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Tues LL 08.22.23
Host Dominck Ohrbeck
Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Monjoronson, Eve
Topics: defining AB working groups, 15 factors related to the maintenance of civilization, Spirit is opening doors for volunteers, and Q&A


All right, welcome to Tuesday's Lightline, everybody. Without launching into the intro today, I'm going to pass that, but just know that for those listening, there are other Lightlines on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, here and Wednesday, all with the same call-in information, and Internet audio, otherwise known as voice over IP. And they're all at 2pm. Eastern time. If you want discussions about Lightlines, or any information in between Lightlines, go to And if you want to just keep in touch with Lightline, via transcripts and attendance information, and they're all recorded mostly, you can go to But just as some housekeeping for the callers, the attendees, you can mute your phone on and off anytime pressing 4 * and you can raise your hand pressing 5 *. Time permitting people attending by voice over IP I have to unmute you, there's no way to raise your hand. So I can't see if you've done that.

So, we pray to the Father for clear and clean circuits of communication. And we ask, is there an emcee today? But I don't need to ask further because I've had an emcee in my ear for 24 hours.
Welcome Machiventa Melchizedek

Machiventa Melchizedek

Thank you, Dominick. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I'd like to welcome everyone to the call, and we have a robust Lightline today. We will start by discussing the Mission structure at a high level, meaning a general level. And we will also discuss the AB testing of working groups. AB testing is something you can look up and search for, but it means comparing one set to another set. In this case, we're going to be talking about a working group with a transmitter and a working group or equivalent without a transmitter. We will end the Lightline with a general kind of housekeeping related to active roles, as active roles r o l e s, you might consider participating in. So, that's our outline. The mission structure, and I've prepared these notes so, understand if you hear anything at Dominick's voice, this transmitter is reading and I am augmenting his reading. It's a different style and not one we use all the time, and do inform everyone we are for the first time in these Lightlines recording video. There is a live stream participation no one has joined and that's okay because we're doing this as a practice run essentially. But it is live, he has dressed for work. So, under the mission structure, these are Magisterial Missions, Michael Missions, any other missions. So, without further ado, the outline is as follows:

Paradise Sons are at the top. These are the macro movers and shakers. These are in general Magisterial Sons in the halls of power and policy. You know a good example of this is, and will be, the Regency, also pronounced Regency. Another Paradise Son at the top is the promised return of Jesus. A mortal who attained Paradise after his Paradise Creator Son’s bestowal on Urantia. Those would be the personnel at the top of the missions.

A middle tier, if you will, are the Melchizedeks. These are at the governance level, the societal and institutional level. You could consider these the policy administrators. Much in the same way we organize a Lightline often. You don't see, for example, Magisterial Son acting as an emcee, but they do participate. At the lower and just as important levels might be and will be Archangels, material Adam and Eve also known as material sons, material daughters. They might be operating and will be operating at the household level, the family level, the community level. They will be actively involved in schooling, and educational institutions. Notice I did not say specifically schools or universities, because we don't want to limit ourselves to just those institutions. But anything related to schooling, and educational function of the maintenance of civilization. Related to schooling and education that permeate down to households, families, and communities. The higher echelons of say universities and specialized studies eventually flow upwards towards the Melchizedek levels of major institutions. So that is a, what we say is a high level mission structure of the personnel from the celestial side, the spirit side, the incarnated side.

We will now move on to the next subject, which is the concept of a working group. And we're comparing in this case, a working group with the transmitter. Now again, a working group can be or will be specialized by a domain, a field, a subject. We gave examples last week, it could be things like disease control, clean energy, community organization, leadership development, those types of subjects. Now, if you took that example of a working group, what's think of anyone doesn't matter. But if you were to compare that to an example of what passes for a non-transmission working group today, that might be something like an app or possibly another code word for a chatbot. For example, the app is really a chatbot. Now, what would be the difference between a working group with a transmitter and a chatbot? The working group will have a code of conduct whereas a chatbot has a legal agreement. Your participation in that working group requires some amount of discipline with best practices participating in the meeting or the event, with a certain level of competence. Your chatbot has a privacy policy, a Terms and Conditions about the information it collects from you, and uses. A working group with the transmitter has covert and overt - that's covert with a C an overt with an O - motivation. You could say the whole thing is a social contract. Whereas the app and chatbot collects your data, sells your data. It is a database of text. It is an artificial intelligence prediction model that is quite effective with the database it uses. Compare this to the working group that utilizes the very universal aspect of creativity. It has an epigenetic effect on you, and the group, and spirit. We talked about creativity and epigenetics In very recent Lightlines.

The chatbot and application are linguistic traps. For example, you might have heard or expressed at one point in time, if you ever read the fifth epochal revelation that the Urantia Book changed your life. How many times have we read and heard that, or felt that even, or identified with that? We only say this is a linguistic trap. Because linguistically, you are not giving credit in that sentence or statement to what you maybe and are truly expressing, which is Father changed your life. Paradise Trinity, and the existential deities changed your life. Christ Michael changed your life, or Jesus changed your life. The working group as a transmitter is personably knowable. It means you personally try. You don't ask a question to a chatbot and expect personality in return. Now we're starting to flow into the next topic a little bit. We're done with direct comparison, but we also talked in the last Lightline or two the subject of age.

A lot of attendees are, and frankly people eligible to serve in the missions as we've stated, are over the age of 50, but typically of retired age. And what's generally said no matter what for people of that age, regardless of their success, but particularly with people who are quote unquote successful, is that if they could have one thing, name one thing that they would like to have more of, and the answer is time. And this is something you get when you retire that you get time. Now bear with me, we're jumping around a little bit. But I just wanted to get that out of the way.

We want to continue by saying transmitters sustain themselves when they're without concern to status or hierarchy. Yeah, it is human nature and even the success of genetics is due to competition and social need for status and hierarchy when we talk about genetics and DNA, so, how do we resolve ambition, while the revelation advises that ambition be transformed into a social benefit, competition be socialized into a social benefit. The classic definition of a corporation is the public good. Not socialized and autocratic communism, but perhaps socialized on some levels in for example, basic services in social democracies. Which leads us to a paraphrasing of the inter association of the 15 factors related to the maintenance of civilization which we touched on last time. But we will end with a twist on number 15 at the end.


1. #1 was geography, essentially natural resources.

2. goods and services, access to goods and services with the payoff of a leisure and innovation effect. Without leisure there is truly no innovation in the culture.

3. science and knowledge. Science and knowledge benefit thought, improvement, and material improvement.

4. is essentially about the modern field of demographics. But also taught touches upon the optimization and frankly social engineering via wise and intelligent leadership of demographic. In this case, it would be demographics of states inter associated at a global level.

5. resource utilization. In the past, there was force, might makes right, and the hint that leadership is generally somehow related to a minority of the population. And the balance is wise, moral, intelligent capabilities, versus mob rule or psychopathic rule.

6. linguistics. Language and its effect on international relations and inter associations of the various populations.

7. mechanization. The distribution of resources and labor, liberation, these relate to several types of freedom that you might, and people desire.

8. home, social leisure, schooling, essentially how to transfer culture and civilization from one generation to the next.

9. national ideals. We are now changing this to national ideals. We said race and nation, but now wish to not ignore but disassociate from the powderkeg of race, and make it synonymous with national ideals, which is truly to say, what is the aim? How are you aiming, literally targeting with your aim and reaching for? What are you striving for? What are you aiming for with the next generation through the home, the church, and the school, for example? And if you can't name a church, or you have an allergic reaction to the church, think about that. We strive to inform you that if you do not have a specific church or denomination of church, or type of church, something often takes its place in the form of a church that you may or may not recognize as such.

10. specialization. This is really handling the disruption of technology and industries, when specialization of the workforce has to adjust to disruption. Essentially you could say this as a way of repurposing the workforce. Essentially when you are displaced, you feel a loss of purpose. Nothing wrong with that, you simply are in the journey of repurposing yourself in society.

11. placement and fallback of trades and skills. This is a natural extension of the last point, but there needs to be placement of people, together with fallback of trades and skills. This could be as simple as carpentry, gardening, and the like. And for those on the forum, Valerie did a transcription and a good example of placement is in that Adam and Eve transcript about schooling, where school administrators are placing students in different avenues and different experiences in the field, to get experience about what I'm just talking about. As opposed to a school administrator policing teachers and doling out punishment or enforcement.

12. conflicts of interest versus cooperation. Not only is this personal, but it extends to international relations. How do you handle conflicts of interest versus cooperation.

13. and this is where your homework comes into effect because we have relabeled this mentally or mental at agility, mentally agile. Or you could say mental agility together with intelligent wisdom. These are qualities and expressions. And the spectrum ranges from and includes all of the following: material, intelligence, morals, social cleverness, which we can identify as hierarchy and status with vastly cosmic insight.

14. society is not fine. There is an evolution to society and it is essential to innovation that we evolve. And lastly,

15. which last week we did, we touched on the transitional maintenance of civilization during transitional breakdowns. And we talked about the Regency. We talked about things at the very top level of the Regency, instituting or advising things such as martial law in extreme emergencies. And we also talked about the Regency ideal of having less extreme emergencies and ideal cooperation with policies.

Machiventa Melchizedek

But what we did not touch on specifically, was the other end of that spectrum, which I address, and this is Machiventa Melchizedek still speaking, that we did not address working groups.

Working groups certainly are capable of buffering and aiding in the transitional breakdown. That concludes the 15. factors. So, with working groups, that's our next topic. And I would like to not necessarily read from notes anymore. This is Machiventa once again speaking, more or less adlib to you. But we would like to get to something if you can assimilate what we've just talked about. There are rules within working groups that you have the potential to take on. That if you're exposed to, with a little bit of confidence and discipline and time, that you are guaranteed to exercise your creativity and have a positive epigenetic effect on yourself and others spirit and your civilization. So, with that we more or less end the official lecture part, and we would like to go into specifics about the types of roles that are possible in a working group.

The backstory is, working groups are a concept that I have introduced for over 10 years. There are a spattering of cases around the globe of them working, but they have yet to reach an organization that would truly affect the preservation and protect the transitional breakdown of civilization. And therefore they are still irrelevant, although they are not just timely anymore but urgently needed. So, here are the following roles.

There are where is an MC moderator. That's one role.

Another role is a transmitter.

Another role, potentially, is what we are temporarily calling the chronicler. Just like the institution and program of the chronicles, Ron talks about. But the chronicler would do something close to and specific to transcription and archiving.

Next, we might be a technical operator, I remind you, this Lightline is operated by telephone, voice over IP, and internet video conferencing, synonymous with Zoom, although this particular case is using the Microsoft equivalent of zoom. So,  technical operator might help with those things, but specifically, it makes sense that the technical operator could also function as the meeting timer. In other words, some organization and discipline to the specifics of a working group, event or session. This is not a Lightline and has a different structure, and has a little bit more discipline and organization to it. In that there might be a timer to help move on to the next segment.

Next, there is a curator. We're temporarily calling this the curator, but the curator is the collector of the team effort of research, and resources. You could aggregate these things automatically through things like search and harvesting data, but the curator adds a personal touch, and gives the person an opportunity to utilize what we just talked about, intelligence and wisdom, and judgment. And frankly, these are usually better than automation.

Lastly, there is the member or attendee of the working group. You would think the member or attendee is similar to what we have here on Lightlines and it is not. Because the working group is specific to a domain and field of endeavor, with the aim of integrating into these missions, and helping, not just civilizational breakdown transition, but augmenting and progressing the civilization and culture. So with these projects in mind or field in mind, a member or attendee is specifically interested in implementation, action plans, and action items. That's jargon for some. Simply look the term up. It's not that complicated. It just means implementing where it matters in the field. You can talk all you want, but eventually, people have to do something and it lands in the field, and it's never quite as it drew-up the draw on the planning board, and you constantly have to adjust and go with the evolution and make it work. So that concludes our presentation for today. It gives you something to think about once this transcript goes up, you don't need to retain everything. We will open it up to other transmitters first and then Q&A second. But we will summarize what we just talked about, and if anyone wants to press 5 * with a transmission specifically, you might take me, Machiventa, or another Melchizedek, or an Archangel or possibly even Monjoronson.

We are pausing because … this is Machiventa. We are pausing because I would like to introduce and present to you Monjoronson. You have the podium.


Thank you Machiventa, this is Monjoronson to the group. I speak deliberately and not to chastise but I beg of you this is the sounding alarm that the opportunity now exists for the appropriate amount of organization to provide you an opportunity, albeit a small one of something specific. You have the potential now, in fact you always did, but this is the first opening of spirit walking with you hand in hand, essentially guiding you in the work. We mentioned confidence earlier that also entails a certain amount of trust, and I asked you to put your trust in me, Monjoronson, trust that I am here to do what I intend to do with my other entourage of Magisterial Sons and the local universe entourage supporting us. All, under the direction of the executive of Nebadon, your Creator Son and my brother of Paradise, Michael of Nebadon, and all unified in the guidance of Father, our Father on Paradise, and within each one of you. That gives us our purpose to be with you all. You are in fact sacks of meat over 1 million years ago, and I borrow the term playfully from the neuroscientists perspective, who views you and your personality as a brain encased in a sack of meat. But there are admittedly certain things about personalities that neuroscientists have yet to explain, and have a very hard time explaining. Our favorite one is that the human mind and brain evolved past the point it ever intended to, and now does not know what to do with itself. Well, we know what to do with you, always have, always will. And now you do too. And we're going to help you ride the ship. That is all. I thank you for you're here, and I thank you Machiventa. I stepped down, but remind you I am now always present, you could say co-present.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Thank you, Monjoronson, this is Machiventa to the group. Now looking at the dashboard and there are no transmitter hands raised. And for that effect, we will go to any Q&A by first opening it up to the internet callers since no one has their hand raised. The internet callers I remind you have a brief time to express themselves with a Q&A, because they are unable to raise their hands. And we ask that questions and answer period be limited to the topic of Lightline in general. And if you have something outside of the topic of the Lightline, to ask permission about the non topical question.


All right, so with that we have opened it up to internet caller 9113. You're unmuted and we will just go down the board until you or someone else wants to speak up. Internet coller 7084, you are now unmuted. The internet callers are unmuted, if you have a question speak up now. Otherwise I'll probably give you another several moments. Regardless, we thank you for your attendance. Thank you for listening. And with that we will remute you.

Okay, now we have a moment of Q&A available to everyone, you can press 5 * to raise your hand. Perhaps there's a clarification, or you have a comment, there's much to talk about what the 15 factors. And if not, we can look at the transcript later. Okay. There is a hand raised. Elise, you're unmuted. We'll come to you next, Lemuel. Hi, Elise.


Yes. Hi, Dominick, thank you. I was listening very attentively to the explanation and the topics you have been told. And I was wondering, if the forum, the discussion forum as we have it now, is that regarded as a working group? Or maybe part of it? Or could you regard it as a working group?


Yeah, spiritually, yes. Technically, no. It does not have the organization of a working group. But spiritually it has been incubating all the talent, interest and experience to have an effective working group. Having said that, Elise, the other aspect of the working group once it aims to include the entire population outside of the forum, so this would be people completely foreign to the fifth epochal revelation, or anything related to it.


Hum, that's a goal.


Yeah, that would be the B segment of a working group. So one example would be if you had clean energy as a working group, the aim is you will have a working group with a transmitter that would be Group A, and then you would have another group session B or whatever, a separate event, working on that same issue, but from a … essentially a strictly human standpoint.


Is it a purpose in the education by Adam and Eve in the future? That they are going to firm form these working groups? Or are they going to teach the people they are having in the schools to form working groups and then send them out?


This is Eve. Elise. The answer is it is entirely possible. And in fact, in some ways, you will equate the experience with whatever initiative we are doing, although they reserve the right to be separate from a specific working group. We could be visiting speakers, professors, if you will. Thank you, Elise. Does that help, Elise?


Yeah, yes, it helps. Yeah, I want to think more about it. So I have to listen again to the recording later. Yes. Thank you very much. Yeah. Thank you.


One question we would have for you, you're, you're you are a transmitter, right? So what, what topic or what kind of subject area out of those 15 related. And remember, out of those 15 you can have something like scientific knowledge, which has, you know, almost an infinite amount of topics. But the question you can ask yourself is if you - you don't have to come up with one yourself, if you're just a transmitter, you can simply join one as that role. But you would probably want to join one that you had the vocabulary and experience to draw from as a transmitter. Right?


Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Thank you. I understand. Thank you.


Okay. Right. I'm going to mute you and go to Lemuel. And there's capacity for more after Lemuel, it is open to anyone. Hi Lemuel.


Hi. Dominick, thank you. Just a quick one. I think it was Machiventa Melchizedek who began to stop, but he mentioned the word age. And was there something that we would all want? And the answer was, of course, time? Well, he didn't elaborate on that and there are people like myself who are well over the age of 80, and we were wondering if it's possible that he could say something more about people with the ages that we had?


Yes, Lemuel, I will, let me ask. I'm going to mute you real quick and then unmute you after the transmission. Okay? Right. You heard the question, Machiventa, I wait for your transmission, if you will.

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Lemuel, and to the group we mentioned, time is something that a human regardless of their success, but usually some common thread amongst successful strata of the population is that if you ask them, if there was one thing they would want more of, what would it be? And the answer is generally, you might say universally, they would want more time. Now, your question is appropriate, because it is not just related to life extension of age, but it is specific to the time in a day. You all have the same amount of hours in a day, you are all equal in the endowment of the hours in a day, given by your sun, and moon cycles on your planet. You get it. But people want more time to do things in the day, where they want more time to do a specific task or priority in their lives. I just as Machiventa speaking want to remind you that your age group is a tremendous resource in that you are at retirement age, and the one thing you have before your transition beyond the material is that you have some time, albeit a challenging time with your health. But nonetheless, you have time to work with. And you are in some respects a victim at this particular moment of a de-evolution, a devolution of civilization and culture through no fault of your own. And I simply want to motivate you that your participation in a working group can have an epigenetic effect. Now, I know you Lemuel, and it is okay to think, ‘Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks’, but there's no trick about it. It's spending your time with spirit and with the intention and discipline and confidence to add through your efforts something more than just your attendance and loyalty. This is Machiventa.


Thank you Machiventa. Lemuel, is there any follow up or comment?


No, it won’t be necessary. Thank you Dominick. Thank you, Machiventa, thank you.


You're entirely welcome. All right, we're muting you. All right, there are no other hands raised. Oh, there's one. I was about to give you all some time back in your day, but don't mean that. That's a horrible setup, Valerie, sorry for that. Valerie, you are unmuted.


Thank you, Dominick. It's always the amount of information it's such that it would be better to listen to it again and digest it a little bit, but I do understand the concept. So with the assembling of work groups, is that the spirit will do that, or we are going to work it out amongst ourselves according to our choosing, or what we are doing, or how we fit into certain positions? I mean, is there a plan? I'm very delighted that now (we have) started to talk about it. What is the action we need to take right now?


Okay, I understand the question. I have to mute you, Valerie. Sorry, there was just some feedback, I will unmute you when we're done, but the question as I understand it, Valerie, not only do we have a Machiventa together with me answering, but I personally have experience with you for about a year now, where you, Valerie have pretty much performed the role of a chronicler. And you are starting to transcribe more, the transcriptions, and you are learning the tools. So, in some respects, your question is asking, will you get specific guidance, or, in your case, you like to feel your way into things, pray and consider your path, taking the Father into account, and spiritual worth. And that's all very valuable. And we don't expect you to stop or change anything, Valerie. But that you have the continued opportunity to have more organization and specific direction, if you choose. You have done excellent work in the face of tremendous personal difficulties on a technical end of your, you can say personal technology of your home. And yet you still overcome that. And you work towards it. So you dedicate your time, and we don't want to burn you out, ever. But if you choose to participate, you will have the experience to accept further organization, if you choose. Does that help, Valerie? you're unmuted.


Yes, but my thought process on this over the years is that I always had the faith to believe that my Father had a specific plan for me; much of it he revealed and I believed that he would lead me into it. And that is a hold-back for me many times to dedicate myself to anything else because I just don't want to cross his plans. He wants to open doors for me to walk through and yes, this is an open door and I'm walking into it, and now that I'm really interested in getting very involved in the work, and being a useful part of the operation. So yeah, there's a lot of questions, but okay, fine, I thank you very much.


Now, you're welcome. All right, I've muted Valerie.


This is Eve, Dominick, may I step in?


Of course.


Just as an addendum. There are incubated on the forum and this is a follow up to all the questions
that working groups provide an organization, you could say a preliminary, because it is related to the Melchizedek program of working groups, almost designed for factor number 15, the transitional stages and prevention of societal, cultural and civilizational collapse. So, of course, working groups pertain to the subject matter that myself and Adam, from a curriculum and programmatic perspective, aim to institute. We will have our own set of formal programs given the chance, but now is an opportunity to not just try, but there is an urgency that if you want to play a part, you certainly can. And these working groups provide an organization to get going, and for you to raise your hand and say, here's where I can participate, here's where I will participate. And then after that, it's up to the leadership in terms of organization, setting you up to be successful and contribute. That's what the leadership is tasked to do on the human side to administrate your successful participation. Thank you, I stand back.


Thank you, Eve. Okay, that ends our call right at three o'clock, there are no more hands raised. So that ends Tuesday's Lightline. I will generally work on transcribing this and getting it up for the group. And again, you can see that at, and we'll always post it to the forum. And we'll now open it up and we end the call. Thanks for attending.


Transcript of Volume 8 - GOD TRANSMISSION. Will, Mind, Extra-Mind Endowments. 06.16.22

Speaker: Arthura by Dominick Ohrbeck

June 16th, York, PA

In Volume 7 there was talk about the Sevenfold expression of Trinity and its relation to the coordinator called your mind. Overall an aspect of the Infinite Spirit, and associated with things like the Creative Spirits adjutants. And before the tape was turned on we discussed the driving force, the aiming capacity, the dominant aspect of the overall personality is the will. And where the will intends to go the mind typically follows, not the other way around. And if you are not careful the mind will go on autopilot (to) carry out certain habits (and) conditions within its environment to the point where the will is not so exercised very well, say in an environment such as this planet provides. Insomuch as your will is not carried forth with the awareness and acknowledgment to utilize for example the adjutant spirits and additional capacities of mind and spiritual circuits contributing with mind, such as a Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, morontial mind, mota, Thought Adjuster, etc., angels, all of those things are say, secondary to the initial steps of utilizing the stepping stones, such as the adjutant mind spirits of prayer and worship, each individual circuits unto themselves. In other words prayer being corresponded to the number six and worship number seven.

The will when unshelled - and we're providing a picture of a pistachio nut with the will inside it, already exposed, already out, and just waiting to be released from its shell - when the will is properly unshelled it becomes the master of your mind. And properly unshelled means your will is associated with the originating and properly aligned agencies of deity, who are part of that. Not just given to you and watch you flail about, but literally connected and co-participatory with you, to the extent that they are the human horticulturalist farming growing souls. it's a tough analogy for you to gravitate as the mindless carrot going to the harvest, but we use such a crass agricultural analogy for you to understand the grand scheme of things as why we create planets with humans, a free will endowed Thought Adjuster endowed beings, to populate and serve in a purposeful Universe function. In other words it is not a happy accident but very well designed, so there you have it. It's part of that science and philosophy of Creative Design which unfortunately still is wrapped up in unscientific dogma of a storytelling concept, such as an earth being made in seven days, or something closely associated with such myths. Which from a storytelling standpoint brings the baseline of prescience fact to the pre-science mind. Now back to the mind.

The mind is the canvas media coordinator, more than a canvas but the platform, to add and subtract and coordinate the sum of its parts into a greater whole that functions better than any one individual part working isolated without the aggregate contribution of the other parts. Such as, you have a biochemical brain with matter functioning with that energy, you have vitamins and minerals, different subcomponents, glands that act as the media to overlay and exercise certain other circuits, endowments spiritual in nature, quasi material spiritual in the morontia mota form. and of course the emotional, mental, physical, and soul level we tend to call morantial, but you call, say, the biofield or spirit field, which is in reality an extension of that light body we've been mentioning.

The other thing we mentioned is, the lack so far of an overall identity associated with a transmission. in so much as it is a team effort to connect in a transmission, and we need not provide such identity distraction in the moment and chose to contrast this with past transmissions which attributed everything to a capital G God. For the capital G God does connote and represent a family as we have spoken to. So, to that extent when the capital G God speaks to you, there is a team effort to bring you that God message. There is any one aspect or several combinations thereof of God and Trinity function. A Trinity is a function, a Deity could be a function, but also an identity of an entity personally known. Whereas a Trinity is a function and then any one personalized expression of that becomes a personal entity. And so much as a divine Son or Daughter becomes personalized and not born, such as in your case on a planet.

We are pousing to recognize the speed at which this message came out today and volume 8, since our time to create this, say, 4 days ago might have been twice as long and just as effective. So perhaps we will endeavor for additional contact at a later time, but for now we pause. But to wrap up the lesson to explain all of these aspects of the mind is to also repeat the God given free will, which we attribute this gift directly to the Universal Father, who gives the functions and attributes of three very key components that make you who you are:

  • The personalized entity you are which we just discussed. You are a person, so you are this mysterious some, greater than all of your parts and that personality is survivable.
  • Next, there is a will and that will is more than your mind. And it is the driving force that the mind follows and manifests what the will aims for and intends to.
  • And then also the Father bestows the infallible guidance system spoken previously of your pilot light Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Father himself of pure Deity spirit within you that is pre-personal, in other words it is not your personality, but that personality is you, and it's the gift you give the Thought Adjusters spirit within what it wants and craves, as you likewise crave communion between you the personality, and it, the spirit together, and will.
And we thank you for listening and have a great day.

Well, thank you team and God.

Absolutely beautiful and fitting SongatSunrise, thank you for sharing. While I was listening, I saw on the sidebar a video presentation offering of the same from the ROYAL ALBERT HALL in LONDON that accommodates 8,000 people. So, I listened again and seeing 8,000 people singing the song together had an impact on me, thinking of the soon coming times when Jesus will be among us, and the nations will respond for his presence.

I used to watch Reinhard Boonke videos who had gatherings in Africa having even one to two million people giving their hearts to Jesus at once. Can we envision Jesus standing in the midst addressing a million people and more? Truly, that will change everything forever, and / together with the Regency. So blessed to be apart. Ron will have millions of followers too, I believe.

 I post these two videos just in care someone would like to hear and see, but it is the same song. 

Evangelism in Nigeria - Reinhard Bonnke - YouTube

Transcript Volume 6 – TRANSMISSION. Inner Guidance; Mission Guidance 06.14.22
Volume 6, June 14, 2022 * The Ohrbeck tapes on worship and related issues 
Worship is experientially attained with Father recognition, When worship is given to the Universal Father resident on Paradise, but status recognized within yourself through your recognition perception as a fragment of the Universal Father, a fragment of Deity, that is a prepersonal core within you.  
This is Dominick now, this is June 14th, Tuesday, York, PA. I just needed to get that down, before it's lost. 
Yesterday in volume 5 we had a short lesson in right nutrition and becoming spirit begets a lightness and a lighter higher frequency of density. And those are not just physical changes but a fostering capacity and capability of turning to the spiritual endowments that Jesus pointed the way to during Christ Michael's mission in the seventh Michael bestowal, where he represented the Father and showed the way to the Father. 
We have provided lessons about decision making along the lines of values and principles. The Thought Adjuster Fatherpresence within you is activated further with proper worship, meaning correct worship. You don't worship a rock or a chair and expect Father activation. No, let's just say proper activation means due worship to the correct entity known as the concept and then further personal acknowledgment between two personalities in knowing Father God, and the person of the human with a fragment of such within it. This pilot light is failsafe in its principles and it is likewise with guidance, with your decisions. Meaning, it will always provide an answer to the smallest, to the highest, and in between query when sincerely directing your intention, to also be receptive to the inputs of this attribute, this Father attribute you possess. In so doing not only is this facilitated through proper spiritual nutrition but it is a positive feedback-loop of light, meaning or equivalent of spirit. Meaning there is no need to meditate in order to course the physical, mental and emotional mechanisms into a staff. It is simply returning in and tuning in to the pilot light with honoring principles of the Father itself and himself within you, to guide your values in the moment. Guiding your values in the moment feels much better on the ear to your proclivity for separation and free will, for it is you making the decision, not the Father for you. 
And there is experiential enjoyment by the Fatherhimself to witness and share your experience whether you follow his guidance to a tea or not, for the father’s guidance is often not specific enough to know the exact course of action; for the universe provides a playground to get to any destination through a multitude of vectors and pathways. This is why there is such a complex ministering apparatus of the Infinite Spirit to assist the Eternal Son as coordinate Deities of the father. 
Worship begets these attitudes and habits of spiritual nutrition behavior and attitudes of your philosophies, and I will pivot now to the next related topic we touched on earlier and that is divine Deity representation. Meaning a Deity representation is in some ways a personification aspect of one of these three Trinity Deities just mentioned, the Infinite Spirit, Eternal Son, Universal Father, and of those three coordinate Deities, the seven commendations of the three. For example, the FatherSon is a typical human combination understood. You humans in the seventh Superuniverse, a Superuniverse dedicated to the pattern of the combination of all three Deities of the Trinity combination, represent and are therefore endowed with free primary attributes of father, Son, Spirit. So, when Deities not only are personified in a being, say such as a Gabriel Morningstar, a Paradise Sun, a Creator Son, a Mother Spirit, a Creative Spirit, a Magisterial Son, a Jesus Bestowal, these are occurrences that will be perceived, re-filled to be experienced, but what we are driving at is when there is personal representation on the planet. Policies with the mission goals of such a purposeful and intentional mission will guide the organization, civilization and cultures of your planet with both, modeled programs and policy guidance. A modeled program is say, something like education, which is done within our jurisdiction and domain for the sake of being invited into fellowship, statecraft if you will, to implement and pursue those policies that are voluntarily asked for, not to worse to be forced by us to be implemented and say, a different jurisdiction. 
If we were at point A with the program and jurisdiction B overseas and saw the benefits of that program was intreet and invited us in, we would send proper representation to help them do that. It could often lead to their staff people and Leadership and expertise also being trained in our jurisdiction. Likewise, we will implement some policies by force. For example with instant security and stability against violence and trauma antithetical to primary values such as life where justice is well understood and swiftly executed. Then other things which create a more of a grace based for say chronic trauma, and chronic for the evolution of spiritual goals will be less draconian. One example between the balance of these two things would be the cultural art form of, say horror movies, where the guidance can such creation of an art form denigrating spiritual truths with, as we forecast, become self-evident of its afrantic nature. It's disrespect, and its truth for what it is, which is animal fear from one spectrum to a historical half truth involved and incubated and originated in rebellion. And then exposed to be for what it is in the current state which is an affront to Deity bestowed among you, and we hope it will quickly fade. That is a good microcosm of an example of what will eventually happen with a successful mission and that is the same proclivity for warlike production, attitude, and crystallization of spirit that will be loosened up. 
We are pausing to assess whether this transmission can or should go any further and we think that while we can, but perhaps it is best to table any further discussion, so we can have accuracy and sustenance with continued volumes. We invite questions on the lessons or transmissions provided, because that helps us understand and refine the concepts given. There are so many myriad perspectives on a planet full of free will creatures, and it's an inherent probability that any one message will be received several different ways, understood with several different capacities of having anyone to several aspects of information sink in for experiential attainment. So, even any comments or questions will assist these in the learning of another. And there is no better exercise than to turn to your own pilot light to even request any guidance and the question you might create. Good day and good luck in your new mission guidance with your own pilot system. 
Thank you to everyone who brought us the message and thank you Father for being there to guide us. 

Transcript Volume 5 - TRANSMISSION Spiritual Nutrition, Light, Frequency, Density. 06.13.22

York, PA, Monday, June 13, 2022

And it's a late day transmission with a different frame of mind at a different time and a different biorhythm. Nonetheless, I've been asked to take a transmission and we'll see how it goes. Prior to turning on the tape we gave you a concept with spirit, density, and light. In other words, we are discussing the health and nutrition benefits of spirit in your diet of living and the effects on the body.

Now, you have an effect on your light body, those are the auric fields your body comprises of and gives off.  The fifth state of matter also responds to this at the ultimatonic level of your body and for simple conceptual reasons we explain a person is considered a dense or exudes a density even further than someone who is not as dense and in fact made with more light in their bodies, because of the spiritual intake that their bodies have received. And therefore they are a lighter color, a faster frequency, and that means a higher frequency and less density. Now, this light is literally given off in your environment very subtly so. These are not going to be a conscious recognition rather an intuitive recognition. There are ways to inexactly measure this now for example in color auric readings that correspond to various attributes that relate to each other. The most superstitious being say a mood ring, and the most advanced being the light spectrum analysis measuring things that your bodies give off that correspond to frequency and color.

Therefore, thought has in some sense a frequency, and we on the spiritual side can detect its color. You cannot and that is fine. but you have your traditions of light gazers and so forth, where spiritual nutrition equates with light. You have expressions ‘light on your feet’ and ‘’effervescence’ and so on, and less corresponding positive expressions such as ‘dense as a rock’, ‘obstinate’, ‘concrete’, etc. The weather also likewise affects moods, emotions, and the human being needs light to live. Emotions last not so long in the body. They affect the body but they can be recognized for what they are, and that is a response and not necessarily truth. Truth and emotions need light in order to reconcile the beauty and goodness of the truth value of the emotion. You may not understand if that even makes sense or not, but it is good food for thought. Perhaps an equation for success as you call it. There is no recipe for living, it is a constant flow. and it is best filled with habits of light.

We leave it to you to figure out those meetings and values. But if you fill in nutrition with your bodies understand spirit provides the body good and at the very least this can be in the beginning attained through examination of light itself and then it's correlating and corresponding analogs with your decisions and behavior translated from your inner life into the outer world and into the more complex things such as relationships so that is a very short transmission for today to keep a to keep it light

Well, thank you for everyone who brought us this delightful message. Thank you

Transcript Volume 4 - EVE and ADAM. The Household. 06.12.22

York PA June 12th 2022 

This is Eve of the material Son and Daughter. I come today to speak about the number one industry on the planet, the household industry. Almost every other industry on the planet strives to serve, enter, and gain market share if you will within the basic unit of civilization: the household. The state King or structure of government, what have you, understands the people are represented by units of households, communities of households. Institutions such as marriage, education, are bound by the cultural phenomenon of the family and a product of biological procreation, and its shifting mores, laws, feelings, philosophies and sciences around family, which changes rather constantly through age development with roles within a family and within a series of households. 

The modern household should be re-examined in light of the philosophies, defining behavior between people, the state households, and finally spirit. Access to education endures a household and creates a stronger bond almost chemically for the larger units those households create. Such as communities, cultures, societies, civilizations, and eventually a planet, and then a planet amongst other planets. A species is a distinct unit of biological beings with a series of subspecies and diverse diversification. We, material Sons and Daughters, are very much involved with Life Carriers in the discovery, research, specifications of all life, and particularly the complex material spiritual organism of the lowest order of sons we all belong to, Life Carriers, material Sons and Daughters, and humans, just to name those three. We know the body better than you do and we know whereof we speak. I myself Eve was a material Daughter of the material Sonship order of Sons of God, and I have known truly the experience of being such a material Daughter not, as I had the learning experience of a downgrade consequence due to a mission default. That is not what will be discussed today but I just want to establish that I speak not from a high position to my universe brothers and sisters, but that I experienced the full gamut of the female contribution to the species of human beings.

The household is the primary attribute of a civilization. It is not of the state, and as such the human unit participation of a person is a dual service to first your household, second to the state, and to balance that out thirdly and of no lesser importance, God. Spirit if you must have it that way. If a woman wishes to be more than a biological consequence in the civilization, she must reinvigorate and value herself, her role within the household. Then understand her service contribution and contrast to the resource gathering priorities she may be inclined to behave toward. Equality in some sense means production. Education ensures your entitlement to serve and produce. And without service and production you as a group discover, like any human being, lack of service and lack of production brings about ultimate misery. And I use that word because misery also connotes the feeling of anger and inner rage, which expresses itself in ways that bring about harsh lessons and tends to invite stagnant patterns that have to be worked out beyond the planetary soldier. And we have to work on those things in the afterlife of the morantia career where these lessons and opportunities that can’t be resolved within your lifetime, instead become deferred to the none procreating worlds of spirit training where the household institution is quite different based on male and female relationships as they are on a biological planet of Origins. 

The household industry is the primary domain for a civilization and does not a healthy recipe when paired with rebellion against all aspects of what a civilization entails. Rebellion against biological roles, the state, and God, will produce what? Answer me that in the current philosophies of women. I enjoy total equality as a material Daughter. I can help model and pattern what it is like to serve and produce, to both lead and defer to fellow leadership. And you need to look no further in accountability. The potential mistakes that can be made when one loses sight of that balance. I will stop here for the moment, there is more to add just not today. I stand aside as Adam wishes to add a few moments of closing.

I am Adam. Hello, and thank you Eve for a beautiful message. I just want to add and sustain Eve to stress the importance of examining the self in relation to today's keyword: the household. And view it as, not just a family structure, but an industry unit, as a whole industry unto itself. To do so helps you, the student of life, understand many things without it having to be individually broken down into parts, and reintegrated as some complex phenomenon, which it is, but you live it almost unconsciously everyday without much examination, I assure you the captains of industry do, and your philosophies would be sharper and more effective for everyone if they were looked at with the intellect. I likewise have much to say and add with Eve, but we table that  for a better day and opportunity. For the household has not just a civilizational role, but quite an important cultural role as well. For as we have laid out the civilization espouses principles, but the household  culture espouses values which we have linked to behavior. And those things certainly sustain a civilization, if not the superstructure of the household industry called the family, which spans Generations and is laid out in a network amongst interlinked households, allied households, antagonistic households, with its lessons as well. All a great area of current and future study in philosophy and science, Good day, and we will enjoy breaking you messages and lessons in the future through various means.

Well, thank you Eve and Adam, and everyone who brought this message. And we thank the Father. Amen 

Transcript of Volume 3 - The Ohrbeck Tapes - 11 June 2022 - Missions Present and Past History

York, PA, Juny 11th, 2022, the morning of Saturday. And the topics coming to mind today are regarding the missions, defying the mission, what a mission is like in modern times, what and who it might encompass, and so on. At least that's what came to mind when settling in. So, I turned the tape on when I started receiving a pretty good thought stream that seemed to be more than a thought. So, …

Missions in modern times have an advanced civilization beyond primitive institutions. Say of .. animal husbandry from the Council of Tamatea is quite different today. Yes, you would like to raise chickens as naturally as possible, that is the best way for nutrition, but today we have chickens going for quantity rather than quality. Missions of a Magisterial nature are experienced and dealing with and working within more modern planetary environments. By this stage a bestowal for a planet is typically mature enough, developed enough, to withstand the honor and Majesty of a Divine Son of such high stature, such as a Deity bestowal. A high Paradise Son of Deity nature after an Adamic material son and daughter bestowal, in succession after a planetary Prince and his counsels are instituted prior to that.

So, Divine Sons have experience working with modern civilizations. And you can rest assured there is experience with modern technologies, ways of living, problems for its fellow sons and daughters of a lesser than Deity nature. It is natural to descend amongst their fellows who have fellow Sons of God of partial and or potential Deity nature, to show them and model and guide and help plan the home of the planet to foster the true goal of the Deity Adventure. Ascension and survival after material dissolution, death if you will. on the material home planet of your origin build a better home civilization on the planet for future generations to produce healthy souls for the same adventure you are honored to enjoy.

We of the Deity nature of descending Sons of God place ourselves among you to do this. When the potential and rare occurrence in the universes of time and space, and we say universes even though all you should truly care about is your own, just to stay focused on what's in front of you. Sometimes in these local universes there occurs within them some places and people in the various orders of beings that are not necessarily human but angelic or of differences that you don't even know about exist. The fact of the matter is you should compare the unseen personalities of the universe to the species’ diversification on your own planet. Now, add sanctions, consciousness, and intelligence and will to these species of orders of beings, and you have quite a thriving and robust ecosystem that needs universe governance, administration and coordination. It is no stretch of the imagination to understand what I am getting at is in these smaller sections the sickness and cancer of rebellion attitudes manifest in the structures, spiritual and material, for example spiritually say in the person and material in the organization. They manifest rebellion like an immune system. We teach the potential of the rebellion is overall good for the universe, even though it is seen as immediately bad, for the immune system builds a stronger healthier system overall, and when the sickness is over the system always seems to come out better for the survival of the experience. And so it is no stretch of the imagination to understand there is a sickness, something perhaps not so natural within your domain of a planet where irrational things happen to the detriment of the human condition to the extent that you question the goodness and beauty of the human nature itself. Because of the twisted animal nature of an intelligent animal that has rejected through its own choices and circumstances the spiritual facts of beauty, truth or goodness principles, and has made decisions with values antithetical to life, like being one of the most fundamental and primary values shared by the species of humans.

Material sons and daughters had a primary mission on your planet known as a planetary Adam and Eve to evolve at a species level the human condition. And this was meant to occur after the planetary Prince before it evolved the planet with a more stable and sustainable civilization, where a culture could receive an Adam and Eve, if the culture and civilization would have been stable enough to have a normal Adam and Eve mission. That was not the case because many years prior to that event, which you can equate biologically to the evolution of the frontal lobe from the Adam and Eve bestowal, and its biological repercussions. Prior to their arrival hundreds of thousands of years before there were also, quote-unquote, Gods on the planet. There was war in heaven outside of the just solely jurisdictional area of your planet. There was war in heaven in so much as a middle tier son between near the borders of what determines an ascending Son of God and a descending Son of God. Such Sons are so close to Deity status, yet they have the longest road of an ascending Son of God, which as a suborder of sons of God from the highest to the lowest, still qualify as an ascending Son of God. They must rule and oversee their material domains for a very long time, until they themselves fulfill their destiny and ascend to Paradise on the Father Deity Adventure, the Trinity embrace, as they have fostered all before them to do so.

These Sons of God instead chose ways, and when we say ‘ways’ key in on this word because when you choose a way this relates to, toward mission or purpose, or eventually a series of decisions and attitudes that determine your values and behavior. And these particular sons of God followed one of these such near Deity Son into rebellion. And when we say a series of decisions and attitudes, such a rebellion fostered over many years in the mind of such a Son, to the extent that this cancer we label rebellion occurred in the jurisdiction known your planet belongs to within the local universe of its Creator Son Michael of Nebadon. A rebellion happened in a system, you could say a quadrant subunit, of the entire and large local universe, comprised of many such systems.

I am just giving you a prepuce to appreciate the environment now that a descending Son of Deity status is inserting themselves into to correct and realign the planet, its inhabitants, its purpose. There was a past struggle as well between such orders of Sons, and their administrations, so to speak.

The unique event of the Creator Son mentioned previously, Michael of Nebadon, chose this particular planet to fulfill one of his seven bestowals that's such and all Creator Sons are tasked to do when they journey from Paradise to create and pattern such a local universe in time and space and evolve to perfection through alignment sustainably attained with Paradise values and principles, and a civilization and culture. Such a Paradise Son descends at least seven times into his creations to experientially attain what it is like to be and live as such Creations he has made. Just as the Universal Father himself bestows a fragment of his own Deity nature within his loliest order called a human being to bestow such a creature with experiential status for the Universal Father himself. Otherwise he cannot fragment himself, rather distributes himself into his associate cortes. What I am getting at is a historical event to bestow as this creature called a human was done by Michael of Nebadon. He had distended into such bestowals as progressively high to low orders of beings. His seventh and final one being a human being on this planet called Urantia, an earth planet called Urantia, which had then part and within the quarantined and cancerous participation of rebellion many years prior. And so much as the attitude of Michael of Nebadon displaying all attributes of Trinity combinations, with the mission to reveal the Universal Father to all of the universe, not just the planet or series of planets of the rebellion, but to all his universe the way of into and in the Father.

This was a major event, as such, I remind you again, it displayed all attributes of Trinity combinations and therefore, was in no minor respect a revelation to the universes of time and space themselves, even super universes outside of your own superuniverse. You might call that even a different dimension. Further, not only did Michael of Nebadon displayed all the combinations of attributes of the Paradise Trinity, but he further volunteered to display, amalgamate, honor, and coordinate with the Deities ruling time and space, known as the Supreme, whose status has the ruler Deity of time and space, and the grand universe of all dimensions of time and space, not just your own, was to be worked with as well. And so doing such a Son of Paradise represents the Universal Father. When the Father distributes himself in time and space, the primary representation of the Father is your Creator Son. And this is the Crux of an ascending Son of God's ultimate faith crisis. And if such a faith becomes cancerous rebellion  occurs. Quarantines become necessary. What has become of this quarantine is the complexity of its exposure based off of the nature of all that this local universe connects with through all the dimensions of the grand universe is that the interconnectedness of the body of the grand universe was exposed. Now, let's take it down a notch, because what needs to stay relevant is the planet that you work on. The grand universe will once again have such an exposure to the antibodies, the immune system of the descending Sons of God.

We must present this as an immune response, not just a growth evolutionary response. Growth in itself can be painful because it is new and therefore not perfect, let alone know what is to occur, but when there is sickness as well it is a real fight, a real struggle. Not just discomfort and inconvenience but a real honest to God stressful time to do just what was once taken for granted is now a plea to ‘Oh! I would just love to be able to do this basic thing, breathe, eat’, and so on. So, the descending Sons of God have this unique circumstance on this particular planet with its history of default and rebellion. There was rebellion followed by a series of defaults together with a very unique bestowal which occurred out of order as well of the normal series of bestowal between ascending and descending Sons of God to help the planet, populated by lowest orders of humans. Who are nonetheless themselves endowed with the potential of Father Deity fragment endowment to attain the Deity Adventure to the Father and the Trinity.

So, there is much to be said perhaps in later didies about this history, but descending Sons bestow themselves for purposeful missions, and in this case, you are due a Magisterial Mission. However, it will be out of order of its normal sequence and operations as well, due to the extreme and diverse nature of the Divine Son representing the Father himself, none other than Michael of Nenadon who shares a contributive and coordinate likewise Father- Son Representatives of fellow Michael Sons, belonging to a Dominion of associated local universes, and it's personnel who you are familiar with and somewhat regard, such as your planet has to know and experience. Such as an order of a Melchizedek Son, a material Son and Daughter, a Midwayer, and a Creator Son itself. Who, when they bestow, create that incarnation that bestows a creature fully as a human being. That human being does not just disappear. Such a human being lives on and if such a being is created to attain the Deity Adventure as an ascending Son of God, we invite you to understand that that has been done. Accomplished, perfected.

And he has promised to return, and in such a return you now have a scope far greater than just your planet, but all the dimensions of time and space itself. Could you ask for anything more in terms of an epic adventure when it comes to the meanings and values of correcting the planet’s condition. The Magisterial Sons of Deity status themselves work with this representation of the Father himself. Though we are likewise a different expression of Father status ourselves. Nonetheless, Michael of Nebadon, created this and we differ to his sovereignty within this universe patterned after him.  

And we together show the way through missions and guidance for your home, this planet. Just remember this, when the scope seems a little small in your mind, because you are so overwhelmed in the moment of being such a sick planet and your lives are so terribly difficult, that the universe is there with you, sharing in the moment the experience of the moment from its highest levels to its lowest levels. We are all experiencing it and you have been answered in your call for assistance. That when you hold out hope when all hope is gone, it will be answered. And those who understand that their natures are not to embrace evil will correct and amend their ways. as they are offered a road map and an off-ramp from and with Mercy into a better way for themselves. It benefits themselves to follow such a way. Take this medicine or you will perish is the parental role of the doctor or parent to the patient or child: Take this medicine, or you risk death. Take it, or you will suffer even more. Or perhaps a Mercy for medicine is forced. Such is the case of an emergency, and the dawn and relief of feeling better, and the recovery from weakness to strength. And a renewed vigor for life, and learning, and belonging.

So, frankly, if this is not inspiring, we don't know what to tell you. But we wish you a good day and remember these words when at your lowest or most dire points in your life. We are there and we will answer the call. And our mission is the medicine with the ways out during these emergency moments. We thank you for listening and go about your lives renewed. Good day.

Thank you for speaking to all of us and we thank you Father, and thank you Michael, and everyone who brought us this message today.

General Discussion / Re: JESUS´BIRTHDAY
« on: August 21, 2023, 17:42:46 pm »
Happy Birthday dear Jesus our Lord and Savior, our hope of glory, one with Michael. Father gave me a song many years ago that I now sing to you for your Birthday, while recording the lyrics with the music playing in my heart.

You are my everything,
You are my Lord and King,
You are the lover of my soul,
My great Reword.

Oh Lord, I praise You,
I celebrate your Name,
You are my Lord, my King,
My great Reword, my everything,

You are our everything,
You are our Lord and King,
You are the lover of our soul,
Our great Reword,  

Oh Lord, we worship You,
We celebrate your Name (BD),
Lord Jesus Christ come to us,
To Your thirsty Bride!

 For You’re our Everything!

I wish you had and continue to have a wonderful day, a glass of good wine, some loving friends around to fill your heart with joy. We are waiting to serve you as long as it takes and allowed. 
sons of God

Transcript of Volume 2 ADAM and EVE Education Reforms. 06.10.22

York, PA, June 10, 2022• Dominick Ohrbeck HBM

I woke up with not much to think or say, and with that Michael of Nebadon entered and said, “I never had a loss for words” and I did not turn the mic on. And I've been having a few topics come to mind that were not captured on this tape yet. So, I figured i would turn the tape on, so I don't lose these transmissions and we'll see what develops. It starts with a reply, followed with the train of thought with more replies, another train of thought, so I missed about five minutes of transmission, or probably, or if getting the tape.  

One example is a service corps for students tracks of service corps spelled c o r p s. Basically one significant harm for now a full generation of children in modern countries certainly, but also now second and even third world countries, the internet has over sexualized the youth, and what is an already quite vigorous provocative age, already. There are no parental controls worth a hell of beans to stand the tide and access that was once a Rite of Passage for a community or group to establish various mores, taboos, rituals within a culture. And now that culture is defined by challenging the mores. The bottom line is there is a complete and full generation of children with vastly different concepts about sexuality and sexual norms that is the equivalent of radioactive evolution, mutant streams of thought to the priorities of the budding citizen. With modern convenience has not only a privilege but a right nurturing their own self-assertion. On the surface this is quite fine, but the cancer is a youth dependent upon a vapid state controlled by megalo-industry, which does not know its purposes either, other than to grow for the stockholders and stock markets.

So, what I am - I, who will be unnamed - talking about this? It is because one of my first policies will be a curb and restriction of the passes for social internet. A cold shower does the body good not even for the so-called sexual appetite, but for the body to heal itself, sway information, and to activate hormones and chemicals within the body that rejuvenate. It's not too late to deal with a so-called emergency of highly restricted internet utilization. It will be a strict and swift scrubbing. At first, we may ask it to be voluntary by the internet hosting companies of such a content to take them down, and when non-compliant they will find out it will be taken down. There's simply is no good reason for 99% of sexual content driving a majority of Internet behavior, a majority of human pastime and endeavor.

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with sexuality and human mores of your historical and curbed biological imperatives, your cultures of growing into your bodies, learning relationships, courting, paring, mating, dating, comparing, learning about another human through nature's drives and its impacts on your consciousness. Learning differences between a biological transaction, a need, or even its consequent impacts of reproduction, which in some cases are overemphasized as a sacred consequence upon certain biological ramifications that have yet to bud into something equivalent of worthy of spiritual preservation.

Now, the immediate evolution impact is to drive basic education back into civic service tracks and actionable service opportunities as opposed to corporate metrics to be met by staff and administration. There is currently no need in any major urban city to sit on your duff and listen to a vapid half-hearted curriculum that are one day is half-hearted by the teacher who is forced to teach through methods and materials they may not be truly inspired by, and then on the other day, even if the teacher is inspired the students are not. This is certainly the case of stylistic modes of teaching that require diversity of teaching media distribution, methods, content for at least two to four types of student minds and learning modes. And so there is nothing better than to get the students into the field into small groups, subgroups if you can, and that this is possible through a diversified employment that may experience smaller salaries for all involved, with the trade-off that the population is still employed.

Overall, there is no need for bloated administration making six figures for work that the private sector earns five figures on. Instead of administering discipline and policing teachers, administration will be tasked with field deployments for students, and overseeing the coordination of service opportunities between the public and private sectors, where students can be exposed to various industries, governments, social services, and so on. And those administrators can ensure that the mechanisms that that involves are well working. Yes, it takes a lot of money, but there are unsustainable double standards that both families and school systems can compromise on to help each other out, rather than be the current antagonistic methods of the United States. Or the overwhelmed systems of Europe, who may struggle with populations new to its country who are hardly engaging in the education system. For countries such as Africa security to even be a student is something they have always dealt with and now in the west you share this burden as the perception, if not reality, is schools are somehow targets. In the future with divine presence such targeting will be met most swiftly and measures will be taken with security liaison forces without prejudice up until the point of that the public trust is restored.

Likewise, when students are in the field predation on children should likewise be treated harshly. The mentally ill should not be afraid to run the streets, for should be greater compassion for all. Not to have two extremes of overly caring or under caring for a population dragging down the resources that are already quite limited, and frankly creating even more mentally disturbed people through chemicals, abuse, depression, trauma, hopelessness and rage. Know this, there is compassion with order. The mention of order does not and should not engender images of your Star Wars, Imperial Troopers, or Nazi concentration camps. No! Order is structure, which is needed for humans, needed for growth, needed for security, stability. Even a mentally ill prefer order over freedom, for it provide structure in order to eventually enjoy freedom. Freedom first means painlessness.

What are your aims, what are you aiming at as a society if education stresses freedoms, sexual mores, teaching of gender issues at early ages that invite and stress thinking that gets reinforced both outside of school, and then further exercised like a rat hitting the button in the old experiments. The rat would the pleasure button rather than eat until it died. Such as the case with phones and social media internet that children have simply the opportunity to exercise these choices through repeated and constant stimuli. And if education stresses sexuality in an already highly sexual age, then this is the result combined with an industry such as the internet itself, or even advertising whose recipes leverage and utilize sexuality and its messaging and promotions.

As you see there is no one area, it is comprehensive, and therefore it must be restricted, or simply there will be no attention span left. This does not mean everyone gets a chastity belt. No, we are just taking away a stimulus first. Much like sugar in the body we are simply removing the societal sugar that has overstimulating the nutrition of your civilizations. Secondly, we are harshly dealing with predation and violence on K through 12 education aged populations. And since civilization is stressed, there is no need for the students to be educated solely within the confines of a sedentary nature. They will have service tracks and opportunities to explore, compare, and learn through kinetic learning, tactile learning, mind and language learning, mathematics, sciences applied. The child strives to learn the whats and the whys and the withins of things, and that can be easily reinstituted. Apprentice programs can be incentivized for trades, people, professions, professionals to mentor individual students. Again, these ideas seem highly risky in today's environment, but ask yourselves, is that inherent human nature or over sugared stimuli and freedom mores enabling if not encouraging such unsafe behavior by all parties involved.

That is enough for today. Such measures will be asked to be installed and instilled voluntarily through guidance and recommendations and existing templates. And then in places where we are invited to work with our programs into your institutions and sectors we will do so. Enjoy your day, and we leave.

Well, thank you for the policy guidance and programs. I hope that's all quite possible as everyone wishes the best outcomes for what all that is. Thank you for speaking with us today.

072523 Tuesday Light Line
Host: Dominick Ohrbeck
Link to audio:
Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, also as Christ Michael, Manituba Melchizedek, Agent of the Holy Spirit


Welcome everybody, this is Dominick Ohrbeck, and you're listening to the resumption of Tuesday Light Line. These are broadcast transmissions, loyal to the Paradise Father and Michael of Nebadon, covering spiritual administration, policy, governance, and current events within the jurisdiction of local universe, Superuniverse, and planetary systems. You can find recordings and how to attend live by phone or internet at where you can also participate in discussions online. Or you can just hear and know about Light Line information specifically over at There's a Sunday Light Line hosted by Ron Besser, which is also transcribed for you to read. And there's a Monday night Light Line from the Netherlands, this is Tuesday, Wednesday from Spain, and also a Spanish speaking Light Line on Sunday at 5:30 Phoenix Arizona time, USA. You can also check in at the forum for information about the France Light Line on Friday and the occasional Madagascar Light Line. Thank you all for attending, you're currently on mute and when we are not muted you can use 4 * to mute on and off, and you can also use 5 * to raise your hand.

We now pray to the Father for clear and clean circuits of communication and ask for an MC.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Hello, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am your acting MC at the moment, but I am always present. We are coming through from a new transmitter newly minted online for our pleasure. And it is our pleasure to speak to you, always through the Voice of God as sanctioned by the Thought Adjuster of any human using the Voice of God to receive our broadcast transmissions to you.

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. And while we have an agenda of topics I want to make it clear to each of you that the Voice of God lies, not dormant within you each, but that you all are endowed with the same endowments of any transmitter, and simply need to trust that you can be communicated to. There is no unique standard way for you to receive, other than to trust and ask, and exercise that circuit within you.

We have today multiple items. One is to explain the change in status quo that we have communicated to you in other Light Lines, in that the Missions are live. What this entails is a new level of service opportunity for not only you are attending live today, but those of you listening in the future tomorrow. We let it loose and what does that mean? It means those of you in service will have an opportunity to speak your truth through God. But that an education is often a requirement of those receiving your truth in a cacophony of modern-day postmodern truth where everyone wins the prize, regardless of its factual truth. We want to lay there that Light Lines are officially sanctioned, programmatically by Michael of Nebadon. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, serve you within the planetary jurisdiction. Administratively I am concerned in your world, and I am most close to you, for I have incarnated and served God on this planet, and I have known men and women personally. We are utterly loyal to the Father, and to Michael of Nebadon, the Creator of this universe you belong to, in the grand universe within the master universe, and beyond.

The unity you strive for is a purpose that binds you all in the potential of your eternal life. We bring forth these missions, and programs, and teachings, and education, and social reform, and technologies, just to name a few to let you know that there is a purpose to it all. But that there is much work to be done to correct what is obviously not unified, what is clearly in danger in a multiplicity of avenues on this planet. I anticipate that Tuesday Light Line will be more interactive, not with your curiosity questions, but with clarifications by all as to what we are up to and how. With that this is Machiventa Melchizedek, stepping back as your MC.


Thank you Machiventa, this is Dominick speaking. We thank you for your MC. Is there anyone else who wishes to speak?

Michael of Nebadon, also as Christ Michael

Yes, this is Michael of Nebadon, Michael of Nebadon  at your service. I wish to speak to you as Christ Michael. When I speak as Christ Michael you are my children. When I speak to you as Michael of Nebadon, you are subjects of the spiritual Kingdom manifest in reality. As Christ Michael all of you listening know the Father when you know me. You, my children, must know the ways of the universe. And that is, it is top down and bottom up. The unity of the Father and you, the humans whom I lived amongst as Jesus, our Unity lies in the Universal Father. That is the highest, that is the source of all, and the opposite end of that experiential spectrum as a human being is your capacity to know the voice of God within you and supply it in your own personality and union with your vehicle of the soul, which you equate with eternal salvation to one day meet me on your way to the Father.

For those who would like a series of metaphors, analogies, and stories as to what this is like should explore the forum where Lemuel as a transmitter has transmitted these lessons. He is quite approachable and can point you to them.

This is Michael of Nabedon now and not as Christ Michael. And Michael of Nebadon concerns himself with the Missions. The Missions concern themselves with Divine Sons, which is an order of being you belong to, with Me. There is a purpose that we present ourselves to you. Life is not meaningless, but life has its risk. It's dangers, it's potentials, it’s failures as a learning process, and without these choices there would be no satisfaction in your attainments. Worship belongs to the Father. I have attained within my creation sovereignty to the point that those who worship the Father through praise and worship of Jesus know that your praise and worship when sincere, will meet its correct destination. And we thank you and wish to return your love.

Now, I speak of risks and dangers because Light Lines and programs, and administrations exist because of events and histories that have occurred, and have set themselves against my will, the Father's will. And Light Lines are unabashedly factual. And that I exist and that I communicate, and that you need not listen to a transmitter opine about this. But that you are free to meet me in the sanctuary of your mind and soul to validate that it is so. And I will unerringly answer your call. I thank you for listening and I bid you all a good day.  


Thank you Michael. Is there anyone else who wishes to speak at this time?

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. At this time, will you open it up to other transmitters who may be prompted.


Is there anybody who wishes to speak?


Dominick, this is Lemuel.  


Go ahead, Lemuel.


What I'm receiving is in fact from my own Thought Adjuster, my beloved indwelling Father fragment, which you all have, as you well know.

Lemuel's Thought Adjuster

And I'm obviously endowed now. At this moment I am speaking through Lemuel to all of you on the present Light Line, and to those of you who will eventually listen to the tape after it's put up on the website.

I want to say that I am very happy and grateful to Dominick Ohrbeck for taking on a Light Line, a new Light Line in a sense that is simply another Light Line, but on another day, which is today, Tuesday. And I hope that it will continue to be a regular Tuesday Light Line and that it will be very successful. A comment that I have to make, I would like to make, an obvious difference in all Light Lines, each host is different of course, and not just the quality of the receiving but the the words expressed and the way they are expressed obviously is aligned to the personality of the Light Line host, which in this case is Dominick. And the content of the Light Line depends obviously on those beings and spirit who are willing or available to speak, to give you all some news and some insight into what is happening at the moment from the spiritual point of view, and also from your point of view. That is to say, they know in fact what is going on in this world, and they can in fact bring you up to date as to how they see things from their side of what is happening here on Urantia.

What you have received so far during this Light Line is different in a sense that the way it is being given to you, that is to say, well I just mentioned the fact that every host is different, and what you are receiving through this Light Line through Dominick is obviously aligned to his personality, and the way he speaks, and the way he formulates sentences as being the Voice of God. I think this is something that you should go over in mind and please remember that the messenger tries to deliver the message as sincerely and honestly as he can, but obviously the messenger has his own ways and his own personality of speaking. And this is something that I think you need to, all of you, bear in mind. There is only one Ron Besser, there is only one Lemuel, there is only one Elise, etc, etc. All the Light Line hosts are different. But the messages that they convey hopefully are the same in quality, content obviously differs from message to message, but the gist of the matter is that the Light Lines are designed for all of you to receive a spiritual update, or in fact also sometimes a revelation of what is taking place, or what is hoped to be taking place in the future. This is the Thought Adjuster of Lemuel and I bid you all a very good day.


All right, thank you Lemuel. Is there anyone else who wishes to speak?

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your MC for today. Allow me to take over. Your job Dominick is to listen and speak what you hear. We want to make it clear, my concern on these Light Lines as Machiventa Melchizedek is to keep tabs and protocol acceptably secure from the spirit side of things. This has not always been the case, and you are well advised to monitor and verify with me that this is the case. This is one aspect that any MC concerns him or herself with. Today this transmitter is running hot. There will be improvement and he is probably using his mind too much, but we assure you his energy and spirit is well aligned with his capacity to deliver into the future. As such I ask the same of you to consider how you will not just only respond but add to the risk of supporting the Missions and the ministry of God. There are so many ways that this is possible and each of you can overcome your fear by connecting to the agencies, endowments within you that are personally contactable. Our promise to you is that someday soon you may not have the opportunity to exercise your faith when you see with your own eyes our manifestations before you. Now that is a big word with a few meanings, but you catch the spirit of the word while your mind is free to doubt its conspiracies of doubt. I wish to remain among you and I, Machiventa Melchizedek, restate my loyalty and my willingness to serve the Missions, serve Michael, my Melchizedek brothers, our Father Melchizedek, and our Father of all, the Paradise Father. This concludes our portion of the Light Line through this transmitter for today, and we open up the Light Line once again for anyone with a question, or a transmitter who may have a transmission.


I just open it up to a transmitter if there is any transmission.

Machiventa Melchizedek thorough Ron Besser

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am Ron Besser. I am speaking through Ron, primarily to keep the momentum going here, Dominick. Machiventa has requested that you mute us all, except the speaker because there is an awful lot of robbing on the phone, and it comes through as a static.

Now this: the truth of the matter is that Machiventa Melchizedek has too many conflicts right now to speak evenly. So, this is Christ Michael.  


Welcome Christ Michael.

Christ Michael

Thank you. This is something we need to tell all of you. You have a wonderful turnout, Dominick; you have 17 right now. That's an excellent turnout for a Light Line. In any case everybody, what we want to speak to - and we'll turn this back to Dominick shortly - is that the entire matter of Light Line material is a little short. And the reason for that is Ron looked at it before he spoke and saw the corner at the top of a door, he didn't see the whole door, but the corner of a door at the top was a jar. That means that Jesus is listening but he's not intending to do anything about the Missions to speak to today. Ron …


Yes, because the door strangely is a black lacquer. Very shiny but painted a black lacquer and it's typical of what I saw in England. Many people use the lacquer on their front doors, very shiny, and it's just a pleasant memory. Thank you,

Michael of Nebadon

And this is Michael, Ron. Thank you. And that is true, particularly of the European mind, they like a shiny surface. United States doesn't particularly care. Now this: I was telling Ron that there is no particular need for him to speak, that Dominick is fully secure, and that he can take care of anything if he just asked. What we suggest to you Dominick is that when things slow down to the point, you're a little bit frazzled about what to go to next, ask as you did already, for any transmission from any of the transmitters that are attending your classroom, for those who do not transmit then he will go to and ask, do you have any questions? To get your hand up so that we can come to you to ask your question, press 5 * on your keyboard. That puts a little symbol on our dashboard that you have something to say.

And fully this Ron, you are aware of various controls nobody else is. Let them lie for now, and let Dominick learn as he goes. And finally, this. The temptation Dominick right now is to unmute everybody. Don't. It's just too noisy. For those of you who want to speak raise either your hand with 5 *, or frankly if you want to unmute independently of anybody else, that's 4 *. The host only has control with 1 * unmuting.

Now this: I am Michael of Nebadon, and for reasons of state Ron, your voice is very gravely over the fact that there is too much air moving in your bedroom because of the heat. So, you keep it fresh and alive with air moving. Do not use the little fan after midnight.

And this to all of you. The incarnations of the Missions are very probable for some of you to see them, and if you know them which I know you don't, greet them. And finally, this: here is a Melchizedek.

Manituba Melchizedek

I am Manituba Melchizedek. I am chairman of the Magisterial Foundation. I am also chairman of the Rayson Corporation. That's because the same Board of Directors is the same board for all the subsidiaries until we are told not to do that. For that reason, I Manituba Mechizedek suggests to you, Ron, that you consider a board meeting on the 18th of August.

Ron Besser

I ask permission to speak, and I certainly will consider it if we have the facilities and the means to do it, Manitoba. This is a little tricky lately and of course, I will be in contact with you for your wishes.

Manituba Melchizedek

Thank you, Ron, it's beautiful.


And I turn this back to you Manituba. Thank you.

Manituba Melchizedek

Thank you, Ron. I'm always surprised at your protocol. It is perfect. And now Dominick, we're turning this back to you. That's all we really have to say. Go ahead and take it back. Thank you.


All right, thank you, Ron. I don't see anyone’s hand up. We can consider this member. It's 5 * to raise your hand or 4 * to simply unmute and speak. There haven't been any question-and-answer periods for several Light Lines, we have Ron on the line and yet there are no questions? Okay, we have one. Thank you, I will now go to you, Elise. Elise, you unmuted, thanks for the hand. Go ahead.


Thank you, Dominick. I have a question and it has been lying on my desk for a long time because I was wondering at one time, with all the insurrectionists and a cabal, and so many of the Vorondadek Sons have joined the rebellion. Now, many have disappeared or taken into custody, but is there a special reason why so many of this high order of Sons, Vorondadek Sons, had joined the rebellion? Are they in any way related to Lucifer? Or is it because of their origin with the Creative Spirit?


So, your question is, Elise …


Well, why are they joining the rebellion? So many of the Varanbdadek Sons, the high Sons who are having such high positions and are so close they were working with the Salvington government, with Michael. Well, we heard one time, I think one third or half of Uversa is like a prison for the Vorandadek Sons. And so ..  well, I have just been wondering.


Well, I don’t know personally as Dominick, other than to understand that from my comprehension, the rebellion is not like a cleanly sealed quarantine, and that related to those events of the past it's bled out into - not just the Lucifer rebellion - but related insurrections. So, having said that, let me see if I can receive anything who wishes to address your question. So, I petition anyone, is there anyone willing to answer that question who's on the correct side of the ledger?


Dominick, this is Ron. I suggest, when you get this kind of question say what you wish to say and then bump it up with a request to a higher authority and see if one comes in and answers. I suggest, since it's Michael of Nebadon, who is their Father, he may have something to say. So, please ask him.


Ok, we ask Michael of Nebadon if he would like to answer that question from Elise?

Michael of Nebadon

This is Michael of Nebadon. If I had an answer to that question, there would be no resistance for my unfailing policies. Instead, what I have is the will of personality set against me. We know this happens within families and for that reason my family has extended universe personalities as not a respecter of My Universe personalities. And instead, they exert their authority through larger jurisdictions of which they claim a right to exert their wills within my sovereign domain. In some there is blasphemy of the Father, in others there is frankly jurisdictional control between Deity subdivision. And of that I always offer my protection for those of you who would be at risk. Your question Elise has to do with whether I exercise my power. And with that I always respect the higher courts and have always deferred to Paradise rule of law.

All I can tell you is that we proceed regardless of opposition. It's like heading into headwinds that are very strong and that we need not concern ourselves with the larger matters of the universe, unless we find you might have the capacity. And we're not speaking to you individually Elise, but to you as a group of planetary subjects. If we had an answer to this, we would put an end to it that we do not wish to invite more Insurrection and more rebellion. What we have specifically are matters of the courts. In some cases, to answer your question more specifically, courts and government have been set up in opposition to my courts, Paradise courts. And those that you cited, Elise, as high Sons and their authority are conditioned to exert their authority over mine in the name of the law. And when they don't get their way they resort to family behavior, and we end up conflating the issues. It is my wish as their Father and Creator within my local jurisdiction of Nebadon to reclaim those who receive Mercy before Justice is handed out. When these matters extend beyond my borders of Nebadon I must petition and defer to the Ancients of Days and that is why you hear of these matters more and more. Rebellion is not always cut and dry, but often it is a matter of will. And when will meets the law, these Missions are in effect the end of Mercy, the end of Agandanterism, and the execution of Justice when the law finally meets the road. And in that sense, we are very close, and Paradise is upon us. This is represented by Magisterial Sons and Magisterial Missions, while we are all loyal to the Father, the source of us all.

But the water of these Missions flows in the direction of My will, which is totally aligned with the Father. My will as Michael of Nabadon. And as you recall I am constantly going back and forth to Uversa to check in on these matters. And the universe has made it their business to get into mine, and we can all understand why that is. For my 7th Bestoval Mission was quite unique in that of the Grand Universe of all seven Superuniverses. Does that answer your question, my child?


Oh, yes, yes. fully. Thank you very much for that beautiful explonation. I heard much more than I wished to hear. Thank you very much.


All right. Thank you, Michael, and thank you Elise. I see Robert’s hand is up. Let me mute you Elise, and Robert you are now unmuted, I think.


OK Dominick, thank you. I have a short question. Regarding this one, how effective is prayer? When you pray for peace, how effective is prayer? We are now praying for peace on earth for a long time to end the war between Missions, but the war is still going on. That's why I am ask regarding Mission, how effective is prayer?  

Agent of the Holy Spirit

All right. This is an Agent of the Holy Spirit; the third source and center of the Infinite Spirit is our origin and our source. We on our team wish to answer and address that question. The prayer first and foremost affects the individual attitude. The collective prayers always reach the Father. It is our function, our pleasure and duty to see that they reach your destination of intention. And that is the Father of all, whether you position him directly or not. To end a war is an evolutionary outcome of planetary proportions that occurs in the epic called Life and Light.

The unity principle applies in that the bed of a garden on a planet has the soil of a capacity to end War. You have an ethical revelation explaining how this is possible, and so we answer your question by saying, not only your prayers received, but in your experience, they are never answered explicitly as a direct reply with a direct consequence. So, in this sense you might say, a planet receives ministry and revelation and from there it is co-created between the divinity and a potential divinity of the human species endowed with the source of the Father with them, and potential to end of war.


Does that help, Robert?


Yes, it does, and I thank you're very-very much for the answer.


All right, thank you Robert. OK, we still have 17 callers, and we are at the end of the Light Line. I thank everyone for attending and we have a Wednesday Light Line tomorrow using the same call-in number at the same time, hosted by Lemuel. And then we have ng the same number a Sunday Light Line at 2:00 p.m., with the Spanish language at 5:30 Phoenix, Arizona time on a different number.  So, without further ado I thank everyone for attending. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, certainly on this next Tuesday Light Line, but also any of the other Light Lines. Thanks again and have a great day. And thank you Michael, Machiventa, those of the Spirit who answered, and the Father.  

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08.01.23 Tuesday Light Line Transcript
Host: Dominick Ohrbeck

Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus


Hello everyone, welcome to the Tuesday Light Line. These are broadcast transmissions of the Magisterial and Michael Missions, loyal to the Paradise Father, Paradise Trinity, and our Creator son, Michael of Nebadon. This covers subjects such as spiritual administrations, policies, and current events within out jurisdiction of the Super Universe, Uversa, Local Universe of Nebadon, our planetary system, down to our planet.

You can find recordings and how to attend these Light Lines live by phone or internet at,org or (Listing of Light Lines).

Ask if there is an MC?

Machiventa Melchizedek

Hello everyone, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I have written Dominick this morning a transmission and he will ruffly follow both, my transmission, along with some prepared notes. And then we intend to open it up to other transmitters and audience members.

Light Lines are not easy task. They cover things normally best avoided at the holiday dinner table or the family table. These are things such as politics and religion, church and state, our worldviews and philosophies with our civilizations. The sciences, distribution of wealth and resources are societies that are turning into factions. We cover religion, and the topics of mercy and justice. But do you know the laws? It's taught on your planet they are bloated, complicated, ... weaponized. And those are just in the democracies that actually have a functioning judiciary.  

So, in response to these topics, the key words in response to what Dominick received this morning are phrases such as internal consistency to events. He wrote (questions mark, with that something to explore further) we gave one example of internal consistency; he has printed out and he might read it to you. Some other examples when we explore topics of religion is quite obvious. For example, why religions so intolerant? And then we can turn the other way and ask ourselves, if they are too tolerant, it there a conspiracy? Some examples of this are 'Jews rule the world', 'Jesuits rule the world', 'oil companies rule the world', and so on. Internal consistency is a definition, is a check - and I am reading this from simple Google search now - "is a check to insure all of the test items are measuring the concept they are supposed to be measuring". That's a science example. What is an example of internal consistency? Here is another quote: "At the responder's expressed agreement with the statement, I like to ride bicycles." And then said, "I've enjoyed riding bicycles in the past". And the disagreement with that statement would be: "I hate bicycles". This would be indicative of good internal consistency of the task.

Now, this is Machiventa once more. The habit and human nature of an attendee or anyone exposed to a Light Line, will naturally be of these internal consistency test. We provide updated information, new revelation at times. This is not epochal, you have epochal resources, but that is what is being internally tested all the time. And we submit to you that we are internally consistent. Deity and Paradise says to you, "We are the Rock, the foundation by which to stand, and know your bearings. You can enquote on that. For the world bearings have about seven definitions, all of which are relevant. One of the examples of the definition of bearings is relevance. One of the others is your standing. where do you stand? The third is, how much can you tolerate? The fourth, as a mechanical part handling frictions between parts. For example, gears. Another mean to be direction or provision of something. What is your bearing? Are you heading west, or you're heading forward or backward? Another obscure thing related to the definition is related to heraldry. This could be, and there are other examples, of the banner of Michael, or the history about this banner of rebellion. And last, we have an archistructural structure cald bearing  (? spelling). This is a point that adds critical weight for the integrity of the whole structure. So, with that in mind, we repeat for Deity and Paradise, "We are the Rock, the foundation by which to stand, and know your bearings. "

Light Lines are considered an open circuit to all of you. Whether you are new to any of this or not. Light Lines are public, is an open circuit via transmission. Light Line transmissions are public. But they can also be personal transmissions privately. Lastly, you can have an open circuit via prayer and worship. And it is safe to say that this is always private. it can be public, but the observation and experience are somewhat obvious, and that prayer and worship in the public sphere is often associated with pasturing. The best prayer and worship is personal and private. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. we are done with the lecture or lesson; we are now on spontaneous transmission. Before I open it up to other transmitters, followed by a potential Q&A if time permitting, I would like to thank everyone for attending today. We have much to do in the realm of organization, public service, and community and team building. We thank you for your participation and we look forward to closer collaboration. At this time, we pause from this transmitter and open it up to Ron.

Ron Besser

This is Ron, and thank you Dominick, just aa moment.

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Dominick has just presented a new approach to the Light Line. Ron is delighted, so am I. What we have started is a small lesson, formalized by the speaker who takes charge of the Light Line at the beginning. Ron says, "well, if you wish me to adapt a lesson, I am happy to do it. After all my MC and the speakers to follow I have every opportunity to do that anyhow". This is Machiventa to you Ron. Ron, you are such free form we allow this to be without a formal statement. In other words, no formal lesson when it comes through you.
Dominick you are using as a cohort, a lieutenant, and he is playing into it very well. So well, you're ready to let him take charge of a Light Line. And thank goodness, you really need people to do it. Elise will do it on Monday. We decided to go all English on Monday. If we need the Douch we will do another Light Line in Douch alone. But right now, it is the English component on Monday that we would like Elice to do.

Universal Father

I am Father of all. To you Ron, you have a slightly sore tongue. That is because the jaw has been reset slightly foreword. So that you can articulate better. You are 81 years old, and the body wants to reset things, and we have to reset them back.
Now this: Today is the first day of August 2023. It is, as I look at the clock on my wall, about 2:15 pm. 14:15 New York DST (daylight saving time. For that reason, we are in the light and frankly, Spain, and the Netherlands themselves. The sun is still shining but it will be dark in another hour and a half. We are aware that we are speaking over timelines. And for that reason, we prefer not to say too much regarding the local times we speak from.


Now, this is Ron Besser. I am now being told that the entire matter of speaking from me is being somewhat difficult. I don't really quite know why, but I am aware of a slight slurring and the slowdown of the speech.

Michael of Nebadon

This is Michael of Nebadon. I can commend the brain to do anything I want it to do. Ron is experiencing my commend to his brain to slow down and listen. The truth of the matter is that during a Light Line there is nothing really to report to the brain. But when I take you on as a transmitter, I control the brain entirely. Ron doesn't mind, he has done it for years now and doesn't really know the difference. For those who will be knew transmitters understand you going to get used to feeling a certain difference of how you speak and how you transmit. I am gentle, I care that it can hurt the tissue and the brain, that is a small headache, if I push it too hard. Ron is used to being pushed, pulled, practiced with, and even at times removed. He doesn't mind it's all the same to him. That is a well-done transmitter. And finally, this to all the world. We have the Philippines, we have France, we have Great Britain, we have the Netherlands, and we have strangely enough Mozambique. Welcome Mozambique. Thank you for calling in. Now this is to you, Ron. It's not Albert, it's his wife.


We are delighted and welcome her. Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon

Thank you, Ron. And for that reason, we have slowed your speech way down. we want Mozambique to hear and to understand everything said today. For reasons of state Dominick, you have 11 people. It should be 30 people. You every bit as effective as Ron is. You have been trained under Ron, deeply spiritual consense. For that reason, Dominick you need to to learn practice holding the Light Line is several different ways, different folds. One of them today is to learn to just speak freely. When we hand this back to you, you will take the dictation. Don't go to another right away, speak what the transmitter is telling you and doing it without any idea of what is coming. A really good transmitter like Ron can handle it, and you will. You are a pea in the pot. You do as well as Ron any day. He loves it. For reasons of state Dominick, give us a few minutes and then we will turn it back over to you.

Universal Father

I am the Father. I AM. Hear that Mozambique, I AM. Simple English. I AM the Father. I AM Christ. I AM your Spirit. I love you, do not forget Mozambique. Awful times are coming. Remember My Voice. Take this tape down if you can. I AM. I AM your Father. I AM Mozambique. I am you, dear listener. God bless you.

This is Father to you Ron. You take on as something that must be done, and you stand ready to do as I ask. Albert must do the same. Mozambique must do the same. I am the Creator of ALL. I am not Jesus, although I can be. I will send Jesus into the world, and you will hear. You will hear! The truth of the matter is this. Mozambique, the EU, European Union, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, and all others will hear my voice shortly. I leave you for now.

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. You are about to transfer back to Dominick. But Dominick when you done come back to Ron if you would please. Now this to you Dominick. in about a minute I am transferring. Just take it as you get it. You will have no idea what I am about to say. Ron takes it on that way all the time. You got to train to do it. ... You take over.

Machiventa Melchizedek through Dominick

Thank you, Ron. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. through Dominck now. Those of you who are listening are going through the same internal consistency test we discussed earlier. You are free to pepper this transmitter with -not curiosity questions-, but questions relating to missionary outreach. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, was the prince of Salem once and I sent my missionaries forth as I consider this group. Your questions are integral to your development, the transmitter's development, the celestial, spiritual organizers and leaders, their development, and your fellow's development. Often times we are rabbits in a headlight and that is OK. Write your questions down, save them. You don't even need to publish them on the forum. But save them, I am sure you can have a archive of potential questions, a diary, if you will, but put yourself in his shoes with the questions. There are difficult subjects in the world. You are all capable of objecting that through the lens of not just epical revelation anymore, but that you are using your exposure and identity, your mind, your emotions, down to your physiology in an epigenetic evolution of attainment of becoming more and more spirit living and capable.

We even got Steve Gitz to transmit. He even knows he transmitted. It happened folks. We are both serious, I hope you're smiling Steven, but know that you did it in the presence of Ron and Dominick when you were last up here. Each one of you will be placed in positions of opportunity. Your questions in the future on these Light Lines is practice for your own experiences as well. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, enlift you amongst my order for guidance in these matters. I trust my fellow Melchizedeks that they are just as capable. But they do lack a direct experience. It counts for something. If you don't take the risk, you won't learn, and your experience will simply be much slower. Can we all afford that? Will you let this opportunity pass you by?

Of course, we trust that it won't, and we encourage you that no question or response or possible transmission that you are receiving, rather to be a world, a feeling to be dissolved, these are things that you share. And you are safe to do so in any manner you choose but do engage. You need not place the authority in the transmitter. You can place the authority in the Father, your Lord, Michael of Nebadon, and me, if you chose, just don't worship me. I am not to be worshipped. That is of Michael who have earned and attained it as the word of God. And he also gives, whatever worship you give to him, to the Father. But I as a Melchizedek of this order involved in these Missions do have the authority to guide and lead you in the world through the vehicle of transmission, if I am not before you. So, you either it yourself and trust it, or you participate in the manner as we have outlined. It's that simple. With that I end through this transmitter.

Machiventa Melchizedek through Ron

This is Ron Besser, and this is Machiventa Melchizedek, I transferred to Ron. Thank you, Dominick. And for reasons of state give us a few minutes and we transfer it back to you.

I, Machiventa Melchizedek, intend to use the ping-pong effect of Dominick and Ron all the time on these Light Lines. They are equally terrific transmitters. Dominick has finally learned to do it easily and without fear. Ron had long ago learned how easy it is to do when you always on.

Now this. The transmissions today are very simple. It's just me making sure that you get instructions of how to do a Light Line. You in Mozambique, I should say Madagascar, my apologies. We have a Mozambique listener. but its Madagascar that is online today. Our apologies. Of course, Albert is Madagascar. To you Madagascar it is very difficult for the simple reason money is tight. It is hard to find a place of service and a lot of people to listen, to help with the expenses. Ron would help you out if he could, but your banking system is very difficult for him to use. We say this to you Albert. Ron will help you out with a donation, so you can hold your Light Lines, but you got to give him a secure way to transfer money to you. Not through an in-between agent, but directly to your bank, or someone's bank account. He will make it available if you make the account easily available to transfer, so you can work what cost. Madagascar is the only African country that allows a telephone connection to the United States with the exception of Kenya. Why that is true is unknown to us. Yes, Ron reminds me that we got a call from Uganda.


And that person is gone. And I may be wrong in the naming of that, i am not quite sure.

Machiventa Melchizedek,

Thank you, it is correct Ron. For some reason or another, African countries do not understand the community that surrounds the teachings of Jesus. They are either Muslim, or they are some offshoots of a Chroitian religion that does not serve well. You will receive people from the United States that call themselves missionaries. they are helpful. Not with what you are trying to do with the Light Line. For that reason, then, we transfer this back to you Dominck.


Thank you, Ron. This is Dominick again; I do not have a transmission at this time. So, I would like to, with 20 minutes left, if anyone would like to press 5*


Dominck. you have a transmission first from Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek through Dominick

Dominick, this is Machiventa. Just relax. Ron and Dominick are a pair. Many of you are free to pair up. There is an intrinsic human need to associate. You need not have a predetermined plan; you don't need to reboot. But if you do not form a relationship organically to, shall we say volunteer, feel free you have a closest access to the instruments and institutions of these Missions now, that there are people in charge that can take direction from me, for example Machiventa. We will funnel you into services. You are free to accept or reject at that time, because not all the work is tailored to your particular strength or interest. We don't know those until you identify what those are and where they lie. Or that you are willing to take on an assignment that starches your comfort zone or abilities. Right now, we just don't know until we have something to work with. With that being said, we as a group, thank you all for listening and putting more than just casual thought but your sincere spiritual vigor into your own growth and progress in unity through Michael of Nebadon and the Father within us all. Thank you for your attention. This is Machiventa wishing you all a very good week to come.


Thank you Machiventa. All right, Lemuel, I am going to come to you.


Thank you, Dominick, I would like to comment on one of your early messages or statements Machiventa Melchizedek, pertaining to internal consistence. I interpret that personally as my own individual consistency, because of my love and cooperation with my beloved indwelling that had brough me through so many years where I am at now. That's for me is internal persistence. And I think that would be the case for every person here on this Light Line and those who are on the phone, or even those who may listen to the tape later on. None of us would be here if we did not have this consistency. Yes, internal, meaning that we have surrounded and cooperated with that which is internal in us, and that is the Father fragment as we all know. So, I just wanted to comment on that Dominick. And so, thank you, Thank all.


Well said, Lemuel, and of course none of us meant to challenge our own experience and, what you describe as our journey to be here. There, as missionaries and as transmitters we are subject to varying degrees of participants who all have a different experience. And in fact, we all have different experiences although we probably unified with what you just said, right? So, that being said I personally have internal consistency issues all the time still. And even down to doing a transmission, whether it is correct or not. I am not an experienced transmitter, and certainly in the public eye i didn't expect to be here even a month ago, but I transmitted that I will be hosting a Light Line. Three weeks ago, or so.  


Yes, Dominick, but allow me to say something at the moment. Obviously, it has always and always will be until we are totally fused, a matter of faith and trust in ourselves, and obviously in our Thought Adjusters, to maintain his attempt to lead us further along our spiritual part and particularly I would like to speak from my own experience, as I am sure all the other transmitters. It is 100% an act of faith. And to be Voice of God is an awesome responsibility that they are fully aware of. But it is an act of faith, and it takes courage. But we do it because, even if it is uncomfortable until we get to terms with it, it's a little bit outside of our comfort zone, but we know it is necessary and we know that we can do it. And this forms part of the internal consistency. But yes, it is an act of faith Dominick, and you know very well, if you don't mind me telling you.  


No, as a human, we never mind a complement or two, thank you.


I was just pondering about the concept of internal persistency as it has been discussed here. And apart from considering it something individual, I also noticed that there is an internal consistency within the group. We have a core group that always participate in these Light Lines. Basically, there are always the same persons that are the core group. That's an internal consistency within a group. is that possible also to see it that way?

Machiventa Melchizedek

This is Machiventa, Jose. You are correct. Your internal consistency prepared you for exactly what I mentioned in my last transmission. You may not all be the same, but you are capable now of working in the field. Asking for an assignment, and possibly not even liking it. But none of that what Lemuel has just spoken to and what you have just spoken to indicates your readiness.    


Thank you Machiventa. That's what I got, Jose.
I would just like to add that from an organizational perspective Light Lines could evolve quickly. They could get a lot more people with different perspectives and knowledge and experience. You can get anyone from the curious to the hostile. And that's why I want to make clear, for at least the Tuesday Light Line that as an open circuit, all are welcome until they behave in a way that unwelcome themselves.


I feel that this Light Line on Tuesday now is taking us to the next level in reference to bringing forth policy and addressing our commitment and our participation in the Missions, and to come together as a team. So, my question is, and my meditation is that will this be used, this platform to build a team, or to reach a common understanding of how we work together, what to do, or ... I hope that question makes sense.


It does, I have a reply from Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Valerie, this is Machiventa. The simple answer is, Light Lines are not the specific vehicle to begin to work in collaboration. But it is something of what I have mentioned in the past, you can call a working group. There are many working groups I have incubated on and around the planet and this is no exception. You simply need to find the evolving vehicles of participations. They are not, shall we say, open yet in terms of a transaction. For example, the Magisterial Missions are building a website and there will be a page for a description about how to engage the Missions if one wishes to serve. Now, that is just an example. But to answer your question further, Light Lines are not the collaboration vehicle for real-time organization. But there are times to come together as a working group, as we are now being described, and work on the things that the missions are organized to do through this, shall we say, working group. And those are being constantly outlined on the Sunday Light Line for example, and you can consider the other Light Lines as an extension of that. And then offline when the Light Lines are not in session you can either privately correspond with board members, any of the six board members, and those people will saddling up the chain, you don't have to engage in people that you may be don't ....,   or that you saying to yourself "Ron is too busy' or 'so and so is too busy, I shouldn't bother them'. No. you have the opportunity to do that. And yes, they might be busy, but you will not have the opportunity unless you learned by engaging them.


My question is I know that there has been a desire for more transmitters and more Light Lines. I know that Jesus will be publicly revealing that he is on the planet at some point, and the people who he will be talking to at that point the masses. My question is why there would be a continuing need for transmissions and Light Lines when Jesus is incarnated and there are 42 Melchizedeks incarnated, and several Magisterial Sons. Why they are not just be speaking publicly?

Michael of Nebadon

This is Michael of Nebadon. I speak to you Roger in reply. There is no right or wrong way to approach your question. Consider Light Lines your own private Idaho to evangelize what I need evangelizing at the time. To have humans to participate in these Missions provides this level of service for humans to exhibit what Lemuel has just provided. If you do not show your light and courage, how will your brothers and sisters know to follow me? I cannot go by authority alone. I am relaying of course on my children and brothers and sisters who have joined me in the light. Simply put, Roger, you have your own talent, and you can work with me intimately. And you can work with my administration publicly and privately to develop your voice and use them with my flock. To develop your own voice, understand Light Lines are subject to my direction and change overall. For you know I am the prime executive of Nebadon, these Missions, and a partner to Jesus when he is among you. So, don't limit yourself Roger in the planning. Light Line is will or will not be, look to me in the coming days, for when change has happened, I need you. I need you all. Thank you, Roger, for your question. And I leave you in peace.


I have a comment, I do not anticipate any answer, I just have on my colander here that Jesus will be visible on the East Coast today. I do not know where I am getting it from, but that all I wanted to say.


Dominick, I have a comment from Jesus.


This is Jesus, Jose. I know where you got the comment. It wasn't from the Light Line. I remind you like I remind Weydevu, you listen to other output. The one that you can really determine is giving you the facts as we know them at the minute is the Light Lines generated by the Magisterial Foundation. They are the Light Lines that you see scheduled on the discussion forum. I cannot vouch for any others, Jose. And for your information, please let it be known that the discarded website that you referring to is no longer valuable even in our eyes. The person who originated that Light Line is near death. They cannot participate further. I hope that answers some of it for you Jose.  I am Jesus, and I step back Dominick.

Dominick's thanksgiving and closing remarks.    

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« on: May 28, 2023, 20:03:19 pm »
P Jammer, it takes courage to speak to this post because I could be wrong with my assessment but understand that my intention is good to the utmost as everyone’s who have spoken. I feel resentment from your side derived from the fact that you have not responded to this post, because I have been trough some similar situation in the past that I can speak to now. Thus, I want to come for the rescue even if there is a possibility of not being appreciated, for it is not about me but your self promotion for great advancement. Michael of Nebadon laid out some unchangeable principles by saying, “if you give up now you are indeed lost”. He may need to shake us strong enough to let go things that does not belong, which I learned through self inflicted shaking that made me take a very serious look at where I am and where I belong to recognize my wrong, which I would not do otherwise. Likewise, only you can hold you back.      
So, please accommodate the words of this message from our celestial family by reading it more then once, for in spite of its harsh first appearance delivers much love and care with a positive import. I feel for you because I have received messages in the past from Ron and transmissions through him that were addressing my personal situations as I sought for it, but then his response stuck with me for the few words that I took for an offence, and now wish that I would have took the time to read it again and again until I could walk away with its constrictive criticism and advise for my benefit, but I didn’t. Sliding over it by getting offended caused me much tribulation in the future and by all means I could avoid it if I just listened better. He is our leader in all situations and we better not pick and choose. I see it now after many years as by chance landed on his message from 2017, if there is such as chance. Never easy to go through the bumps on the road but we must if want to get ahead.
Resentment is a form of self-worth assessment that would tell us we are better than the way we were addressed or evaluated, a hidden form of pride of the ego not in the sickening meaning, but in view of total surrender to the Divine no matter what. We say, we are being just a vessel in Father’s hand for his use, right? But are we? A vessel has no opinion or say so by any means, and this expression by Apostle Paul had me meditate more then once when I had to understand the same. Thanks to Apostle Paul who left so much spiritual food for us to chew on. His spiritual son Timothy explained, a vessel can be used for honor or dishonor, and it is true, but we are not used for dishonor at all. Yet if we understand the concept we should not get offended in any event. Father purifies us to be used for honor. This is what is happening. Now, this use of a vessel is not just a parable but much of a reality as it was in Jesus’ case who had to suffer all his adult life on earth, or even as a young 14 years old burdened with caring for his extended family after the painful death of his father and the injustice of how his workman compensation was mishandled. Then going homeless dragging 12 men with him be hungry at times, exhausted, rejected, chased, and finally tortured and killed, and what we had to go through in comparison is not worthy to mention and yet we are feeling offended?
Even true for Paul as he poured out to the Corinthians all what he had to go through. I did not mean to quote all of it here, but could not cut away a word when I read it (16I repeat: Let no one take me for a fool. But if you do, then tolerate me just as you would a fool, so that I may do a little boasting. In this self-confident boasting I am not talking as the Lord would, but as a fool. Since many are boasting in the way the world does, I too will boast. You gladly put up with fools since you are so wise! In fact, you even put up with anyone who enslaves you or exploits you or takes advantage of you or puts on airs or slaps you in the face. To my shame I admit that we were too weak for that! 
Whatever anyone else dares to boast about—I am speaking as a fool—I also dare to boast about. Are they Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they Abraham’s descendants? So am I. Are they servants of Christ? (I am out of my mind to talk like this.) I am more. I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again. Five times I received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one. Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was pelted with stones, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea, I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false believers. I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep; I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked. Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches. Who is weak, and I do not feel weak? Who is led into sin, and I do not inwardly burn?
If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness. The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, who is to be praised forever, knows that I am not lying. In Damascus the governor under King Aretas had the city of the Damascenes guarded in order to arrest me. But I was lowered in a basket from a window in the wall and slipped through his hands.)
What would we do P Jammer in similar situations? Or look at prophet Jeremiah who suffered lifelong rejection from his fellow man based on the messages he has received for them to follow, and was beaten and imprisoned and his teeth ruined in the sand, just horrible life experiences he had.
The speakers gave you and us as well the spiritual image of ours that our ego will reject while squeaking and squealing for sure. So, I hope this helps and I hope that you can identify with my words and intention to cheer you up in case of any resentment has taken hold of you. Truth is, we need to let go talking about the Urantia book like it or not, but did not do as much as we could when it was still good. Yet we are blessed for having such a strong foundation as this filth epochal revelation was and being part of this forum. As we were told soon we will have the new revelation of the sixth that I believe we are going to teach for long if we chose. But before we are facing major changes.           
And let us all recall Archangel Michael’s phenomenal words when the changes hit Urantia: “ .. the truth does not set you free as most of your resent the fact you cannot experience the matter of change more directly.”
It is coming and all head knowledge will have to give way to genuine Love of God towards the sufferers, which will be the true unifying power and divider between darkness and light. I believe we will no longer have to deal with indecision, resentment, separation at all. Just make it simply loving. I spent years in ministry to the needy and so often met young people who were nearly dysfunctional being mentally ill from the pressures of unjust society and family problems, thus reaching for drugs to find some solace and false companionship to escape loneliness and pangs of rejection and being unloved, but inside in their hearts I have discovered the true pearl of a great price as Jesus said, the Love of God so strong that no one will be able to withstand that when the time comes and the door swings wipe open to express true self in God. So be it for all of us. Be encouraged.

05.24.23 Wednesday Lightline, Host: Lemuel
Speakers: Amadon,  Arthura, Machiventa Melchizedek, Thought Adjuster of Lemuel, Jesus, Universal Father
Hello everyone, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are. Welcome again to this Wednesday  Lightline on the 24th of May, 2023. We are 7 including myself. This is Lemuel, your host, and oh, now we are up to 8. So, let me just welcome somebody who's come in. (tel #). I do not know your name of course, but welcome for joining us, thank you. So yes, that's 8 of us. Well, let's see if there is anyone who would speak to us on this Wednesday's Lightline. Well, it's very quiet at the moment. … I think … Yes.  
This is AMadon …
Oh, welcome Amadon! It’s been some time since we heard from you. Welcome, thank you for coming. 
Yes, This is Amadon, as you all know me as being a friend with Van the Steadfast for thousands upon thousands of years. And I have come simply because at the moment there is no one else to come. But I have been informed of the situation and so I am here, and I am pleased to be able to come and to assist in some way, some small way of this Wednesday Lightline with Lemuel. 
The reason why it is so quiet as you all know that the Sunday Lifeline with Ron Besser is the most important. It is through Ron, because of his extremely high ability to transmit perfectly clearly and correctly that it remains necessary for the Sunday Lightline to carry on, and to produce the latest information and sometimes revelation of what is taking place not just here on Urantia, but throughout the Universe of Nebadon. I want to mention something that you've been informed about very recently, and I and others were pleased as well as very surprised to see that Machiventa Melchizedekt has been promoted to represent the Eternal Son on Earth. A Viceroy that has been explained to you before. But those perhaps who didn't hear it on Sunday a Viceroy is someone who represents a person who cannot be present. For obviously the Eternal Son cannot be present on Urantia, but Machiventa Melchizedek can as Viceroy of Eternal Son. A Viceroy has all the authority and the power not just to represent the Eternal Son, but to carry out and to execute those things that are deemed necessary. And in some cases extremely necessary. Yes.  
Lemuel is thinking that the Regency is also such an important thing. Well, yes. Let me mention a couple of things about the Regency. We, that is to say, the celestials or spirit in general, do not go about enforcing things unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, you have all been informed for what?, a few years now, that without establishing a Regency there is very little opportunity or very little chance of saving what needs to be saved of Father, the planet Urantia, because of the abhorring state of government throughout the world with corruption and everything else you know about, no point in talking about it. Well, Machiventa Melchizedek now with his new hat as a Viceroy, he has the power to force a Regency on the Joe Biden government if it is necessary. You were also informed on Sunday that Joe Biden had been spoken to or informed during his sleep and he went off to the Southeast of the G7 meeting and was about to say what he was supposed to say. Well that's fine and bye now. But the point is that with Machiventa Melchizedek as the Viceroy then the implementation of the Regency in the American administration of Joe Biden must take place and shall take place. And it must be very soon. As far as I am aware it is the first time that the Eternal Son has been represented on a planet in the form of a Viceroy. He has been represented on other planets in other universes but in a totally different way. And so, here in Urantia, the Viceroy representing the Eternal Son is something unprecedented. And I am the one who is very pleased and quite excited about the prospect now, what is going to happen when he begins to wheel his authority and his power. Well, this is the most important thing that you have recently been informed of, and I just want to reiterate it in case someone here who missed the information about it on the Sunday Lightline. This is Amadon and as I explained well, you all know me, and at one time I was an assigned teacher to Lemuel. And then after a while he was assigned another teacher, Columnia. And those two phases had come to a halt because of the ability, of improved ability, of Lamuel to transmit. And that's fine in such a situation, and yes, there are others here on the … there is only one present at the moment and is so few here at the moment that in fact he's … how to teach them. And he is doing all he can to get you to try to transmit. Well this is an ongoing problem or ongoing situation isn't it? Because so many more transmitters are needed but the problem now is that the opportunity to transmit I think now is  truncated. The opportunity was there for some time and I think from what I understand from Sunday's Lightline with Ron Besser, it is no longer available. Or perhaps that’s not the best word but it is a closed case, I think for transmitters, but we should see. Well, yes, this is Amadon and this is all I have to say to you at the moment, so, I step back and I say A Good Day to all of you and thank you to Lemuel.  
Thank you Amadon so much for coming. Thank you. Well, it was good to hear from AMadon. I haven’t heard from him for ages. Well, let me refresh my dashboard because I think I heard two dings. Oh! Rene Duran, good afternoon Rene, and welcome. And Roger Raz, good afternoon Roger to you, you are so welcome. Thank you for joining us. That brings us up to ten, so, let me see now if there is someone else here. Yes, Arthura. 
I am Arthura and I am pleased to be able to join Lemuel on this Wednesday Lightline, when its being some time that I was able to do that. What I am interested in telling you is the situation as we cause the Missions, that all the Missions you are fully aware of and you have been updated continually. But perhaps what you are not so very well aware of is the fact that we have, when I say we mean Spirit, has a tremendous force of security, intelligence, protection, you just cannot imagine. Now the reason I am mentioning this is because when the Missions begin to go public especially with the appearance of Jesus, these forces, the security forces, will need to go into action swiftly. And yes, I can tell you that there will be a high loss of life, because the opportunity will be taken to remove those who simply will not survive through their normal death. That is to say there is nothing to say they do not have a developed soul. There are millions of people that I'm sure you are aware of who are in a similar state. So, there will be a sorting out to take advantage of the beginning of the Missions, to give the Missions the fullest opportunity and chance to be successful and so it is. Yes, Machiventa Melchizedek is now the Viceroy to the Eternal Son on Urantia. And the importance you have just been informed of the Regency you are fully aware of. Well, these things not only need to be put into place but they need to be protected from those elements who do not want to know anything about a Divine Mission.  Who will negate everything they see and they hear. Well that cannot be allowed to take place of course. And so, you will see, well yes. Lemuel is asking me that certain things we shouldn't see,  we don't want to see on television, and it is correct. You will not see. We have our own ways of .. how shall I say, suddenly certain people no longer are here. So yes, it is a good point of consideration, and certain things that we don't want to see. These things we understand must take place, all right, but we do not want to see these things, I mean, it is not necessary.. But of course, we are very grateful that this can be done and it needs to be done. All right.
The other thing I want to remind all of you is the fact that you are aware now fully what it means to phase. I come from Hyper Infinity. That is beyond the Master Universe. Now I know there are still some of you who simply cannot get your head around this. But you all ….I'm going to give you a picture. You can imagine a big circle to represent the Central Universe. Then you have seven tentacles like those of an octopus spreading out, and each one is a Super Universe. And they all have their different orbits. Now, surrounding all of that is the Master Universe. The whole thing combined, the Central Universe, all the Super Universes combined and beyond that, there is a space that you may call, or we call, Hyper Infinity. This is where I am from. I hope you can at least now look at this concept just for the moment and there is also something beyond Hyper Infinity. Those of you here, then are some of you on the discussion forum, who in the far far distant future, in fact you have been informed that there are those of you who will be trained to work on the outer space levels 1 2 3 4, and 5 now, yes. Well, these spaces occupy such a large space that you cannot put a number on them. That is to say, that's just one of them. I cannot say which one. That is to say outer space level 1 2 3 4 I cannot say.  Just one of those is even greater than the Master Universe. So yes, Lemuel, you are right. The mind boggles. Yes. 
But it is understandable when those of you think, what is the point? Why are you telling me these things? I am not going to be here. Well, I can say that’s what you think. You do not know what your future is but your Thought Adjuster does. And it is your Thought Adjuster that has planned the course of your ascension plan. Not only to be a finaliter but beyond being a finaliter. There are some of you who may become Ones Without Name or Number, or Mighty Messenger, or High in Authority. So do not think to yourself that what is the point, why am I hearing all these things? You are hearing all these things because in fact they are all important, and this information does enter. It doesn't stay in your conscience, but it can go deep into your subconscious and much later on when you're way way ahead on your morantial journey, this information will come more to the fore and you will understand more especially when you are able to incorporate mota. Mota as you know is the way of understanding holistically I can say, which is a vast vast Improvement on what you were able to understand now on your level. So, yes, in the far distant future you may very well be employed to use that word on vast projects so important that you cannot now imagine. Of course But just to finish off, I want to say please, change your attitude. Accept what you are being told, because there are no one else on the planet that is receiving this information that you are receiving right now. Now that should tell you something. I am Arthure. and I step back now also. I bid you all a very good day. Good day and thank you Lemuel. 
I thank you, Arthura. Thank you so much, thank you. Just let me refresh the page, someone else joined us? No, we are still … What is it? We are still 10. Oh! 
Machiventa Melchizedek:
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. ..
You are so welcome, Machiventa. Go ahead, please, when you're ready.  
Machiventa Melchizedek:
Thank you Lemuel. Yes I have been listening to all that's taking place so far on this Lightline and it really wasn't my intention to join, but you've been told so much in the past few minutes about my promotion as Viceroy for the Eternal Son that I just thought I would just pop in, as Lemuel likes to put it, just to say a few words. On my part personally it's … well, I kind of use the word accumulation, not of the whole of my career or the whole of my life, because I do not know what is in the future, but what I can tell you up until now this latest movement or promotion to use that word, or a new job, is for me I think it's the most wonderful thing, and humbling to be able to represent the Eternal Son. I think most of you know that way-way-way back I was known as the Sage of Salem. In those days I was sent to the Earth to try and recuperate some light, because the Earth was in great danger of losing the light that it had. Well, you all know the story. I entered the tent, I think it was called then, and told them who I was and whom I represented. And very soon after I met someone called Abraham, and Abraham became my student and through a course of time what you all know, he was able to receive what I was then able to give him. And to form the beginning of a new religion, I mean a new renaissance if you like, of light on planet Urantia at that time. Well throughout all these thousands of years and I have had different hats to wear from time to time, not just myself but there are others in my order of Melchizedeks that are so experienced, for so many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years, and so it is that when we are called upon to perform a particular service on a particular planet for a particular reason, well of course, we respond. We have been referred to as God's emergency service, or soldiers if you prefer. Yes, an elite pool of Melchizedeks, iIt’s true. Now of course we are involved with the Missions. There are already a certain number of my order Melchizedeks have been on the planet incarnated, taking notes with what's taking place, etc. And this is what we do in preparation for when the time for the Mission becomes public. And yes, along with the intelligence forces that we have. They do their work invisibly, and what they are able to discover that the Melchizedeks cannot discover, the information is exchanged and that's how it works. And of course the security forces and the police, they are always present. And they are here invisible of course, but they are here, they are here, and they are not incarnated, and they do not incarnate. They are here, and they are able to work while it is necessary. And what they are able to do is really something, when it is necessary. So, all in all . Although the planet Urantia is in such a state, such a (bad) state, nevertheless spirit has the wherewithal, believe me, to sort it all out where and when it is necessary. All of course is according to Father’s will. Now, you know that, it doesn't really need to be said. Everything that should take place is according to Father’s will. Well, as you know, the planet of Urantia has been on the brink of disaster on more than one occasion. But for some reasons that you are fully aware of, Father does not want that to take place if it is at all possible to save Urantia. And of course Michael of Nebadon thinks the same. It was his seventh Bestowal here on this planet, and this planet is ‘baby’ so to speak, and he does not want to lose it. There have been situations when other Creator Sons, other Michaels have in fact lost parts of their creation, their planets for all sorts of reasons. I am not going to mention why, but it does happen, it has happened. But we are determined that it will not happen here on Urantia. And as long as Father has the same opinion, then I think it can be safely said that the Missions, the Second Return of Jesus, will be successful. And that Urantia in the not too distant future will go into Light and Life. Of course it will be so different then, but this is the plan, and if you are not here, you will be somewhere. If you are not on the mansion worlds you may receive training somewhere else. So, you will know what's going on in Urantia, and you will be happy when you are able to see also, from wherever you are in the future, to see that Urantia has entered fully into Light and Life. Well, with these few words of encouragement I step back and also now. This is all I have to say and I also bid you all a very good day this Wednesday afternoon. Thank you. 
Thank you Machiventa Melchizedek, thank you so much.
Machiventa Melchizedek:
Thank you, Lemuel, thank you. 
Well, wasn’t that wonderful? Let me refresh, I don't think I heard anything, no, OK. Let me see again, see if there is anyone else. Well, yes. 
Thought Adjuster of Lemuel:
This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster and the reason I want to speak to you is to remind all of you, not just those of you who are present at the moment on this Lightline, but those who will eventually listen to the tape, and I read the postings on the discussion forum, to remind you all that your Thought Adjusters as you have just been told have planned the whole of your Ascension Journey, that goes far far beyond what you are able to to understand at the moment. You have been told many times that the fact that you are here, again I say not just those of you who are present on the Lightline, but all of you on the discussion forum. The fact that you are  interested and are taken on the discussion forum. You all came up in different ways like all roads lead to Rome, and all the roads that you have come along for your lives have brought you to where you are now. Yes. But it goes far far far beyond anything that you can possibly imagine. And so, I want to repeat what you just have been told. Don't become glib when someone tries to tell you something that's due to happen in the far far distant future. You will be there if you continue to desire a conscious relationship with your Adjusters. You will, as you know one day, you will be fused. You all know also that we Thought Adjuster are pre-personal. We would like very much to see the day come when we can receive your personality, but of course this is what takes place in a fusion. I receive your personality and you receive what I am. Total fusion means that. On the mension worlds generally speaking it is just a part fusion, until eventually you are able to fully fuse with your Adjusters. So, when you think about it, it is important that this information goes into your system. Even if you forget about it, it is still in your subconscious mind. It is there. And throughout the whole of your morantial career these things will come more and more to the fore, and you will become so pleased, so joyful, so excited when you have this greatly amplified awareness through mota. Of your journey, a future journey with your Beloved Indwelling Father fragment. This is what Father wants more than anything else, this is what your Adjusters want more than anything else. Yes, you have a mutual destiny. They want your personality, and you want us, your Thought Adjusters. So, this is just a reminder really, how privileged you all are. And yes, you are to be congratulated for being here. Because of your cooperation, and your love, and determination, and your patience, etc. etc. All these wonderful things had brought you to where you are now. But you still have a tremendously long way to go. But it will be the most wonderful journey that you cannot possibly imagine at the moment. All right. And I really would like that. This is all I want to say. I am Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster, and I step back and I bid you all a very good afternoon or a very good evening. Bye-bye for now. Thank you Lemuel. 
Thank you Beloved. Someone else joined us. No, we are still 10. Well, we’ve just been joined by someone, 661-(#). That's obviously your phone number. Good afternoon or good evening to you whoever you are, welcome to joining us, welcome. Now, let me see if someone else would come to give us a few words.  
This is Jesus. 
Thank you, Jesus, thank you. Please go ahead when you are ready.  
Thank you, Lemuiel. I am Jesus. I am not aware of what is taking place up until this moment here on this Lightline because I have been involved in other things. But I just want to say a few words to all of you. Be careful! Be careful what you say to others. Be careful of what you think, and say what you think to others. There are those who do not wish to hear what you have to say. Simply because they are not ready to hear it. Now I'm sure you understand what I mean, be circumspect, be careful. The preparations that had been so necessary are finalized. I cannot, I am not going to tell you when, but I am ready. Christ Michael is ready because we are one. You may be interested to learn that although what you see in your world today through the media, television, radio, and newspaper is a black-black picture indeed, I guess it is. But what you don't see, of course, is the light that is beaming through the universes down to this little orb over here. You do not see that light. But it is there, it is there and obviously it is having its effect on those, and in those places who are ready and so willing to accept it. They are becoming more and more aware of a change within themselves. A change of attitude towards something or towards someone. A change in their appetites, I changed in their intentions, or the relationships in general. There is this turning from darkness to light, because when it is light, there is no darkness. Darkness does not exist in our result, it simply does not exist, it is only like a shadow. That shadow is only visible because of the light. But it has no life. But as light and love, as you all know, are one, and that is God. So, although what you see and make you think, ‘Oh please, hurry up! Please get over here, please Jesus come!, yes. but also be aware there is something else going on that is in this world that is turning people's minds, people's attitudes, people’s feelings. And that of course will help tremendously. My Mission and the Magisterial Son’s Missions and the Science Officer Rayson’s Mission,everything is improved lightly every day, because of this influence. I am happy to say that because it is so desperately needed. And this light comes from where all light comes from. Father. There is no doubt and in fact there has never been any doubt in my mind that Father is doing and will continue to do all that he wishes to do, to bring success to the Magisterial Mission and to all the Missions here that are about to go public here on Urantia. There is a long way to go and there are a lot of things to do, but they shall all be done. I am Jesus. And I am so excited and looking forward to being amongst you publicly. Yes, Lemuel is thinking, may it be soon. Yes, Lemuel, yes, very well. May it be soon and it is. I step back now also and I say, please, be careful what you say and to whom you say it. But rest in my peace. My peace is upon you always. Try to be ever mindful of that. And why is that? Because you are mine. You are my flock. I do not intend to lose one of you. But be prudent. Be careful. Good Day! 
Thank you Jesus. Thank you so much for those words.All right, let me see who else. 
Universal Father: 
Yes, Lemuel, this is the Universal Father. I am the Universal Father.
Thank you so much, Universal Father, please go ahead.
Well, unlike my Beloved Son Jesus, I know exactly what is taking place on this Lightline tonight. I know what everyone said and mentioned and I'd like to say, well, thank you today, because what they have said, everything is true. That makes me happy. But what makes me the happiest of all is to know that those of you here on Lightline tonight and the others who for whatever reason could not attend, but for those who will read with enthusiasm, and with an open mind, and with the humble heart when they listen to the tape, this pleases me no end. And I want to say to all of you, thank you. I received my blessing. Blessing and thanks from your Universal Father. I am looking forward as much as anyone else, and of course as much as any one of you, to see these Missions public and to see them successful no matter how long it takes. But as long as I have any influence and I can assure you I will always have influence. I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER. It will give me tremendous pleasure to see Urantia as the jewel in the crown of Nebadon. And this shall happen. I bid you all Good Day, and thank you. 
Thank you, Universal Father, for those few words but  very inspiring words. Thank you so much.
Universal Father:
You’re welcome, Lemuel. Thank you. 
Well, I don't think there can be anyone else after our Beloved Universal Father. Well, we're almost up to the hour and … yes, it's just about a minute to go. Well, I would just like to thank obviously those who have come to speak to us on this Lightiine and that is Universal Father, Jesus, my Beloved Thought Adjuster, Atrhura,Machiventa Melchizedek, and Amadon. I don't think I've missed anyone else.So a big thank you today for helping me out on my Wednesday Lightline and for giving us your words. So, thank you again. And thank you to all of you who have joined me on this Lightline again this Wednesday. And I hope to be able to welcome you again next Wednesday, same time, same place, as they say, and that would be the… Well, that will be the last day in May. It will eb the 31st. So, next Wednesday the 31st of May I hope to see you again then. So, I will now stop the recording and thank you all again once more. Good afternoon and good night wherever you are. God bless 

Threads for New Transmissions / Prepare for food shortage
« on: May 25, 2023, 12:39:24 pm »
Father, Thought Adjuster 
Thursday, May 25, 2023

Father asked me not to judge what I hear just write, because I first stopped after hearing half the sentence while practicing transmission. 

The United States government will lose control of the situation resulted from the devastation. There will be food shortage as all the afflicted will ask for help. It is imperative that you see yourselves through for about three months unless you want to ask for alms, but rather prepare for the worse and receive the best you can. That is all I wanted to say today. This is your Father. You can post this message.

Thank you, Father, very much.

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