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Recording Link

  • ARTHURA as emcee spoke about mirth and humor with transmitting.
  • Morontial Supervisor asked us to place ourselves from the perspective of looking back at this time for ourselves. Reminded about the fact we pick up where we left off after material death and personality resurrection.
  • Arthura then spoke more about Regency and reviewed materials from previous lightlines.


Sequence of Events:
  • Registered Planet
  • Planetary Prince
  • Calagastia 100
  • System Rebellion
  • Adam & Eve Mission
  • Machiventa Melchizedek emergency mission
  • MICHEAL Bestowal of/as Jesus
  • 5th Epochal Revelation
  • Quarantine lifts, Adjudication Begins, Teaching Mission begins
  • Multiple Missions of Michael, Jesus, Magisterial Sons, Melchizedeks, Adam & Eve, and human support in Missions
A last word from Michael of Nebadon

AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Tues LL 11.14.23
« on: November 15, 2023, 00:48:30 am »

Today's LL touched upon the conflicts of today in the context of a rebel planet in a historical context of its political-religious conflicts
  • Machiventa opened with primary message
  • Amadon covered antediluvian epoch
  • Adam the Garden epoch
  • Midwayers the modern epoch

If there are words or phrases I can help clarify let me know which ones, and I will try to re-phrase it, here, afterwards. Or someone else might be able to clarify if they are handy.
The same applies to your transcriptions clarifications you would like me to provide. If you can place those in the topic I would prefer that instead by emails.
Thank you,


Tarkas as emcee, brief remark by Machiventa

  • Amadon introduced Amanda, a fellow time space pilgrim sharing emergency prep on her planet of origin a long time ago. Amanda also responded to a question on around the subject
  • Adam, discussed Divinity and Deity in the context of God being leveraged and used by any given side or sides of a conflict; and how to assert God and Divinity as a human
  • Eve discussed use of energy personally and within the household, and health, hygiene and nutrition are the best energies spent fundamentally and routinely.
  • A comment about waste management prompted a few more words from Adam about Law and Order being a fundamental aspect of good waste management; and that poverty is better served and alleviated sustainably without organized crime. The scope and scale and approach between their mission and the Regency's mission.

  • Machiventa as MC
  • Mission and Magisterial Foundation review from Manituba,
  • Arthura God about God the Ultimate, supreme, God the Seven-fold and some distinctions between God the Ultimate in the new Universe Age filling the missing and repaired gaps.
  • Q&A about what Arthura presented



  • Tarkas as MC, Adam as presenter
  • How Projects flow down tributaries of Unity & Divorce, and the factors involved. Sectarianism and Identity formulation affecting behavior, attitude, thinking, and skill. Human mind fills the space of discernment, but Spirit Muscle Memory and Faith foster soul, attunement and psychic circles attainments.
  • Mission Structures. Deity, Divinity, Humans under oath or not under oath.
  • Mission Projects: WTP, Chronicles
  • A case study using the transmitter, Dominick, as an example

LINK to Recording:

  • Aaron, MACHIVENTA, MICHAEL, One Without Name and Number, spoke to the topics
  • Ron, transmitted at start and end regarding Magisterial updates

I tried to crunch some numbers and assuming I calculated correctly, here are some more insights from those percentages of the 9 billion planetary population:

Use the search function in the main menu of the website for these terms:


  • 8,100,000,000 are indwelt by our Paradise Father with a Thought Adjuster (search Thought Adjuster)
  • 7,290,000,000 are in the 1st Psychic Circle (search Psychic Circles)
  • That leaves an assumed 810,000,000 attained 3rd Psychic Circle or greater (search third psychic circle)
  • 270,000,000 are God-conscious
  • That leaves 540,000,000 who have Adjuster functioning but are not necessarily God-conscious
  • 9,000,000 are 5th Epochal Revelation conversant (.001%). Let's assume 80% are in the United States and 20% spread across the globe. The proclivity of the United States concept of taking action is through raising Awareness and Money. So, let's assume the evangelism of the 5th Epochal Revelation institutions and organizations has enjoyed the same rate of success as a mass email or mailing campaign of 1% success-rate. That would estimate the "Urantia Book readership" at 72,000 in the U.S. so let's just round up and estimate another 28,000 outside the U.S.
  • 900,000,000 are Non-Adjuster-indwelt
  • But 900,000,000 are also capable Administrative and Executive talent (capable leadership)
  • Everyone else in the middle of those extremes is likely to be one or more: religious fanatic, political fanatic; or so poor they are focused on family and tribe to get by. Those who aren't in poverty, are Material/Atheist with high degree of some mental health issue that's becoming the norm to have and bond over.
  • There's a strong correlation between non-Adjustered and those too dumb or incapable of contributing to civilization. But pointing this out attracts the accusation by atheist thought police of eugenics-fascism. The Kingdom-believers advocate epi-genetics Evolution/Revelation, while the Atheist desires Utopia through the engineering of the State. Of these groups, any middle ground has been poisoned by political extremes on "left and right." Furthermore, there is a strong correlation between the 25% Material-Atheist and the 10% sociopathic and/or non-binary sexuality.  Look no further than Congressman George Santos for a great example.

This leads us to what the Planetary strategy might look like.


For example, there’s a strong correlation between the 10% leadership pool and the 270,000,000 God conscious and 540,000,000 with some level of Adjuster contact but not God-conscious.

11 link to recording:

Direct Link to recording:

  • Machiventa Melchizedek as MC transmitted a custom bumper prelude helpful for new attendees; and also briefly addressed the current global escalation of violent conflict
  • Machiventa covered Planetary Emergency status and a wide spectrum of perspectives and context around it, along with individual guidance to navigate it at the end of the lightline
  • A Material Son on Mission-staff provided a general report on the population status from a social science perspective and weaved in the inter-association between Evolution and Revelation
  • Welmek asked a question of an attendee who provided a comment

The Planetary Report was with the caveat the numbers were highly general, in no particular order, and an aggregate of the entire planet, approximately 9 billion.

  • 10% are capable Administrative and Executive talents, but 1% controls planetary resources
  • 10% are too dumb or incapable of contributing to the civilization they live in
  • 2% display psychopathic qualities
  • 8% display sociopathic qualities
  • 10% and climbing are homosexual or divergent from sexual [binary] norms
  • 25% are Materialist/Atheist
Materialist defined as non-thinking about relationship with God. Atheists as non-committal, insurrectionist or rebellious
  • 33% are Religious Fanatic
  • 55% are Tribal/Familial
  • 25% are Political Fanatic
  • 3% are Religionist - earnestly conscious about the mystery and relationship of God
  • 1% (33% of the above 3%) are God-centered, knowing their relationship with God and fostering it
  • 1 tenth of 1% -- 0.1% are 5th Epochal Revelation conversant
  • 10% are non-Adjustered
  • 90% of those Adjuster-indwelt are at their 1st Psychic Circle (stage)

Direct Link:
Fathers Lightline recording link:

MICHAEL of Nebadon was host for Lightline Tuesday

·       Mission announcements for lightlines -- Mission go means lightlines will offer new information and context that transmitters may struggle to self-censor, but that they should listen to MICHAEL and trust control of Thought Adjuster, and also forgive themselves if they falter.
·       Updates for Ron Besser as a Servital in the Mission(s). More context about impediments and interferences with Mission(s).
·       MICHAEL wished to transmit or prompt attendees to affirm themselves to HIM and FATHER in their service intentions
·       A final word from MONJORONSON, Magisterial Son of the Magisterial Mission(s), affirming his Deity Circuit with MICHAEL in service to our FATHER.


  • Machiventa Melchizedek as MC spoke about the perils of human pre-conceptions affecting faith.
  • Michael of Nebadon spoke about his petitions to Universe Authorities for human involvements. Also, His updates on his speeches to other audiences in Nebadon in preparation for Missions. And Michael spoke about Jesus' attainments and status post-Bestowal, and 2nd Return objectives.
  • Monjoronson spoke about global, cultures having a Magisterial Son concept just not linked to the Michael-Jesus Bestowal. Then Monjoronson outlined the hierarchy of Mission Authority: Melchizedek/Archangel > Archangel Matthew > Gabriel of Salvington > Michael of Nebadon and Magisterial Sons and Jesus > Universal Father on Paradise
  • Machiventa shared some insights into his doings as a Urantia Supreme Court Magistrate.
  • A Bonus comment from Adam about Mission training compared to Mission fulfillment.

Hi Ghost Dancer!
Yes, Sun, Mon, Tues and Wed are all the same call numbers and at the same time of 2pm EST. When you ring in feel free to say hello 10 minutes early around 2:50, the call is open.- Dominick 

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