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Lost Students of the 5th Epochal Revelation
« on: October 23, 2023, 02:53:11 am »
The Magisterial Foundation
Subject:  Changes that Affect Readers of the 5th Epochal Revelation
October 23, 2023

[Ron here:  this is a long transmission setting our some final decisions by Michael of Nebadon about how we operated as the Magisterial Foundation.  It is not rescinded.  The Declaration of Trust is centered on myself to start operations of the Magisterial Foundation as outlined below and further spoken to later today.  I am certain this length deters some of you but it is a legal policy shift registered.  I am of two minds in producing policy transcriptions, but for now you received them as I receive them and that proposes long transmissions.  I am also informed that our audience is diminishing over issues of world politics and I warning you I come down hard here for clarity of policy not for me but for the Creator Son and His determination the Palestinian State is not longer feasible.  Work it with yourselves as best you can if you care otherwise.  I now turn to the transmission received early this morning New York time for your edification.  Thank you.  Your scribe is Ron Besser.]

I am about to transmit the Creator Son for his comments on the Subject Line given above, but before I do, let say this to the group on this Discussion Forum and to those who just might happen by and still trying to understand what all the froth is about.  A little history then for you to help people fathom what spirit is saying that is beginning to rub some of us out of support and to move some others of us to rely not on transmissions, but prayer and solitary reviews of what was once easily shared on this discussion forum.  I no longer consider us a unit of believers or solitary messengers ready to take on what has been ballyhooed as the great change to this planet through divine Missions.  All of that started about 22003 when the Magisterial Sons announced their presence and they intended to provide our planet a divine incursion so well established that all of us who have read the book called the 5th epochal revelation under the title "The Urantia Book."

The Urantia Book was begun in England in 1875.  Even the Urantia Foundation has not bothered to historically annotate that issue done by the psychic Stainton Moses.  The first five (5) Papers of the book were translated or indicted in England to begin with through the Spirit Guide, IMPERATOR.  Read his publication for 1877 I believe it is for the visible first papers for the Urantia Book before being edited by the First Revelatory (Salvington) in 1942.  Through several iterations, the Book was finally produced with a hard cover in October, 1955.  It has laid dormant for most of that time over issues of State not divulged easily, but do not forget, in 1950 through 1953, the United States fought the Korean War and the insurrection of China lasting in some form even to the present day 2023.

These wars and distribution of unnecessary degrees of wealth to the industrial complex President Eisenhower warned everybody about when he left office in 1960 has truly been responsible for too many incursions of war with other parts of this world not really spoken to very much by our history books, but nonetheless Vietnam is not entirely done yet with a war with China now, but with a war with Korea and Japan if it continues to escalate its claims it owns part of the South China Sea too.   What I am trying to tell the reader is that all of this is leading up to one more world war if the United States does not draw down its military power to cleanse the sea of pirates and brigands beginning to populate the Pacific Ocean.  The Atlantic Ocean is yet free of these piracy incursions, but not for long if the first fleet the US has sent to the Middle East is not withdrawn from the Hormuz Straits and other waters around what we still call the Middle East.

For reason known only to capitalists, they insist on running gold as though it were a commodity instead of a value for currency valuation which it truly is but unrecognized by the United States.  I for one am not asking for a gold standard, but it is likely we are al going to face some sort of evaluation with gold in the next tend years at least due to the factual operation that China holds about 60% (sixty percent) of all gold reserves found on this planet.

Here is MONJORONSON, a financial expert of the divine nature who speaks to the gold issue for us today:

"I am quite sure the day is coming on Urantia that you must embrace the gold standard once more.  The United States has accrued about a seventeen trillion bilateral debt ($17,000,000,000,000) without compensating banks or the Federal Reserve sufficiently to maintain that debt with fair payment of interest rates.  We consider fair payment of interest on the modern debt to be somewhere between 6% and 12%, yet today it pays barely 5% in the latest 10 year bond sale this past week.  I am fully understanding you Ron are not expert in these matters but you have sufficient grounding in financial binding to realize you are not being payed fair interest rates by your bank, and they frankly think they are getting a free ride and resent them for doing this to their customers.

"However, your deposits are scant and fairly rude to a bank that has no interest in you whatsoever anymore because you refuse to invest the free deposits of your wealth into anything but to mix them for the payment of debt and self-registration of the 501 c 3 corporations you field for the Magisterial Sons.  We are not resenting your care but we are sure you made a small blunder to avoid paying income tax on the deposits into the 501  c 3 Magisterial Foundation a decade ago when a Missouri man donated $100,000 to your account.  You duly and legally acknowledged his donation and promptly secured the property against, (ayes this is true) ten other properties abutting your home built in the 1840's.  We understood that your property had to be secured since you were then operating as a Contact Commission for the Magisterial Sons in particular at that time and had to have absolute security.

"Sufficient to say that between 2003 and 2012 you spent a small fortune maintaining and providing for the Magisterial Foundation and its six subsidiaries.  Today the Magisterial Sons have withdrawn support and now advocate that the Local Universe of Nebadon satiate these developments no longer, but to build the free electricity transmission plant to provide the first free electricity the world has ever seen.  We allow this is our gift too and accept your thanks all the time; however, MICHAEL OF NEBADON has quartered the entire meaning of the Magisterial Foundation, now to be a quandary  not for you but for the Creator Son, and who now signals it is to be used but for technology additions to Urantia rather than as an administrative center for the Second Return and other Missions not provided to this group and to only yourself Ron.

"AS the Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, then, I send this to the idea that a disclosure of this sort is necessary to clarify out standing too:

"First, we dissolve are use of it.  We no longer are interested in becoming part of the Magisterial Foundation you resolved for us by 2010.  For that reason our relationships are cool and official again and you acknowledge that already but fail to understand that includes the Magisterial Son we call RAYSON and the free electricity patent #11601013 and for that reason you doubt it has a real value unless it is founded on huge resources you cannot supply alone.

"It is for that reason we state there is nothing for you to do but to pray there is some inclination of the United States government or some world government to try it out, and you say the patent will never be offered as collateral, and therefore it is destined to dry out and become an artifact if that is what is to be done.  However, know that the Magisterial Son, RAYSON, is prepared to incarnate yet and save the day, but is blocked not by the Local Unvierse of Nebadon from doing so, but by an order of the ANCIENTS OF DAYS to stay until the entire matter of a seraphic rebellion is codified and you are asked to step down as owner of the Patent.  Since that cannot be legally done, the Ancients of Days have ruled your Magisterial Foundation is locally resident under the command the MELCHIZEDEK CORP OF SONSHIP in Nebadon, and for that reason stands of the divine nature since you have divested yourself of all ownership entirely including the control of the patent is the Melchizedeks wish to attain primacy over the construction of the pilot plant for the Susquehanna Valley Authority.  

"For that reason then, MONJORONSON, a Magisterial Son of record for Urantia, I must advise I have no fuarther interest in it other than to see to its demise not but to its improvisation to replace the Urantia Foundation as the holder of a new epochal revelation we just call the 6th for convenience at this time.

"Further, we Magisterial Sons no longer recognize you Ron or your Board as representing any interest we have further with the proposals by MICHAEL OF NEBADON, or GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, or other interests such as the DOMINION government located in the administrative worlds of central Nebadon at this time.   You acknowledge this is probably, but in actual fact, you do not recognize any such transfer of interests since it is RAYSON, the Magisterial Son who helped place these technologies at your disposal, and for that reason RAYSON sees nothing but a glowing future for you and the Magisterial Son, and others, to provide the Susquehanna Valley in the Commonwealth of the State of Pennsylvania, USA, and we acknowledge this bond cannot be dissolved either by you, or by the MELCHIZEDEK CORP of NEBADON.

"Lastly, to this group and its readers, I MONJORONSON will never dissolve our faithful bond with Ron and like wise as he fully acknowledges our power and our good will and asks that it be allowed to be recognized as existing still.  We do so.  You are not to fawn over me Ron, and ask for your substantial understanding for another day with clouds full of silver linings in order to portray all of this again up here when you are sane again.  fully for the readers of this communique, let me state the following for the legal eagles among you:

"The MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS are not truncated.  We employ incarnations yet on Urantia to stay the course for the divine Missions to follow.

"As a result of this timely withdrawal, I also recommend that you Ron save this post otherwise too for inclusion of a message to the western transmitters there is no favor extended for their proposed work in a new 501 c 3 charity they propose to initiate in our favor and for other concerns as well.  However, one called J. Cutler is advised the IRS has no further interest other than to correct a statement in your "purpose" and to clarify what you are talking about.  Ron Besser has a letter to the effect to the Department of the Treasury also sent to the President of the United States, which fully outlines the purpose of the Magisterial Foundation.  The IRS was advised that the Magisterial Foundation was valid and "to give them what they want."  That letter is assigned in the file with the Magisterial Foundation and many enjoy reading it today.  It is a famous letter inside the Treasury as well as Ron minces no words in explaining the purpose of the Holding Corporation no one knows about except the IRS and as the subsidiary to house the library and the Ring of Laity,  Jesus wears in his duties during the Second Return.  No one disputes the trial in the IRS or the Treasury Department, that all of this pending until now, and we deeply regret it has been so modified by the SALVINGTON GOVERNMENT, that Ron feel eviscerated so much has been taken back over a g******* cabal.

"Lastly, here is the promised response by MICHAEL OF NEBADON over this tender issue yet with the MAGISTERIAL SONS, GABRIEL,  and the seconds of the MAGISTERIAL SONS HIGH COUNCIL.|

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks in a lowly sad tone not:
"I am satisfied Ron you feel the same.  I am truly sorry I have to rule so harshly over this again.   I am also out of care for most of this issue at this moment for I have just learned that Hamas has destroyed one of Israel's centers for life rehabilitation for wounded soldiers and State heroes to Israel.   I am also aware that JESUS has initiated a final statement to the Creator Son of Nebadon, that until Hamas is utterly removed from Urantia, and the State support of Iran is adjudicated above, He no longer wishes to return to such a sphere of  recrimination He must face under these circumstances.  You Ron have no wish ever again to hear about the Palestinians or their terrorist organizations ever again in familiar sympathy and support, and that the Palestinians must never have a State of their own.  You are in full agreement with the Ancients of Days, the Supreme Court of Urantia under Chief Justice, Machiventa Melchizedek, as of this moment also fully recognized by the Magisterial Foundation there is no further concerns for that proposed State to be established anywhere near Israel ever again.

"I state this for you Ron, as you are quite the diplomat yourself, and you recognize the horror and anguish they the Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorists hold against the State of Israel, and that it is a valid democracy but with deep divisions of guilt in its leadership which must be purged to the satisfaction of the people of Israel.  For that reason you are divided not in what has to be done, and the United States holds perfectly well your view as well but plays a fool's game with power it has but should never be used in the Arab States in the gulf or around the world.

"Having said that, the Magisterial Foundation, is and remains valid to our concerns, and we speak directly to the saddened MONJORONSON, that they are welcome to use it even unofficially as Ron considers it yours too.  He is a probable candidate for our Supreme Court on Urantia, as MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK holds his a natural Justice of the Supreme Court, when his time is done here on Urantia.  For reasons of State Ron we do not address this further.  WE are also sure that your care for your Lieutenant is charming and caring but full of a rats nest you are never sure about and that is the trial of money must not separate you but the trial of fidelity probably will and that is the treasure not to be exported further to him or you shortly.  Nature is cruel and it takes its toll heavily on you Ron, but you are not easily giving up what has to be finished well.  As a result let me speak to the readers of this Post to advise you of the following status for your own considerations:

1 - The Case for COOPERATION: The democracies of 501 c 3 charitable institutions Ron calls western and represented by the names Travis, Morris, and Cutler to name a few, must hew the line better than they know and are not considered valid until they show mutual care and cooperation with the Magisterial Foundation, for it is well established and carries huge responsibilities yet for the future;

2 -  The OATH OF SERVICE:  The western transmitters and that includes the insubordination our concern for the name Belitsos, must adhere to a sincere Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity.  That understanding must occur shortly with the Oath transmitted by John Morris by the Trinity Teacher Son, MARGUL,  and such an Oath must be placed in escrow until we are sure the group appearing to form is fully and fairly formed without further control exercise by the Urantia Foundation or its assigns.  John Morris is guilt of what admits to treasonable activity to secure U. Foundation support and will ultimately fail.  The Paradise Trinity fully understands more that John Morris does at present.

3 - And finally this, THE TRIAL OF JUSTICE:  We hold that Urantia is never to see the loss of persons again as Hamas has decreed should be exercised against the State of Israel.   Be assured that any human organization is recognized for its sanity and not its prowess.  You Ron are faithful all day and never give thought to the horrors of an insurrectionist, but many of your supporters do, and for that reason we leave most of your Board alone but warn all that if you work for the Magisterial Foundation, you are working for Michael of Nebadon, the Paradise Trinity, and the Supreme Court of Urantia.  Cooperation with you is not necessary but you invite all to stay with the course of the Magisterial Foundation to receive true updates and instructions about more technologies to come.    Such is the JUSTICE  I, the CREATOR SON, demand of all organizations and institutions to be held including the Center for Unity and about five other organizations they thin they best the Magisterial Foundation, by already.

4 - REASONS OF STATE -  This item resides fully upon the western transmitter means of and foliage for their concerns as we cannot stop incorporation, but we warn Mr. Cutler, that the Magisterial Foundation favors all organizations, but warns all other such organizations they must accede to the trials of the Magisteiral Sons, as they are reappointed for choices they make for you Ron, the Magisterial Foundation, and any other concern that flies directly in the face of disposed constitutions to be remarked upon the 501 c 3 by Cutler, and the 501 c 3 by Besser and that neither of these institutions are recognized now by the Ancients of Days for any reason other than to be administrative centers for the self interest of both corporations.  What that means Cutler is there is no use for your 501 c e until the Oath of Administrative care is also taken and Ron Besser and his Board already have done so on January 10, 2023 in a meeting of the Board of Directors that day.    The Oath of Administrative Care      is not to be compared to the Oath to the Trinity to which the Board of Directors has already sworn by their Board meeting 1/10/2023 and is insistent upon their behavior today to include all organizations by association only of the fidelity of their dedicated services to the divine institutions of the Planetary Government, then under Mantutia Melchizedek, and the new Planetary Prince, Manituba Melchizedek as of today, the 23rd of October, 2023.  

5 - For Reasons of State, the Magisterial Foundation is recognized as an administrative center for all human activities to do with the several Missions to Urantia.  Those Missions are restated today, the 23rd of October, 2023, as follows:

I.  No further intrusions of the seraphic rebellion are recognized as midnight (00:01 New York DST time zone 23 October, 2023).  This reminds the cabal leaders your lives are at risk from now on to interfere further with the Magisterial Foundation and its assigns.  

II. The new policy from Salvington is as follows for the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation:
    a - No new Board Members to be added to the Board until I evaluate what and why the present Board may exist further;
   b - Manituba Melchizedek remains the Chairman of Board for all time, as he is ready to substitute Justice in place of a stalled regime over the issue of resources which must come from the Library of Trust to the Magisterial Foundation, finally;
   c -  Machiventa Melchizedek is your Chief Counsel until further notice to you Ron and you are delighted of course;
   d - The Trust Agreement between the Magisterial Foundation for your property and wealth Ron is now transferred properly to the Magisterial Foundation is spirit, not now, but upon your resumption of care as Chairman of the Board no longer, but as Emeritus Chair of all the Magisterial Foundation and it Six subsidiaries.  Those subsidiaries include the Rayson Corporation, the York Preparticles Technologies, the Holding Corporation which is the future library properties corporation, and two 510 c 3 charities to be used by the Christ for the Second Return memorabilia and one in reserve for MICHAEL OF NEBADON to designate for His own use.
    e.  The Declaration of Trust is issued once again to you personally Ron and not to the Magisterial Foundation, and as such you must comply with a daily prayer for sustenance which you never cease to do with gratitude to your Thought Adjuster for maintaining your system in spite of a body that quit long ago to sustain life in the flesh for you entirely.  The Declaration of Trust is to be issued to Ronald Besser first, and then succeeding humans to the Board Directors either as co-chairman or chairman depending on the status Manituba Melchizedek declares the Foundation to achieve with His Board as Planetary Prince of Urantia

6 - We are sure this invoice to the readers for our own clarification too, is possible to be modified as we need to.  However, it is clear that Ronald Besser is ready to discharge his duties when he is apprised that the transition of care is completed shortly.  For our own reason we do not discuss this transition further, but we make the following statement to other individuals by name, as follows:

LEMUEL, Girona, Spain - Your transition is behind schedule. No further explanation is offered here;

ELISE: The Netherlands - Your transition is going well and stay the course;

DOMINICK OHRBECK - Your transition has just begun and stay tuned for supporting transmissions for your edification

Rene Duran - You physical injuries are healing well.  You are, however, exhausting yourself with some other work and it is dangerous to your mental well being.  Stop work on the [blank, not transmitted] and do a self transmission as soon as you receive this reading.  It is very important and do not put it off.  You need not report back to Ron at all.

George Meyer - You alone are doing so well we do not ask anything further of you.  Ron is aware of your map update but we will use that to be seen in a future Board meeting in 2024.  Please stay the course as you are doing very well.  England beckons no longer to you Ron as it fell apart with the pilots strike and things are not running well yet to Great Britain.  You George are in good shape and just flow with it until things break some more.  K

Clency - We have more news for you and you need to transmit more when you are feeling well enough to do so.  There is additional information coming so please stay with the course as Ron does until he drops as they say in America.

"Our work commences today, the 23rd of October.  Elise your work will become obvious.  Ron your work becomes obvious.  The rest of you stand by.  Gitz, your familiarity to Ron is essentially a saving grace for both of you and keep in mind you are still required in York in the coming month of schedule you desire to make the move.

"This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I conclude this long post to state, it could be double this size but there is no further time left for Me.  Good day,  and in service to our FATHER, Amen.  K"



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Re: Lost Students of the 5th Epochal Revelation
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2023, 08:41:52 am »

Hello Ron, good morning!

The length of the message did not deter me, it provides a clear and good overview of what can and must be done to ensure that the Magisterial Foundation can prove its usefulness. I thank you, MONJORONSON and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, for this presentation, which does give us hope for the future and the work we all want to do for the world and for our FATHER to whom we have pledged our allegiance and cooperation.

We are aware of the horrible situation in the world and the loss of people and property rights that are not respected by brutal terrorists who cannot be brought to reason and who mercilessly attack other people's territory. How can spirit work with that? MICHAEL OF NEBADON, MONJORONSON and others of High Authority know without a doubt what they are doing. I believe in Their decisions and the actions They must take to keep the planet and the universe in order.

I'm glad that the WTP program will continue and that you Ron can work with Rayson on new technologies to benefit Urantia.

Thank you Ron, for this important message,


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Re: Lost Students of the 5th Epochal Revelation
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2023, 09:33:49 am »
I haven't even finished reading Ron's post when prompted to say a few words. I will have more to say later, but first I wish to respond to the message Michael of Nebadon delivered on yesterday’s Sunday Lightline and I scribbled while he was speaking. 

I believe that there are billions of people who will benefit from the Missions, and the rest would perish anyhow. You will not kill them Father Michael, they do it to themselves, but we should keep praying for their repentance and souls.

The coming earth changes will make that selection anyway and influence the world so dramatically that it will positively redirect the focus of warring nations from offensive to defensive. But of course, the earth changes are not something we reach a comfort level with. The coming very hard times are not for us to navigate through without clinging to our Thought Adjuster with everything within, surrendering to him fully. 

Whatever comes it is, we just need to keep our focus on higher things to touch as many lives as we can while we can, and trust Father for all outcomes. And “if I perish, I perish” (as said Esther of the bible) should our mental attitude be, not fear. The flesh will fear, of course, so we need to overcome it with prayer minute by minute. There is no way out of long-suffering, only suffer it through with our Father hand in hand. I would like to see the Missions go forth in any events, at the rate and shape it is possible. 

Reading Ron’s latest post I wish with all my heart that this forum would not disintegrate over the wickedness of the world. Nothing would be more pleasing to the remains of the cabal and power strictures. Unfortunately, we are the only group holding the Light on Urantia that are associated with the 5th epochal revelation, have direct contact with Celestial leaders daily, and able to move on without confusion and reintegration. How sad that the members of the Old Teaching Mission receded with the turbulent waves of the world and gave up on working with God, in isolation. We must not follow their path.

There are however few individuals in the world that I know of who are on a mission to enlighten, unite, and usher in Kingdom of God values through unity consciousness and love, representing celestial entities apart from the realities of war and politics. There are small pilot lights in this world to ignite revival, so keep praying for one another and continue hoping for better days. It may not come as fast as we hoped for, but it is coming for certain. Should we go unto the mansion worlds in the process, what is it to you? Keep on keeping on in the meantime.

I always loved to read when Jesus had a conversation with Peter after most everyone departed from Jesus when he delivered his teaching about eating his flesh and drinking his blood. I thought about it many times, how would I have responded if I was there as his despicable. Would I leave too? I conclude every time that I would ask, Jesus, what do you mean by that? and listen carefully. So, listen! Jesus asked his apostles - imagine how he felt! - if they will leave him too and Peter answered (not a quotation, I paraphrase) ‘Where would we go? We have left everything for you already, we have no place to go. Besides that, you alone have the word of eternal life.’

Has anything changed? Where would WE go? Go back to a totally hopeless and helpless situation in the world to plug back into their system? Here you get your dose of daily sunshine even if the horizon is dark and stormy. There you lose your soul, whoever you are judging this forum. So, this is for those on the fence, for I know many of you have more merits to stay then I do, but we stay by faith not by merit by the mercy of God.  

I know two men who are so entangled in the web of darkness that it sniffed out the light that they once possessed. Are we walking down the same path departing from the light disheartened? Think about it fully. This discussion forum is very much like a sour thumb for those who are in the world, cannot even comprehend it. We pray they will one day but those of you who once saw the Light, will you still depart to where there is no light at al, or the light is dimmed and confused by the infiltration of the world like in the churches?  

Jesus’s decision to operate ‘incognito’ until the world begins to turn around is very wise, but that does not mean we cannot help and support his work continually. So, from that aspect nothing should change in any hearts. It is only strategic positioning that is necessary in a world that is so full of mischief, greed, ego, power-thirst, murder, insanity, and control that there is no room for goodness and love other than for themselves. They would crucify God all over again.   

In closing I say, a family that prays together stays together. PRAY! Do not whine! And pray for Ron also fervently that he would receive his relief from physical pain without delay. I pray that he may not have to wait for the visible appearance of Jesus. The world does not need to know what happens to him and what form he is in. As ignorant they are they will not notice, rest assured. Father Michael please! If it is in your hands, change him to be pain free for his comfort, and so that this forum can go on, WTP can go on, and his spirit can continue to guide us as he has done a tremendous work doing so, no doubt.

Thank you, Father Michael, thank you Ron, and thank you all. And as always thank you Jesus, our delight! Thank you, Universal Father, our hope of glory, our Everything that is. Thank you Melchizedeks and all of our Celestial helpers and teachers for not giving up on us! We love and honor you, and ready to serve you till the end.

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"

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Re: Lost Students of the 5th Epochal Revelation
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2023, 13:47:46 pm »
So beautifully said Valerie, AMEN.