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Direct Link:
Fathers Lightline recording link:

MICHAEL of Nebadon was host for Lightline Tuesday

·       Mission announcements for lightlines -- Mission go means lightlines will offer new information and context that transmitters may struggle to self-censor, but that they should listen to MICHAEL and trust control of Thought Adjuster, and also forgive themselves if they falter.
·       Updates for Ron Besser as a Servital in the Mission(s). More context about impediments and interferences with Mission(s).
·       MICHAEL wished to transmit or prompt attendees to affirm themselves to HIM and FATHER in their service intentions
·       A final word from MONJORONSON, Magisterial Son of the Magisterial Mission(s), affirming his Deity Circuit with MICHAEL in service to our FATHER.


  • Machiventa Melchizedek as MC spoke about the perils of human pre-conceptions affecting faith.
  • Michael of Nebadon spoke about his petitions to Universe Authorities for human involvements. Also, His updates on his speeches to other audiences in Nebadon in preparation for Missions. And Michael spoke about Jesus' attainments and status post-Bestowal, and 2nd Return objectives.
  • Monjoronson spoke about global, cultures having a Magisterial Son concept just not linked to the Michael-Jesus Bestowal. Then Monjoronson outlined the hierarchy of Mission Authority: Melchizedek/Archangel > Archangel Matthew > Gabriel of Salvington > Michael of Nebadon and Magisterial Sons and Jesus > Universal Father on Paradise
  • Machiventa shared some insights into his doings as a Urantia Supreme Court Magistrate.
  • A Bonus comment from Adam about Mission training compared to Mission fulfillment.


  • Tarkas as MC spoke about Thought Adjusters and Midwayers as Lightline control mechanisms
  • El Elyon spoke about ways to observe styles of self-talk in our day to day lives; differences between rebel induced patterns and minor TA prompts
  • Arthura re-introduced role as chief of staff and described all some of the divine personalities present
  • Machiventa went into more detail with Lemuel about the challenges of the inner mind
  • Arthura and Tarkas solicited comments from the Board Members of the Magisterial Foundation


Amadon (a modified mortal from human DNA) was our MC
Adam, Material Son (of Adam and Eve and the Garden) was main speaker
Monjoronson, Magisterial Son, spoke about the Mission's approach being practical with social engineering
Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son, gave a final word
  • DNA Epochs spanning 20k-30k generations over 1M yrs and to the present epoch of Missions to planet
  • Subjects of Will, brain and thinking, group dynamics on will-behavior
  • Social Engineering for epi-genetic progress toward a better world via the Missions
  • Some insight about the scope of the Missions being way bigger than just planetary
  • But that it will evolve from the Practical to the Spiritual

Recording links:

  • Electrons and Soul as ideas leading to the truth about ultimatonic science breakthroughs (electron); and soul consisting of a pilot (personality) and Thought Adjuster (co-pilot). The Co-Pilot is the flawless champion of striving to know the Good a.k.a. Father's Will for your will.
  • Philosophy-Science-Religion are in these current times, Psychology, Neuroscience and the Occult
  • Behavior, Influence and Decisions deal with your DNA, Chemical and Electric body-brain and evolution exercises your will and mind with your personality and co-pilot to condition the soul.
  • Rasputin warned that without revelation supplementing evolution we regress into social-hierarchy animal behaviors and civilization and culture cannot resolve the leadership minorities with the less fortunate masses.
  • Welmek summarizes the point by describing revelation enabling the fruits of evolutionary wisdom
  • Ron transmitted Welmek and Machiventa mainly on morontial and physical consequences of Mission involvement


or at

·         Mission Administration Outlined
o   Paradise Sons, Melchizedeks, Archangels, Material Sons_Daughters

·         Intro to A/B Working Groups
o   A Transmitter enabled Working Group compared to a ChatBot Application
o   Linguistic analysis comparing written revelation to personal, religious experience
o   Resolving ambition with service and social benefit
o   Epigenetic Effect of Personal Investment in Spirit and Creativity vs. Artificial Intelligence

·         Another review with some modern phraseology of the 15 general factors for the Maintenance of Civilization
o   Introducing Working Groups as the other end of the transition spectrum of something like the Regency.

·         Outlining general Roles of WG structure-organization
o   MC-Moderator
o   Transmitter (for Group A of A/B)
o   Chronicler (transcription and archiving)
o   Operator-Timer (Event Technology and meeting structure Timer)
o   Curator (Information and Resource organizer gathered from the WG)
o   Member (attendee)
§  In addition to resource and info the Member is in the WG to:
·         Implement in the field
·         Design Action Plans
·         Execute Action Items

·         Q&A
o   Question about Transmitter roles and Forum as an existing WG
o   More about the subject human Time and using or wanting more of it

o   Discussing how to ask, pray or consider any of the WG roles

Machiventa Melchizedek as MC opened with the topic in relation to Planetary Management and Missions; and Michael of Nebadon had final words.

  • Reference to Paper 81, Section 6, p. 908 15 Factors Towards Maintenance of Civilization.
  • Paper is "Sponsored" by an Archangel (what is the meaning of that?)
  • Reference to Paper 37, Section 3, p. 408 for description of Local Universe Archangels (catch the reference about why the planet captures such Universe-wide interest)

  • Monjoronson answers question about Factor 15, the Prevention of Transitional Breakdown (of Civ)
  • Machiventa responds to comment about evolution and current events
  • Jesus responded to question, how might we prepare ourselves for his Return


Here is the address link:

AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Tues LL 08.08.23 (45m)
« on: August 09, 2023, 10:17:47 am »

and here is the link directly without copying and pasting it into the browser

  • Machiventa as MC
  • Eve. Stages of Transmission practice
  • Q&A with Arthura

Attitude of Insurrection Cabal
MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son
Mon, Aug 07, 2023
MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son
This is Margul, Trinity Teacher Son, and Avonal, not, but a Daynal Paradise Son, of Paradise origin. Whose role, here, on Urantia, is to work with your Creator Son in harmonizing the planet with the physical and spiritual evolution, synchronicity, between itself and Paradise. The planet is issued and guided into various stages achieving this ultimate synchronicity in time and space, and, more-or-less, spiritual hydraulics, similar to breathing and oscillation. You could think of it as a sine wave versus the other expressions of frequency that is, either in-the-Will or out-of-Will, with the Will of the Father.
What was certainly out of Will was the act of the supreme within the circuits of Havona. An imperfect deed with a perfect origin. The simple explanation for insurrection without a cause, stated, is that there is a bitterness and resentment of that which was once perfect in origin, and perfect-yet-evolving in its perfection, having to experience a rebirth and a drastic evolution, pointing out a new origin of imperfection. This is a dramatic loss of status and hierarchy within the Grand Universe of those beings who were part of the supreme, having lost the supreme to its Deity status.
But from your standpoint, it is still as simple as an entity on the other side of a spectrum of, from your Local Universe Son up to a Havona circuit, which was just as reliant on the paradise Trinity for its own destiny. And both ends of this spectrum challenged and acted against the will of the Paradise Sons. In effect, challenging, and insurrecting and rebelling against the Will of God, the Word of God, and certainly, the Will of the Paradise Trinity. Best known as the union of the First, Second and Third Source and Center of the Godhead of the I AM. Personally known as the Father the Son and the Spirit.
No matter the cause for now, there has been a forced recalibration. A pointing of fingers as to who is the party and parties responsible or denying that such recalibration is necessary or exists. But it does. For there is insurrection. A simplistic way of looking at things between the Spirit and the Son is that you could use the expression, it does not matter what you think it matters what you do. In the Justice spectrum of legal workings, there is typically no injustice from a thought crime, but the act of doing based upon the thought. Similarly, thoughts can influence and do influence, behavior and action. But also, the will, you have been taught, can guide behavior and action, and condition thought.
In that vein, Paradise Sons initiate and finalize action. The spirit conditions action. Mind is a shared resource endowed with personality to unify mind. And that endowment is the Universal Father and Universal Controller. The supreme mistook its rule and supremacy over Time and Space as controller.
Understand, we have revealed the supreme from Havona acted upon its volition with the Paradise Trinity acting as its analogue to a Thought Adjuster. There was no clear communication between the jurisdictions. The supreme’s, behavior and thought was conditioned by the Creator Son’s actions. And there you have the clear example of the spectrum of what a Local Universe Son observes, thinks, and behaves, all the way up to what a perfect Havona observes, thinks, and then behaves. And now we have the consequence of action in what the insurrectionists observe, think, and behave.
Nothing exemplifies the augmentation of this process more than the Paradise Bestowal Son. Whether that be the unique case of a Creator Son Bestowal, as your planet received, or the rest of every single other planet’s usual Bestowal process of an Avonal Son, a Magisterial Son of Paradise, who effects the universal bestowal of the Universal Father's fragmentation of Himself into the lowest order of children, the human being within the creation and planet of the Bestowal Son.
And once that process takes effect that's when I, a Trinity Teacher Son, takes on the Daynal (not Avonal) mission, to work with these other missions of Creator Sons, and usher in synchrony in all phases with Paradise, The Isle of Paradise, and The Paradise Trinity. And you have all phases of Paradise Sons of such a Trinity Association guiding you in. As well as the single unity of the Father within you. The Creator son from without and the Spirit guiding you from within your mind, and en-circuited within creation. And ministering to you with an entirely new order, different than your sonship order, and on its own evolution and ascension in your Local Universe journeys.
Frankly, you do not understand, nor can you entirely relate to the effects the supreme’s behavior did to Cosmic Mind of these Orders entirely separate from your own. The Infinite Spirit still upholds Cosmic Mind, is the origin of Cosmic Mind. It is not and was not, never was and never will be, anything out of Havona. This harsh lesson is being learned by all entities originating from Havona.

You can rest assured in your own positions as sons of God, that Mind and Spirit is eternally upheld by the Infinite Spirit, together with the Paradise Trinity, and ultimately, through the Universal Father. This is Margul signing off. For this has a lot to take in and we have filled our cup with enough words today. Thank you all for your attention. I wish you and bid you a very good day.
This is Michael of Nebadon with a final word, that I sanction these transmissions, in both ways. One, that I approve Margul’s participation. And two, I sanction the interference of the Cabal who attempted to foible the signals coming through. Discern what you will My children. Discern what you will my subjects within My Kingdom. It is Nebadon, and you are of origin and belonging here. Good day.

« on: August 01, 2023, 15:43:46 pm »
Machiventa Melchizedek as MC. We also heard from Father as I AM.
  • internal consistency and challenging topics of the human condition that are difficult to speak to
  • Deity bearings (your bearing with Deity)
  • Lightlines as Working Groups
  • Q&A from several attendees with response from Machiventa, Michael of Nebadon, and Jesus

Same recording and all weekly Lightline info at


  • Machiventa Melchizedek opened as MC:
Voice of God, Missions, Spirit within and without
  • MICHAEL spoke as Michael of Nebadon and as Christ Michael; and also addressed a question about rebellion-insurrection from without the Local Universe of Nebadon.
  • Agent of the Infinite and Holy Spirit addressed a question about how prayers to end war get answered-received

General Discussion / Tuesday Light Line for July 25th, 2pm DST
« on: July 24, 2023, 15:26:02 pm »
Per Arthura at the end of the Monday LL, there will be a 2pm Lightline this Tuesday, July 25th.  Typical call-in info, same as Sunday and Monday info

Tuesday Light Line for July 25th, 2023.  2pm DST

hosted by Dominick and co-hosts.

Local US Dial-in: 1 215-383-1625
Local Canada Dial-in: 1-647-478-7145

Conference Code: 251848

4* Mute;  5* Raise Hand

Check Sunday LL info for international numbers

transmission begins:

There is a reason the revelation is assimilated quite well by technically minded people in the modern era on the planet. Those minds are used to the proclivity of advanced, technical information, for example. And the revelation by most standards is advanced teaching, in so much, as it requires a lot of explanation. Just look at things on your planet, where most typical human behavior tends to not even want to read the instruction manual before they truly need to. Likewise, new technology is often slow to be adopted, let alone, ever fully utilized. And such a comparison can be made in simple developmental psychology, so to speak.

You are born of animal with spirit potentials, and latent spirit endowments. And then, you grow up to a certain point with the capability and injunction to be born again of the Spirit. And when this happens, you are truly born of the Spirit and a dual-purpose being of both Animal and Spirit. With the development of eventually becoming saved, literally, in Spirit-promise. There are various names and religious dogmas, almost, to codify this. But, in your own individual experience, you have the Spirit-promise, emblazoned in your personal faith and relationship with the Deities personally known to you.
From that moment forward, you seek relationship with your fellow man, and service to an emerging planetary purpose, administered in Spiritual Government. Often this can only be known or expressed in simple and short - in terms of time - simple and short service opportunities and desires to facilitate this development in your fellow man. And this can be expressed in the whole myriad and spectrum of culture and civilization, society, work, family. Anything bigger and greater than the unit of just yourself. In other words, you are not in a tendency to become a hermit because of your birth as a spirit being.
That is all for this moment in time. We hope this short “lesson” is taken well and assimilated fully.  Good day.

Audio version link

Governance Ideologies of Freedom and Faith
V2 L58
Tue, Feb 21, 2023, York, PA, United States
Transmitter(s): ARTHURA
Receiver: Dominick O
Audio Link: 8 minutes

This is Arthura and I would like to come up with a sort of summary lesson because my task is to move on from these series. Now, there are a series of statements I might wish to make. For example, we have discussed the concept of principles, and a matching word of principles are things like ideologies, or an ideology that fits a certain complement of principles attached to it. You associate ideologies with competition, freedom. And the gravitational push and pull of ideas to be free to do, or free from someone else doing unto you. When in fact, you are compelled by the state of governance, at the civilization, and societal, and any groups beyond your individual status, typically starting with your family, that you are compelled to do something. Thus, freedom is a dangerous ideology just as much as say autocracy or theology espouses a certain freedom itself as well. I'll leave you to figure that out. The bottom line is governance is a philosophy applied to something. It is the action of the reality after the thought.

Rebellion is an indulgence of thought. Insurrection is a rebellion against the wheels and gears of the apparatus of the government. Which is defined as the institutions upholding the encoded governance of the civilization, and the unit jurisdiction of governance. And since gears have a systematic effect there is constant analysis as to its functioning, and constant danger to its mucking up. As well, there is the constant flux of evolutionary progression of personality ascension and churn, - turnover in the institutions and participation of the civilization. The purpose of this is to deify the un-deified. This is the goal of Our involvement with you. And ultimately, your end-goal for your freedom in the first place. Anything less can be subjected to Justice.

The crux of the matter is not to settle once and for all, or day-to-day your status of freedom. Your ultimate adventure in the material and your ascension is to trust the Universal Brotherhood of Ascension. To follow those lyrics of putting your hand in Ours and trusting the relationship. Give us your hand and don't let go.

Now, this does not officially conclude. I reserve the right to return. But for now, I have new assignments, and I, as the Office of Arthura ascend as well. But if I had a cowboy hat, I would be tipping it right now and moving off into the sunset of Governance Lessons.

I thank you and I look forward to launching a new series with others. So that I can fulfill my stated mission, earlier in my involvement. Which is to bring out the best in anyone I do meet and foster and facilitate their talents and their specialties. Good day.

The Reality of Conflict
V2 L57
Sun, Feb 19, 2023, York, PA, United States
Transmitter(s): ARTHURA
Receiver(s): Dominick O
Audio Link 10 minutes

This is Arthura, and what I mean by calling the reveling of problems, especially of another, as a fetish. What I mean by that is, it is not normal. And We conditioned time and space with Spirit to overcome that animal inertia, that is really indicating the pleasure of a next meal, or the fact that they've escaped someone else's meal of them becoming it. When we describe this pleasure of observing the pain and suffering of another, without solace, without empathy. And what Spirit does is condition the mind together with the will, to induce empathy. Of not just putting yourself in their shoes but understanding the Kingdom. This becomes extrapolated in the nuances of human behavior, in the intrigue and scandal of, quote unquote, problems, conflict. And what you (Dominick) experienced the other night with the Queen in her court, and the State of governance in a rather timeless fashion when it comes to defending the Kingdom on earth, in the form of Governance, regardless of its statehood. Whether that form of governance is a particular form or not, it takes on certain qualities reflective, evolutionarily, of the Kingdom of Heaven. With a Divine plan for planets undergoing a succession of incarnations, bestowals, and revelation, together with your evolution, science, religion, philosophy. And we should add, the ever-conflicting and conflicted, politics. Indeed, it is wise in your relations, casual they may be, to avoid religion and politics. Nonetheless, it is the crux of Governance, is it not? Thus, we have this conflict of avoidance, to avoid the subject of politics and religion, quote-unquote, if you know what's good for you.

Well, it is not good to avoid, because it is well-Nye unavoidable when it comes to Governance. The State prefers to sacrifice truth for security and power. But good governance also facilitates beauty and goodness to balance this out. And eventually truth evolves out of the condition, to better the State, to better the governance, and allow the citizen to innovate from within, and influence without. When the State of governance suppresses and prosecutes all three states of truth, beauty and goodness, what you have is a recipe for disaster. A State of governance that consumes itself, and exports chaos. How do you bring truth, beauty, and goodness as principles to something so base as power, politics, and law; with the governance over human will, behavior, and animalistic tendencies? Let us not forget animals display many noble qualities. And there is in fact, much harmony in the way animal kingdoms govern themselves through their mind. The human aspect of its divinity bestowal and potential destiny are these principles - reside in these principles - of truth, beauty, and goodness. But they are not built in, they are a guided system, from within and from without. Which begs the question, how are these [principles] evolved and instated and guided? When in fact, when you are human in leadership qualities, and potentials, and actions, for such lofty principles amid the dangers of conflict; then what you are is also a defender of principles; and a defender against the intrigues of power-politics of the animal discontents, malcontents, the ignorant, and so on.

With Will comes creative power. And in such power is the creative capability to destroy and be guided by the animal mind; and the will for Rebellion to self-guide and rebel against the Power-Authority of Paradise. So, remember those who would sow conflict philosophically, you live in either a Deified or un-Deified state of true reality. There is no inherent living forever and there is no immortality in your actions. What you strive for inherently if you're Divine, is to realize your Deity potential. It is not enough to qualify yourselves as divine, inherently, or not. You strive to become Deified or not. The key to your Divinity is truly your Deity adventure. And do not conflate the two.

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