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Fathers Lightline recording link:

MICHAEL of Nebadon was host for Lightline Tuesday

·       Mission announcements for lightlines -- Mission go means lightlines will offer new information and context that transmitters may struggle to self-censor, but that they should listen to MICHAEL and trust control of Thought Adjuster, and also forgive themselves if they falter.
·       Updates for Ron Besser as a Servital in the Mission(s). More context about impediments and interferences with Mission(s).
·       MICHAEL wished to transmit or prompt attendees to affirm themselves to HIM and FATHER in their service intentions
·       A final word from MONJORONSON, Magisterial Son of the Magisterial Mission(s), affirming his Deity Circuit with MICHAEL in service to our FATHER.


  • Machiventa Melchizedek as MC spoke about the perils of human pre-conceptions affecting faith.
  • Michael of Nebadon spoke about his petitions to Universe Authorities for human involvements. Also, His updates on his speeches to other audiences in Nebadon in preparation for Missions. And Michael spoke about Jesus' attainments and status post-Bestowal, and 2nd Return objectives.
  • Monjoronson spoke about global, cultures having a Magisterial Son concept just not linked to the Michael-Jesus Bestowal. Then Monjoronson outlined the hierarchy of Mission Authority: Melchizedek/Archangel > Archangel Matthew > Gabriel of Salvington > Michael of Nebadon and Magisterial Sons and Jesus > Universal Father on Paradise
  • Machiventa shared some insights into his doings as a Urantia Supreme Court Magistrate.
  • A Bonus comment from Adam about Mission training compared to Mission fulfillment.

Hi Ghost Dancer!
Yes, Sun, Mon, Tues and Wed are all the same call numbers and at the same time of 2pm EST. When you ring in feel free to say hello 10 minutes early around 2:50, the call is open.- Dominick 


  • Tarkas as MC spoke about Thought Adjusters and Midwayers as Lightline control mechanisms
  • El Elyon spoke about ways to observe styles of self-talk in our day to day lives; differences between rebel induced patterns and minor TA prompts
  • Arthura re-introduced role as chief of staff and described all some of the divine personalities present
  • Machiventa went into more detail with Lemuel about the challenges of the inner mind
  • Arthura and Tarkas solicited comments from the Board Members of the Magisterial Foundation

Link to the TRANSCRIPT at, a site for centralized website, with Lightline info, recordings and transcripts. In association with this Forum.


Amadon (a modified mortal from human DNA) was our MC
Adam, Material Son (of Adam and Eve and the Garden) was main speaker
Monjoronson, Magisterial Son, spoke about the Mission's approach being practical with social engineering
Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son, gave a final word
  • DNA Epochs spanning 20k-30k generations over 1M yrs and to the present epoch of Missions to planet
  • Subjects of Will, brain and thinking, group dynamics on will-behavior
  • Social Engineering for epi-genetic progress toward a better world via the Missions
  • Some insight about the scope of the Missions being way bigger than just planetary
  • But that it will evolve from the Practical to the Spiritual

Recording links:

  • Electrons and Soul as ideas leading to the truth about ultimatonic science breakthroughs (electron); and soul consisting of a pilot (personality) and Thought Adjuster (co-pilot). The Co-Pilot is the flawless champion of striving to know the Good a.k.a. Father's Will for your will.
  • Philosophy-Science-Religion are in these current times, Psychology, Neuroscience and the Occult
  • Behavior, Influence and Decisions deal with your DNA, Chemical and Electric body-brain and evolution exercises your will and mind with your personality and co-pilot to condition the soul.
  • Rasputin warned that without revelation supplementing evolution we regress into social-hierarchy animal behaviors and civilization and culture cannot resolve the leadership minorities with the less fortunate masses.
  • Welmek summarizes the point by describing revelation enabling the fruits of evolutionary wisdom
  • Ron transmitted Welmek and Machiventa mainly on morontial and physical consequences of Mission involvement


or at

·         Mission Administration Outlined
o   Paradise Sons, Melchizedeks, Archangels, Material Sons_Daughters

·         Intro to A/B Working Groups
o   A Transmitter enabled Working Group compared to a ChatBot Application
o   Linguistic analysis comparing written revelation to personal, religious experience
o   Resolving ambition with service and social benefit
o   Epigenetic Effect of Personal Investment in Spirit and Creativity vs. Artificial Intelligence

·         Another review with some modern phraseology of the 15 general factors for the Maintenance of Civilization
o   Introducing Working Groups as the other end of the transition spectrum of something like the Regency.

·         Outlining general Roles of WG structure-organization
o   MC-Moderator
o   Transmitter (for Group A of A/B)
o   Chronicler (transcription and archiving)
o   Operator-Timer (Event Technology and meeting structure Timer)
o   Curator (Information and Resource organizer gathered from the WG)
o   Member (attendee)
§  In addition to resource and info the Member is in the WG to:
·         Implement in the field
·         Design Action Plans
·         Execute Action Items

·         Q&A
o   Question about Transmitter roles and Forum as an existing WG
o   More about the subject human Time and using or wanting more of it

o   Discussing how to ask, pray or consider any of the WG roles

In preface to LL for Tuesday, August 22nd it will be helpful to complete the assignment from 8.15, and review section 6.

Factors for the Maintenance of Civilization...a, Michael, Monjoronson, Jesus
Machiventa Melchizedek as MC opened with the topic in relation to Planetary Management and Missions; and Michael of Nebadon had final words.

·         Reference to Paper 81, Section 6, p. 908 15 Factors Towards Maintenance of Civilization.
·         Paper is "Sponsored" by an Archangel (what is the meaning of that?)
·         Reference to Paper 37, Section 3, p. 408 for description of Local Universe Archangels (catch the reference about why the planet captures such Universe-wide interest)


·         Monjoronson answers question about Factor 15, the Prevention of Transitional Breakdown (of Civ)
·         Machiventa responds to comment about evolution and current events
·         Jesus responded to question, how might we prepare ourselves for his Return
Wed, Aug 15, 2023 York, PA
All right, welcome to Tuesday Lightline everybody, we got two internet callers in between the silencing and the starting of the recording. So welcome internet callers, 9441 and 2545. . . .
. . . So that's the information out of the way.
We now pray to Father for clear and clean circuits of communication. And we ask is there an emcee for today's Lightline?
Yes, welcome everyone. I'm pouncing right in, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.
Dominick did not expect me to come in this fast. He wasn't sure who is going to answer any call. But there is a topic, today, near and dear to my heart which is the subject of Planetary Management.
Today's Lightline promises to be compact, or we might say, short and sweet. This transmitter is the, you could say, opposite of Ron. In that he is pithy and condensed. The two styles merge well, and they get along quite well in person. But they are not the same person even though they have very similar minds.
We welcome all of you this is Machiventa Melchizedek. And before I begin we welcome Roger Raz to the call, and Carol.
MACHIVENTA continues:
Under Planetary Management means we have introduced topics of working group and we have, in this particular corner of what we call a Forum, introduced the concept of Magisterial Missions introducing a Regency within the Government to perform Planetary Management.
We refer you to the following resources within the Fifth Epochal Revelation, titled, The Urantia Book. Which is simply a resource on the face of things, that by now, should have, could have, would have, reached everyone on the planet to some respect. In that particular case, people at least have access to the resource.
So, considering Planetary Management, we ask you to consider page 908. This would be Section 6 of Paper 81. Where there are fourteen [15 are listed] factors related and outlined to the Maintenance of Civilization.
There is an anomaly, a peculiarity, in that the attribution of this paper is a sponsor. Whereas, typically, you have papers presented by or narrated by, but typically not sponsored by. And it's in this case, sponsored by an Archangel. You can find information about Archangels on page 408, Section 3, Paper 37. There you will also find an interesting blurb on the uniqueness of Urantia as a Bestowal Planet. And why this planet is of such interest beyond the borders, of not just Nebadon, which is the Local Universe, but also beyond the borders of your Superuniverse.
So, you have homework. Enough of listening to the news and reacting to it with a comment or two, hoping for some celestial message in response to the music. You have homework to at least review this Section 6 in Paper 81.
To summarize why this is important heading into the Missions and why it is important or significant that Melchizedeks, together with Archangels, are discussing to you, Planetary Management in the context of Missions. And this is primarily because our two Orders, and our two classifications of Sons and ministering Angels, working on these Missions is that that's what we do. We support these, either an Avonal Son, or whoever is the Bestowal Son.
But to summarize without going into histrionics, you will find within that Paper of 14 factors, that many of those factors run counter to, countercultural, regressive movements masked as progressive. And that these are producing reactionary harms of neo-conservatism.
I will repeat that.
When you read the 14 factors of the maintenance of civilization, you will find that many of these factors, today, run counter to, are countercultural, regressive movements, masked as progressive, which are producing reactionary harms of neoconservatism.
Now, we end that statement.
But when we look at Planetary Management from the angle and Our perspective, we have given you Papers of other planets, and how they go through their evolution similar to your situation. And that exercise seems almost futile today, in light of the combat happening between these countercultural circumstances, happening from what you describe, as Left and Right and Center,
But We have announced these Missions will happen in the US, the United States. This is not because of some one single factor, or righteousness of the people, and governance, and institutions within the United States. But after you read these 14 factors, we ask you to consider the evolution of what happened, and what has happened, within the United States relative to the rest of the world.
Obviously, some of this is geographical, some of it is technological, and some of it is in the roots of spiritual ideals. There are evolutionary justifications on a lot of things, that today, don't get proper credit in the context they ever happened.
So, we have we ask you to use the United States and ask yourself:
when the United States
why the United States
how the United States
and most importantly, what the United States will be used as in the context of Planetary Management.
And with that, we resolve today's opening salvo in what is a controversial topic, not, in the context of Planetary Managers It is not a lecture, it is not a judgment. But you need to get up to speed on what's important to serve these Missions. And detach yourself less and less, and more and more, from the current whirlpools of culture that seek to gain your energy for someone else's agenda.
I pause here this is Machiventa Melchizedek as your MC and opening speaker today. I now introduce our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.
Welcome Michael.
Thank you, Dominick. Thank you Machiventa.
I am Michael of Nebadon I need no introduction to any of you on this call. I speak to each of your hearts. But today we speak mostly to your minds.
To serve the Missions is not a loyalty test to Me or how well you know any given Revelation, or a series of Lightlines to keep up with the latest trends.
The bulk of the lesson that you just heard, I need to reiterate, is that:
our Missions with and by your side, you humans, is for your experiential, evolutionary attainment. Your experiential attainment, not Our fiat fixing of your problems.
We asked you to go back and look at those things simply to have what's called a recalibration, a level-set, some sort of jargon-term to,
re-establish a foundation of some understanding in context of the turmoil your culture of your planet is in.
To say that there are Culture Wars is an understatement. There are entire states and apparatus of government counter to My ways,
counter to My existence,
and they have no place,
other than to be learned from in the history of this planet in the Universe, in Time
There is a time for Love and there is a time for Missions which require Judgment.
Which entails Justice and Mercy mitigated by Paradise Sons.
To that effect, rulings will come down from within and from without the jurisdiction of Nebadon.
My Sovereignty ensures that I can mitigate those judgments, to some respects, to My will, to My purpose and My planning within the confines of the rulings handed down.
There is no need to struggle or be loyal to such rulings. But in the beginning stages to simply adapt; and survive in some cases.
I cannot go into specifics. But you have been generally warned how to properly react to events as they may or may not occur.
But we wish to end this on a positive note, in that, it is all happening for the best interest and the greatest interest of, you as an individual. But all the way up to Planetary Administration. And even systems of organization beyond that, which you are privy to, but others won't . . .
until they understand their place in the universe is not alone.
And in that respect, I give you a metaphor and analogy.
My Coming and Bestowal as Jesus satisfied My Bestowal Mission. It did not entirely satisfy the entire adjudication of the universe rebellion against me, in the form of Lucifer manifesto, and the governments set up, counter to, SALVINGTON, and anything outside of SALVINGTON, such as UVERSA, or PARADISE.
And that since My Jesus Bestowal, the planet has been like an airplane, whose cultural fuel is now on empty. If the plane represented the civilizations, and that plane ran on the fuel called culture, culture has been exhausted.
And we are not left with a cleanup operation, but with a question, open-ended, of,
how do we salvage
what we can,
when we can,
where we can,
so that we don't lose the planet altogether.
And with that, I bid you all, a thoughtful day, a good day. And hopefully, a stimulating day for you to be a future service in the administrative capacity of any Mission, were you to be proffered the opportunity.
Thank you, this is Michael of Nebadon standing back.
And I hand the podium back to you, Machiventa.
Thank you, Michael, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your emcee for today's Tuesday Lightline. You're checking in and we have 14 callers attending, and we thank you for your attendance today.
We are 23 minutes in, and as promised, this is a brief Lightline today.
There is an exhausting cadence
and cultural
and even physical
sapping our energy. And you need to be aware of how you are spending it. Because you must spend it carefully, now, ever more and more.
And you should also be aware of how you may need others in your life, and in your local vicinity in preparation for what is certainly a-changin times ahead.
At this time, we will open it up to any other transmitters who wish to have a say or two with anyone wishing to use their voice in transmission.
And as we wait for anything to that effect, we also offer Q&A around this topic of the Lightline.
Because we do like to keep the Q&A relatively specific to the Lightline topic at the beginning.
And are always free to ask Me or the emcee, whoever is the emcee, whether you can stray outside of that as well.
Right now, we see no hands raised for either a transmission or a question, until now.
Ron, you're unmuted. Lemuel you are next afterwards.
All right,
Machiventa and Michael also referred to paper 81 and the sustainability elements that, that Paper mentions. The final statement in that paper is element number 15, The Prevention of Transitional Breakdown. And they point out that society prefers, almost always, to remain with a traditional means of evolution.
My question really is,
what does the Regency propose to do to prevent transitional breakdown? Because we are highly susceptible to it, in my opinion at the moment.
Go ahead Dominick.
Alright, so the question is, what will the Mission do or what will the Regency do?
What will the Regency do to prevent transitional breakdown while they're presenting so much new?
This is Monjoronson (Magisterial Son) to you, Ron Besser, and the group.
We may need the institution of martial law in respect to distribution of resources.
Some of this depends on the emergency at the time.
Now, in My book, I stressed that borders tend to become insignificant in lieu of catastrophes that cross borders, disturb borders, and make jurisdictions meaningless. Martial law is not meant to be draconian like you see in your movies, or in your fears of totalitarian over-control.
But that you see, even today, jurisdictions get in the way of each other.
And short of military or martial corralling of resources, this is the most efficient way to get anything done.
And that is with a huge caveat.
That the best way to get anything done is to prepare yourselves
in a household,
a neighborhood,
in a community.
Outside of that, it will take the marshaling of resources to have the fair distribution of resources.
Now that, I just described in an emergency scenario.
What is ideal, is that we have,
through the Regency,
a clear influence upon policy decisions,
that make it possible to set up these factors,
as we have called it,
of the maintenance of civilization.
What may or may not happen, that we almost have no total control over, is,
to what extent humans,
whether they are in the halls of power or not,
will react and co-operate.
Both in my book and in these 14 or 15 factors of civilization maintenance there is a big stress on co-operation.
Cooperation is an advanced state of the fruits of culture.
When you see there's no ability to cooperate,
and in fact, you've almost given up hope.
That's a sure sign, the cultural coefficient of whatever movement is involved is dragging civilization down and not forward.
To that effect we have hinted a steep curtailment of technology namely, social media, cable television, certainly anything that adds no cultural value of what I've just outlined.
The coefficient of the movement either contributes to progressive culture or regresses the culture.
There really is no in-between until the stasis of Light and Life stage.
Therefore, are you always either progressing or regressing.
The Regency is your assurance. But how it advertises itself is still to be determined.
Certainly, this becomes more and more complex,
the more outright hostilities happen between states and civilizations.
And again, Machiventa has asked you to look at the United States,
not in-light of your current political status quo, of say the Cold War, or World Wars, and -isms.
But that put yourself in Our shoes, and ask yourself:
where else could it be given all of those factors I just learned about?
And one of those clear choices, just to clarify the conflicting drama of the culture between transmitters, is that if you were to seriously ask yourself this question,
try to convince anyone that China is the hope of these missions,
and you have an impossible task.
So, in summary, to answer the question, We are deciding how overt or covert we are to operate.
And depending on the cooperation of the hosting nation, in this case, the United States. The hosting nation of the Regency
Their cooperation will determine how covert and overt it will be along the whole spectrum of policy potentials.
And that we are happy to give credit, where credit is due, when such cooperation is granted.
Does that help Ron?
Yes, thank you. That went further than I thought you would. And I appreciate it Monjoronson and Machiventa. And that's all I have at the moment, Dominick. Thank you.
Lemuel, welcome. What do you have for us today? A question transmission, anything?
Well, no, not a transmission but more of an observation.
One of the things I think, almost in almost ironically,
that perhaps would help the way in which the Regency is pronounced.
Perhaps not the first time or even the second time, depending on where it is. But I'm thinking about the natural catastrophes that may take place. Which will coincide, possibly, with the intention of setting up the Regency and coinciding, possibly with a Michael Mission, and of course, the Second Return.
Well, through my own mind, I think, that I see, something catastrophic would, in fact, help to change the mindset of people around the world.
Knowing full well, that man can do nothing against the forces of nature.
And that if at the same time they begin to see what will be known or described as, perhaps, divine intervention.
I think this will have a beneficial effect on what, hopefully, is to take place, as has just been announced, through Machiventa, and Michael and Monjoronson.
So, what I'm saying briefly, it's not a question, just an observation, that the prevention of breakdown is one thing.
And whether or not martial law will be necessary personally, I think it will, eventually.
And it will be the best thing.
Coupled with that is a natural disaster that may or may not take place at the same time.
Personally, as I just said, if it does, I see it almost ironically as contributing to the success of the other half, so to speak.
Well, I hope I have made my observation clear. And this is all I have to say, Dominick, and thank you for giving me the opportunity. Thank you.
You're welcome. Lemuel.
And there is a there is an answer.
This is Machiventa Melchizedek in response to your comments, Lemuel.
Thank you, and well-put.
My two cents that you have opened the door to provide, is that I caution you, as with any good student of evolution, caution you -- and I'm speaking to you as a group, not just to you, Lemuel, personally.
But my point is, evolution is often not some gradual thing to sweet-talk you into the change you need that's best for you. It is often an adaptation that is forced.
And you don't need a Regency to force things on you.
What you need is cooperation in the face of these forced changes in your environment that you're facing.
Case in point, you're all hot, the climate is changing. How are we cooperating to face this threat? And is there hope that cooperation can happen?
Now, we've already in some respects answered that question for you in terms of a Mission, proposing to supply the world with a new way of energy provision.
And ask you to compare that proposal versus anything else on the market right now addressing these forced changes upon you.
In which you have faced just the beginning. Since it's now logically apparent that the planet cannot sustain its current population.
And the human tendency to think,
well, I just hope it doesn't come crashing down on my doorstep. I'd much prefer to see it happen and play-out on the news and hope that something or someone comes along to fix it.
But just to conclude the point,
Evolution is never a linear line of progression at a pace that meets human comfort.
And for that reason, your planet, as Michael has talked about, has just about reached the end-of-the-line where it can do anything on its own as a sustaining culture and civilization.
And look at the cultural conflicts today and ask who will be receptive to a Regency?
And whether you should be public advocates of this or not in your own circles of relationships, and politics, and crazy ideas going on around there.
There is no trust in information.
And you could say, and do, and mean, all the right and truthful things,
and still die.
So, we remind you to be careful, until the dust settles.
Thank you again, Lemuel.
All right, Valerie, you're unmuted.
Thank you, Dominick, for taking my question.
Have the Melchizedeks (as an Order), being the emergency Sons, been in a similar situation in the universe prior to this? Considering that we are now dealing with a very unique situation in your in Urantia due to the rebellion. So, I wonder if there ever have been a situation like this before, when they had to bring to existence a new way of governing like the Regency?
And then in regard to that, I also would ask, how can one expect . . . ?
Let me interrupt you there, Valerie, because you pile up the questions, and I have an answer for the first one. That's coming through Machiventa. Can I just stop you there and answer the first question, and then you can do the second one?
This is Machiventa Valerie, thank you for the question. The simple answer is, We reserve the right, always. We have done this, though not as an Order of Nebadon of Melchizedeks. But there is a history within the Grand Universe of such an occasion.
When we do reveal how, and in what circumstances this is done, be assured it will be in relevant context to what you are going through.
Right now, there is no need to supply specifics, other than to hint that you are correct within your imagination, to envision circumstances where Melchizedeks as an order insert themselves in planetary emergencies.
What is unique to our case, here, is that there is no other circumstance of a Bestowal Planet in this position. Rebellions are rare. Rebellions involving Bestowal Creator Son planets are even rarer.
Alright Valerie, that's
And the next question is how can we expect cooperation with the Regency if the human elements currently on Urantia are full of corruption and darkness of mind?
So, that will take a renewal of mind from bonds who would embrace this change. I do not see would be easy because we have not been able to accomplish to have cooperation from even those who are spiritually supposed to be on the on the leading position.
This is Monjoronson to your question, Valerie, and we thank you for your question.
And this is in addition to the previous questions and comments prior. And that is to summarize this question again:
How can cooperation be effective when corruption exists as a cancer or a rot within the foundations of what is being asked to cooperate?
We answered that in combination with a previous question about what might We do to marshal such cooperation?
And certainly, some of the marshaling aspects of military life, is that the Law might be applied in a militaristic fashion, to hold those accountable for their financial transgressions. Which would cause bodily and undue punishment equivalent to the threat of life of others.
There's a gray area there, obviously, when we discuss the quality of life. And less and less a gray area when the acute life-and-death status of individuals is taken into account.
So just to give you one example.
If corruption were to, skim-a-little-off-the-top,
while people were fed,
is that worth their life? Maybe not.
But maybe, yes?
It's in the beginning that such corruption leads to further corruption of life for the population down the road.
And certainly, you are within your means to hold those accountable under martial law to corporal and capital punishment, if they're corruption place harms that are the equivalent of War.
We are not the judge of this, yet. But to handle corruption there may or may not need to be that amount of capital threat to the enforcement of Law.
After that, Mercy and Justice are applied to the rule handed down from the Law.
Does that finish your question, Valerie?
Ya, these are fruitful thoughts, thank you very much for the answer. It's a lot to intake for the future. I have a short question yet. Is the events that are coming up near or soon? Is that a worldwide event? Will it affect everyone? Will they feel it?
Well, simply put, we're already in that stage. But you will know it when we have it.
They're not at liberty project.
Thank you so very much. That's everything I wanted to know. Thank you.
Hi, Carol. I recognize your voice. How are you?
Oh, very good. Thank you.
Here's my question it’s kind of basic. And I suppose it's always good to hear that the answer again. In what ways should we be preparing for Jesus’ return?
Well, what do you think?
I was asking you the question?
Yeah, I don't mean to put you on the spot, but you know, that's a very personal question, don't you think?
Not necessarily. I want it to be a question that could be useful for everybody.
Let me check in.
I'm going to put you on mute just because you've got some background noise, and then I'll unmute you again. Okay?
Thank you
Okay, the question was, what can we be doing to prepare ourselves for the return of our beloved Jesus?
This is Jesus, Carol, and to all of you.
Now you pulled me forward, and I don't regret the opportunity to speak.
But if I knew the answer, I have said it before, and that is to prepare the way in your hearts, that God the Father exists within you.
I am your Shepherd.
And in this respect, I worship the same as you, our Father.
Simply put,
the best way to prepare for My promised return, is to find that relationship, nurture that relationship, and give the fruits of that relationship to your fellows,
even in the smallest of ways.
And you are fulfilling your purpose,
Father's purpose,
and really the essence of My purpose.
Having said that, My Second Coming
will be to help establish Urantia and its sister apostate planets,
back into the fold of the Universe Governance,
that to the young, human perspective,
may not be related to what I just told you, about our Father in Heaven.
But you have the power within you to make heaven on earth.
But it is impossible without it happening within.
And that you, individually, are the foundation,
the rock,
the individual cells of the organism of the Kingdom of Heaven.
And that nothing will sustain itself without all of My brothers and sisters
in the realization, the belief, the experience, whether it be in receipt of service, to understand, that such altruism exists outside of self-interest.
And that spiritual experience is the highest order of living.
I thank you.
And be in My peace.
Thank you, Carol. Good day.
Very much, Savior Jesus.
Is there anything else? Carol? I think that’s our end-of-the-Lightline question.
That is all for now. Thank you so much, Dominick.
You're welcome. Thanks for the opportunity, Carol.
Okay, there are no other hands raised. I've muted other internet callers.
If you had a question. I'm sorry that's just the way we've got to speak up when you're unmuted. Otherwise, I don't know you're there.
Thank you all for attending.
And thank you, Michael. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Machiventa, and Monjoronson, and the rest of the team that made it possible. Thank you. And we all thank you.
Broadcast Transmissions of the Magisterial and Michael Missions, loyal to the Paradise Father, Paradise Trinity, and our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. This covers subjects such as Spiritual Administrations, Policies, and Current Events within the jurisdictions of our, Superuniverse, Uversa, Local Universe of Nebadon, our Planetary System and our Planet.
Find recordings or how to attend live by phone or internet:
·       The Sunday
·       Monday hosted from Netherlands
·       Tuesday USA
·       Wednesday hosted from Spain
o   all with the same attendee info and start time of 2pm EST.
·       Spanish LL Sunday at 5:30 Phoenix, AZ, USA time zone
·       French and Madagascar meetings info at and
Attendee Info (caller #s)
4* Mute On/Off
5* to Raise Hand

Machiventa Melchizedek as MC opened with the topic in relation to Planetary Management and Missions; and Michael of Nebadon had final words.

  • Reference to Paper 81, Section 6, p. 908 15 Factors Towards Maintenance of Civilization.
  • Paper is "Sponsored" by an Archangel (what is the meaning of that?)
  • Reference to Paper 37, Section 3, p. 408 for description of Local Universe Archangels (catch the reference about why the planet captures such Universe-wide interest)

  • Monjoronson answers question about Factor 15, the Prevention of Transitional Breakdown (of Civ)
  • Machiventa responds to comment about evolution and current events
  • Jesus responded to question, how might we prepare ourselves for his Return


Here is the address link:

Thank you for the link clarification, Lemuel. And thank you for those notes SaS.
I've been transcribing the audio this morning and reached the point between SaS Q&A and Valerie's question.

Tues Lightline
Tues, Aug 08, 2023
Machiventa as MC
Eve, Experiential Transmission Stages
Q&A with Arthura

Okay, welcome to the Tuesday Lightline everybody . . .
. . . now that the information is out of the way, we prayed to the Father for clear and clean circuits of communication, and ask, is there an emcee?

Greetings everyone this is Machiventa Melchizedek.
I will be brief today. We have a slate of light lines coming at you now. And while it is not a lot to take in all at once, it can become a deluge if you try to remember everything to take away.

Today I would like to introduce someone who will transmit through Dominick. You know her well. I introduced to you, Eve.

Thank you Machiventa this is Dominick, we thank you and we welcome you, Eve. Welcome to the podium.

Thank you, Dominick. This is Eve everyone and I greet you all.
I was, you could say, requested today.
This has a lot to do with the fact that I have transmitted with this person in the past and he is comfortable as I am comfortable.
As I'm sure I could be, and will be comfortable, with any and all of you when the opportunity arises.

Today, we open with a few questions. For starters,

·         Are you waiting to be asked?

·         What are you waiting to be asked for?

·         Are you assuming you have work?

There is no right or wrong answers to these questions. We just pose them to you.

But we do instruct you to pray-to-serve, and be-of-use to know the will of the Father in your decisions.

You are free to consult yourself, to know thyself. And know that the Father is privately and intimately part of you to answer your prayers.

Self-Mastery is the realm of behavior.
Your associations,
your environment,
your diet and routines,
and the way you self-talk and belief in yourself,
and believe-in-general,
all of that, matters.

If you are not transmitting, strive to know the Father's business. Serve the business.
Explore methods of cooperation,
explore different ways of organization.
But the end result is fieldwork,
you could say where-the-rubber-hits-the-road.

Thought leads to action.
Evolution reflects some of that statement. Just like evolution could be slow and gradual, followed by sudden events,
your thoughts -- and this is very human --
You think, you think, you think, you think, and then finally, something happens.
It's a wonder we get anything done.

If you are transmitting, or seek to transmit,
we have discussed in the past, your willingness to transmit,
not just your ability,
is somewhat of a prerequisite to serve in these specific outlets of the Mission.

It is natural to overcome the human condition of the need for safety and lack of a threat,
or even your physiological and physical limitations.

Some of the stages of transmitting need to be outlined.
And these are nothing entirely new under the sun of your modern methods of psychology and mastery of the self.

But, this will help you in your willingness to transmit,
to understand some of the stages that you will go through.

The first stage -- and these are all general, they are not entirely specific, but they are meant to be general.

The first stage is you will feel loved and secure.
Often this comes in the form of the personal contact with Deities, existential Deity, whether you feel or think you contacted a Deity of the Holy Spirit, the Father, Michael, or Jesus depends on, probably, your belief. But you will feel loved and secure.

So, if you begin transmitting,
begin in private.
Feel safe, feel secure,
and understand you'll probably go through this intimate stage first.

As the next stage begins, you might feel safe enough to share your transmissions with the group or with other people for their evaluation, feedback, guidance etc.

The next stage, you will probably begin to feel competent, and the start of social graces, self-respect, respect of others.
And the ability to transmit more information.

And finally -- and understand there are in-between stages to even these, we are being general.
But finally, you reach a stage that can be called self-actualization. You are transmitting with the confidence and comfort, knowing your Adjuster is with you, and controlling the transmitting, whether you're consciously involved in that or not, you have that trusting relationship.

And at the same time, you are undergoing the self-mastery, because at this point you are transmitting publicly, perhaps. And you must have the not only the mind agility to deal with a lot of different things.
But some of the benefits are you are less attached to the outcomes. Because your trust
is in the transmission, with Spirit coming through on the other end.

What is required of this, is not that you identify with this group around you. There needs not be a surrender of your identity or demand of a card-carrying identity to a tribe, this is not required. All that matters, for example in Lightines, is that you adhere to an organization and schedule.

Now, one of the benefits, and we're more-or-less done with this particular segment of the lesson, but one of the benefits,
is that you, as a human, have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom.
And a lot of that, by the time you are mature, let's just say over 50 because that's the age we have marked as the requisite age to serve (Missions).
And by about that time, you may have forgotten and probably have forgotten, a lot of what you know. You know, you know a lot but you don't exactly remember good recall.
We guarantee that one of the benefits of transmissions is that you will surprise yourself by recalling some of that knowledge, because it's being pulled out from the other side by us.

So we go full loop with the questions,

n  Are you waiting to be asked?
n  are you assuming you have work?
n  Why are you here?

Again, there's no right or wrong answers. But understand just, like our point about evolution, Lightlines are intended, and are likely to have a sudden expansion.
And at that point, you may find yourself with a lost opportunity to have the fun of getting in at the level we are in now.

I am Eve, I thank you all for listening, and the opportunity.
Thank you Machiventa. Thank you, Dominick. And thank you all, each-and-every-one-of-you, who have listened so far, and listen to this tape in the future.

Good day.

. . . . . . . . .

Machiventa as emcee resumes:
Again, I will be brief. We have with us today. A guest. A Chief of Staff in many respects.
His name is Arthura. Arthura, you have the floor.

Thank you.

I am Arthura, and I enjoy being able to speak to humans. Part of my experience is I bring this back, and I am the curiosity of all my kin. But enough about me, I am interested in you.

As Chief of Staff, I appreciate your loyal participation.
I have claimed in the past you are free to be comfortable with me, and that I bring out the best in you.
And with that, I wish to ask anyone who wishes to come forward,
Why are you here?

Song at Sunrise:
Thank you, Arthura. You have asked the question -- I'm Carol, Song at Sunrise --
you have asked the question, why are we here? And I think the answer is very simple. In that is, there is no better place to be.
I will tell you, thank you so much for being here for talking with us for giving us your wisdom and understanding. It's a real treat to be able to just talk with you. One on one. No better place to be. Thank you, ArthuRa.

Thank you, Carol. This is Arthura.
I am aware of your transmissions with the Pleiades.

I would ask you, how has that gone for you?

I'm sorry, I have a very poor internet connection. We have someone coming in on Wednesday to fix all of our internet connection and wiring inside the house here. Please would you repeat that question?

Absolutely, Carol

I said, I am aware of your transmissions with the Pleiades. Would you describe how that has gone for you?

Song at Sunrise:
Oh, wow, that was quite a while ago.
I appreciate it very much. They're listening and participating with me.

There was a very strange announcement that Michael of Nebadon was promoted to be the Chief of all the Life Carriers for the entire universe.
And I thought that was very strange and very exciting. And so, I put out a message that was passing up Pleiadian, but I was congratulating Michael for the new promotion.
And the word came later, through Ron, that that was probably not correct. And so I have not talked with the Pleiadians since then.
Are they still available to transmit?

This is Arthura:

You are fully permissible to continue.
We remind, not just you but everyone,
do not let apparent failure or error cease your evolution.

Does that help Carol? You are free to continue.

Song at Sunrise:
Thank you very much Arthura. That's very encouraging.

You're quite welcome. And Carol, this is Arthura, you are free to invite me to, not participate with you [directly], but to be present in some capacity to help you.

I'm sorry, I missed that last. I missed that last sentence. Would you repeat that again?

Arthura is here to help you when you participate again.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome Carol.

We will now move to Valerie. Valerie, you are now unmuted.

Thank you, Dominic. And I'm still at the question, Why are we here.
I thought I'd say a few words in reference to this. And I even feel that I'm speaking for other people. But I feel that ever since I know the Father, and that was in my mid-40s, when I been born again, when I acknowledged that there is a God,
I've been seeking His will. And as we do this, if you sincerely do that, we are drawn to him more and more. And by knowing Him more and more, of course, we want nothing else but to live for Him, and to see his will manifest. So, I believe we all are here for the same reason.
It is so difficult sometimes to find ours. I mean, this is about me, unfortunately, because I cannot say this is true for you all. But to find our faith in this because there was a long time of separation. And then life did not go the way I planned [V chuckles]
So it's a constant fight to stay with the mission. And when Machiventa Melchizedek asked this question, why are we here? No, it's because we have not given up, we still have the same vision, we still have the same desire to do the Father's will. And we know that this is the vehicle, this is the way to eventually, to finally, arrive to that place that we can fulfill our destiny again, I call it Destiny call, because that's what I always thought or understood in the spirit that I'm called, or were created for a special purpose to be here on earth for such a time as this to do the Father's will.
And now it's coming to that because over the years we have heard so many times that we are going to be taught, we are going to know exactly what Father wants us to do. There was a time I believe it precisely, it is not new, but it was and when that was shaken because of the long wait and a lot of changes in the space as every plan fell apart. So . . . that was hard for me to re-orient.
So I'm at the place now that I don't have such a precise goal, as I have had at that time, but I'm still ready and waiting to see the big picture because I do believe that when Jesus comes back is actually when the mission starts. And that is now, but also there is associated with this coming, is when we now finally step into that phase of our lives and we be running for running the race until the end. That's the question. I mean, that's my answer to this question. It's very vague, but I thought I'd just share it instead of staying silent.
Well, thank you Valerie. This is Arthura.
I have a follow up question for you.
How have your beliefs about yourself changed over the years?
I do you have faith in Father. I do know that I can do all things through Him. I know that when He touches me, then I do things that I would not do by my own choice, then He enables me. And so I believe in that I believe this will happen again. And it takes my willingness and full-hearted commitment, I believe, to move from here to a place of greater service and greater accomplishment. Because like I said, that thought is lacking right now, I'm not satisfied in the place I am. But I am willing to do what it takes. I mean, as much as able, but I again, believe in going back to the biblical examples, that there is an appointed time. And everybody who might study even I was waiting to hear the Word of God in the Bible, who was who was caused them through a time of preparation, it's a long time of preparation, usually about 20 years or more. And no matter how much they tried to start their calling, it did not happen until the day came, the Father said, this is the day, this is the day I send and then entire, the entire lives change and they step into, to do but Father has for them to do. So that's my understanding right now, how this will work.
But I believe in I mean, I can be wrong, because it's human understanding. It's always have, you know, the potential of being wrong. But I have full confidence in the Father, no matter what I understand and what I don't understand about, He's able to guide me, and, and I don't like to use that word anymore, annoying me, to give me the grace to do what he wants me to do, and to be able to hear us humans to do, which again, is very controversial, because I already know many things I know He's going to do. I haven't done because of our life circumstances. So that's where I'm told apart that I'm not really happy at the place I am. But I think there has to be a day that I've just dropped everything else and say, Okay, this is started. And I give my 100% as I plan that. Thank you.
Okay. Thank you, Valerie.
Is there anything further that you wanted to speak to?
No, thank you very much. And thank you, Arthura.
You're quite welcome, Valerie.
Robert, you are now unmuted welcome.
Okay, thank you. And thank you also Lord Arthura
Why am I here. Okay, I can say that since I was maybe 1920 years old I was always interested in messages from the celestial beings. And when I discovered the Urantia Book through a friend of mine, it was like I hit the jackpot.
I started reading the book. It was amazing for me. Then I became a member of the Serara Forum and start participated in lightline to hear messages from the celestial beings. So that's why I am here.
Have you, this is Arthura. Have you attempted transmissions or felt you may have
I tried to become the transmitter.
But, I think it was in 2015 I receive a short message from maker of Nebadon.
That I am thrilled, thrilled – it was your when I reached the Third Circle.
then I kept practicing to become a transmitter but I did not succeed.
But I understand now that I am too old to become a transmitter
and then I quit practicing. Because I'm 79 now
The only the only question I can ask,
since I am too old to become a transmitter and I know with God the Father maybe I will be a burden, you know, if I pray, if I continue to pray, if I will be able to succeed, you know, and become a transmitter.
Yes, this is Arthura if I may interject, Robert.
It is not a question of your ability to transmit or not transmit. But we invite you to evaluate and ask yourself if you have any limiting beliefs around this topic, and that you are always free to try and let go of the results of what you might evaluate, qualifies as a successful transmission.
Really, all that matters is that you feel an experiential connection with the Father within, and that you seek to know His will and His love. But that you also may have the ability and capacity because Michael of Nebadon makes it so, that you might receive something specific, and you already have this experience that you've referred to. Anything is possible.
We wish you to have a fulfilling life for the remainder of your years, here. And that you are always free to attempt to overcome an obstacle no matter how old you think you are.
Okay, Lord Arthura
I thank you very much and I would continue to practice to estimation.
you were very welcome, Robert. And we thank you for sharing with the group and sharing with us all. Thank you.
Elise, you're now unmuted. Thank you for raising your hand. You're unmuted.
Okay, I would like to say something to Arthura. And first, I want to thank him for for his time and the transmissions that we did together. Some time ago.
You told me some months ago that we would work, we would be working closely together.
And I was really very excited about that. And happy. I had a series of transmissions from you, Arthura, of which I posted some, and others I held for myself.
And I think that I more or less lost contact, when, during certain times in the following months, we were advised to not transmit. And, well, I am asking you, if you're still there for me, maybe I have failed to pick you up or hear you when you did contact me? But it would make me very happy if we could start this these transmissions again. And well, are you still willing to do that? Or do you still need me? I do need you Of course.
That's my question, Dominick.
Okay, thanks, Elise. I do have Arthura on the line.
This is Arthura, Elise, and I welcome you and greetings. We have talked in the past we will talk again, and I have been out of pocket, so to speak, a few times.
Some of this is clearly not your fault. And I take responsibility, having set the expectation that I am always available.
The fact of the matter is, I strive to be always available, but I am not always capable.
Having said that, I will always strive to at least confirm, if-and-when I am unavailable.
Otherwise, we will both assume, you and I, that I am. And when there is interference, as I have experienced firsthand now, working in this Universe of Nebadon, and Superuniverse of Uversa, is that if you do have interference, or if you do suspect something odd, to validate with
Michael, The Father or the Magisterial Sons present, that you have a clear ciruit.
Otherwise, I am yours Elise.
Thank you.
Well, thank you very much are thorough. I do understand what you were saying. And thank you so much for taking this up again between us when it's possible. Thank you very much.
You are quite welcome. And I would just like to add you are very capable and valued.
And please continue the excellent work. And all your limitations are self-imposed, most of the time Elise, and that you can give those thoughts and beliefs to the Father. Just as Jesus modeled for you all.
And thank you for allowing me that addendum.
This is Arthura. Thank you, Elise.
Thank you, Arthura. Your words are very much appreciated. Thank you very much.
Machiventa is there anything further
Thank you for checking in this is Machiventa your MC from this side of the lightline.
We do think this went well enough, and will continue to experiment of sorts on the Tuesday Lightline. In hopes of flowing the river, so to speak, in a more engineered way, that more and more meets the material and the Spirit on your planet.
This concludes the official part of the Lightline today.

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  • Machiventa as MC
  • Eve. Stages of Transmission practice
  • Q&A with Arthura

Attitude of Insurrection Cabal
MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son
Mon, Aug 07, 2023
MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son
This is Margul, Trinity Teacher Son, and Avonal, not, but a Daynal Paradise Son, of Paradise origin. Whose role, here, on Urantia, is to work with your Creator Son in harmonizing the planet with the physical and spiritual evolution, synchronicity, between itself and Paradise. The planet is issued and guided into various stages achieving this ultimate synchronicity in time and space, and, more-or-less, spiritual hydraulics, similar to breathing and oscillation. You could think of it as a sine wave versus the other expressions of frequency that is, either in-the-Will or out-of-Will, with the Will of the Father.
What was certainly out of Will was the act of the supreme within the circuits of Havona. An imperfect deed with a perfect origin. The simple explanation for insurrection without a cause, stated, is that there is a bitterness and resentment of that which was once perfect in origin, and perfect-yet-evolving in its perfection, having to experience a rebirth and a drastic evolution, pointing out a new origin of imperfection. This is a dramatic loss of status and hierarchy within the Grand Universe of those beings who were part of the supreme, having lost the supreme to its Deity status.
But from your standpoint, it is still as simple as an entity on the other side of a spectrum of, from your Local Universe Son up to a Havona circuit, which was just as reliant on the paradise Trinity for its own destiny. And both ends of this spectrum challenged and acted against the will of the Paradise Sons. In effect, challenging, and insurrecting and rebelling against the Will of God, the Word of God, and certainly, the Will of the Paradise Trinity. Best known as the union of the First, Second and Third Source and Center of the Godhead of the I AM. Personally known as the Father the Son and the Spirit.
No matter the cause for now, there has been a forced recalibration. A pointing of fingers as to who is the party and parties responsible or denying that such recalibration is necessary or exists. But it does. For there is insurrection. A simplistic way of looking at things between the Spirit and the Son is that you could use the expression, it does not matter what you think it matters what you do. In the Justice spectrum of legal workings, there is typically no injustice from a thought crime, but the act of doing based upon the thought. Similarly, thoughts can influence and do influence, behavior and action. But also, the will, you have been taught, can guide behavior and action, and condition thought.
In that vein, Paradise Sons initiate and finalize action. The spirit conditions action. Mind is a shared resource endowed with personality to unify mind. And that endowment is the Universal Father and Universal Controller. The supreme mistook its rule and supremacy over Time and Space as controller.
Understand, we have revealed the supreme from Havona acted upon its volition with the Paradise Trinity acting as its analogue to a Thought Adjuster. There was no clear communication between the jurisdictions. The supreme’s, behavior and thought was conditioned by the Creator Son’s actions. And there you have the clear example of the spectrum of what a Local Universe Son observes, thinks, and behaves, all the way up to what a perfect Havona observes, thinks, and then behaves. And now we have the consequence of action in what the insurrectionists observe, think, and behave.
Nothing exemplifies the augmentation of this process more than the Paradise Bestowal Son. Whether that be the unique case of a Creator Son Bestowal, as your planet received, or the rest of every single other planet’s usual Bestowal process of an Avonal Son, a Magisterial Son of Paradise, who effects the universal bestowal of the Universal Father's fragmentation of Himself into the lowest order of children, the human being within the creation and planet of the Bestowal Son.
And once that process takes effect that's when I, a Trinity Teacher Son, takes on the Daynal (not Avonal) mission, to work with these other missions of Creator Sons, and usher in synchrony in all phases with Paradise, The Isle of Paradise, and The Paradise Trinity. And you have all phases of Paradise Sons of such a Trinity Association guiding you in. As well as the single unity of the Father within you. The Creator son from without and the Spirit guiding you from within your mind, and en-circuited within creation. And ministering to you with an entirely new order, different than your sonship order, and on its own evolution and ascension in your Local Universe journeys.
Frankly, you do not understand, nor can you entirely relate to the effects the supreme’s behavior did to Cosmic Mind of these Orders entirely separate from your own. The Infinite Spirit still upholds Cosmic Mind, is the origin of Cosmic Mind. It is not and was not, never was and never will be, anything out of Havona. This harsh lesson is being learned by all entities originating from Havona.

You can rest assured in your own positions as sons of God, that Mind and Spirit is eternally upheld by the Infinite Spirit, together with the Paradise Trinity, and ultimately, through the Universal Father. This is Margul signing off. For this has a lot to take in and we have filled our cup with enough words today. Thank you all for your attention. I wish you and bid you a very good day.
This is Michael of Nebadon with a final word, that I sanction these transmissions, in both ways. One, that I approve Margul’s participation. And two, I sanction the interference of the Cabal who attempted to foible the signals coming through. Discern what you will My children. Discern what you will my subjects within My Kingdom. It is Nebadon, and you are of origin and belonging here. Good day.

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Machiventa Melchizedek as MC. We also heard from Father as I AM.
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