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Arthura helps Dominick with some context to the early 21st century through present day

Original Link

YouTube: pending

AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Tues LL 07.09.24
« on: July 09, 2024, 18:43:43 pm »
Original recording link:

An unusual lightline in some respects.

Machiventa with Ron transmitting at start and Arthura, too
Dominick continued and ended with Arthura continuing on from Monday's themes

@occerpa and also @pjammer from another post:
Thank you for your comments. 

A lot of the essence and nuances of your comments are found in Paper 52, Planetary Mortal Epochs. Pages 589-600.
A comprehensive look might examine Papers 49 through 55.

Machiventa's emergency Mission is better understood as Pre-Bestowal Son. And is therefore not a planetary epoch by itself, and better understood in context of what was. Your well-meaning and reasonable intention would result in some confusion about planetary mortal epochs but is an excellent lesson in how extraordinary and scrambled they are.

You might say our planet is in various, simultaneous, and incomplete stages of:
  • Planetary Prince Man (rebellion affected)
  • Adamic Man (rebellion affected, and defaulted)
  • Bestowal Man (rebellion affected, and out of normal order before Magisterial, and uniquely Creator Son, not an Avonal)
  • Magisterial Man (in progress)

The order of the Papers and who is tasked to produce them is amazing the more I reference them to help answer you.

Later on in Paper 92, Later Evolution of Religion, Section 4. The Gift of Revelation:
your comments, occerpa, are fully supported as epochal significance (page 1007)

A history of ascension ecology impacted by missions and epochal revelations

Original recording:

Morning brief from Office of MONJORONSON.
With live follow-up with ARTHURA.

Original Link


The Means of Property and Power Distribution
Tue, Jul 02, 2024, 6:17AM
Dominick O transmitting the Office of Monjoronson

Working the land meant labor created property.

Not only does labor create added value, but leadership and management, executive and administrative functions, beyond labor, create value of property.

Leadership by nature is often hierarchical.

And therefore, is Labor always in danger of spoiling the fruits of its labor through an unearned capacity of leadership-usurpation.

Demanding more value than their labor is actually worth.

One of the often-overlooked aspects of planetary and individual ascension is the completion of selfhood through completion of one’s personal Psychic Circles of mastery.

Individualism is the epitome of the pursuit of self-mastery.

A collective identity is an anathema to self-mastery.

Self-mastery is what leads the individual to rise above the rest of the pack to exercise leadership with wisdom.

Too much collectivism and the individual accomplishing self-mastery attains social dominance, instead, without wisdom.

Religion, you could say, tempers both classes.

But the philosophy of self-mastery attains soul growth.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:
that all people are created equal in their capacity to be endowed with the:

·        divine spark of God
·        the mind of Spirit
·        to be given life
·        the opportunity to attain self-mastery
·        and the pursuit of soul growth

The State's purpose is to foster and govern cooperation
in all the levels of civilization.

Requiring law and courts
with its residing executive and administrative functions and agencies.

Summarized as Governance

Good governance is the State of cooperation. Double meaning intended.

Cooperation entails a dynamic tension that fosters

Growth and Innovation.

But also creates conflict and error.

In the natural state of social hierarchy and the governance of cooperation, the inequalities of social hierarchy are balanced out in the pursuit of happiness.

Defined as life satisfaction, when the individual is able to pursue and conduct cooperation in living
within their attainment, which is really another word for pursuit of self-mastery;

and their pursuit of soul growth.

Which in and of itself, is the achievement of mortal life.

Hi occerpa:
Good point, here is a shard opinion that acknowledges some information seems better than others to the point it may be external sources than one's inner consciousness:

Original Link:


Effects and Affects of Psychopathy. Planetary Emergencies: Emergencies of Famine, Pandemic and War and Mass Migration. Cooperation vs Cosmic Insanity

Fair and good question, occerpa. Let me provide you some context that I thank you for pulling out.

Here's a brief answer between Transmission and Channeling. 
Channeling is being associated with a lot more stuff now than just a mediumship, and now being associated in all types of energy work and phenomenon.

Here is the source reference:

Related to that, people who practice channeling are starting to advocate using binaural beats to induce lower brain wave states of meditative states (Delta and Theta) they consider necessary. But transmission requires higher brain states associated clearer thinking (Alpha, Beta Gamma).
What Are Binaural Beats?
Medically Reviewed by C. Nicole Swiner, MD on April 30, 2023
 Written by WebMD Editorial Contributors
The 5 Types of Brain Waves That Affect Binaural Beats
Neurons in your brain use electrical signals to create thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. When neurons synchronize, this creates brain waves. Brain waves can be measured by a technique called electroencephalography (EEG). This technique involves electrodes put on the scalp to record electric signals. 
Brain waves can range from low frequency to high amplitude and high frequency to low amplitude. The brain waves create binaural beats. This leads to different mental states which affect the brain in different ways.
There are five different brain waves:
Delta: 1-4 Hz. Delta is the lowest frequency state, and it’s linked to:
  • Deep sleep
  • Healing and pain relief
  • Meditation
  • Anti-aging: cortisol reduction/DHEA increase
  • Access to the unconscious mind
Theta: 4-8 Hz. Theta binaural beats benefits include:
  • Meditation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Creativity
Alpha: 8-14 Hz. When you are in an alpha state of mind, your brain is focused and productive. Alpha brain waves help you to:
  • Relax and focus
  • Reduce Stress
  • Maintain positive thinking
  • Increase your learning capabilities
  • Easily engage in activities and the environment because you are in a state of flow
Beta: 14-30 Hz. Beta is a higher frequency brainwave and helps in:
  • Keeping your attention focused
  • Analytical thinking and solving problems
  • Stimulating energy and action
  • High-level cognition
Gamma: 30-100 Hz. With a higher frequency than beta, these brain waves help in:

  • Increased cognitive enhancement
  • Attention to detail, helping in memory recall
  • A different way of thinking, which is a sign of creativity

Universe Technique of Government and the potential of rebellion, and the actual rebellion

Wed LL 06.19.24 Mantutia Melchizedek

original recording:

These videos are open to others creating "Shorts" (sample clips and remixes). @Moses you might experiment creating one on your YouTube channel and see how that goes. These long-form videos need Shorts created out of them to be promoted by these distribution outlets like YouTube.

Discuss This Web Site / Forum Version upgrade and View Counts
« on: June 17, 2024, 15:39:52 pm »
Just FYI, the forum will be upgraded to the latest version of the software it runs on, Simple Machines Forum, which the site shows in the upper left and in the footer as SMF. @CharlesL, we await your schedule to try this. We've waited a while to keep up with versions so it's a little more work than just a patch upgrade.

And on a separate note, the large view counts are not necessarily a traffic count of live or unique people visiting in droves. But what it does indicate is the site is crawled with internet spiders and scanned with bots to a high degree, as well as any sharing and spreading of the content through other content distribution like RSS and social media. Hopefully that puts to bed the conspiracy or accusation that Admin (aka Ron) drives up view counts for the sake of looking more popular than it is.


    • Michael of Nebadon opened
    • Arthura attended next
    • Deity of the Thought Adjuster after that
    • some updates about Transmitter corps capacity and Lemuel's time of rest and retirement

    The light bodies are an extension of you, and are probably part of you at birth, and mature and evolve, too. Lightworkers and Energy Healers and Science are currently using the term, biofield, to describe all of it comprehensively. There are a few technologies now that can render your aura. Some humans have the capability of vision into those frequencies' colors.

    In general, you want to have a clear and vibrant aura and not a muddy one, or any black in it. Those would be signs you could use some balancing or energy therapy.

    Upon death, you probably take it all with you, but maybe some of it sticks around and that's where you get folks who haven't gone on from the planetary grid to their after-life.

    Thank you occerpa. We'll start from the end of your post and address the last quote from the lightline. My recall is the statement is not a direct transmission. It is meant to say a few things:
    • Lightlines are not for our entertainment, per se. But there is an entertainment value (novelty) of how it is created.
    • The error and fallibility are mostly going to be from the human transmitter, but the transmitter is connecting to Spirit.

    occerpa, many times you claim to lack something preventing you from achieving a high standard for yourself. I bet you probably achieve more than you give yourself credit for and you suffer from what we all do, limiting beliefs (conscious or not)?

    May the Source be with you.

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