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The Season is Coming
« on: September 22, 2022, 11:00:00 pm »

"I am JESUS and as much as you feel a sense of yearning and incompleteness without my physical presence, know too that I am intensely wanting to be there to minister to my flock directly. The season is changing, and with it the colors on the trees, the coolness in the air in preparation for a time of shorter days and more reflection. MICHAEL told you through Ron that the insurgents are beginning to wonder why they are still fighting. If these times were not so grave it would be almost humorous like the Keystone cops always getting in each other's way and hurting their own goals. 

"But these are grave and difficult days for all of you, especially the oldest among you. This one has been harrassed unmercifully since she has almost completed her book and is now looking to the publishing part of the job. They do not want it out, but yea, I and others have been by her side and are pleased at the progress, as her season of service changes yet again soon after the final details are worked out. We are considering another book next year to help me with the population. 

"Like Elise, she too will soon get a message from her guardian IF she can lay down her burdens for a while and get back into the rhythm of regular transmissions. I ask all of you to recognize that as the seasons change both on Earth and in the NUA, you all have assignments waiting for you. I love you all my dear ones and seasons change for a reason."

I thank you Jesus for these words and all the help I have received. 
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