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10 - Breakfast Tape# 10 Jan 24, 2023 -Please Transmit off planet humans.  Lemuel has found it easy to do and get off the sofa and help us out.  Transmit Amethyst, Carole, Lemuel, Clency, Rene, Dominick, George, and a few others I know you can.  Write it or transmit it or both and post to the discussion forum,  That is what this tape is trying to tell you.  We made contact with the Alderons on Number 10 this morning.  Have a good listen and enjoy.   Thank you.
Link to Breakfast Tape #10 for 24 January 2023
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Re: 10 - BreakfastTape#10 Jan 24, 2023 -Please Xmit off planet humans
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Dear Thought Adjuster, you make it possible for us to connect with other intelligences, deities, humans. Even you.

Here are the Pleiadeans.

Thank you Carole's TA.
Dear, dear friends, We welcome you into our hearts. We thank you for welcoming us into your hearts.
We know many of you are leery of allowing "other voices" into your consciousness, because you have been indoctrinated to think that all "voices" are the result of insanity, or demonism, or your own fantasy.

Too bad that such a take prevents us from becoming friends.

You sat with your cat this morning while attempting to transmit.
Well, guess what. Your cat wouldn't take no for an answer, and rather sat on your lap and he transmitted his own message: "mmmmmm. Peace. Love. Joy. mmmm" Did you know that animals can transmit too? They wish to speak like you do, but know they can't. They just do the best they can. Learning to tune into your pets, can be like learning to tune in to us.

We know that some people can transmit more readily than others due to genetics, and brain construction. That's OK. Father knows all of you perfectly. When your intention to connect comes forward, Father honors that.

We have been around a long time,. We have known about you on Urantia a long time. A lady named Barbara Marciniak wrote several books with our lessons. But times are different now. We are ready to speak to you one on one, directly. We are ready to meet you on your terms. We won't get too technical if you can't understand it. Just know that we love you. We know your personal and planetary troubles. We are here for you. Don't be afraid. Father has opened the door. Just walk on through.

Thank you for listening!
Thank you Pleiadeans!

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Re: 10 - BreakfastTape#10 Jan 24, 2023 -Please Xmit off planet humans
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Hello SAS, I am appreciative of this successful effort.  I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and Ron uses the abbreviation, I do not. 

Please understand Carole, you are one of the few who sees Ron charging desperately to get something on the record to record us for posterity.  He now sees you as working properly and maybe Lemuel if we can get him to transmit after a serious injury and for that reason must stand back for the Wednesday office appointment for Lightline.  Ron you do not know this but he will announce it shortly we think. 

For reasons of State Carole, Ron just received a note from the Pleiades verifying your excellent contact.  You are much better suited for this work rather than trying to transmit celestials but Ron must continue to expect you to survive in that direction and maintain transmission contact with Michael of Nebadon and so on.   The Pleiades verified contact with Ron that you did very well and you need to be in contact with them on the 25th of January at noon your time.   Please be on time -  NOON TOMORROW THE 2TH AT YOUR TIME WHERE YOU LIVE.

Finally, Ron you need to care for one last step and that is to affirm with the Pleiades you are well and found at the regular place in one hour.  The rest will clear itself.   I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.  You all are taking this so very well I am watching carefully that all of this may prevail better for all concerned in the next 24 hours.  Keep the flame burning on the Salvington spirit officials and above all for the veteran human groups who contact other planets to make sure they do not fail during this awful period of insurrection boiling all over Urantia again.  Ron someday has a lot to tell you but not now.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.  K

-   -   -    -    -    -

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I need total separation and Ron has done it with a rule.

"You are all under a residual attack that is meant to totally confuse the situation on Urantia.  Ron discovered it this evening and refuses to participate whatsoever.  I am not going to bother you with how, but stand tall and do not let any contact persuade you these Missions are over.  They have started but are hitting the flak so bad we are hardly able to control what we say through Ron at this point.  He is so good he can hear me through fog and that is what we are doing.  K

"Do not take transmissions yet Carole Deptula until tomorrow at noon.  We have it cleared by then and the Pleiades did speak with you and Ron spoke with them to verify.  We as a group are the last persons able to make this contact right now.  Ron must abate making a Breakfast tape for tomorrow for the moment but stand by on that one too as it might be nucessary in spite of the problems we face right now on Urantia.  K"

"WE are sure this matter is coming to a boil and Ron has a lot of  rarified information to speak to later on, but right now we have to preserve him and you and this time we are going to do it our way.  Let the chips fall where they will shortly and Ron do not expect any answers to your emails today as they are in an emergency situation with your brother and his nerve in the body trunk.  Let it rid for now but amputation may be necessary and if that happens happy days with you are over too.  Let it run for now.

"Finally, the trial we must survive all of us is to let the cabal and insurrection be removed fully and totally as they cannot maintain any presence when we pull the life plug off those who run the rebellion and insurrection and frankly, that sinful condition on Urantia right now and the crime you all see if being pulled down and out for all very soon as well.  K"

Ron - Stay tune Carole and make your contact with the Pleiades again at noon your time tomorrow the 25th.  I have problems of my own real bad too and will report however I can considering much you all wonder about but I know little about it right now.  Finally., let us hope this all works out by the time I am scheduled to do the BREAKFAST TAPES, in this case pending BREAKFAST TAPE #11 for 25 January.


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Re: 10 - BreakfastTape#10 Jan 24, 2023 -Please Xmit off planet humans
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2023, 22:04:16 pm »

Wed, Jan 25 at 2:14 PM

[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Hi Ron!
Here is what I have for you today, 12:00  2023-01-25

Pleiadeans Today 2023-01-25

Dear Pleiadeans, It is a pleasure to speak with you today.
Thank for coming. Thank you Ron for inviting this occasion.
Thank you TA for facilitating this meeting.

Please come forward as you will.

Thank you. We are the Pleiadeans.
We know your questions like "Is the Pleiades group of stars in the universe of Nebadon?
How many planets that are inhabited in that group?
Are you all at the same level of progress?
What kind of things do you look forward to in your future spiritual progress on your planets? material progress?

How do you plan to participate in the missions here on Urantia?
Will you be visible?
Will you be teachers?
How do you plan to attract the attention of humans here?
How will you work with different languages?

How can we as humans help you?

You have warned us in previous books about impending planetary and social destruction. These things are happening now. Could we, back then, have averted the problems we are experiencing now?
Could we have avoided over population?

With weather on a rampage, many crops are not being planted or harvested. Do you have plans for water conservation and crop growing?

Will you help with WTP?

You indicated you all wanted to make contact with us one on one. Could we as individuals participate in Pleiadean agenda directly?
We thank you for your love toward us. Please show us how we can love you as well.

What are some of the things you do that you wish we would do?

How long will you stay?


Dear ones, we have known about you a long time. We have seen how rebellion has scarred the faces of your people, and ruined the terrain.

Yet understand that evolution has a lot to do with the speed of your progress. Not only evolution, but also intention, mixed with positive action in that direction. Things do not happen over night. Your questions about us are all good curiosity questions. But YOU as a planet will eventually become as us, and those questions will fade into obscurity.
What is important is what is happening now. That "Now" means Yes, we can help you immediately. We can be with you personally immediately. We can stop certain actions immediately.

The people we have with us are of one mind, one accord. They all care about the saving of Urantia. You do not know what to do. You are helpless to stop the gun violence. The war in Ukraine, the continual political intrigue. The coming financial disaster is not far away. No one is ready for that.

Yet, we, being here, will eventually gain some acceptance and notability, in that we are able to help in positive, healing ways. We can encourage, restore, and use the many skills we have developed over centuries in our own planets, and show them to you. The long evolution we have endured has given us a lot of experience to refer to, and call from.

Experiences and projects that have not succeeded have been pushed to the background and forgotten. In an era of Light and Life, there is no need to keep record of failures.

So instead we keep the records of the good deeds, actions, projects, initiatives, and progress that glorifies the Father, and helps our fellow humans.

Don't be afraid of the evolutionary process. It takes a while, but the outcome is a positive growth.
With insurrection here on Urantia, and rebellion, and total iniquity on the part of the leaders, the evolution has ground to a halt. It has gone backwards. We are looking at a very possible destruction of this whole planet. That is why we are here, to join the many others who likewise have volunteered to help you all. Disasters will come. Deaths will come. Yet even still the progress of this planet is foremost to us and to the Father. It is good that you have people on this planet that can come together with prayers, and a unified agenda that is outlined by Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek. Father has a deep joy in the visualization of how beautiful this planet can become.
Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening. We take our leave.

Thank you Pleiadeans!