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« on: November 07, 2021, 04:02:15 pm »
Our gratitude to Tarkas, the Universal Father, RA, Consummators # 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2, Jesus, Gabriel and anyone I may have missed for this most interesting and informative session today.

Here is the link for today's audio tape:

Appreciation for all who attended via streaming, internet and direct phone call.

Ron Besser is also scheduled to host the Saturday Lightline on November 13th.

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.

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« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2021, 08:53:52 am »
Hello everyone,
Here, please find below the audio tape transcription that I posted in two parts. The beginning of the second part labeled with red letters. 

This transcription is verbatim as requested by Michael of Nebadon. It is very important and hope you enjoy it too.

November 07, 2021 Sunday Lightline USA transcription:

Welcome everyone to the Sunday Lightline of November 07, 2021, I am Ron Besser your host, and somewhere in there may be Phyllis Simpson, your cohost. I do not quite see her yet but I am sure she will be here. I welcome everybody and This is Tarkas, your MC for today. Today is another red letter day for all of you to understand. Ron is transmitting from almost memory.
-        Not quite.
-        I am now Tarkas and I am closing in on fully coming into the mind circuits, Ron.
-        May I speak, Tarkas?
-        Yes.
-        Tarkas, I cannot tell any difference. Yah, it is possible, but that was direct  as far as I know.
-        Thank you for telling me. You are not aware of doing it …  
-        No. not at all. Because I had to wait for you to come in, I was not sure who is going to be who spoke. I always wait for you to identify yourself.
-        Thank you. Now I understand we have cabal.
-        Yah, gara knock them off Tarkas, even before we start.  
-        Yes, Ron. This is Tarkas and we done our side of it, Ron. It is now clear channel.
-        Thank you.

This is Tarkas, and I want you to understand, we do have red letters, but today is not a red letter day. That happens to be cabal. We now have them knocked off and squarely put back. For reasons of state Ron has had nothing but problem for the past 48 hours, including compression. No one ever wants to feel that. It is pressing the flesh so hard into the bone that the bone seeps plasma. It is behind just pain. In any case, we have now guards attending to you Ron, so that does not happen again, that was cabal. And now for this reason, we are now going to speak to a situation that we must clear up before we proceed any further.

I am the Universal Father. To all of you: we have a good turnout today. There are 21 on the direct call, 4 on streaming. We expect more as soon as they figure out, the time has been set back. For the rest of you, you did well to read it, because Ron felt that probably some of you would not come on it, primarily because people forget of the time change. Europe changed I believe a week ago. Now this: I am the Universal Father. And now we have 22 on the direct call and 4 on streaming. That is a wonderful turnout and we appreciate it.

I am Michael of Nebadon, I am the Creator Son; you are my work. I created you and your ability to live as a human on Urantia, the planet Earth. For that reason I am making it particularly clear that today to at least give a solute or at least a hello to me your Creator Son as I now must undergo the process of transcendentation. Trendencensation.
Ron: I am sorry Michael if I am blurring that a little.

Michael of Nebadon: No, you are not Its got it correct. It has to do with me becoming part of Jesus. That happens today. Jesus is incarnated on your planet right now and he moves about the area he occupies to meet people, to hear what they have to say, and get a sense of creation as it moves and becomes part of this planet. For that reason I have allowed the incarnation of Jesus to proceed without my indwelling or frankly, my joining as one with him. And for that matter Ron, I did indwell. You thought you made a mistake.
- Yes, I did.
- You did not.
- Thank you.
We also have to report a small incident this morning that Ron is most grateful of. Ron constantly rehearses the invention of WTP and how to explain it. On Tuesday he has a conference call with a couple of organizations that work the transmission of electricity, whether it is for battery charging, or a utility in the home, or to transmit electricity like Can Edison does, or in other means we do not particularly know through Ron. The truth of the matter is that Ron asked for an approximate formula to determine how the height of a tower to transmit must be raised to know how many miles we can transmit the signal. Please understand, and Gitz I know you do not know this, Ron can transmit electricity like an FM station. He does not send a beam of electricity out, he transmit at 86.1 Megahertz; that just below the FM band of 87. For that reason you all have got to get rid of the idea that electricity can be transmitted by a wire only. Ron figured out with Rayson how to raise a 230 foot tower and transmit light preparticles so light, they almost fly and they are not electrons. They are almost light. For that reason Ron said to Rayson this morning, how can I tell when we commercialize this, how high to raise an antenna to cover what ground. Ron set here and computed (for) almost an hour and the answer never came out right. Finally the Father stepped in and said, take the height of the tower in feet, times the resistance of the tower, times an eight digit constant that Ron never heard of before. When you do all that the tower for 230 feet comes out 5to a little over 250 feet but Ron advertises over 200 feet. I beg your pardon, miles. The tower computed with that formula says it can reach 250 miles, but Ron advertises as 200 miles, period. The reason that he reduces it to the lowest one hundred is a brand new discovery, thanks to the Father today. It turns out that the magnetosphere is not unlike a candle flame. Not that it is hot, but if you light a candle watch how the flame flickers. Sometimes it grows small, or sometimes it grows larger and always does the flame seem to flicker. The Father says to Ron, Ron you are amazing. The truth of the matter is the magnetosphere contracts once in a while over the pole, and it does that because the origin of the magnetosphere is variable. The core rubs around in the chamber, the vault, and it is variably progress the magnetosphere. On top of it the sun that you use to heat the planet is variable in its intensity. Therefore, the magnetosphere tends to flicker and the tower should always be placed or advertised at the least amount that you can compute. Ron now makes it a rule that whatever the number is you get out of the equation  you always cut it back to the nearest hundred,. And that is to take into account the flickering that the magnetosphere does that no one ever thought about to ask for. Rod did.

Now this: I hope you understand it, it’s not hard, but the truth of the matter is that everyone has a preconceived idea about what something should be and why it can be or why it cannot be. That gets in the way of your understanding. You say, wait a minute, this is this and this is that, but if you really listening what Ron is about to introduce is a brand new science. He calls it the [font=Calibri, "sans-serif"]chameleon of preparticle. When a preparticle is [/font]insulted, or attacked, or disturbed, it has the power to change the type of preparticle it is. For instance, electrons, when attacked or kicked or bitten by a proton, a proton and an electron do not like each other, and when a proton says, get out of my way and bites the electron, the proton can change immediately into a muon.  Or even into a tachyon, and once in a great while into a gluon. And that is all controlled by the plasma rods of the ultimaton in the preparticle. The Paradise Trinity takes each ultimaton and gives it a number and also programs it what it should be and where it should go. Amazing, that is in the plasma rods, kind of the brains in the ultimaton. When the ultimatons together decide they are being attacked, and that the integrity of the preparticle is up for grabs, the ultimatons will volunteer leave or add to themselves. An electron has 100 ultimatons, but when it needs to fly like light it kicks out one ultimaton and it is now a 99 ultimaton muon. So light it nearly flies at the speed of light. That’s what Ron is transmitting off the tower. There is a secret that we must patent that we may not speak to how we do that. It is not hard but boy do you have to know preparticles to know how to do it. I hope this explains to you some of the complexity of what it means to transmit electricity of a tower. Ron sends the light muon to an antenna on the house, or on your car, it hits the antenna almost as light and because the antenna is a metal material, do not use plastic, the resistance is much higher than the light. And once the muon hits the antenna the resistance forces the ultimaton back into its body and you have pure electricity once more. It becomes an electron. They are real chameleons.

Now this: We are now going to explain something even Ron does not know and it is this. - Ron looks at things and says, there are so many things I do not know Father. Yes, but we are going to tell you about WTP. And Steven Gitz, do not change WTP into W… something else!  For the simple reason the world knows it as WTP. They do not know it as anything else. You won’t make any progress by changing WTP into another acronym. – The fact of the matter is that Ron is now speaking to a representative of the Unqualified Absolute. Ron says to Rayson: I always thought that the Unqualified Absolute was next to a robot. It had no capacity to speak or even acknowledge personal life, it is none Deified. Well, Rayson did not know much about it either until suddenly the UA, the Unqualified Absolute says to Ron, “You done a small problem with your tower. Here, fix it this way.” Ron was flabbergasted and so was Rayson. There is a little known law of the will of God and it goes something like this: Even though you have a machine, that machine is not going to work well without the blessings of Father. It is entirely appropriate that when Thomas Edison tried his fist light bulb he said, “God willing, we may have light.” God willing was with him and he had light with a contraption that should never have worked in its original phase. But it worked enough to encourage Edison to continue to modify the invention, so that you had a resistance wire, rather than just a complicated vacuum.

I am the Universal Father, we great you all, we speak in something of a fabled vocabulary, a terminology, if you will. The truth of the matter is that today’s Lightline should break new up tremendously, because although Ron is still bothered far behind what it should be with the cabal, they are beginning to understand that he has nothing to do with them, that he is a very active partner with the Missions as all of you are. For that reason let me tell you this: I am a Consummator of Universe Destiny, hard as that may be for you to understand. We do not ask for your understanding, but accept it that is also a title I hold. I am Consummator of Universe Destiny #6, there is five (5) before me and six (6) after me. What in a world does that mean to the Master Universe? Well, frankly nothing. The Master Universe is going to be the Master Universe totally, and fully, and entirely itself. You cannot be anything out of outside of it. That’s not what it means to be a Consummator. I am a Consummator in the sense that I know what it is to be the Father Infinite, because I was and still am I AM, the originator of infinity, of reality, of Creation. You do not know me well enough if you do not know those things. I control it, I run it, it is my choice. I share it with my coordinates, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, I cannot live without them. They form Trinity: the Father, Son and Spirit in Divine and Deified Unity. One is not without the other in infinity. I do not enter infinity without the Son and the Spirit. I am God, I am Deity, I am more than Infinity. Lear it, please! Or at least put it into the stove of thought is cook on. And that is an excellent example of Ron putting it before me to say, “we all know what its stove is and know what it is to cook” and if you take an idea and put it there include the ingredient of your Father, being a Consummator outside of infinity, he is so powerful, as well as a Controller, as well as a Trinity.

Now this: As your Father, considering that I am all these things of such Power and Glory, I am Majesty; the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit joined me in that Majesty, as all of you do. But you have a little job to do before you become Majesty, a finaliter, and that is to protect yourselves through all the agencies, universities, and places I give you to perfect yourself. If you are in time it takes some time to do it. If you are transcendental you watch time to see the problem they have and then redo it for my satisfaction as repletion. That’s the Absonite folks, do it to my satisfaction of perfection that time could not finish it. That is Absonite. A B S O N I T E. Absonite, it is transcendental. The fact of the matter is, some of you will work in the transcendental with the Creator Son of Nebadon. We now are transmitting to the rest of Satania, those who wish to listen do listen, and those who do not care will remain uncaring, We make no distinction between life and what you care about. I am Father, I am Majesty. I am Controller, I am Trinity, I am more than Infinite, I am Consummator of Destiny along with eleven others like me, but only #6, the Universal Father has a Master Universe and no others will replicate it. You live in the Master Universe; some of you are well advanced. But you are not advanced enough to understand My Power. For various reasons of state I tell you this: the local Universe of Nebadon that you are part of, and which this transmitter is part of on Urantia, the planet of the Cross.  He is presented a mind picture of a black cross, a rotting or two pieces of wood nailed together. My son died on it. No one forgives men for doing that. Ron says to Jesus, the bestowal son, I chose to do as you do Jesus but I do not think I can ever do enough to forgive what was done. That I repeated unceremoniously in all parts of the local universe of Nebadon and even Father says this shell never, and will not stand ever again. The hegemony of the organization of Sanhedrin did the job. The chief priest did not take part in it but the idiot mind of an ambitious son did and canoed to have him murdered. Saint Peter, Peter the apostle, the first apostle stood by the night the chief priest interviewed Jesus. The chief priest did not declare him a prisoner or death, but that Goddamn son did, intervened and executed him. Today you are about to see Jesus again, the second bestowal to Urantia of Jesus of Nazareth is now appearing on the planet incarnated and without the guile to spit at the Sanhedrin anymore. But he spits at the insurrectionist and the horror of a great country being subdivided into less than it should be by insurrectionists in its legislative bodies. Be assured dear Americans your government will become yours again. Be assured European Union you will live with a great alley again. Be assured China, pull back your horns, you will be welcomed. To dear Australia, your heat will be dissipated. I do not love Urantia, I do not love the Sanhedrin, but I care that those who has survived into another generation are going to live as you should in a much better conditions than you have experienced all your life. Thank you, Ron.

Now this: It is a normal practice on this Sunday Lightline to entertain other voices of other transmitters and we are going to do that today. We want Jesus to speak and we are going to use the usual voice.

Ron: Lemuel, you are unmuted, you have a transmission, please take it.
Lemuel: Yes.

This is Jesus. Good afternoon to all of you, I am aware of the solemnity of this moment for all of you listening to what you just heard. It is indeed a solemn moment. It is a moment when so many memories flesh through your mind, it is a moment of so many wished and desired momentarily flash in through your mind, and it is a moment that I Jesus will cherish this moment because I know these things are preamble to what is about to transpire. You will remember this Lightline, and so will I. Today is a day also that will go down in history and you all part of this history. Many of you never thought that you would live to see this moment. But you are here and as these memories flash through your mind of your past you will be able to connect the dots that brought you to where you are. And it is that fragment of Father within you that you all aware of, but do not think that this is the end, it is only the beginning. The beginning of what you have been preparing for the whole of your life is about to start in earnest. I have need of all of you and I know you give me your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength to carry out what will be asked of you. For my part, I do have a tremendous amount of things to do. Yes. You have all been informed many times, the difficulties that you have all face, and some of the things that will be terrible to see. But you all fully aware of the fact that it is, unfortunately, necessary. But you can also see beyond that. Are there not three parts of any picture? There is the foreground, the middle ground and the distant ground on horizon, and I can tell you now, the horizon is magnificent. The middle ground it is a tremendous improvement of all imaginable things of this planet. But in the near ground, yes, this is the difficult part, the beginning, but it will be of short duration by comparison that what follows. This is Jesus and I have nothing else to say then to thank you for remaining starboard, for remaining loyal. It is greatly appreciated and you will all reap the rewards. I bid you all a very good afternoon, thank you.

- This is Lemuel, thank you Jesus. I have no one else here Ron; I am going to hand this back to you, thank you.
- Thank you Lemuel, thank you Jesus for a perium what must be trying for you at the moment, pressure.

Thank you and this is Tarkas, Ron. We are not concluding this Lightline by any means but we are going to set aside a moment of prayer in order for all of you to understand that the entire premise of the Lightline is to advise you that there is more to know than you know now, and that is true in particular today. The truth of the matter is that we have sustained this transmitter over several years of life that he was not to live. Ron was scheduled to die at about age 73, he is now 79. Several of you, Steven Gitz, Amethyst in particular, who had the gift of life of at least two more years than they would have lived normally. You should know that. Ron knows it and he is grateful, but the way things are hurting he says, maybe you can have some of it back, but not really. WTP you think is a lark, some of you do, but you do not understand that it introduces an entirely new physics studying preparticles. They are essentially the magic of how Paradise materializes life in time. Once you are out into OSL 1 (Outer Space Level) or OSL 2 or 3 or 4 we materialize with preparticles the same, but they are uses differently. The Absonite, do not forget the term, has no time, does not need it, but it does need the problems of time to reissue the soling of what tie could not finish because time is not everything, nor is the Absonite, but it is enough to finish what time started. Those of you who resist knowing this you will learn it before you are perfected even if you have to go back into the grade again and again to do it. It is essential.

Now, some of you are aware that the Father requires rising of children. To be so required that unless you did so you are asked to raise children in a nursery up here in heaven. They need you as much as your own kids might have. Ron has taken care of it. He has been big brother several times. He loves the work but he is too old to cut the mustard. (Ron: Amen) The truth of the matter is that he loves children, should of have a lot on his own but he chose not to. The reasons of state as to many things that you need in time are not pressuring you when you go into the transcendental or to the mansion worlds for ascension. The trials is the same, those in a flesh so called will be born into the Absonite, they are invisible to your eyes in time, but those of you who born in the flesh in time are required to raise a few children to learn what it is to put up with absolute ignorance and frankly, a means to discuss why what you say is wrong. The truth of the matter is that rising children is like raising an insurrection at a certain age. That is why releasing them is so much easier to do than just saying good bye to the bird in your nest. For that reason Ron chuckles, he knows exactly what that feeling is. He loved his kids but they were not his, they have gone on. Now the truth of the matter is those of you who have not have the pleasure of rising sons and daughters, you will have a chance on Urantia once more. There is coming a terrible situation in which natural parents will disappear due to accident and the revision of the earth mantle that is horrendous if you happen to live on it. Those who live in California are warned again, those who live in Oregon and the state of Washington you are warned again. Idaho, Utah, Wyoming are in grave danger for volcanic activity. The sea will fill the great basin and may even trickle down into the panhandle of Texas. Western United States will be reformed but the government must despair of the loss of perhaps one hundred million of their population (100 Million). Then they have to understand, no more population like you doing it now, it is too much for the planet. In the EU the border that faces the sea will be inundated. It is not due to ice melt, it is due to the reduction of elevation of the various land messes that you are used to for millennia. Jesus does not do that. God does not do that but we warn you that the appearance of such a powerful spirit all in one place on a little planet like Urantia upsets the physical energies and you might have a reckoning. Jesus is aware of it, you are aware of it, many times before we have told you so but we tell you again, you are warned, you are warned, you are warned!

And finally this: I am the Universal Father, I am Jesus, I am the Creator Son, at times I am even you, if you are well enough warned with my Thought Adjusters. Do not fall into the fallacy of reincarnation or anything like it. There is no such thing in ascension. Your Thought Adjuster does not stop and go back; your Thought Adjuster moves forward and never look back. That’s my choice and should be your choice. And finally this: I am Consummator #6 and Ron says, can I be a Consummator? And I say no, but we now have Consummator #3 who speaks.

Consummator of Universe Destiny #3: Thank you Father.
Ron: Consummator 3, you are most welcome to speak as you wish.

I am Consummator 3, Ron, and thank you. I seldom speak as counsel even to Consummator #6.  For the simple reason I represent what you would call Spirit beyond infinity. As Consummator 3 I look at little Urantia and discover it is the source of so many difficulties, I do not even have a list long enough to know them all, but there is something odd about it. Earth, Urantia is always the one to come up with the idea of a solution regardless of how difficult and how good other planets have been compared to Urantia. The one who is transmitting is precedence. There is never been one like him. Many of you do not care for him. He says, fine, but the reason you do not care for him is mostly you do not get the idea where he gets these things from.  As Consummator 3 I know where he gets these things from. What you folks do not know because you are ignorant it that the proposed soul of a human to appear on Urantia in particular almost always under goes a pre-soul education. Ron did, so as Dominick, so did Gitz, You weren’t in the same class but you all understand more than others do because in that pre-education of your pre soul your essence as perfection was taught to you and how to utilize it. Ron never married because he was sure it would cut him off from concentration of how to do these things. You will find that those who have the pre-education of the Eternal Son pre-soul, never have an easy time living a life of a human on a human planet. You have nothing but difficulties of relationships and difficulties of letting people know what inspires you. It is all right Ron.

Now this: The truth of the matter is, Ron just looked at it and said, I struggle with this now for five years. I have known about it. I never mention it. It is too airy ferry and I know what the list is going to do to it. I do not have the information to discuss it, so I stay out of it. Well, you have no more information Ron, but you are a little bit wiser than you were five years ago. And for that reason you discovered the seal of Gabriel. You are the first person who has done so on Urantia ever. Let us talk about the seal of Gabriel!

When the local universe of Nebadon was formed, the Bright and Morning Star was created by Michael himself. The Bright and Morning Star is always called Gabriel. Each local universe has a Gabriel. And each local universe now knows that there are three seals that each local universe receives. It is about the future of the local universe. Nebadon did not know that Ron could do that. Gabriel did. Gabriel now says to the Creator Son, you have an extra revelation Michael of Nebadon. Ron does not know what it is but you do, you could see the seal. Ron chuckles. Only because that happened one time before a number of years ago when Ocilliaya says to Ron, there is a change in how creation works and this is it, and proceeded to give Ron information that Michael did not know. And for that reason Ron chuckles yet at the outrage that Michael of Nebadon said to Ocilliaya what are you holding that back for, I needed that! Ocilliaya says, yes, but you did not ask, did you? Ron did. The truth of the matter is each of you are capable of asking God for information you do not have. But you sit and watch TV and visit the kids or the grandkids and never understand your own power for information. The seal of the ascension, for that is what it is that Ron uncovered sitting with Dominick to chat, was and is an invitation to transit yourself and receive the kind of information you are receiving now, for your own good. You don’t even try because some of you think it’s a bother, some of you think it is surreptitious; some of you even think it is the devil. One of the chiefs of the Urantia Foundation even received a publication outlining that anybody who transmitted was mentally ill. Ron is never forgiving him for that. He is cut off the Urantia Foundation from receiving additional epochal revelation that would of saved it, but they are so sure of them being right they lose their home. I fully approve that statement, Ron.        

Now this: I am the Universal Father stepping in while Consummator 3 as speaking. Ron chose to use a statement the Consummator did not choose to use. But Ron had to interpret what the Consummator meant: they lost their home. Consummator, do you wish to correct it?

Consummator 3: No, whatsoever. He did not instruct me, he improved it.

Universal Father: we then allow you to transmit Ron.

Ron: Thank you most kindly. Consummator 3, please (continue) if you will.

Consummator 3: Thank you, Ron. The truth of the matter Ron is you know protocol better than many of the angels who are in insurrection. They do not understand your need for what you do. There is nothing left in anything you do Ron that is subject to verification anymore. That is going to happen to a few more of you, but until you do you got to stammer a little bit with transmissions. Ron no longer does. Its natural at speech. He does not have to worry it.

Part 2 of transcription: 

The seal of Gabriel is not seeping into your minds correctly. You read them as you listen. The seal is a secret file that prophesies what happens to Nebadon. A human is to find it, because Gabriel states that it is the humanity of Nebadon which is carry Nebadon to the heights of glory.  You are so concerned of your daily minutiae you do not look at the big picture. As Ron would say, if it were a snake it would bite you, but you do not even see it. The truth of the matter is that Gabriel says to Ron, you will live but many will die following you for the simple reason they think you are a fool. It is everywhere. It will change; your WTP will change the world. Those who help you, will change it with you. You do not want any part of this being alone.
I am Gabriel. I am the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon. The last seal #3 which is the one Ron found is meant for Ron, and I did not know it was for Ron. I knew it would be a human probably on Urantia. Urantia has this almost insidious way of creating the worse sin and humility to Creation. Turns around and gives it the gift of prophecy and life. All of you are heirs – h e i r s - to receiving the gift of the Universal Father to perfection, yet you ignore it as work. The truth of the matter is it’s not work for Ron or for most of you here, most of you already are decided. There are now 25 on our direct call, something of a record perhaps, and of that 25 fully 25 are already conditioned to accept their perfection. It is amazing. Of the 7 on streaming today 7 of you are ours. They belong to God, you belong to God. The world must become like you at least in your decision making. Nothing else will do. May this group stay together in spite of your differences! There are only a few and Ron does not mind them at all. He welcomes them. He wishes there were more who join. But the membership, including the streaming is so well trained it would take months to train new members to understand what you are and do.
I am Consummator #3 Ron …
-        I am sorry, I did forget. I was with Father, really.
As you are always, Ron. We Consummators are never supposed to be known but of course, Urantia gets the exception. Most of you will never figure out what Ron did, and that is Mantutia saying in the Urantia book the Father is infinite, but He exceeds infinity. Ron says, the Father infinite then must be more that the Master Universe. And asks, Father, where is your source of all that infinity? And Father answered, Well, I have eleven of a console, we call them Consummators of Universe Destiny. Mantutia stock it under your nose in the list from Uversa where he lists them along with a couple of other things you have not bothered to ask about, mainly because you work so hard on Consummators. Take a look again Ron.  
-        Thank you
-         And this: We enjoy the work with you Ron, and likewise with us, I understand.  You speak in the morantial with us all the time and we accept it as a way to keep the silence. I now withdraw …
-        and I do not know what that is Consummator 3, imp at best.
-        Thank you, we leave happily.
-        Thank you Consummator 3, I wont’s say God bless, but whatever appropriate may it bless you.
-        Thank you – laughing – Yes, Ron, thank you. Will digest that later.
This is Consummator #4 speaking to you Ron. We have no names that you know and we will not depart them.

Consummator #3 or #5: Consummator #4 now knows what you mean by whatever it’s appropriate that may bless us. I have never heard of it spoken that way. A few planets in Nebadon know of this condition. No, they are not being cut off. Ron says, just leave it go. The truth of the matter is, he is not being nutty but hilarious.  
I am Consummator #5 and Consummator #5 never speaks directly expect in this case. This case is to close out of the speech of the Consummators not, but to allow Consummator #6 to have his way with his creations.
I am Consummator #6, Ron, your Father. – laughing -  I would ask not to handle my consul quite that way. – laughing -  I have never heard what you said before ever addressed to the Consummators. They are now learning what it is to be curious. Themselves are very curious when they hear that you ask to blessing to them whatever is appropriate to bless them. Ron, you do not understand they are the blesse, period.  And there is none other above them expects one nobody speaks to.  Ron, leave it alone. No one speaks to it because it’s unspeakable. No, we are not going to call him YHWH. The Hebrews attempted it in that terminology, that is correct. It is all consonants.  
This is Consummator #4, Ron, stop it! We are not conditioned to teach, we are conditioned to demand. We demand your silence. Expect keep doing it because it is a new experience for us. We now turn this over to Consummator #4 who feels truncated without saying this: You now have gone over your transmission by 20 minutes without break. Your ability to transmit fully and truly is extraordinary. I do not know anyone on Urantia who can do it. But be aware that I, Consummator #4, am now assigning myself to what you would call your neck of the wood to see to it that I am educated about what is an extraordinary ability of a human to discover a seal, and then  able to pronounce what Gabriel wished it to do.
-        Yes.
-        No. I got the just of it and you have said to Gabriel, I don’t think behind the world of sender we know what the fourth seal is, or the third seal is. Ron, you just repeated the fourth seal.
-        Yes, that flowed as a transmission. I corrected it as I should never do so. But I do misspeak, I get tongue-tied once in a while.
-        Thank you.
-        Meaning that the transmissions flow so quickly that the mechanism of the tongue doesn’t get straightened out and I misspeak. 
-        Thank you. What an interesting way of expressing it. You thought it occurred this time. 
-        Yes, I did. 
No, Gabriel now has announced, there is a fourth seal. You jumped over it Ron. And you say? 
I didn’t do any jumping; all of a sudden I was presented the vision of a Rorschach ink block covering something I knew was gold. And then you proceeded to reveal it to me. 

This is Gabriel. Thank you Ron, it is beautifully spoken. Dominick thought you were hallucinating. No, Dominick Ron doesn’t hallucinate. The truth of the matter is, Dominick we know this, Ron has prepared a sumptuous meal for Thanksgiving. We assume you will be here. In any case, he can’t eat it all himself and you’re all welcome, there is more than enough. I know you never fed a mob, before Ron. Yes. The truth of the matter is that I am Gabriel with this statement to all of you:  Urantia the planet is the seal itself. I have never revealed it to Michael. I must say this Ron, your comments are not particularly appreciated. Michael’s slapping his forehead, and saying now you tell me! The seal of Urantia is about to be unveiled by Jesus. 

One moment. I am having a conversation with Gabriel. We are deciding the appropriateness of Lemuel’s speaking as Jesus. In case Jesus has something to say about it. I hear Him say I do, please bring me, Lemuel. One moment.  Lemuel I have unmuted you. You have an extraordinary transmission I am sure. Please go ahead. 

Lemuel: This is Jesus, and, this is rather unexpected, but I will only speak to the fact that - no, that’s not the word -, I will only speak to the extent that this fourth seal, which you have just been informed correctly, that the 4th seal is Urantia, and to what I, when I was the seventh bestowal of Michael as Jesus, left undone. What is left undone, as I am sure you are all aware, my mission was incomplete. But I am not returning to finish my mission, as was. I am not here to teach. My mission is to bring into effect what the fourth seal depicts. Let me say again perhaps in a different way. The 4th seal is like a picture of Urantia when it is fully settled into light and life, and you cannot imagine such a beautiful thing. Those of you here now listening, you have been given information that no one else has ever had the like. It is impossible for you to imagine that when I leave Urantia, and I must when my work is done, it will be in a state, the planet will be in a state of its own ascension into Light and Life. The conditions that I will help bring about due to the changes I will make, will help Urantia a speedy recovery from what it has suffered over so many millennium. I feel it is not appropriate for me to speak further about the 4th seal. You have been told what it is and I have only given you the smallest description by way of an analogy of a photo, or of a painting, or a picture, but you cannot see the details of course. But let me assure all of you, this planet Urantia, at this moment is like no other; because of what it has experienced. And certainly, in the future, it will be like no other. This total change from almost total disaster into something most beautiful to behold is really something. You are all going to play your part and I am certainly going to play mine as well. This is all I have to say. Once again I bid you all a very good afternoon and thank you.
-        Lemuel: Thank you, Ron, I hand this back to you now if I may. 
-          Ron: Thank you very much Lemuel and thank you, Jesus. I am sorry for the abrupt attention to you.
-          That’s all right Ron. Thank you. 
-          All right, Lemuel, thank you.

Ron: … I am RA. I am extra infinite. I follow Jesus with this one proviso. Jesus is not fully aware of the fourth seal. Frankly, no one is except Gabriel and we let Gabriel with his secret until he is willing to discuss it directly. The third seal which Ron discovered is about ascension. And, Ron just said to Gabriel while Jesus was speaking. I don’t understand what you said Gabriel that Ron is not part of Urantia. Well, I certainly am, but what do you mean? And this is RA. What Gabriel means without explaining a darn thing is that about 6 of you on the direct call here will join Ron in a conditional surrender of selfhood to become   (Ron: we’re looking for the right word, folks just be patient. Yes, and I can’t get the word. Yes, it has to do when a professional individual teaches a junior individual to be like them. I can’t get it through; there is a word for it.  Phyllis: apprentice? Ron: That is correct, Phyllis, thank you. It is.)
-        Does that do RA? Apprentice.     
Yes, it does very well Ron. Thank you, Phyllis. The apprenticeship of 6 of you with Ron will learn to do the administrative work of a Creator Son. You aren’t going to be Creator Sons and that includes the girls. What you are going to become is something less than Gabriel but more than a finaliter.  
-        Boy does that fit; I can’t imagine what that is RA. And I am sorry to speak but go ahead, please. 
Yes, I fully understand why you spoke. It’s alright with me. I am on Urantia. We are now over (by) 45 minutes on this particular session. It wasn’t intended to be like this, but Ron often brings together the extraordinary and the information that goes with it. We ask Michael of Nebadon if he would like to either close the session or have a speech, whatever is your choice, Christ Michael?

This is Christ Michael, and thank you, Ron, thank you RA, and the Father, and the Consummators. I have never heard a discussion that allows so much to be heard. You are privileged please understand that. Ron is normally used to this. He gathers it every day and you never hear it because it is too esoteric. But the truth of the matter is that thanks to the transmission of light that Ron has figured out how to do from a radio tower of all things has triggered this. It is an extraordinary technology and we must get it together correct, the patent does not need amended, Ron. 
-        Thank goodness.  
-        Yes. And for that reason understand that Mr. Rheim is fully engaged and has everything he needs including the signed agreement. 
-        Thank God.
-        Yes, he didn’t tell you because he didn’t think to.
The truth of the matter is Ron that you have addressed not only RA and the commissioners and the Consummators, you have addressed ALL THAT IS as Seth speaks to him. I am never sure how you know Ron, but you do. You just bowed to a force far beyond infinity. It knows not this level, but is now advised, yes, by the Consummators, thank you Ron, of its existence and its achievements. I do not know how to tell you this, perhaps we’re wrong. 

Universal Father: No, this is Father, you are not wrong. 

Chris Michael: Nebadon is now accredited to ALL THAT IS that lacks proper description. Ron is fully aware of the lack of description because he knows coming into your mind circuitry is an extension of Father’s power.  ALL THAT IS is huge compared to the Consummators and the Universal Father. ALL THAT IS is referenced only and they do not speak to it in hyperinfinity. But now you know it exists. And that I AM sorted through the brick-a-brack of that power to design the reality of the Master Universe. There should be a word-for-word transcription of today’s work, so Ron can go through it and do a proper paper on it. I am not assigning it to anyone but I hope someone does not a summary please, a word for word transcription. We are now sure that the service is still running the tape, Ron. Extraordinary, they generally break-in in an hour or so. 
-        Yes, 
-        Why would that be? 
-        I don’t know, unless it’s your influence. 
It is, thank you. The tape may not show two hours but that is what you are approaching. We are going to call this Lightline to a close. Because there is lined up behind what you already just learned, 5 or 6 more specific elements of what you should learn with it that we haven’t presented. We are going to let this Lightline fade out and thank every one of you for attending for the entire length. We are grateful to the Father, to the Son, to the Spirit for allowing this to take place. There is no Q&A, It’s already over too much. We are simply going to say Goodbye, Thank you, God Bless. We will see you next time. 

--- end of transcription --- 

Thank you Dominick, corrections will be well received from all of you. Thank you Roger for your much appreciated help! sonsofGod
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Offline Majesthia Gondo

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« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2021, 02:14:24 pm »
Thank you SonofGod this first part, filled with new information, such as pre-soul education.
I would like to know, if the pre-education takes place during our pre-existence, or after we are materially born.

This is very interesting.

Online SonsofGod

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« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2021, 03:28:31 pm »
My understanding Magesthia from this text is that it is before birth, but I remember a conversation that we had with Michael of Nebadon and Ron in an earlier Lightline that our soul can be trained while we are living on earth. In other words, the soul is in the morantial and we are here living without the soul, but connected. I think the basic question is how the soul looks like apart from us – mind and body -, since that is the surviving part. Perhaps the same as we will be after transitioning. It is very interesting. Once I had an experience right after I got born again that I stood in heaven at the bank of the River of Life and I think my soul was there and not just had a vision, because I used and experienced most of my senses and could talk to souls in the morantial, but looked like a young girl about 16. I was in a summer dress while all the souls ware their robes. Perhaps that was during my training? I do not know, but I always thought that Father wanted to show me heaven to solidify my faith. I also marvel over the fact that Ron mobilized the entire Universe, having four Consummators coming forth (#3, 4, 5, 6) from their abode to speak to us. That is unheard of even since time began, as it explained, and he got the attention of the ONE whose name is unspeakable and no one is above. Very privileged we are, truly. For your information, the second part of the transcript was added. 
I could find the transcript by search where we talked about the soul. Lightline call for June 09This will help you but you may have read it already once. Blessings, sonofGod    

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« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2021, 07:27:16 pm »
Thank you SonofGod for your comment. What you say is true. Because each person anchored in spirituality must have the revelation concerning his soul.
Since the year 2001 I have seen the birth of my soul, and in the same month of each year, I received the age of my soul as a reminder so that I remember the month, and closely follow the age of my soul and its valuation.

And I also see in a dream the revelation of the evolution of my soul, each time in the same period of each year. That is why I easily believe what is revealed about the development and evolution of the soul, from the embryo, its birth, training and education, the development of the morontia mind and the morontia body of the soul. .
I even saw my 4 year old soul being taught a language that I did not know.
I called it the language of the Angels. Because, I had not yet known The Urantia Book. And I was reading and teaching the scriptures of the Bible.

And my soul is in its 21st year.
But, what Consumer # 3 revealed there is brand new.
Pre-education of the pre-soul means: the education given before, before the education given to the soul that is born.

So it is a question of whether the pre-education is given at the time when the soul is in the embryonic state, or in the pre-existence. For, there is no predestinated soul, but a predestined plan for the soul. And pre-existence, is not predestination of the soul, but an existence as an unconscious particle of the Father in infinity.
The expansion of the subject of pre-existence that we were promised in the publication of an upcoming newsletter has not happened.
And here's another new pre-education and pre-soul topic added.
This is why I made the comment, so that our grandparents will remember, in order to deal with these subjects at the same time soon, because it seems to me that these subjects go together.

Thanks again for coming up with the idea of doing the transcription, without which we who don't understand English wouldn't know.

Good night, see you tomorrow.