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BLACK HOLES - MYSTERY - Here is Theory To Consider
« on: April 18, 2022, 17:38:58 pm »

How true is this?  Here is the Magisterial Son Science Officer to explain to me and you what this drawing represents that is shown above.  I speculated that a black hole is like sitting a big iron on gor-tex, and it’s a wonder it does not tear it.

  RAYSON - First of all Ron, a Black Hole does not form a vortex, but it does form a swirl and that is acceptable to explain that it does not only dent space, but it also dips below the central axis line you show as the letter X in the drawing.  That is the first thing to note.

    Second thing to say is that the X axis, the center of the Master Universe does not quite exist as a straight line.  The X line dips under Paradise and then comes back up to exist the Master Universe volume to the other side as a center line too.  The Black Hole, those being the biggest and strongest, dip blow the X line when in time and space, but they also form near Paradise, when the home file network exudes a type of brush cleaner around it– a fancy way to say Paradise clears all debris that may form near or around Paradise to keep ingress and egress open and clear.

   For that reason Paradise allows open access only in certain times of its age long permission to live on Paradise if your meet the specifications to do so.  Sometimes a Black Hole forms near the Central Univers (but not in it), and when Paradise sprays the cleaner into that area, the Black Holes evaporate almost by magic.  This is very instructive to you who live in time and space, where you are plagued with too many Black Holes sometimes, and then Paradise must issue orders to clear them away too.

    Your drawing Ron is excellent for it attempts to understand the Mystery of Black Holes, by showing their effect is more than in space, and it gets high marks from us for not going too far.  You show the ellipse of the Master Universe correctly, and one can draw those lines as in a three dimensional graph, but the Master Universe is not that easy to construct as a simple ellipse, and that is because the entire structure is not completed and closed-end as you show it.  In the end with the X on the drawing is a ragged open area that is sealed to prevent any extra-source Infinity from permeating it.  In a another drawing you do not show you show the Master Universe being coated all around by Absolutum.  That is essentially correct although there is an inner seal that nothing can penetrate except the existential Deities themselves.

    WE congratulate you on feeling this to be the proper way to show the Black Hole influence that penetrates under space sometimes, but the vortex is a little too dramatic for it is more low a bowl gouged into the non-space areas below the X center line that does exist and can be shown better in other graphics you have done in the past.  
    I am RAYSON and here is the UNIVERSAL FATHER:

“WE are prepared now to speak the truth to you, and especially to you Ron: This little graphic is worth a billion words on Urantia, as the cannot conceive your view that the Master Universe is an entire ellipse.  Well, no, not yet.  As RAYSON explained the east end of the ellipse as you show it has no continuous shape or dimension yet, and we leave it that way in order to preserve the idea of Infinity at its best.  For reasons of State it cannot be revealed even for I am not confident I need all that for now or in the future.  For that reason we must advise the insurrectionists, or the cabal as you call them, that their entire plan to control time-space is outrageously simplified in you Ron, as they now see the point that should they control time and space, what are they going to do about the reality that huge areas of space and unlimited creature numbers appear beyond their control.  It finally struck home when you said it to a group around you as they never think of future space areas beyond time.  One of them said to ME, Father, where do we put time and space if we have no control beyond time and space?  I said leave it alone for now and try to amalgamate your decisions with mine and that is to insure you that time and space is not the end, and that the end never sees you again if you insist on this petty annoyance to me to take something that does not belong to you in the first place.  That seems to have cooled them considerably, and you make it clear you want nothing of them around you or even near you.

“FOR that reason I suggest to you Ron, that the entire matter of Black Holes, and Dr. Hawking, be left alone for now, but show the forum these pictures and let me rest a moment before I bang on you head to show the world something they could never have imagined in the first place.  You are good at this and I love the idea of showing off revelatory prowess, but let this cease for the moment, and yest work it up for the COSMOLOGY OF INFINITY book you are still writing and you say oit just seems endless, and I agree.  But for now let us concentrate on MICHAEL OF NEBADON. And his petty annoyance with you again over feeling totally removed from life at times.  I AM FATHER and I wish you a good day son.  K”

GABRIEL - “YOU are still in a tandy mode and MICHAEL OF NEBADON is mincing nothing at the moment.  HE wants you to know there is nothing left for you to do now but ponder the legs and has you on his side cart in a moment just to be sure you know that the irregular surfaces of your heart and mind are being eschewed at their own pace and for good reason you feel terrible, but that ends in a short period of time for you are to be embraced by a certain infant terrible for your own good and happiness shortly.  RAYSON must see you very soon and I must see you very soon too, as the entire operation of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION nears quickly and well and you love the idea of an office building but that must wait a few months yet as the entire matter of the JESUS SECOND RETURN is not over but waning slightly over your intemperate comment to Me yesterday with Dominick spouting that Tarkas and all those called ONES WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER had to be called Ones Without Issue and calmly stated it so well you broke into hilarity.  We are sure that others around you got a good chuckle.  That day called Easter in the Besser living room was full of huge amounts of spirit talent and you enjoyed every moment of it with Dominick adding to the cheer.

AS MICHAEL OF NEBADON, "I want you to realize, all of you that this story about Black Holes, was triggered when Ron and Dominick watched a CD on the wide screen TV about Marconi and Tesla and their competition to electify and have the world easily communicate with all of its parts easily.  The second documentary bored Ron to pieces but is not even registering in his mind over Black Holes and Dr. Hawking break through to physically describe them well enough to know that Black Holes exist and are extremely dangerous to be around.  That said Ron said to Dominick, ‘I have just one problem with the statement physicists make, and that is a Black Hole once entered there is no escape.’  

“I heard Ron explain to him, that if you or he fell into a Black Hole, we can escape because the will of God overcomes gravity easily and personality survives even if the Black Hole claims the material body.  I thought to myself, now there is a perfect explanation to offer the scientist that he needs to study the Cosmology of Infinity to understand that science cannot continue to separate the Undeified from the Deified.  Dominick has always said the same thing, but the Black Hole analogy makes it so clear– and that is in spite of over-power material prisony traps of death and destruction at the hands of a Black Hole, the spiritual aspects of life prevail in defiance of material death.

“Ron you are near death and destruction yourself and mince no words this morning when your body complained about being sore, chilled, crippled, and broken, yet wise you got up, got assembled, and made this report to get it off your mind at once.  I insist you walk a little today to try out a change of muscle tension in the legs and see how that works.  Jesus has verboten to say either, and we let it all ride for now as things are coming to a head soon and RAYSON is bringing you some good information including not a check but some somebody’s language barriers removed so you hear something you never did before.  I am sure RAYSON knows what He is doing, but listen to your name at times Ron, as your afro is now a tad old and you are slightly bent over soon by the weight of responsibility, but you are fun enough to work through it easily, as the entire matter is well achieved up here already with WTP and the money to build that plant without further ado.

“How we get through the next few days is impossible to state as the entire matter of a Second Return is burnished to the point that JESUS is insulting everybody sometimes, and He knows you are there mostly too, and it has to do with the inane Urantia mass media reporting that is driving nobody nuts but you Ron, and you see it as repetitious and creating tensions far in excess of where they need be and that is interfering with the idea of the Second Return considerably.  There is MYSTERY yet in all of this and we allow no more to be said now.  Meanwhile happy Black Holes everybody.  


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