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« on: August 07, 2022, 12:15:41 am »
Jesus will work well with you Albert, and thank God He is planning to do that for us too.  I wish we had a way of helping you and your out reach program but the world is making it very difficult to do that easily anymore and I stand back and hope you are capable of sustaining your Mission as Jesus on Madagascar for your people and your followers with Jesus with you all the time.  It will be hard Albert, not the appearance of Jesus, but money in this world will become even harder to find to work with for you and for us too.  Let us hope we can get some help for all we need to do, and pray your followers do not make trouble because they know so much!  They need to understand they must keep safe and not say much when Jesus first appears, because the crazy people will come out and shoot and kill thinking they are t be taken up by Jesus if they kill those they do not like.  You can know too much right now and please keep safe when Jesus appears and stay quiet and among those who support you in this revelation.

Best wishes for all of your efforts Albert and to all of your people who support you too as they are brothers and sisters of great importance to you and all of us even here in the distant land called America.  We expect trouble too so you are not alone.  God's Blessings to you and yours!   Ron

WE SPEAK TO ALBERT, and this is the LORD, MICHAEL OF NEBADON to your Group AlbertL

"I am JESUS and I AM MICHAEL  too, as that is the Order of life I am,  I am a Paradise MICHAEL SON, and you need to understand that more and more as I learn to speak to you in your language which is not easy to learn.  We are SPIRIT and that should make it easy, but earth has so many languages, we have to learn them too if they are not used all over the world.  English will become the world language when we arrive, and so learn it well Albert.  French is very helpful too but English will become the world language not long from now as Jesus will speak English mostly to deliver his messages.  K

"Now I use the letter "K" to show a break in subject or to end a message.  That is how is how amateur radio broadcasters end their messages in morse code or spoken sometimes as it is an old fashion way to stop a message so the receiver knows that is all that is sent.  The "K" i use above is used to change the suject as I was done with the old subject and placed a "K" at the end of the sentence.  Rib taught me that as he knows how radio senders and broadcasters speak to each other shorthand and "K" is my favorite to just say that is all.  K"


Dear Members and Guests, I regret to say I have been asked to stop using Lightline this Sunday the 7th of August by, not by the insurrectionists or cabal as we sometimes call them, but by the Planetary Government.

Here is MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, the Planetary Prince who commands the new Urantia spirit government over us 0
"WE REGRET, AS RON DOES, that the following issue is not evident on Urantia to the point we dare not force much more past a cabal which insists on damaging our infrastructure badly and totally.  Although we have defenses to stop this they are so unusual it could cause radio and television to cut out broadcasting entirely, and for that reason we stand back in recognition of  that danger.  Furthermore, Ron is correct in stating there is no point in holding a LIGHTLINE when there is no one available to take control of it up here.  He could by Adjuster guidance but is not willing to fight a ruthless cabal whom he considers murderers and thugs and not spirit.  I am afraid we have to agree with him in all of this.

"FOR THAT REASON, we then ask Ron to cancel this Sunday's Lightline until further notice and until the Planetary Government is FULLY IN CHARGE without incident.  For that reason I stand down and have MICHAEL OF NEBADON now speak."  MANTUTIA THE PLANETARY PRINCE OF URANTIA.  k

MICHAEL OF NEBADON to all of you -  "Sadly done too is the last moment of life for our dear Ron as he is finally been judged by the high judges as he sat on his bed this morning wondering if he could walk at all today.  They are doing a surgery on his right leg as we speak and that is not working well enough to clear an available way to walk easily.  He refuses to die this way so the arrangement is done othewise and not to be spoken to here.   He will be available in the flesh more but until that is settled the Lightline he hosts must be truncated as well as there is no one available to stand in over reasons of State we do not discuss here. Lastly, we drive the following home to you.  Ron wrote a table real early this morning and attempted to characterize the Missions on Urantia for you, and did it  quite well.  However, the item whcih mentions the Second Return should be a 10 and not a 1 as he has it on the post.  [Michael that is easy to correct as it is not a table but a paste of text]  and for that reason go there now and correct it for us please.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and wish you all a good day.  K"

Ron - To say it again:  LIGHTLINE FOR 07 AUGUST 2022, this Sunday, has to be cancelled and maybe even next week depending on just what we have to prepare for.  Thank you and thank you all for your patience and care in all of this!


Today is August 6th,  Table for 6 August 2022 only
The Table should align but this software is unpredictable and sorry for some jumble


Legend/Status of Missions for Today, Table
Are the Urantia Missions Really Operating Today?
10 score in 100% operation
05 score they are present but not visible
01 no score possible and not visible today. No forecast

   Today = Saturday 06 August, 2022
   Mission Item . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Status
The New Urantia Government Operation                                10
Mantutia Melchizedek as Permanent Planetary Prince            10
Archangel participation                                                            01
Midwayer participation                                                            10
Midsoniter participation                                                           02
Universe Aides                                                                         10
Melchizedek as 12 Department Heads all in place today        04

Test The Second Return of Jesus Incarnation Test Finished        10
The Visible aspects of seeing Jesus today                                    05
Forecast for immediate Visible today                                           01
Jesus determination to get this done                                             10

The Magisterial Missions with Serara is operable but not visible     10
The Magisterial Mission Monjoronson, invisible but operating        10
Forecast for Visibility today                                                               01

The Rayson Incarnation visibility                                                     05
Rayson Spiritual presence on Urantia after today                             10
Rayson determination to get this done                                             10

All Unannounced Michael Missions as planned ready to go, yes     10
All Michael Missions visible    today, no                                           01
Michael proposed spiritual presence as Jesus on Urantia                  01


Thank you Dominick.  You are the first to receive this information with me and I am glad you posted it here.  We are all now prepared to do as the FATHER requires of us, and to acknowledge that the Planetary Prince, newly appointed and permanently on the 3rd of August at 4PM New York time that day, and who spoke to us both about the momentous changes his declaration would mean to us.  

First, let me say this as a human trying to use the right language with all of these changes:  MANTUTIA made it clear to us in his speech that he wished to be called the PLANETARY PRINCE.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK preferred to be called the Planetary Manager,  and we have gotten used to that too.  However, let us all remember it hardly matters what you title MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, but that you honor him as the CHIEF  of MELCHIZEDEKS IN NEBADON now, and that he needs big time help, as he is appointed by the Paradise Father to also be, at least while JESUS is on Urantia, to be the administrative head of three other planets within our own planetary system of Satania, as their Prince too.  I have no understanding how or why this has been accorded to MANTUTIA or to Urantia, but it has and we honor Mantutia, and our FATHER for that decision through our Lord MICHAEL OF NEBADON.    Those three other planets are

Panoptia (the twin planet to Urantia)

Urantia joins with them as a planetary administrative group within Satania but no longer works alone under thepresent rulers of Urantia under the Constellation of Norlatiadek and those Most Highs.  I dare not get too deeply into this as it takes some thinking to figure out how the various chains of command are affected by this, but trust like you, things become much more clear as we get some time for clarification.  

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron says he smells new ermine, and that is true lowly one, and for you a smile more than others as you always have something that throws me off just a little.  Be assured you know me better than most do as we worked tons of revelatory tapes and writings together many years ago and you enjoyed it all as I did (mostly).  Ron says I must be honest until jy fur is dry.  However, let this be known, these takes and writings we do together are marvelous to reread over the years it took to do them, and most of what we say together is not recorded, but this one is, and I am glad as Ron quips all the time when we write together.  For that reason I appoint you Ron, Court Jester too, and for that reason you accept our laughter too and that is the fun of it with you.  Take care to all as I am indeed the PLANETARY PRINCE and forget Manager as I am too old fashioned to just be called manager.

"WE have decided to rule Panoptia a tad differently Ron so drop it from the list or group of planets and to state that Terratortia is still with us as is Denson, but Urantia is wailing it needs a second in command and that is none other than JESUS.   He is ruling as the Planetary Prince on Panoptia already so that is an easy thing to implement for Urantia too.   You say all this is quite "memorable," and hope it helps us to do this.  It does but none of your business just yet Ron.  In any case we close this post with this announcement:

"OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN now portrays you better Ron as you felt overwhelmed by another power over you and it is none other than the Deity Absolute pulling rank with FATHER, and that is not done again as it halves your listening not but your care all is spoken as the truth.  It does n0ot go to the level of apology and Ron graciously agrees and this to you Ron:  Dominick has no said one word to all of this because he cannot.

"DOMINICK OHRBECK completed his Adjuster fusion with nine (9) parts of mind fusion out of a possible twelve (12) parts yesterday as the NEW DISPENSATION became in effect.  We congratulate that man and his winsome ways and Ron truly cares he makes it with all these honors still intact when they go over at the end of the Magisterial Mission now planned for Urantia now.  Ron showed Monjoronson being slapped on the back and Monjoronson spilling his coffee.  In any case there is nothing to decide for that side of the equation, and this will be our last statement now:

"Because Dominick Ohrbeck has been collared by Ron to handle some details for the Magisterial Foundation ron has no real time to do, we thank Dominick for getting stationary together for the RAYSON CORPORATION with a new logo we all think is terrific.  We hope Dominick might post a picture of the lead sheet of the stationary to show you the logo.  That logo was designed by a graphic artist who works in Bangladesh and Ron thought it the perfect logo right away.  So do we.  Dominick show the picture of it when you get the time on the first sheet of your template stationary printing.

"We now say good day and best wishes to all!  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, Planetary Prince of URANTIA in particular."

RON HERE - "We are now at the end of these announcements and I thank MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK  for his kindness andgreat work with me all the time.  I also thank MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who cannot be here for the moment for his love and care not only for me, but for Urantia every moment he has attended to our work and hopefully, our destiny.  Good day every one and enjoy a day one more hour closer to visiting with our beloved Jesus shortly.   K


Added August 5th:



« on: August 04, 2022, 07:16:11 am »
REPLY NUMBER 3 this morning and to all:

The Universal Father has ordered our Planetary Prince, MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, to appear before the TRIBUNAL of all effort and accept the responsibility of three other planets with Urantia to rule them as one in the appearance of Jesus to them and to us on Urantia at the same time.

For that reason MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, located on Urantia, now serves as the PLANETARY PRINCE of these three other planets simultaneously so they may benefit from the appearance of Jesus on Urantia ONLY.  The planets with URANTIA are named as follows:

DENSON (sounds like it is spelled here DEN SON)

These FOUR PLANETS (include Urantia with them) are now under one Planetary Prince over civilizations nearly equal to ours or slightly better frankly, and they are now administered under the care of the MELCHIZEDEKS of NEBADON as one Department of and for GOD THE FATHER and the blessings of JESUS upon them directly.

For that reasons dear members, and to all of mankind if they could understand or read this, JESUS speaks to all as follows:

"I AM JESUS, and for that reason Ron, you move mountains for me in steps all can understand again.  Let this be a way to speak to all of you and to make the world a better place to live and see to the raising of children and the heart of man to new levels for that which he must ascend in MY NEW DISPENSATION, and our NEW PLANETARY PRINCE,  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK truly!  He wrote the URANTIA BOOK as Chief of the 5th epochal revelation, and now must take his place among the great MELCHIZEDEKS, and for that reason you Ron are honored to speak to this FIRST:

"MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, the Planetary Prince over Urantia, Denson, Panoptia and Terratortia, is now considered of the FIRST RANK.  What that means is that MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK sits with MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK as the Chief of all MELCHIZEDEKS working in the Local Universe of Nebadon, and that HE is now brought to justice with you Ron in the 5TH EPOCHAL REVELATION as the final statement of that REVELATION.  And it is this:

"The URANTIA Book is now over.  It must close its last pages.  For that reason the new EPOCHAL REVELATION OF JESUS now takes its place and it shall be written as The CHRONICLES OF CHRIST, and you Ron sit as the Chair of such an undertaking and you shall fund its work through your own works known as the electrification of the world, URANTIA, or WTP as free electricity for all.  I make this move this morning for you Ron as you now stand as honored with MANTUTIA, for outstanding work beyond all expectations to a man without hope at the moment but soon to appear in the white light of Jesus to take his pain away from him.

"Then to all of you and those who cannot read this:

"I JESUS stand ready to show the way.  To those who know not my word for being one with God, our FATHER, that is the KINGDOM that I speak to.  All may enter the KINGDOM, but few ever stay for the rest of their life, and I now declare myself voided as our FATHER ON PARADISE now speaks:

"JESUS: my FAVORITE SON of all times, you stand with ME today as Ron laboriously makes sure this sounds right, I stand with you as you enter URANTIA as the BESTOWAL SON of SONS, and for that reason, take heart all who can read, Ron enjoys the presence of Jesus as much as all of you do, and favors Him to be yours all the time, and he leaves Urantia no more to relieve his pain today, and may stand in his head and heart and received the divine UNCTION to end the pain and release him for life once more on Urantia as an honored man as only Ron can make things work.  His friend Dominick was asked to be his lieutenant. and who fails not, is also lifted this morning to be truly himself and deliver his heart to us too.  These two work hard to make the appearance of the Magisterial Foundation available to all of you and to us.  Amen.

"Fully done, I stand adjourned and Ron objects to being mentioned in the same breath when JESUS IS LIFTED TOO, and I rescind nothing for him as this must continue as I have spoken.  In any case, Ron and Jesus and Mantutia, all are on my list to see to that URANTIA has its day in court, as the ANCIENTS OF DAYS now stand in adjournment, and at the stroke of NOON TODAY, the 4th day of August, in the year of our Lord, 2022, they declared the cabal and its misery over, and start the new dispensation on Urantia fully encountered by all of you.  Take this well and fully.  AMEN."


« on: August 04, 2022, 06:42:09 am »
Thanks to our Heavenly Father!

A NEW DISPENSATION was declared to be operating on Urantia and three other planets at the same time.

FATHER: "Your DISPENSATION number (4) four is over.  Today, the 3rd of August at 4PM your time Ron, the old 4th dispensation was declared over and null and void.  In its place now resides the new dispensation for a millennium of time at least to be known as the NEW JESUS DISPENSATION.  It opens the door to allow things you may be and WE may do we could not do in the old days of the 4th.

"Your days are numbered now Ron, and you are exhausted with duties like this, but keep in mind your obligation is to remain on Urantia until we have at least five days in a row without a war, and without the cabal hitting your legs and the poisons of despair are lifted from you Ron and from all of you who may read this.  For reasons we dare not elucidate, then, hear this to be said to all:

"The American means to an end; the Russian State to its end, and the heart of God to all who may hear these words, God in Jesus declares this world free and safe for the people to become satiated their voices are heard.  The Orthodox Church celebrates with the cathedrals of other lands to ring their bells soon to welcome the Bestowal of Christ once more upon these shores."  K:  The UNIVERSAL FATHER has spoken.

Ron - I must speak to another in the editors window below.


« on: August 04, 2022, 06:33:09 am »
Thanks be to heaven!

To all who participate here:  Yesterday, August 3rd, 2022 at four o'clock in the afternoon in the New York time district of the United States, Gabriel appeared to announced the completion of the ROLL CALL OF DESTINY had been completed on Urantia.

The Roll Call of Destiny is the call to all SLEEPING SURVIVORS who are arriving and waiting for transport to the RESURRECTION WORLDS, are fully assisted and raised immediately to empty the planet of any deceased souls, regardless of how long they have been here to wait for transportation or were missed due to ignorance many years ago.  The planet was empties of about 8.2 million souls who were gathered at once to attend to their resurrection as it may be.

I have another announcement then that came with the speaking to the Roll Call of Destiny when completed, and that is this ROLL CALL OF DESTINY, happens about every millennium, but because of all the mix ups and sad events that have happened on our way to this moment, there was a previous Roll Call of Destiny about four years ago.  Some of you may remember it.  That found us all wondering why that one happened too?  It happened because the Universal Father ordered both of them, and this time DESTINY was completed and fulfilled to clear the way for JESUS to start with a new DISPENSATION.  I speak to that in the next post window now, and thank you.


General Discussion / Re: Transmitters - Message to all
« on: August 03, 2022, 08:38:33 pm »
Carole, your Messiah selection is done by the Grammaphone Chorus of Ghana.  Let me say this:  this is the finest performance of these selections I have ever heard and I have heard a lot of Handle and this work.  The Tenor, Awin is gorgeous in all voice and I played it twice to make sure I heard it right so good the first time.  This chorus needs saluted for the outstanding perfomrance of an Oratorio, as I have trouble getting through some of them, but they make it a pleasure in all of the Messiah splendor.  Gorgeous! 
Thank you for selecting it!

Elise, thank you for a transmission you labored over for some time I am guessing by how hard you saw him in your heart today this evening and beyond your bed time young lady!  Beautifully done.


General Discussion / Re: Transmitters - Message to all
« on: August 03, 2022, 06:04:49 pm »
Thank you Sue, that is brave work at 530am your time.  Get the Adrenalin coursing through your veins Sue as the rest of us have to do too.  There is big news coming.  Do not let yourself drift off without transmitting your part in it.  I fully appreciate your hard effort to get this off to us and the early morning you have to deal with before work.  Please keep transmitting as often as you think about it as that is the only way we are going to get the big picture in development for the rest who do not get news directly themselves.  It is your work and our work too and here is Jesus back at you:

JESUS - "WE are sure Ron knows the plot inside and out and frankly no one else does, and that is why he is running in front of all of you to make sure you are awake and broadcasting how we feel as WE too move through time and space around Urantia to be prepared for the really big news coming quite quickly.  Sue PAY ATTENTION!  Australia needs your news as we do and for that reason keep alert and transmit EVERY TIME YOU THINK OF IT and have the space and time to do it!  I AM JESUS and do not forget you know me too, as it seems different when Ron transmits me and different when you transmit me!  Truly that is a difference of brain type!  HE is one way and you are another and both take in what I have to say but speak it differently.  That is why your voice needs to be hears and the other transmitters need to be heard every time you think of transmission.  Do it!  Be it!  sound it! and I  will be there all the time!   I AM JESUS AND GOOD DAY! K"

Ron -  Where are you Amethyst?  Elise, are you transmitting?  It is critical to have your voices in the development of the Second Return underway right now.  What is the wait to add your voices to what is to be said further AND DAILY!!!!

Ron, the Exhorter


« on: August 03, 2022, 02:17:29 pm »
Thank you Sean (Pliktarius) I am glad to know your family name too.  You are most helpful in the middle of a broken system that we need working better.  Your transmission is quite helpful to me and others as your transmission is correct.  Michael is working hard as Jesus and is incarnated.  No announcement today probably but that is my guess alone.  Thanks for your effort very much.  Ron

General Discussion / Re: Transmitters - Message to all
« on: August 03, 2022, 01:59:33 pm »
Clency and Rene - thank you.  I notice I must not speak English as no native English speaker has stepped forward.  I am grateful to hear Machiventa Melchizedek as that is really big news Clency and it is most welcome to hear his voice. 

There is nothing to share further from me on this subject as I am taking it clearly that those who transmit are not bothering due to other priorities and for that reason I stop worrying about the lack of transmission right in the middle of a crisis that would be helped if you bothered to see to it.  Lemuel, we did not notice your contribution earlier and thank you for staying alert.

You do not understand is my guess.  Transmit.


General Discussion / Transmitters - Message to all
« on: August 03, 2022, 09:09:55 am »

 As keeps happening you are not finished and to sit back to wait for a tap on you shoulder to transmit.  Nearly all of you answered the call to transmit at once, but you stand down and do not transmit daily.  Daily!  I do not care about the subject material, but I do care that you are showing your colors and the flag of support to the good guys and the reported change in status again and again over our planetary government and the fight to keep it reinstated. 

You do not fulfill your obligation by remaining silent.  The standard, as a transmitter as you may call yourself, is to maintain message and circuit liaison open and operational, and that is not possible when some of you retire thinking doing it once is enough under these circumstances.  Settle yourself with the idea you do have time to make one transmit at least per day under the planetary management still in place in spite of all the horrors of cabal making endless attacks on the government and yes, even on you.

TRANSMIT PLEASE preferably a minimum of one a day and post the results to the discussion forum; that is what it is for!

More news is coming later today!

Thanks for listening.


Due to severe spamming issues we get hit with I had to turn off the registration box to the discussion forum recently.  Thanks to Dominick who can find his way into re-registering issues in the software, question filters were installed that should prevent spam easily by asking the question, "What is the universe name of our planet?"  You know and I know but do not answer it here please as that question can only be answered by someone who knows something about the Chicago doings of many years past.

I am pleased to announce then registration is back on as of late last night and is working in the respect no one has attempted to register we know of because of the filter is only for what we know together.  Let us see if the world has any interest left to deal with a site like this one is for all of us.  Thank you for your patience and a good day to all!


« on: August 02, 2022, 11:08:16 am »
Thank you Prozonov as the message is fully helpful to remind us the world changes.  You are worried.  So am I, and remember to be careful in the middle  of probably hysterical people you remain strong and quiet until calm is restored.  I am like you in that there is nothing to be afraid of yet people make it so.  We are in the same boat as we say in America, meaning the one who rows and the one who holds his lunch at the back are going in the same direction and are all tied together in the same fate.  Thank you for speaking up and Blessings to you and yours!   Ron

WE are pleased to see the response from our Transmitters this evening and time zone you live in.  I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and we proceed as expected and that the Urantia farewell to the noise and cacophony of sounds everywhere over when the next time to see Jesus appears.  IT is now and as Ron says, TRANSMITTERS WHERE ARE YOU?  Do you think missing the trial alone makes you easier to see to later on?  Not so.  The Transmitters so far are
Sophia Veronica
Rene Duran
Ron Besser
 - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where are you Phyllis?  How about you George?  Where are you Carole Deptula?  Where are you Dominick?  Where are those secret ones who hide their prowess to transmit.  This is not just a call to stand tall, it is a trial to all to be recorded as welcoming Jesus through a transmission we send to you from Uversa and Salvington and even Paradise.  Let this stand as the one time you need to transmit and add your voice to the columns of posts that need to appear here in welcoming tribute to Jesus and the Creator Son who is part of Him again as the SON OF GOD.  Do not stand back!  Transmit now.

Ron here - The above is the MICHAEL OF NEBADON transmit just now.  I also know that some of you transmit perfectly well but you make no effort to do so without being pushed a little.  No one is going to push you soon as your support includes making a transmit at least for now.  Several of you do it I know you do it, and now take the time to participate in the historical approach of a Bestowal Son ready to part the waves of acrimony on Urantia, and to force a settlement of war and trials over who is to run the government.  Do not be surprised that some governments lose their leaders or they run and hide for what reason we do not know.  Let this be your contribution to one heck of a rare event you will be proud of even on the morontia worlds of your training to ascend soon enough. 

I am particularly proud of all those who have stepped forward now, and this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, as they are the one I expect, but you George do perfectly well as does Dominick and more than a few in private.  We are asking for your support and ask to see it when you post what we have to say through you to this site!  Bravo Ron for waking them up!  MICHAEL OF NEBADON AT YOUR SERVICE.  K   [Thank you very much Michael and may you transmit for those who cannot through me shortly.  I thank you and pray for your success.  Ron]


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