it again.

The truth of the matter, you have broken through finally to the official mind in Washington DC with a wonderful email that simply asks them, can you help me build this as a proof and demonstration?

Then they saw your drawing. It explains it.

Problem is the underground cable is huge. What do you say to that?

Ron: I had to. There was no small illustration that show the size given. It was a graphics problem that the cabal was using against me.

Christ Michael: I more fully understand it now.

Ron: That can be easily spoken to. It is just a bubble, kind what you would call balanced relationship of size.

Christ MIchael: That is easily spoken to. Thank you.

Ron; A restraining bracket, could ground the electrons. The cable could come into contract with the flow of electrons and stop the flow of electricity.
Christ Michael: Ron has to find an illustration that is close. He can't precisely draw it.
The Department of Energy has routed to the patent office, and is asking them why they are taking so long.
Ron: What did they say? (chuckle)
Christ Michael: Father says they have not said anything, because the patent is about to be issued. It should come next week. Can you live that long?

The truth of the matter, you got up this morning wondering what they were doing with the dream that was presented. Tell them :

Ron: I was walking in what was looking like a series of stores in a mall. And I was bent over picking up pennies and quarters off the floor. It went on until I could go no further. The dream ended.
Tell me what it means.

Chris Michael: Nothing! But you got quite a few quarters!
Ron: Yes there were quite a few! Why do you think it was quarters?
Christ Michael: The truth of the matter, that is the Deity Absolute. pointing out something to you you have done all your life. You have supported yourself to keep a bed and a roof, and you have lived hand to mouth most of your life.

Then suddenly you come across a huge highway, You can't walk across the tire marks left by the road graders. It was muddy.
Ron says to himself, this has been so interfered with that it is useless to continue further.

Deity Absolute knows that Ron uses dreams to instruct you.

Ron: Welcome, speak as you wish.
DEITY ABSOLUTE: Thank you for the kind protocols.

You cannot any longer afford payments of pennies. Ron will pick up every penny and spend it.
Ron: Give me what I can use and I will use it!

Deity Absolute: Then you hit the deep ruts that stopped you from looking. That is not the Father, Son or Spirit. That is the insurrection that is trying to kill you. They have stopped all income, and hope. But we are here to assure you there is no longer an intervening ditch. You are to provide the world with WTP.

Your drawing will be modified a little. The patent is sufficient to protect you.

The Department of Energy will want to interview you. You ask them to come to York. For that reason, they will bring you to Washington via one of their transport systems. There is sufficient room in your yard to land a helicopter.



Pres. Biden is soon to learn through the Department of Energy and Defense. . .
Ron: I will tolerate no false information!

Ron: you are snubbed off. We are stopping the transmission until the truth can be established.
We will protect the Light Line today by scrubbing the transmissions.

We go to Q and A right now.

Jose: These evil forces. They interfere with the other hosts. Do these evil forces influence us too?

Ron: They can. I don't think it has been successful. But the Hosts sometimes have to do a refreshment or a double take to get back on the course.

When the cabal interferes, the transmitter questions and asks for a refreshment, and that knocks the cabal out.

The numbers alone are forcing the atmosphere of spirit, in which people stand back. Then they have no say, as a result there is no participation.

Right now it is very serious, I will not tolerate it, and I will use every means at my disposal to upset them. That is the best answer for you Jose.

Lemuel: What was the announcement that was true?
Ron: anything about WTP, knock it out. Anything before that was true.

Rene: (?)
Ron: It is great support to show the people that the insurrection and rebellion itself has no real sense of how to deal with strong willed individuals who refuse to be indoctrinated., Don't stop your work, Rene. Just be sure you are not being snookered by rebellion. Depend on the Father.

Elise: Working on the Crown book, I had trouble typing. Is that the rebellion?
How is it possible after adjudication, they are sent to prison or executed, how is it possible they return?

Ron: Many lost their lives when the Ancient of Days adjudicated. Millions died. But multimillions were let off for good behavior.
Punishment will be found more if they break their contract, and their word, the millions that were let go on good behavior.

With interference at the keyboard, I have that problem all the time. That is the cabal that is trying to disrupt your nervous system They are doing it to others too.

You are fully disrupted if they can be getting in sideways. I have been attacked severely in the last 7 days. I have requested destruction if they won't remove themselves.

They want to destroy the mission, and and all who work with it. That includes all the transmitters. You cannot stop working! In spite of this, you will be heard again.
Elise, you are slow to understand that humans can be affected by the ill will of a group of individuals that can use chicanery and murder to remove you as they removed Jesus. How strong are you? Don't be foolish, but be persistent.

Steven Gitz: Dept of Energy and Defense, closing down funding for WTP. Helicopter of the lawn. That noise is strong enough to cut communication. What about the Dept of Defense?
Ron: Michael said they took notice.

Weydevu: WTP When using muons, what else can they be used for? Other things?

Ron: Electron is a stone. the muon is a butterfly. That is the greatest difference between preparticles as you can get. The electron are too heavy to move up the tower. The muons fly up. They are electrically charged like an electron, but it is also anti- gravity. I haven't talked about it and that is a whole separate project.

Weydevu: Jesus not having anything to do with the Vatican?
Ron: The Vatican has to return to spiritual values,

Dominick: Concerning the written word in the forum and participation of the meetings. The written word doesn't serve spiritual experience or purpose. Reading and following along with the LL doesn't serve Christ Michael's purpose. It begins and ends with him, and the written word interferes. Participation is verbal. No notes in the commission meetings. Written words do not allow spirit.

Ron: I remind everyone that the website is called "discussion forum" that does ask that you participate with discussions. I fully agree, that has happened. The Light Line tends to trump the heard transmission.

MICHAEL: I am solidly entrenched in Ron's mind right now. The discussion forum goes back to 2003, it was revised as you see it now, in 2012 and has proceeded to establish itself not only with text, but also the spoken word Light Lines.
There is a certain holdover with the methods of discussion and understanding.

We are trying to provide a mission to Urantia. It is totally valid, and needs participation, So along as Sue Wiley, and others who don't participate because of pique, we may start another forum based on invitation.

In another month, it may be necessary to have only the WTP, Ron and the discussion forum.



Dear readers, I did not call Valerie a turkey!
I called her a "Techie"!  that means that she is a wiz at technology.  
This is a possible cause for misunderstanding, because the software anticipates what is to be said, and plugs in what is in the vocabulary list.  
This is one way the cabal can make inroads, and cause confusion and concern. 
But thank you for your hard work, Valerie!  These translations/transcriptions can be a real pain!
Love you!

Here is a note about my "notes"
What I record here is what I hear. That may not be the same as what was said. When Ron gets excited about a topic, he starts speaking faster, and I don't get it all.

The transcriptions by those who offered, Valerie, Moses, Roger Raz, and Phyllis, and others, are complete, but there is the danger of cabal sneaking in homonyms. -- those words that sound alike but mean different things. Sometimes the outcome is hilarious or confusing. Software doesn't know the difference! Many times the spell checker doesn't catch it.
But what I heard, is what I put down. If I am spreading false doctrine, please post the correction right away. I feel that the two entries are harmonious, and complimentary. One is the actual wording, the other is how the audience perceives it. If there is contrast, and difference, it is time for an explanation for clarity. Thank you all for your patience.
I started a few moments into the Light Line:  
Light Line 01-16-2022 Sunday
Ron: I am now in contact with the Deity Absolute.

DEITY ABSOLUTE: I want you all to understand that the temptation that Ron has gotten into has taken it on so fully and seriously he worries about living till tomorrow.

He has been told over and over it is not going to happen., But the human mind is attached to the human body. He says I am done for. I cannot maintain comfortably with your life.

Others on the meeting have gone through Omicron. It is a virus that replicates through the atmosphere, and does not require a body to reproduce spores. Covid is a retrovirus. It needs a dead body to reproduce.

Right now the treatment is not good. It is designed for Covid, not an influenza.
The 1920 pandemic massacred more millions than this pandemic.
For Ron: No one can repair a human body, even with a miracle. I don't know if the life carriers intended that.

Millions of you should be repaired, because you are dedicated to working with God for its success. I as Deity Absolute have nothing to do with the repair of humanity.

That is the problem with high status. The higher you go in spirit, the less you can see the crumbs of material life on a planet.

The life of deity, particularly on the right of infinity, is so high and so well versed in causes that it doesn't view the local universes' life of humanity.

Ron has been hit hard again with promises of nothing but death. That is how you feel it. Dominick lightens the burden. But Dominick needs a little medical attention himself. But it is a different situation.

Now this:
He is speaking from the Ring of Infinity. The truth of the matter, you are suffering what Donna felt, Omicron.
That must be stopped, because it erodes the vitality of your heart, and for that reason, you are often put to sleep, rather than staying awake, and worrying.

To the rest: maybe you can take it well too.

No one can supply additional life when the mitochondria from the bone marrow is finished. It is a gift of our mothers. Ron's mother lived till 92, died quickly and remorsefully. She will not be secure knowing you might face what she faces.

The bone marrow that was passed to you was an adjudication between a life span 102 to perhaps 71. It was adjusted down to 72 because we foresaw that living on Urantia was hardly worth it by the time you reached that age.

But you said to Monjoronson: I wish to join the Magisterial Mission and I wish to go as long as I may stay in service. Monjoronson asked the Deity Absolute how to prolong his life

DA had said, adjust his mitochondria. What was installed in 2010 was removed in 2014.
What does the body do with all the extreme changes? It reacts physically. Ron and Donna feel the symptoms.
Now this:
The entire spectrum of what has been invented, done, and what will be done in your name, will continue. You cannot continue in these conditions. For that reason, we're going to call a spade a spade and bring you home.

For that reason, you will not see the outgrowth of WTP or any cause, unless you are reinstated. We will reinstate you, this time, as you heard before, with a morontial body, that has the appearance of physicality, that has no such feeling to produce the physicality of a human life in physical form.

Your cells have been revised to normal human cells, and it has been hell for you.
The cabal, the insurrection, and elements of the Lucifer rebellion have all stood back except for a few.
Your life forces which are quite strong, will continue., Your physicality will remain as you are right now. The marks and bumps on you with age, will be removed. Your vanity is secure!

The Michael regime at Salvington has agreed with the regime of Absolute.

This morning he gave you a dictation he cannot accept. It is about the correct control of what you must learn.
Michael pushed you back without any acknowledgment of Ron's participation.

Ron is to participate as long as he has the pleasure of allowing you to do it.
It might be a nice long time. Your friend Dominick will become an adjutant, if he can secure the thinking it takes to become an adjutant.

Any other who can join you in the Foundation may also need the same thought patterns.
We need to proceed carefully.

You have been through 4 days. By the 6th such day you should be clear of it.
I thank me in the name of all.

I do not make any comment whatsoever, how you will come out of this.

(Ron found the movie Despicable Me is a very funny movie.)
You will straighten out in time to enjoy your patent.
The lead attorney at the patent office says thank God somebody has the smarts to straighten this out. We are in desperate need .

It takes 3 weeks to do the processing. When it is finally published, we think you will be inundated with questions. Let them accumulate. Then issue to everyone with your answers on one paper.

To all of you who work with Ron:
The planning commission and Dominick. evaluate the possibility of crowds, to provide outside donation of money to provide resources for the demo.

Ron will have to find a way to fund it. He wasn't sure he had support.

Dominick what we need is an evaluation of how to put to the public an advertisement to donate to a new technology to prove it. Look at your resources, and let Ron do the writing.

Phyllis: You will be in control of a transmission coming through

Phyllis: I will continue until Ron gets back. My apologies for my voice. Go ahead Tarkas.

TARKAS: Thank you Phyllis, this is Tarkas, It is once a gain a pleasure speaking with all of you. So we can convey our thoughts and intentions to you. It is so vital to you and us, to pass on this planet, and to make these transmissions as place of fruition of that will the Father has so graciously sent forth into the minds of all of us, to work together, to assume and tasks and responsibilities that are given along the way according to our skills and abilities.

We know you have been told in the Urantia book, when you give to the Father all that you are and have, he will enable you to be more than you imagined possible. You will create abilities, as we are doing it together, in our efforts to bring to pass what the Father has willed to come to this beleaguered planet, to reveal himself as he desires to be revealed. Through the many circumstances, as his spirit representation, each of you as little sons of God, learn through your life experiences, and bring into play your unique personality giftings.

You are united in your personality gifting, for a reason and purpose. Cooperating with your TA's, the Father fragment in each of you is the enablement to bring you all into line with the will and the ways of the Father.

Phyllis's voice is in no mood to cooperate, but it is staying the course.

There is a way regardless of the circumstances that are constantly changing. For each of us in the spirit, and you in the material, often there is no obvious or quick solution, But there are always means and to go the extra mile, to uncover these ways and means.

YOU OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES and potential you are not aware of. This is an opportunity for discovery for each of you in this world, and your experiential journey to become as the Father himself. It is an opportunity to solidify your contact with the spirit world.
The DA himself will reveal what needs to be known at the right time, and the right individuals. You must be open and receptive, accepting the information that is provided to you, and opportunities you may take. It may be in a direction you are not expecting, but there is oftentimes a great hesitancy on the part of the human contact to fully acknowledge spiritually gifted information. Be persistent and consistent in your pursuit in the discovery of that which is being given to you, and why, and what the expectations are on your part, going forward. That is not to say you will be given all the answers. But the results will be given to you when you can persist in what you have received, and can work forward in trust. There is timing and growth and expectations involved. Fully consider this: you can always come to the place within yourself where you can choose to believe.

Gifts of potentials will be given to those who can follow up, according to your personality and the guidance that is being provided to you. Stay aware of potentials and possibilities and be open to the Father's will.

Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas.

(Amazon assures Ron a package.)

DEITY ABSOLUTE: Now there is a closer liaison than at the beginning of the Light Line.

Ron's question; Many do not understand how the universe works, particularly when we add the human resource added to the divine.
You are looking forward to the 2nd return.
Jesus is not getting humanity to recognize him.

Ron: Jesus, now that we have prepared the way for you, where do you want us to stand?

JESUS: I want Ron to stand with me. He is my apostle. I will call upon others to be my apostles too. But they must prove themselves. Ron is trying to bring Dominick, his first trainee into the space that is so rare its core consists of only 200 people.
The Master Universe apprises all who serve with the Bestowal Son and apprises a place to be when their work on earth is done, and the bestowal mission itself.

Ron is the only one so far to apprise this space for himself. He wants others he can train to stand with him in that corporation.

He advises Jesus he not worthy to be an apostle.

I am Jesus: I am your teacher, your brother, also representing your God.
Only one of us must represent God. Not you apostles.

Ron: Do all you want, but JESUS takes credit.
Jesus dislikes the idea of dismissing the human contribution to a successful bestowal.

You will be recognized by a title that provides you the same status as Peter and the apostles. That allows you the same status that Jesus had in the flesh.

Ron has paid the price over and over without complaint. Unless directed otherwise, we receive the appropriation of originating and supplying the help. Ron has said, I will appropriate the ownership for one dollar.

But suddenly we have a little problem. Deity Absolute says to Jesus, If you do not own it give it to Ron.

Ron says give me the paper to sign, and I will sign it.
The divinity of God that must always prevail.

The Magisterial Foundation is no longer entirely yours. We are buying it for a dollar.

Ron must own the Rayson Corporation because it deals with money. Ron takes the complaints.
Ron: Do as you wish Father. I am not questioning.

Father: For that reason, the Rayson Corporation remains yours. We will donate resources for the Magisterial Foundation. The Magisterial Foundation is divine, then donates to the Rayson Corp the physical.
The Rayson must be insulated with a public trust. Ron put it aside.

Unfortunately the attorney is unwisely associated with the right wing conspiracy.

Ron, redo your search, and find the proper corporation work that you need immediately. Do not be concerned about names to place into it. Let the attorney provide the proper vehicle, and we will place the names into it for you. Now this:

Ron's attitude is that he is ready to receive. The truth of the matter, we are not sure what they should be. Ron is going to have to be his usual clever self to see his way though the maelstrom. A public trust requires that the public own it. They fulfill the executive areas of direction. That is inadmissible.
But Ron knows he must make the public heirs to the Foundation and subsidiary corporations.

We are considering the Rayson corp is a profane institution. and the Mag. Mission must be withdrawn into the divine. It becomes the new Urantia Foundation.

If the new Magisterial Foundation becomes the new Urantia Foundation, it will be run by the divine, and Ron becomes the voice of God solely, and adds administrative ability.

You hear it because if you are to be a logical part of the Magisterial Foundation, and represent the Missions as well, then you are natural part of understanding this.

If you do not try, you will be assigned elsewhere,
Ron prefers we accept the bond with him individually .

Some of you will fall away. Such is the cost of doing business with what the divine missions on Urantia have to achieve.
We are the office. Ron is the voice. You are the apostles.
I hope you understand that. Ron you do beautiful work. It is not hard to follow. Try to get it.

You will have to become corporate leaders, regardless of how you feel about corporations. They are the real history of any legal event, from government down to Xerox.

Transmission, Lemuel?
Lemuel: I do not have a name.

I AM ONE OF HIGH STATUS. I would like to say something you are aware of, Of what you have been informed in the last half hour, the importance of all of you individually and collectively, is, how high do you want to go? Have you set yourself a goal? If your mind is closed to all except what you are already doing, then obviously nothing will come into your minds to do other things. But to open your minds, the TA's will help you to adjust and grasp what are the possibilities.

The potential for all of you is unto all of you.

You do not know your own potential.

Those of you who are bogged down with relationships, that there is little you can do. But listen to what your heart dictates.

You all have the potential of participating somehow, that may not be repeated throughout the Master Universe.

This moment is unique! Those of us celestials are having to come to terms with you guys -- how can we take advantage of these few human beings, who are so dedicated, and want to be in the service? You will be proved. But there is no point to prove you if your mind is closed to possibilities.

There are three or four listening to what I am saying. But you need to feel it if this is what you really want. Because you will be proved.

We are at the beginning of 2022. At the end of this year 2022 I can assure when you look over the past year, you will be astounded at that is taking place in such a short time,.

Be careful. Weigh your decision carefully. Once you have made your decision, the die is cast, and there is no going back. But then you will be proved. You will be recognized for your attempt.
So this is all I wanted to say to all of you.
Take the bull by the horns, but be careful at the same time.

I thank this one for taking this transmission. I bid you all a very good afternoon.

Lemuel: Thank you for those words of encouragement.

This is JESUS: I am pleased to join you . This is another important Light Line.

It is true Ron has been in conversation over many things, and in the past 48 hours or less, certain things have come to the fore. You have been informed to some extent what is taking place.

But I am going to talk about you OTHERS.

I know you all. I know what is in your mind and heart. There are some of you who are 100 % with me and the future missions.

Some of you have some doubts about your own capabilities. You can't throw in the towel before you even start. Give it your best shot.

It is not a disgrace. But if you throw in the towel before you start, it IS a disgrace.

Thank about this carefully.

Obviously you will be proven. Nobody can be found wanting, if you are desirous being about the Father's Business.
Relationship? how will it be affected?
I will not coerce any of you. But you have been led here to be here at this moment, for what? to stop now?

More than half will be successful. But those who attempt, you will be acknowledged.
This is Jesus. I bid you all a very good afternoon.

Lemuel:; Thank you Jesus for those thought provoking words.

It is up to us to provide the legalities concerning signatures, but the incarnations we expect to employ has to be carefully handled. Your home is OK but getting there is the problem. Urantia is in a horrible state.

We have to allow Rayson and one or two others to meet with you in the flesh. Dominick. and another.

For that reason, we see no other reason perpetuating today's call. 25 on direct call and 8 on streaming.
Wonderful audience. Thank you for your interest.

Q and A;
Jose: Do the things we have heard today, does that affect Jesus' announcement?

Ron: No
Jesus. No

Jose: Announcement postponed?

Jesus: We will wait till there is a patent. It is the starting gun for the for the rest of the missions.
It is Jesus' determination how that will play into his physical appearance.

YOU DON'T KNOW ME. I AM AN ARCHANGEL. Jose, you are bent on seeing a schedule benefiting yourself and your mother. But you cannot perceive something above numbers.

I stand with Ron. He recognizes that spirit operates totally differently. You are conditioned by day and night and you will not be a satisfactory server, if schedule is important to you.
Spirit accomplishes without a calendar or clock.

But you and your mother will benefit from the grace of God. He will show you you the kindness and the terminology for yourself and your mother to enjoy.

Jose: Thank you

Weydevu: We don't hear of the other supremes. Do you have transmissions from them?

Ron: The truth of the matter, the planetary supreme has been reassigned and modified on Paradise. She no longer has a presence on Urantia. She is now an entirely new entity.

The system supreme resigned all offices. He is no longer in the System of Satania.

Weydevu: Do inhabited planets get supremes?
Ron: yes.

Weydevu: Why is the Father Consummator #6 . Why isn't he No. 1?

Ron: Where do you think infinity comes from?

Weydevu: I Am.
Ron: Where did I Am get it?

Weydevu: Father is a consummator.
Ron: You as a boy in high school could have done a science project. Here is something invented to show. The Father is a inventor too. There has to be an extension to what we enjoy as an existence. I am going to create a place to be shared, so they came.

Father became the I Am of the project, and selected all the indices that formed the idea of reality. That reality at its most effective, is infinities. As a leavening tool it can be screwed down to fit into time.

Time teaches you take a step, a step and a step until it works.
When infinity is slowed down to almost nothing you have time. Father also says there is a limit to what you can create with with it. So I will have to include steps that have no time, or space. Steps become the master universe idea of infinity .

What gives the father the power to be infinite?

It is the will of self- existence. That is not found in the type of infinity we have in the Master Universe. It is found in the origins of infinity Father partakes of beyond the seer of the Master Universe.

The perfection of the Master Universe is static. What do you do when you have done everything ?

The fact is that it is derived from infinity which enables perpetuation.

Dear Folks,
With the considerable and welcome help from Valerie, here is the complete book in one folder, consisting of four files.  

Song At Sunrise.  and Sons of God

Hello everyone! Welcome back!  Here are the "minutes of the meeting" as it were.  A transcription maybe forthcoming.   Enjoy! SaS
Light Line 01-02-2022 Sunday after long break

Ron Besser, Host, and Phyllis Simpson, co-Host

We will start with Q and A to answer questions you have held for a month or more.


WTP: Will there be stocks available when the project begins?
Ron: I think that the public utility that we will be become could be a stock operation, Rayson Electric. I will leave it to spirit to handle the business.

Weydevu: Present status of the Urantia book. Present UB is gone into oblivion. What about it?
Ron: It is a big area to discuss. My supervisor will speak to it.
But I tell you the 5th Er will eventually not be sold. They will be relics by the time the new ER comes out in 15 years. The interim revelation has no title, but that is to come forth almost immediately. I need to talk to Phyllis about it. It will be spoken to later today.

Carole: Dominick mentioned in a post concerning the Jesus Return: "There will be no visual reference to Jesus." Please elaborate on that.

This is TARKAS: Starting with Q and A is a lovely idea that helps us understand what is on your minds.

I Tarkas have been recalled to Paradise. and I am speaking from Paradise through Ron's voice box.
8 on streaming, and 26 on the direct phone call. The direct phone is having 5 or 6 on the internet audio. The internet Audio link is at the top of the discussion forum page.

We have 34 and I am so grateful for you to attend,
The motion you will hear today is about the changes that have been made the past month.

I am Tarkas, One Without Name or Number. Jack, is also One Without Name or Number, and he will co host with me on your future Light Lines, USA. Those of you who do other LL's, Amethyst will have Tarkas, Clency will have Jack and another one Without Name or Number. . Rene: Father, Lemuel for Saturday, will have Van or others you don't know. Just go with whoever speaks, as your MC.

Now this; All LL's are still here and ready to go, and they will be coming forth this week on their regular schedules.

For your information, I will no longer list the dates. I will mention the time, and day of the week only. Look for the call in numbers. That is really no change from last year.

This year we will do something different. Like today, Ron gave us a Q and A that gives us a hint of what you are thinking about. It helps us organize what to talk about.

Michael of Nebadon: It is a pleasure to hear your voice again,
Ron has been through so many changes in the last 30 days.

Streaming and Internet audio and telephone service will continue until we can improve it.

Now 26 on direct call, and 5 on the internet audio, and 9 on streaming.

One of the biggest changes we have made is to change personnel around., Tarkas and maybe Jack, Henson, and one other you don't know, One Without Name or Number, are all here to support the LL staff. but you will have a variability as to who you use as MC. LL on Sunday will always be Tarkas. But you may have variations on the week day LL's. Those schedules have been switched around a little bit, but they will be maintained.

You all need to know about the Deity Absolute, and Machiventa Melchizedek and Rayson have declared Ron a National treasure and are funding him. What does that mean? Well, finally resources, and finally a visible entrance to the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission. The Jesus Mission we will talk about later.

Rayson Electric: We will build an electric utility that will produce power for a 200 mile radius. Your cost will be guessed at about $200 dollars a year. All you do is plug in an antenna, high enough to catch the broadcast. This will be identical to the electricity you get now.

Ron has assured Rayson that he will be visible during the construction, to make sure the wiring is correct, and there is no serious error. The generators will be 3 in number, 2 are regular, but the 3rd generator is a slave. That means it is put on without any magnets. The other two send electrons to the third, and they are converted to muons, which will leave the third generator and go up the tower at the speed of light. There will be no interruptions from storms. No problem unless your house falls down.

Rayson electric: Ron has put off answering the question about stocks making it a public company or not. We see the advantage of making it a public company, but we need to protect it as a private utility. We will wait till the Father says it is good business to make it public.

Ron has declared that the Magisterial Foundation is too vulnerable, not to takeover, but according to Ron's will, since Ron owns it, it will to go to the Magisterial Mission, to be sold for a dollar. For that reason, we will insist that Ron forms a public trust, and that public trust will assure no one will inherit it. But it will remain a tax free corporation without profit for the life of the corporation. Ron hopes he lives long enough to see it become a public trust, and owned by the divine. That will also be true or the York PreParticle holding corporation, and the  holding corporation for deeds, gifts, and the building of a big library.

Ron has been upset that we haven't been able to gather materials to put into the library. They will not be so accessible a year from now.

The entire operation consists of what are 5 or 6 corporations.

Ron: I have deleted 2 corporations)with 6 remaining. Thank you Michael.

Michael: The number of corporations is enormous. No one should have that many.

Ron: But each part of the mission needs to have its own corporation, and its own head.
Michael: We like it so much we are going to use it. Thank you Ron. Now this:

We have changed the departments that we talked about last summer, and who is who head it. There is no longer an "Education Department" Elise will work under a Melchizedek Department. of Education. Ron will represent the Revelatory Department. The Science Department will be headed by Rayson, and myself, Michael, and Gabriel.

Ron has requested that the local college hold a conference with him. They have not replied. How do you reply to a man who is suggested the return of Jesus, and their history department keeping a journal to record the process? But we have to provide the college resources to do that.

MACHIVENTA: Ron suggested to me that we use the history department of the college. There are 5 history professors., and 3 are useful, the other 2 are useless.

I love your assessments, Ron!
This is Machiventa: I will name them for you: We will pay them 150.00 a month to maintain a written record of all they see. They will be tasked with presenting a human history of the mission. That will be priceless. We will ask the president of the college for the loan of the department to us. We will donate to the college 500 dollars a month.

Now this: When the meeting is arranged, take Dominick with you and another fellow who will appear at the door, and ask to come in. He will be somebody you know. It will be up to you to accept him.


One of those changes is the fact of the Magisterial Mission. He will be carrying the sales agreement for the Rayson Corp, and York Preparticle can be a subsidiary.
The Rayson corporation is an executive office, and holds the patents and agreements. The Preparticle will be responsible for the actual factory. So you don't have a legal office inside the factory.

DEITY ABSOLUTE: This is Deity Absolute. We are seeing that you get salaried, and that Gitz gets there in June, and be educated on how to run it. We will have a dummy to run.

I am the Deity Absolute. I think all who are listening to this know who I am. For that reason, please be aware we do use a vocabulary at times that you don't know, because it adds to the sophistication as to how God works.

Semimores: New word. The truth of the matter, a semimore is inside an electron, to help glue the strings of ultimatons, to fuse the body of an ultimaton.

Ron has included some paragraphs about semimores in his book on Cosmology of Infinity.
I looked at the text, Ron. It is marvelous. I am asking Michael to slightly modify some of the text on Semimores.
I would hate to lose it.

We are now halfway through this Light Line. It could go on for another hour and a half.

About Cosmology of Infinity, Ron has rewritten it at least 4 times. It is a wearing thing to do. 5 times for Origins, and 3 times with the Crown.

Phyllis understands it. Michael cautioned Ron to now send it to the physics departments right now. Maybe 6 months from now. But Ron is preparing a budget to inform the physics departments that can work with it.

It will set off a roar in the different colleges, because it is so different, and so out of style from what infinity is misunderstood to be.


It infuriates Ron when podunk physicists say that infinity is an endless set of numbers. Ron explains, and we will add to it, and really make this book a revelation you can't put down.

Rayson: Going back to WTP and Steven, for all of you to understand, Ron has offered to Steven who will be the management of Rayson Electric. He will be the manager inside the building that sees to it that electricity is generated 24/7. Rayson will man the Business Office.
We are quite sure that Rayson electric will set the world standard of electricity production. The transmission will be a tingle at 20 megawatts. It will not shock you. That is a friendly muon doing that. If it were electrons, you would be boiled alive.

We need to teach the protocol of muons, tachyons, electrons, ultimatons,
We will use a dummy set to teach this.

The trial for Ron is that you own the patent that allows Rayson to run it. Are you going to donate that?

Ron: I'm not sure what I can do with it. I have been told that the Patent Office requires a single person own a patent. But pharmaceutical companies own patents.

The patent is to stay with you for your entire life. It will generate huge amounts of income that will be donated to the trusts. In particular, dedicate income to the Library. That is your real contribution to us.

We have never thought to record all this.

Ron: Thank you Rayson.

I'm Michael Thank you Ron. I know we have a couple transmitters on the call today. I will bypass that for now, and just use Ron's voice:

Ron: Welcome Jesus please go ahead.

JESUS: I am Jesus. I belong to you. Hear me. The very wares of how we do this is no longer necessary for you to learn. Those who already belong to the Sons of Ascension, the new order on Urantia right now, already have the capacity to hear me. To transmit, is a little different. But to hear me, you can do it if you are a part of the new order of Sons of Ascension.

I care that you all understand that I am Jesus, and not someone else masquerading.

Ron refuses to transmit the cabal, who are masquerading.

All the African nations can have electricity, regardless of how rich or poor, whether they live in a hut or stone home. They will have electricity. That is a miracle. That I give to you. It is the first miracle that I give to you.

Now this:. I am what you call a several-ability. A terrible way to be.

What did Dominick mean?

I am not going around to visit the JC's, the Vatican and groups that are assemblies in the name of a cause.
Ron laughs.

The truth of the matter, Ron has produced something very noble. And it is going to reflect upon you and me to use it. He has put organizations together that will last for ever! When I go, all the work I did will be in those organizations.

In the new library, you will build for us, when you come into it, you will see two guards standing by a glass case. Look in the glass case.

There is my ring. I will will wear a ring during my life on Urantia. It is on the middle finger of my right hand. It is an opal. That is Ron's birth stone. It will be surrounded by 25 diamonds, a sapphire on all four corners of the compass. It will have 3 sapphires, for the Father, the Son and the Spirit. I will wear the ring at all times.

The glitter will not get in the way. I will dedicate the ring to the library to remember me. My ring will lie in state, and two armed guards will be posted nearby. No one one will ever steal the ring of LAITY. It will be what is left of me.

I love you all. I will see you very soon. I kid you not. I will b e visible on cable TV and on your local broadcasts . They will not dare not carry me.

You love a resolute Jesus Ron!
Ron: Thank you!

JESUS: Now this.

We are having some problems with the streaming. Thank you for switching to the internet audio.

I am Jesus. One more statement: You Ron have made it possible for me to be comfortable in my skin. You have a delightful pattern, because it is funny. We will not give it up. The truth of the matter, I have asked that we get a radio station in York, and broadcast a LL or an hour or transmitting for the general public to listen, to hear what transpires.


We will see to it almost immediately.
(Ron) He has put on a mask and a big fur piece. We are not supposed to recognize him!

The Ring of Laity is yours, people. It is in your library when the time comes.

First hand human reporting will see Jesus and Magisterial Sons incarnated, to see the vast concourse of people in stadiums, and in productions speaking to the millions in mass media. Ron has pulled the stopper again, to make this possible.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Now this: Michael here: I am speaking as Christ Michael now. The truth of the matter, if there is a national hero in any of this, it is Ron. Back in 2003 Ron started putting the corporations together. It took him 5 years, (an attorney did not help) and then he worked at home with accountants.

Now we have the help of Dominick, a lot less money than attorneys. Dominick works cheap now, but he will be well paid shortly.

Every one of you is a friend of Ron, and is welcome to be around when this starts to be a team, to be the workers of the will of our Father in Heaven.

This is Christ Michael. Here is the Universal Father:

UNIVERSAL FATHER: I am Father. We speak roughly. I am not the battleship Missouri softening you up.


We see Ron as an Apostle. But Ron does not want to be called an Apostle.

Paul of Tarsus is called the first Apostle. Ron may be called an apostle some day up here. It works amazingly.
All the transmitters have served in apostle stations.


You will all become Sons of Ascension. You will all serve the Father's will.
There is a new Deity. Ron has been chuckling with it all week, and has refused to speak to it.

It is not the deity of supremacy.
It is the Deity of Laity. That is the ring Jesus wears, and dedicated to Urantia, to be shown and admired in your new Library.

We never thought to call any deity Laity. But in honor of Urantia, in order of the Name of Laity, we honor all of you today, on all light lines, for stepping forward, and becoming Sons of Ascension. You 're a new order!

Your over control is the Deity of Laity in the name of Jesus in his work the second time around you.

I am Father. Ron, good for you, you had to reorder the frequencies,

Ron: I am falling all over it!

Father.: I love it.
The Deity of Laity will speak to each of the Light Lines.
Clency, he speaks just above the frequency Jesus does.

Phyllis: start transmitting the Deity of Laity every day. Ron will see to it that it gets its own category. Like Calumnia, the Deity of Laity is now laid on you Phyllis.

Lemuel, you have been wringing you hands. You have the ability to take the Saturday LL, Just do it.

Further, the work Ron outlines to you, lays out the very precise thing you need to hear. Get your wagon fixed to the star of the Father. Set yourself to get prepared as you need to.

Don't let others do it for you.

If you can do that, the future is open to you with plenty of money.

This is Father, I am about to close the LL USA, for its amazing ability to be heard through the voice of Ron.

He needs to be heard by the public. Squeaky voice and all.

I have insisted to Michael, Christ Michael, and Jesus, that we prepare a Mission Radio.
Ron: We can dress it up for you Father!

Father: Ron will probably become a megastar, because he can do this like no one else can. He formulates his voice precisely as I would speak in front of you.

Jesus says, It is my voice. I say it is as I speak. He will be repaired. He will be with you a long time. When the time comes, folks, Lemuel, Rene, Clency, Phyllis, and any body else, including Elise, who may, in the future, step up and take Thursday LL for us.

You have stepped up in the style of approval to tell the truth. God bless you!

The truth of the matter, no one else would do it. Shame on them! They are my sons, and they turned their backs on me. Father suffers. Father cries. What an affront to truth!

They are forgiven. That is my role. But I will be damned if they get honors.
A lot depends on my mood. I do have emotions.

Something else you need to know.

Remember Mantutia?
No he didn't die.
I want to report something to you. That Melchizedek did such a great job on that ER. . . (Ron says it is poetry.)

The man of Epochal poetry has been removed from the Melchizedeks, and has been elevated to a Magisterial Son.

For that reason, Mantutia dare not return to Urantia. Ron pulls him down!
Ron wishes him godspeed as he serves in other places in Nebadon.

We allow him a farewell, the writer of your Urantia book.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK: I am Mantutia Melchizedek. If a Melchizedek could cry I would do it now.

You are extraordinarily human, You give and expect nothing in return. That is a true apostle.

You are afraid of that term, and feel you don't deserve the title of Apostle.

The truth of the matter, Paul is called the first Apostle, not because he was first but because he was the last. Jesus said to Paul, you are my true apostle, stand with the others. He served long years after the original apostles had met the resurrection.

As Mantutia: There are 28 on phone, and 7 on streaming. You are all destined to become Sons of Attainment. (Ascension?) That is not a human order. That is a special order as life that began life as animals, babes, and learned to climb the ivy of glory to the place of our Father.

I refuse to listen further, Ron.
Ron, you willed in a word for Mantutia, a prepossession that showed how a wall of stone could be climbed to reach the Father.

This is Mantutia; I want you to know it is an infraction, but it is welcome.
The truth of the matter, the streaming is throwing people off, and they will not remember.
Charles, please change things with the phone company.

This is Mantutia, I thank you for all my associations, the midwayers, o all of you, I love you as Ron loves you. To those on streaming we thank you for attending.

Thank you for saying farewell to me this way, Ron.
For the final salute, this is Father.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Amazon is dying, not because of the books, but because it has found out what it owes you.
The truth of the matter, they owe you about 15,000 dollars. You have sold 5130 Origins, 2000 Crown books.

They have finally uncovered it. You are now a well know author. You must produce the Cosmology of Infinity shorty . We will help you get it done.
Ron: we can get it printed, but we don't have distributions.

We are over by 15 minutes at least. We wish to say goodbye to all of you on this Sunday LL of Jan. 2022.

Learn to enjoy in spite of the tragedies to occur. Take it with your faith in God.

For those who remain and see the missions flourish, you will have a lot to see, to hear, and your telephone may ring when we can get ordered enough to know the telephone numbers.

You have had Q and A.  God Bless and Good-bye till next time. Bye Bye.

Hello Everyone, Here is the enabled link to Chapter 2 part 2.  You should all be able to get it now.  My apologies.  


Hello Moses.  
Thank you for your interest in this project!    Not to worry, Chapter 9 is in 6 paragraphs  and not in two parts.  I hope the enablement brought forth the 6 paragraphs.  Sorry they are all out of order.  Dropbox does that and I don't know why.  
Love and blessings to you too!

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Hello Everyone, 
Here is the link to the Chapter 1 of the Crown, Tomb and Coronation via Google Drive.

Have a blessed, peaceful and joyous Christmas!
Song at Sunrise


Hello Everyone, My Dropbox is full, so I am making this available through Google Drive. 
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Hello Everyone, here is the Introduction to the book, the Crown, the Tomb, and the Coronation.

Hello Everyone, here is the Foreword From the Deities from the Crown, the Tomb and the Coronation.


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