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Title: What Jesus Might Say When He Returns.
Post by: SongatSunrise on November 23, 2021, 12:49:21 am
Transmitting 46 11-22-2021

When Jesus comes I imagine he would say something like
"I made this universe. I am your Lord and King of Kings. I serve the Father, and lead you to him as well. I take the full responsibility for this planet, for all the woes and troubles, for all the beauty and ugliness, for all the wrongs done in the past, and for all the evolutionary anomalies.

I AM. I am here for you, I am here to right the wrongs. I will fulfill the Impossible Dream, I will march into hell for a heavenly cause. I will go where the brave dare not go.

"Because I love you.

"I love this planet of my nativity. I am here with my many, many, many. Those with me love you as well, and long for your willingness to come out of your shell and join me in the reclamation of this planet. I am not going away tomorrow. I will stay until the vast number of wrongs have been righted.

"I am Jesus. And I will see to it your life and happiness become in tune with the will of the Father, whom I love. The Father of All, the First Source and Center, the Consummator of Universe Destiny, comes to you and says, Behold my Son! Hear Him!

"Don't be afraid. I will sustain you. I will see that all you need is provided for. But I will also see that those who hate, and hurt, those who have no redeeming compassion or care, will be taken from your presence.
I am Jesus. The future if this planet is bright, and beautiful. I will see to it. I am Jesus. You will see me again."