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Lightline call for Wednesday Nov. 24
« on: November 24, 2021, 04:45:57 pm »
Hello everyone,
Our call today was shorter than usual, probably because people are traveling and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Van was our MC. We heard from JESUS, Van, and from MICHAEL OF NEBADON through Elise.

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Re: Lightline call for Wednesday Nov. 24
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2021, 09:38:58 am »
1. 112421 Audio Tape Light Line USA/European Union; Amethyst
2. Subjects: Jesus' report, Van on appreciation and thankfulness, Michael on keeping up good spirits and patience; Q & A
3. Transcribed by: Raz
4. Link to Tape:

Amethyst:  Welcome everyone this is the Light Line for Wednesday, November 24, 2021. I am Amethyst and I will be your host for today. I said a prayer prior to the call so I don't need to do that now. I am looking to see who is going to be our Master of Ceremonies and I see Van is there and he is telling me that he is our Master of Ceremonies today.

Van: This is Van and it is going to be a quiet day today as there is not a lot going on. But, Jesus is here and he would like to say a few words to you on this day before Thanksgiving. So here is Jesus.

Jesus: I am known to The Urantia Book readers as Joshua ben Joseph, by the Hebrews the name Yeshua, and by most of the world, Jesus. I am known as all of these men. I am the 12-year-old boy that frightened his parents when he was in the temple listening to the priests and sages speak and had them speechless. I am the one who was a boat builder and the son of a carpenter. I am the one who traveled much in my early adulthood and who choose my apostles carefully. I am the one your world murdered and did not allow me to complete my mission. I saw all kinds of humanity; the healthy and the sick, the honest and the liars, the greedy and the giving, the proud and the meek, the selfish and selfless. I left the planet with a great love in my heart and a great pain in my soul for the people of Earth. How can we help them; when will that be? They were in such great need of me and yet did not even know me. I return now and walk the streets of some of your cities on your planet today and I do not recognize them as the ones I loved so much over 2000 years ago. They at least knew how to laugh, to cry, to feel a whole range of emotions. But that is not humanity as I see them today. Today I see to many unfeeling robots who scarcely know what life itself is for except perhaps for scolding, criticizing, chastising those who don't agree with them. They are slaves to their alarm clocks, to their laws; that even the courts routinely ignore. They are driven by deadlines and unpaid bills. They seek refuge in the most unholy of pastimes. They are being driven farther and farther from the heart of God. They can find no inner peace so they engage in fights and conflict, thinking that if they can win they are somehow better. Where is the humanity? Good is now spoken of as evil and evil as good. Do not misunderstand, I do have my flock and they do know me and I them. We recognize each other immediately in spirit. But what has happened to so many that are truly spiritually vacant. How many sheep will I lose? Please gather around me now and let me hold you my most cherished ones, my younger brothers and sisters, and the children of Michael who shares my feeling of loss, but rejoices for the diamonds that you are. But, soon, oh so soon the curtain goes up and my presence here is known. My sheep will know me at once. The lost ones will panic, as their reality of nothingness is taken away from them. Some on the fence could go either way.  Once again the fruits of the spirit will permeate the earth and she will begin a path never thought possible. In times even the predatory beasts of the plains will seek less nourishment from blood and will find they are well sustained by the spirit infused in the plants. Did you think that the lion laying down with the lamb was just an expression? No my dear ones, on planets settled in Light and Life all is harmonious with other life. There is no longer fear in the humans or the wildlife. Can you imagine such things? But I tell you it is true! Your acceptance of my human delay shows me your spiritual growth, and you will all have a place at my table. I love you so! The curtain soon rises and let the chips fall where they may. But I tell you today, you can not imagine the true glory of heaven in store for you as you have never had a taste of it. So, soon you shall. Be at peace and I shall see you soon. Good Day.

Amethyst: I thank you Jesus so very much for those words they are very uplifting and tender and very much appreciated. I thank you. … that gives us 9 callers ... I am turning back to Van now.

Van: Yes, this is Van, Amethyst, and it is a very very slow news day. I have a few words that I would like to share with you. This is Van. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and many will be with friends and family giving thanks. This is a good thing. Appreciation is one of the qualities of a healthy soul. I want to let you know that soon, and even to some extent now, you will have more to be grateful for. Think of the gift your Thought Adjuster has given you. The ability to transmit. The chance to be involved with missions among other things. Soon, very soon, as Jesus gets even closer to appearing; you are going to be able to experience things that you have not thought possible. When Jesus is in control and the swamp of evil is removed, you will all begin to notice spiritual gifts more deftly. Your spiritual connections will be much stronger. The light of the Father’s love will facilitate not only a better connection to Him and to all of us; but also to those who have matured souls on the Mansion Worlds. The Adjusters work wonders with souls that have put in the time and effort to know and do the Father's will. This newfound lightness and connection will inspire you so very much and you will wonder how it is possible that you ever had doubts at times. Even now, some of you are beginning to experience some brief moments of the joys of connections to those you thought were not possible, and it stirs very strong loving emotions. The gift of your Thought Adjuster is a gift that only humans can receive and this gift will show more of you so many wonderful possibilities of connections because they have the ability to communicate with each other at all times. And, if their words are sufficiently mature this will be included, the ability for them to be in on the communications as well. Think of the implications. You have been given so much that you have yet to fully grasp. So many of the celestials are here to help and they would love to have some of the gifts that you do. Think about that! With the passage of time, you will, if you remain faithful and dedicated, receive the keys to the kingdom and be allowed to serve in the most thrilling ways. I bring all of this to your attention so you will truly understand the gratitude you owe to the Father, for He has literally given you a part of Himself. Remember to be thankful for this as you enjoy your day tomorrow with smiles and an understanding of what it means to truly be a child of God. This is Van the Steadfast and this is all I have to offer today. There is no one else here. As I mentioned, it is a quiet day, a very very quiet day. So, Amethyst, you can open this up for Question and Answer a little early if you choose to do so. Please go ahead.

Amethyst: Thank you Van and thank you very much for your words reminding us of the beautiful gifts we have to be grateful for. Thank you very much for that. … streaming has kicked itself off a couple of times and it has been added once … This may indeed be a shorter Light Line call than we are used to. ...

Question and Answer

Valerie: ... I would like to give thanks now for our celestial family, Universal Father, Father Michael and Jesus, and everyone who is working on the Missions, Machiventia Melchizedek of course, all of the celestials.  We could collectively lift them up in thanksgiving as we are going to do individually tomorrow. I heard the Lord Jesus' message yesterday, it resonated in my spirit when He said keep our hearts and minds open for Thanksgiving … culmination of all these messages is leading us to believe that soon it will be a joyous time and we understand more … This is my observation. ...

Amethyst: Thank you, Valerie, that's very helpful. ...

Lemuel: I also want to add to Valerie’s words. Obviously here in Spain and in the rest of the world, Thanksgiving, as you celebrate it in the States, means nothing to us. We recognize that it is an important day for all of you.  I want to add my best wishes and support to all of you over there on the other side of the planet and hope that you will be able to spend the day with your loved ones and hopefully in peaceful conditions. All the best for tomorrow.

Amethyst: Thank you, Lemuel. ...  

Elise: ... In addition to Valerie and Lemuel's words. I want to thank Jesus and Van for their very kind and encouraging words for Thanksgiving tomorrow and to remind us of all we can be thankful for. ... We do not celebrate it as you heard from Lemuel. I think I have a couple of words from Michael of Nebadon. ...

Michael of Nebadon: This is Michael of Nebadon, and my words for you today are to keep up those good spirits for all that is in the process of unfolding will be observed. Our work here has begun. Work that has been prepared for centuries and is constantly being adapted and changed by what is occurring in a creation of growth and development. And, we always take into account unexpected events and adjust our decisions according to what the Father deems best and we are always amazed at how the Father in all His love for His creatures and His creation always manages to adjust with the most beautiful solution and unforeseen ways; taking into account all of creation and showing His omniscient and inherent goodness in making His decisions. Much has been said about the changes, about rebellion, I’m not going to get into that. I just want to say now, think of the words that Jesus and Van just told you. And, I say have faith and wait, be patient and see. Do not give up and watch what will unfold into a picture that will provide clarity for all and insight into the tasks that must be accomplished both by the heavenly emissaries and deputies of God, our Father, and by you, inhabitants of Urantia who have been informed, who have grown up, you have prepared yourself in exercising and developing patience and ability and we now all take our places where necessary with all those who are called and respond to the will and the work of the Father for His immeasurable creation where renewal and surprise will always play a role, there is no end to that. The Father Himself is infinite and will eternally unfold what is deemed necessary or useful for him at that time. So take these words of encouragement, and think about them, and know that the time will come when your help will be asked and you will be assigned a task and we will be grateful to you for what you can contribute to the great scheme of renewal and of making the Father's wishes known among man. I am Michael of Nebadon. I thank Elise for stepping forward and I thank all of you for listening to these words and I wish all of you a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving. And, I thank you.

Elise: I thank Michael for calling me to speak his words.

Amethyst: I thank you Michael and I thank you, Elise, for providing us with that transmission and I know I for one simply can't wait for my Thought Adjuster to give me more guidance as to how I will be able to serve and I think all of you probably are looking forward to the same thing so we do have a lot to be thankful for. ... Van tells me that there is no one else here to offer a transmission. I thank Michael very much for stepping in and helping and his words were great. ...  

Valerie:  I just find it very interesting that he said that about how to spell his name. ... I remember so clearly about a year and a half or so ago Jesus said he'd like to be called by his original name and how the Jewish people called his name. … But we've gone back to Jesus after a short time of using those names. ...

Amethyst: ... Explained what Jesus said today ... providing different names we know him as ... Yeshua does have a nice ring to it. ... You said at one time Jesus said he preferred to be called by that name, was that on the Forum?

Valerie: Yes, that was on a post on the forum ... I'd like to know what Jesus would prefer. ...

Amethyst: Well, you know what, I'm going to ask him again about that.

Jesus: Valerie I am going to say, this is Jesus. I am using the name Jesus when I am speaking to people because that is the name that most people know me by. But I do also welcome the name, Yeshua. I like that name because that is the name I grew up with. That is the name I became used to, and through the various translations down through the ages, it has become Jesus. So I expect that when I make my announcement I will use the name Jesus because that is how people know me, but I do also like the name Yeshua and I welcome being called by either name but I am one and the same. I hope that helps you, Valerie.

Valerie: Yes, thank you, yes ...

Amethyst: I think that since most people know him as Jesus that probably is the name he will use when he 
introduces himself. ... I appreciate all of you who showed up, I really do. We have 9 here and we are nine wonderful souls ... and there is one on the computer ... Ron will have Saturday Light Line and my next call will be next Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you all then so I will say goodbye and stop the recording.

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Re: Lightline call for Wednesday Nov. 24
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2021, 12:09:22 pm »
Transmitting 47 Day after Thanksgiving.

Jesus: "Your acceptance of my delay shows me your spiritual growth. . . "
Andre Crouch wrote in his song "Soon and very soon". . . Words we hear often. The people in 31AD heard them. We heard them in 1200AD and in 1850 and in 1975, 2007 and in 2012. and now.

What is "soon"?
It has a reference from a specific point in time, to a time forward into the future that is imminent.

But what is "soon" to someone who lives in eternity?

The Past was canceled out in the NUA. So what is "soon"? Jesus doesn't have a wristwatch, according to "Crown, Tomb, Coronation".

Jesus said "Your acceptance of my delay shows me your spiritual growth." Spiritual growth takes time. So what do we do to grow?

What strategies do we employ to increase the listenership of the LL?

What skills do we have that we can improve for the spiritual benefit of the planet?
What good things can we make more of to improve our environment, our health, our relationships?

What is the spiritual life that is redeemable?

Seeing a need and finding a creative way to fill that need is the basis of many of the industries in the world today, from food production to ways to clean the air and provide what is needed.

This time right now, this time of waiting for "soon" is the perfect time to build new projects, relationships, learn about new technology, and all kinds of things we can use when "soon" turns into "now".
Is Jesus delaying his return while the celestial world is trying to figure out what to do with "us"?
If we are dragging our feet maybe "soon" will drag on a little longer. . .