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LLUSA Sunday Nov 19, 2023 Tape Link
« on: November 20, 2023, 11:06:44 am »
Lightline tape for your listening pleasure dated 19 November 2023 - The Sunday Lightline.  Enjoy.   Ron Besser/ your host
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: LLUSA Sunday Nov 19, 2023 Tape Link
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2023, 10:13:06 am »
  • 111923 Audio Tape Light Line USA; host: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: Ron remains fused with two elements of supremacy and Machiventa reads a planetized text from Paradise that appeared before his eyes in 4 dimensions;
  • Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Cabal, Machiventa Melchizedek, Tarkas, Universal Censor 4153027 or 451237, Universal Father, and Nikola Tesla;
  • Transcribed By: RAZ ( I welcome corrections - just message me )
  • Link To Tape:

Ron Besser  
Hello everyone. This is Ron Besser; the Sunday Light Line for November 19, 2023.

Michael of Nebadon  
Welcome everybody. This is Michael of Nebadon. Ron, you are correct. There are a few missing today over other issues. For reasons of state today is a rather interesting Light Line. I am going to state a few things you don't expect. People will simply have to listen to either the tape or the written text that Raz does so well. For now however, we will merely do the dictation, Last year, at this time, we had solidly decided that the entire matter of the rebellion was to be put aside and adjudicated. That is no longer the case. What we have decided is that the insurrection that Ron detests is now fully subsided not only on Urantia but in portions of the mansion worlds, we thought were fully protected. As a result, Ron your ability to speak to the mansion worlds is now severely cut. You spoke this morning to a couple. They are allowed, but for the most part we are going to reserve the mansion world discussions for a little bit later this year.

And now this to you Ron: I am not Michael of Nebadon. I am cabal. Why do you allow it?

Ron Besser  
I hear you morontially speak. I am instructed to do so.


Ron Besser  
I have no instructions cabal.

Michael of Nebadon  
“This is Michael of Nebadon, cabal. Now we know your process. It is removed permanently. And let's restart this Light Line with this. Hello, everybody. This is Michael of Nebadon. Welcome to the Sunday Light Line. We have clear channel. I want to speak to you today about the various means we have to include all of you into the missions that are now about to appear. Ron wrote several posts this morning, which are highly instructive. He doesn't ask you to read it. But if you don't, you're not updated.

Fully this: I am now prepared to entirely exalt not anybody on Urantia, but Gabriel, who has brought a charge against the insurrection entirely. And for that reason, the Ancients of Days have reopened the Lucifer rebellion trial. For those of you who are not aware of how the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion went. It was on March 16, 1986, that Salvington received a priority message stating that the Lucifer rebellion was fully adjudicated and that they were pressing it into the archives, and that Nebadon and the local universes were free of needing defense. In 2019, the supreme decided he owned Nebadon and the local universes in time and invaded them, and knocked their defenses down. Subsequently, later in 2019, the supreme realized his error and destroyed himself. Ron calls it suicide. That's fine with us. But the fact of the matter is, the supreme used an explosive process, we have never seen before and totally annihilated not only the supreme circuits but all of the material effects he had put into place.

Strangely enough, there is one person on Urantia who was fused with two elements of supreme mind. That is none other than your transmitter. For some reason or other, the supreme left Ron with two fused elements of supremacy. He will always exhibit them. One of those elements is the ability to transmit anytime he wants. The second element is the ability to understand the mind of man, supremely well.

For reasons of state let me state this: there are two persons now on Urantia who can configure how to go about the missions. One is Ron. The other is of all things, his lieutenant, Dominick Ohrbeck. Dominick is not listening today. He's in Philadelphia. He will return later today, sheepish, and forget that what he spent in Philly was a surprisingly good visit for Ron. We'll talk about that later. Right now, let's talk about you and us.  

I am Michael of Nebadon. I care that you hear this:
  • I have no particular reason to appear as Jesus this time.
  • Second, Jesus will appear I am hoping before the end of the year, don't count on Christmas. Don't count on Thanksgiving. Count on it the day he appears.
  • Third, the entire situation regarding the spiritual agencies on Urantia, and now I'm talking about the Urantia Foundation, the Fellowship, and half a dozen other 501-c-3 charities to speak of. You will envision what the Magisterial Foundation and its planners will choose to display to you. Ron has voluntarily removed himself as chairman of the Magisterial Foundation and invited and they accepted the Melchizedek corps to take it over, to run it, and speak to it. The chairman of the Magisterial Foundation is Manituba Melchizedek. The second in command is Ron. He and Manituba are best of friends and Ron says whatever you want, you need merely to say. I do not stand in your way in anything the Melchizedeks choose and particularly you Manituba. It is yours to run. We are expecting Manituba to make a speech shortly, but let me finish enumerating the point I would like to make to you. For that reason, let me say this:
  • Ron has stumbled around today wondering why he can even get out of bed today. The reason is that the cabal which is made up of the insurrectionist seraphim and the insurrection of once what was the Vorondadek Sonship is now declared mostly over. Ron had Him at the table about half an hour ago and we summarily removed Him. The truth of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to start the missions. Today is November 19 of your calendar 2023. I would like it to be known as another day when we can establish clear channel and can state the missions have begun. And finally this: the truth of the matter is that the Magisterial Foundation is the first human institution ever designed that we can work with. We thought we could work with the Foundation, Urantia Foundation that is, and its Brotherhood, which is now the Fellowship. We have discovered that they prefer hegemony over their ideas and issues first and that we are a supplicant to get anything done that we request to be done for the Fifth Epochal Revelation.
  • The entire matter regarding the Magisterial Foundation is now a Melchizedek organ. Ron has relented and refused any further participation as the commander of choices however, he has requested two important items for the Magisterial Foundation to be in charge of.
  • Free electricity.
  • The Jesus Chronicles.
  • The entire matter regarding those who work for the Magisterial Foundation is no longer a question but is now a command. It is this: starting yesterday, November 18, Saturday 2023, we no longer consider the Magisterial Foundation to be a human institution. It is a now divine administration through the Melchizedeks to provide information and activity, that is to build the first WTP plant ever on Urantia and to provide the basis for a multi-volume set to be called, The Chronicles of the Life of Jesus Christ, and we let it go at that. We expect at least 10, 2000 page volumes. Ron has already sketched it out in his mind. He knew of it before I did and Jesus is delighted. Let me add this note. There will be two Chronicles. The Urantia Book includes the Jesus papers today as its last part. We intend to issue the Sixth Epochal Revelation and the Jesus Chronicles as its last part too. The new Sixth Epochal Revelation contains at least 4000 pages and no it will not be produced in two volumes. We let its description alone for now.
  • I insist that the entire matter of the current Urantia Book be let alone. They are going crazy at the Foundation and that is the Urantia Foundation to get a new volume printed. Ron seriously objects not on the basis that the Fifth Epochal Revelation should need a new volume but on the fact that someone, how dare you, has edited portions of part three. It is no longer viable Epochal Revelation. We will take care of it our own way.
  • We are finally aware that Ron is near death. That's your transmitter. Today he looked at the situation and said; can't you get this over with? I can hardly move, my brain and head are fine, but the rest of me barely can move down the hallway to the computer. I said to him, mind your own business, Ron. But Ron said, I remind you that your friend while you were Jesus on Urantia was resurrected from the dead and briefly moved among his friends to the end of his natural life. I looked at the situation. And Jesus did too. And we said, well, what is wrong in using that technique? The Universal Father responded, I don't know. That individual is just fine for using it and is near his deity adventure. You all know who we are talking about.
  • We are now prepared to tell you, Ron, to stand by when weydevu asks you, how you are. Let him do it a couple of days from now and see what your answer is.

Ron Besser  
Yeah, Michael, I would say who are you talking to? Weydevu, I hardly know where I am at the moment. It is a dizzying experience. Michael, I will let it go at that even for now. I thank you for your consideration. Back to you, Michael. Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon  
It gives me much fodder, Ron, to speak clearly to you. You are funny, amusing, and ready to give all your heart to the missions. I insist you do so. You will be founded in your own terms in a few moments, we are done playing around. And finally, you are desperately searching your brain for the person we spoke to who received a re-life if you will because Jesus would not let his friend die. We let it for the group here to remember the name. It is truncated from your brain right now because we don't want you to say it.

10. Now this is Michael, number nine. My purpose for speaking so slowly and carefully today is to remind those who are listening that there is nothing you can do about anything that will transfer before your eyes in the next few days to the end of the year. I am Michael of Nebadon. I am the sovereign Creator Son of my universe and to all of you people. I am over you. I care you receive the best. Cheer up, wait, and let things transpire. Good day. Michael of Nebadon.”

Ron Besser  
This is Ron. I am now without any further spokesman to my mind and I now entreaty Machiventa Melchizedek if he wishes to speak to acknowledge what we must do next. Please Machiventa, what say you?

Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron, you have fulfilled everything we wanted said today. I suggest that some of you review it because you don't believe it. Well, again, that's up to your own transition to decide what the value is of what you just heard. I make no recommendations. I make no decisions. I charge no one to insist you believe what you heard today. Let it be. Let time illustrate. Ron, there is no further need for the Light Line to remain on the air except we have Tarkas here.

Ron Besser  
Great. Always love to tie up to, Tarkas.

Thank you, Ron.

Ron Besser  
Go ahead, please, Tarkas. Thank you Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
You're most welcome Ron.

This is Tarkas. I was, (past tense verb,) One Without Name and Number. (Period.) I still am but requested projection to Urantia to view the state of affairs not as a human, not as a seraphim, but as a Mighty Messenger able to transfer among your various mind circuits. I am learning this: Ron has managed to put into effect a piece of the mission we never intended to present. He has given you the Magisterial Foundation, six subsidiaries that we can use as its departments, and fully for the planetary prince a place to rest his head over the very issues most of you care about mostly. For that reason, I hold a small speech. My first point is to say this: Urantia is a horrible child. We can hardly stand how it behaves. My second response and point is to say this: there is no good reason for Michael to pay attention to any of you, including Ron. Ron made no mistake in doing this. Learn that. But he so riled Father when he presented the Most Highs with the idea of a Magisterial Foundation. Ron didn't mean to give it to Jesus or Michael, but to the Magisterial Sons so they could run the Magisterial Missions entirely. It turns out that the Magisterial Son commission on Paradise found it so delightful they authorized Monjoronson, Serara, Henson, Sen-Sen, and two others including Rayson to make full use of it. The truth of the matter is they have and they are prepared to use it incarnated. Look at that statement: incarnated, and they will be. And it is very, very soon. Jesus may not appear before Christmas. We really don't know his plans. He spoke to Ron yesterday and they bantered about the use of the Magisterial Foundation for anything he wanted, so long as Ron understood, he was not an apostle, but a disciple not. There is no name for what he wants to do for Ron and that is to take him along on his trips to speak to vast audiences to stand off at the back of his right shoulder, perhaps 10 feet back and to hold the flame of Christ. It is not a light, it is a beacon. And it shows through the eyes and above the crown chakra a glow of divine light. It is to be given to two of you. Ron to hold the Christ as a human listener behind him.

Ron Besser  
Just a minute, please. This is Ron. I'm getting some bizarre signals. Let's check what has been said. I don't like speaking error. Just a minute please. Michael or to the Censor. What have we here?

Universal Censor 4153027 or 451237
This is Censor 4153027, Ron. We have met several times.

Ron Besser  
Yes. You're a pincher.

Universal Censor 4153027 or 451237
Yes, and this Ron.

Ron Besser  
One moment, please.

Universal Father and Magisterial Sons
We now clear the air for Ron's speech. I happen to be the Father.  Censor 451237 is no longer available because He had to remove the cabal and restate the following: disregard nothing but Ron saw it heading for the guardrails, that it was too personal and private to speak to it, however eloquently at this moment. Ron knows nothing. Jesus knows it all. I, his Father, speak to you first as this: Ron is the first person ever to understand the need of a mission. He said to the Magisterial Sons, can you use a human place to reside as an office to meet to conduct business in human form? They said no. Then Ron said I will simply devise the Magisterial Foundation as a place for we humans to gather around and know your will. That pleased the Magisterial Mission so well they allowed Monjoronson, Serara, Sen-Sen, Henson, and Rayson, to make full use of whatever they could use out of the idea. Ron was informed, not. But today let it be known that the Magisterial Foundation, listen to this, is to be used in future Nebadon bestowal and spirit missions for many of the coming planets when they reach the age for a bestowal. Ron says, did you wish to correct any of that? No. The Magisterial Foundation will be a name used by the Magisterial Sons for planets old enough to understand the financial business of creating charities. It is a charitable institution first used on Urantia and we think it is a smashing idea. It allows you humans to have a material center to speak to the spiritual. We relent and give this back to Michael.

Ron Besser  
Thank you Magisterial Sons.

Magisterial Sons and Universal Father
You're most welcome, Ron.

Michael of Nebadon  
This is Michael of Nebadon, again. Machiventa Melchizedek wishes to say the following to all of you.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I now am cued so well with how Ron conducts the protocols. We are now ready to tell you this: the Magisterial Foundation is also a Melchizedek institution voted on by the Melchizedeks in our biannual meeting on Salvington, two days ago. Ron wondered where I was. I was at the meeting shaking hands. And for that reason, Ron laughs.

We also have this to say: we noticed due to activities the past 24 hours that a friend of yours Ron mentioned WTP to a few mechanical and electrical engineers in Philadelphia. There is no such person on the call today. He remains there talking up a storm. For that reason, Ron, let us put it this way. He has so enthused a Westinghouse engineer over the use of electrons to create free electricity that he wishes to interview Ron for a serious investment to build the plants. I remind you, ladies and gentlemen, those of you who know Nikola, you know the last name that was seized; Tesla. Good grief, he took it. Yes. That was not me Ron. That was Tesla.

Ron Besser  
That wasn't Tesla. He loves to be heard.

Nikola Tesla
Yes, Ron. I do and I am Tesla. Nikola Tesla. Listen to me, Ron. You are not going to do what I did. Don't go and give the patent to a corporation that knows only how to build a plant. You need to be in charge. I should have been but wasn't and finally decide what works and what doesn't work. I am Tesla. I know whereof I speak. Your relationship to the master Son and to the master force organizers. They are infinite too. Has declared that the idea of broadcastable electricity has come to Urantia maybe belatedly but fully in the next few years. The Magisterial Sons have received the following information from Paradise.

"We on Paradise, fully support the Magisterial Foundation and its wish to produce free electricity. They term free electricity as broadcastable electricity into space and to be converted into full electricity in the home or in the car. For that reason, we fully support the provision of money and the provision of technical individuals to make sure when it is built, it is built according to specifications period."

Michael of Nebadon  
I am Michael of Nebadon. Ron, you didn't find my identification?

Ron Besser  
No, I didn't even guess it, Michael.

Michael of Nebadon  
“Thank you. The truth of the matter is Ron, that your friend talked up a storm to the wrong people. He talked to engineers. But one of the engineers is really a good speaker too and informed a large corporation this existed as a true invention. That has them very excited and they will be in touch. And now this: the only exclusion you have to any deal Ron is that the patent must never be held as collateral, that is to be done. You will promise them a fortune. That is to be done. They will be forever grateful. And you will be forever grateful to them too. As it is the very Corporation I Tesla used to produce the first alternating plant to produce electricity for normal use. I am grateful that Westinghouse hears. And finally this: this is Michael of Nebadon to all of you. Ron is very seriously ill and can hardly stand to walk. But he is also delivered of the folks he needs to be hearing from. Those are engineers from several large corporations he will hold meetings with at his home and have a freelance conversation with electrical engineers and other engineers to fully inform them what this is. Now this: I am Michael of Nebadon and I turn this back to Machiventa Melchizedek unexpectedly because he is just informed what Machiventa questions."

Machiventa Melchizedek  
I am Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. The following is a message planetized in front of me of all things. "Tell Ron, the entire matter is not closed, but reopened on Paradise as a full admission, it is too good to drop. We are moving to restore all favors to the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation and to those who support it." This is Machiventa, Ron. I have never seen anyone on Paradise go to the trouble we just got delivered as a full message before my eyes. Folks, that is so rare done we mention it to you. I am a high spirit being we do our messaging routinely but this one came in as a printed text in four dimensions in front of my eyes. I can't help but see it and read it. Thank you.

Ron Besser  
Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Thank you, Ron. Now I want to say this. We have about 10 minutes to three here in York. And for reasons of state we may close this when I'm done here. There is no need to save your questions. It is plainly clear when Raz does the transcription of the tape and the tape will be posted and Ron please remember to do it in a few hours. It is this: the entire matter of your health Ron is settled. It will be cleared. Second of all: the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation and its affiliation with Melchizedeks is also fully accepted. Ron no longer owns it. He is chairman of the board for humans. But Manituba Melchizedek is asking not for release but a new title. He is not only the spirit chairman of the Magisterial Foundation but also will be incarnated to hold the board meeting. We dare not mention the date of that meeting but it will be before the end of the year. There the resolution will be presented to finance and to prepare the building of the first WTP electric plant ever in this part of the universe. We are delighted and Ron is throwing fireworks into the air. Literally, there are pictures of it. And you, Ron are delightful to speak to and you care tremendously, that this be successful and the missions according to the Father's will.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek and Ron, your training as a Melchizedek has already begun. You have chosen your own laboratory, the Magisterial Foundation, along with your lieutenant, and your board will be trained as Melchizedeks, and hopefully will graduate when you have your deity adventure. You will be the first finaliters to be a Melchizedek in projection. You say; oh my Lord. And yes, Ron, it's never been done before. But there has never been a single finaliter assignment like this. Father is delighted and is most curious how you are going to pull it off after your morontial training with Marian Rowley as your chief argument.

Ron Besser  
Oh, women.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Yes, Ron. And finally, this, you love them and you care for them. And now, for all of you, including the men. Listen to this: Ron proposes to the Melchizedeks that the entire matter of Melchizedek training be extended to those who have supported and maintained the heart of the Magisterial Foundation for God's use. Please understand, there is nothing left for you to do Ron, except build WTP, and then let's see what God does with you when that starts functioning. For the rest of you, you are still growing up. You are still having to meet what Ron has discovered already for almost 40 years. There is no place to work except for God. Remember that. Good day.

Michael of Nebadon  
This is Michael. We say almost good day for Light Line today. We want to make sure you understand the following because it is so easy to forget when so much news is bandied about.
  • We will be here as a mission before the new year.
  • It's not necessarily Thanksgiving in the United States or Christmas around the world.
  • The Magisterial Foundation lives and builds WTP.
  • I am Michael of Nebadon and Jesus has not even told me when he shall be visible. But let me give you a hint and I pick it up from speaking to Jesus peripherally. And it's this: I am tired of Christmas. Let's start a new date.

Ron Besser  
Walmart will hate you, Jesus.

Thank you, Ron. This is Jesus. Thank you Ron for broaching it. I have no real good reason to dislike commercial properties but for once let us have; a silent night, all that's bright, the angels sing. Goodbye, everybody. This Light Line is over.

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