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« on: July 21, 2022, 12:19:34 am »
One question.  Has WPT or any similar technology ever been employed on Urantia in any past times?
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2022, 09:25:57 am »
Hi Roger and thanks for the question.  As part of my training and role we have a transmission answer for you. -- Dominick

Audio Link (6m)

Q and A. STAFF.  Similar Tech Employed.
Thu, 7/21/2022, York, PA, United States
Transmitter(s): STAFF
Receiver(s): Dominick O
The question is:
Has WTP or any similar technology ever been employed on the planet in the past?
And the answer is yes, no, and maybe. Because it also depends on your willingness, or your perspective, on what constitutes an acceptable answer. But there has been an attempt, for sure, back in the early 1900s, with the Tesla experiments. Which are still preserved today in its monument. The gist is it attempted the exact same thing for wireless transmission of power. And the simple explanation is, it was successful, but not tenable. In other words, it made electricity, barely, and instead made something else in electrical properties that was not sustainable electric current. We could go into details, but the simple explanation is Tesla literally induced heavier aspects of electricity that were not transmissible, not able to broadcast, because it was too heavy. Our invention, to answer your question more fully then, has yet to be implemented or invented, but it is in simple terms a modification of a broadcast wireless of electricity.
Now, the whole part of my answer is an exercise in common sense and logic. Because we can also take past examples where wireless broadcast of, say, telephone signals or digital data was never even imagined to be wireless. Back in the same early parts of the century, when the telephone was first invented, and then later, when things like even computers had to be invented, so that massive amounts of data were present to travel over wires and then eventually wirelessly. So, in other words, when the human inventor gets that spark of invention, they often attribute it to something more than their own mind. And this is the co-creation, revelatory aspect that Spirit plays with the developing spirit of Mankind. And certainly, this, when we say Mankind, does not refer specifically to the gendered aspect of the species, but the entire spectrum of the species.
To further elucidate, wireless transmission of anything harnesses the invisible spectrums available to it; previously unleveraged, undiscovered, latent spectrums. More common-sense dictates that the human perception alone of any spectrum of reality is finite and quite limited. For example, hearing or eyesight of phenomenon. You have invented and studied these things over time to discover and add to your technological advancement. Wireless Electricity, frankly, is not that advanced in your imagination. And it should not be so, either, because we see how common wireless technology is today, and how common electricity can be. Just like your motorcars there is a tremendous inefficiency and lack of innovation, or stifling of innovation, in favor of commercial, for lack of a better word, monopoly.
So, that answers your question, we hope, and we hit the limits of this vocabulary.
Dominick O:
Well, thank you for that answer. Is there anything you wish to add?
No, not through this transmitter? No.

Online Ron Besser

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« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2022, 12:22:06 pm »
We thank your transmitter and you Dominick and I am grateful for you stepping up and taking on the details for Roger and others too.

I am sure that RAYSON did not take that on with you and as such we get an historical view response to the idea of WTP working before on Urantia.  I enjoyed the perspective your transmitter provides us very much.  Here is how RAYSON would answer the question as well for your edification:

RAYSON - "I know my Cousin, Raphael of New York answered that from his den high above Me,  and for that reason to you Ron who is so very slow this morning over breaking news you do not know because you cannot transmit Michael yet today.  The fault is not yours but ours on high as the entire reason for a transmission today is to see to it that all of you can read and listen but few bother anymore and for that reason things are just plain very slow to happen at this moment.

"Meanwhile this:  Ron's patent is out the door at the patent office and is staging a fight with the Department of Energy (DOE) and must state its purpose to Ron before it is allowed further development for the world.  That means Ron you are getting the patent with a proviso this must be futher reviewed by the DOE for its pertinet use and you are not allowed to answer but will do so by announcing to Ream this is not acceptable and he is, if he chooses, to bring suit as you are developing it yourself on your own terms at once.    This will inflame the DOE not but the US DOS (Department of State), and for that reason your name may become mud too soon to get it effectively done at once.  You are not taking it as a shot across the bow but over your head and it must not be established they run this gift to Urantia anymore than we can ruleyour life back into order now.

"For that reason to you Ron, and those fellows here on this site, we tell you the following:

"First, the WTP invention is truly new and original from Ron.  He thinks in broad and universal terms all the time, and while most of you do not do that, enough of you do to understand that Urantia will not have the technology snuffed out.  For that reason we will source our income in a way that defeats the special interests making themselves known already and for another reason, the DOS will never fully understand the work they do is redundant with Iran and with Turkey and with Russia, as they are of the same ilk, and they are of the same decision style that nothing gets in their way once they decide to move to change the world order.

"Ron says to me just now, "they are at it again!'  and yest they are at it again and this time the United States is barking up a tree of conciliation that is harmful to the United States and western Europe (EU) and so on.  For that reason this invention must be built quickly without a lot of fanfare and for that reason Ron you dare not leave  until we have established the WTP presence.  In that regard let it be known the FATHER has signed a consent agreement to allow you Ron to meet with your friends on high, Jeff and Gary, and they are truly your friends and this is for your edification:  Gary is a mathematical genius, and Jeff is truly a social genius and loves to hear your prattle Ron as he can learn from it the fun you have just talking with people who can help.  He is truly your friend and will always be, both of them, and you three will at least have work to do when you go over Ron, as you all three are assigned to Michael's Staff to provide other means and insights into the Urantia problem.  Be assured Gary loves you as much as you love.  You and your Seconaphim are truly at work all day to keep things in line and Jeff knows Him and knows Gary and that makes a wonderful pair.  [and oh yes, Cindy is in and out with all three of you too as she has chosen spiritual work as a Seconophim some day.  ]

"AS RAYSON, I understand this can get out of hand when Ron is with friends, but he is the ring leader of so much and will likely join Gary and Jeff more or less as the inspiration of what has to be done.   Nonetheless Ron all of this takes place not on Satania but on Orion, and that is where the Dominion is headquartered at the moment.  K

"Finally, this Ron for you edification:  Atty Ream is ready to make peace with you over one item he found excruciatingly difficult to understand and how wiring makes all the difference.  You did send him how and he missed it and now makes peace with the PhD that ignores what you say Ron and forces his theory on Ream and is now dismissed as useless in evaluating fresh ideas.  The PhD cannot stand you Ron because you fail to address any of this with formula and you know it is missing badly but you are not a physicist but an historian and that is such a safe and fresh perspective he cannot tolerate you or it at all.  HE will be in the dust of history and not establishing anything new or fresh soon.  And we conclude this:

"TESLA never had a moment of peace once his invention was heard to work at all.  Today you look at You Tube and listen to the drivel others are speaking support of the Tesla idea of transmitting electricity and find they are so all over the place and without focus, they are forever lost to ever understanding what must be understood to transmit electricity like this.  That is true, but that last fellow is so lost in theory he will never understand how you figured to transmit electricity and frankly we are so proud of you we could bust a button (and spit!) that we say this to you:

"Ron you are passing through great misery these days and your friends above are making great progress in providing themselves and you a working foundation to work other inventions as they are brought to you for edification.  I am quite sure Ream is happy too as he has fully earned his fee and you are most grateful for him standing strong against an unfair bureaucracy  and so on.  Be aware we must leave now but this:  Let all things run okay for the day and much is coming for discussion a little later today.  RAYSON. K"

Ron - I must go, but this with Dominick's post above should fully share where we are at the moment.  Thank you. 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania