Author Topic: Largest Land Earthquake in Victoria Happened Today Wed 22/09/2021  (Read 711 times)

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Largest Land Earthquake in Victoria Happened Today Wed 22/09/2021
« on: September 22, 2021, 03:28:24 am »

Hi Folks, 
Just a heads up. Today Victoria just had a massive earthquake this morning and was felt far and wide. I was at work and felt the shake. It was quite disturbing but we are told to be on alert for aftershocks that may occur for weeks or months. The above link gives you some idea as to what we experienced today. I am okay but am aware that this is a rarity for the Australian plate is usually relatively stable and does not usually get these types of quakes. I notice too that there are also recent large quakes occurring around the Ring of Fire and it makes me wary as to what this may portend as the Pacific plate may be under pressure due to what those reports we just received concerning the Earth's core. Ron is there any updates from the Force Organisers/Power Directors as to what they are finding? After what is happening with recent volcanisms in Spain and Italy and then these quakes, I am wondering what next? 

PROBIUS and I are on standby alert for developments and I am getting the point, something is indeed developing on various fronts. PROBIUS hints to me that it is wise to stay on a watch as to these movements as Earth is now showing some pressure release.  I stand by as do all of us. 

Thank you PROBIUS. 


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Re: Largest Land Earthquake in Victoria Happened Today Wed 22/09/2021
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2021, 11:45:19 am »
Power Director Four:
'I am POWER DIRECTOR FOUR (4), and I am delighted Ron is willing to take me over so many others wanting to speak to him  You are all wondering why Ron is shocked into silence so much.  Well it is because he sits on a vast fortune and cannot get started.  That harms all of us but the Big Boys in heaven keep him off balance simply because he is so ill he hardly knows what to expect next.  I speak not further to that, but now speak to the seismic activity Sue refers to above.

"Australia rarely gets earthquakes mostly because it sits on the Austro-Pacific plate which is not under threat ever since it is all by itself and has very little connection to surrounding plates mostly north of it.  For that reason the Victoria quake as we refer to it now, is out of sequence so to speak, and for that reason we look seriously at it for what it may portend.   It shows itself to be an acronym of what is to come to Urantia in general, and that is a total lack of cohesive sounding when it comes to the plates that make the continents up on the planet.  For that reason I hazard a guess, and it is this:

"Australia may be in for a rude awakening now.  It has no real reason to have this quake, yet it now shows a strange anomaly at work we seldom see on an inhabited planet.  It is showing a willingness to re-arrange itself quickly and without a lot of fan fare.  That means quakes may happen and then be over with quickly.  The quake Sue refers to has very little after shocks.  However, Sue be prepared for more serious earthquakes in that land downunder and for that reason be prepared to stay out of the mischief the so called experts start speculating with.  That earthquake is an odd fellow and is not normal and you are right to be concerned and what it exactly means is quite unknown to we experts high above you.

"Furthermore the trial we must face with you Ron is that you are so ill you have taken to staying bed late and are quite sure your are running a temperature at times.  Both are true and your illness is so severe you wonder just how you are going to navigate if you ever have to to shepherd the invention so powerful and wild you are made ill by being forced to shut up about it because no one responds to your plea for help in securing it for Urantia.  Care not about Ramage but care about S which is convinced you know what you are talking about but leave you cold and lone because they dare not ask without causing problems within the corporate structure beyond belief.  They all believe you have it.  They also believe you are such a small fellow you could be ruled incompetent if you made too much of it in the media.  They see you stay back, and your plea is fully recognized as wise and competent.   However, they also know you are never going to say anything futher because it requires a disclosure you dare not make and they know just what you mean when you must modify the electron as they concluded that long ago but do not know how to.  You do.

"With that in mind recognize that we the Power Directors also believe you are being shunted out of the picture just enough to provide no one any clue what is to occur.  Why? The answer lies with the cabal and the insurrection, and they are now in power control enough to force you out of the picture completely but you will not stay quiet and they are now forced to kill you as you have been told frequently in the past few days.  Your illness is severe and unbroken and they are responsible entirely.  However, recognize that MICHAEL OF NEBADON stays healthy with you in spite of your lament over the issues in play and how horrible the situation is for your poor selves as you lament to us too.

"For that reason I have stepped forward enough to tell you Ron there is no lament coming and your attorney wants your business but has been so harmed with his communication materials he cannot get a word out to you to stay the course until he can recover.  They are fully responsible and you would strangle them if you could and do not think that way as they are all fully ready to stand before the ANCIENTS OF DAYS shortly and face the firing squad without equivocation.  You cheer such but beware they will break the law and kill if they can and they are doing a pretty good job already but you stand fair and ready to move in spite of the powerful thrust to remove your energy and well being entirely.  That said this:

"RAYSON IS READY to act alone if he has to and that is so rare we wonder how He gets his chutzpah working that way.  The MONJORONSON faction is ready to act too and so is SERARA on your behalf as you are so unfairly treated you are ready to lay down your life just get out of the reach of those horrible people you call them and away from the useless people of Urantia who just yammer and carry on without anyone being responsible to act on their best nature.  Truly spoken and the immigration situation on the southern border has you livid with the President over inept behavior and action.  You believe it could be cleared if that border were shut down and policed.  We are fully in agreement with you but the gender and racial qualities of Washington are so mixed no one acts.  Biden acts illogically about it yet.

"Furthermore, the statement by France is ruining the EU position that the Australia-American-British pact for the southeast Asian area is a rube to cause more world unrest is untypical of France but they are not wrong.  France knows just enough to understand that Biden is lost over high geopolitical issues, and as such cannot make a deal without rubbing somebody the wrong way and chose to do so in spite of warnings from the US director of intelligence that such a move would upset the balance of power in that region.  Now China mus make sure it has its ducks in a row and finalize its pact with Russia and others in the region who cave to Chine over foreign affairs.  For that reason expect a new military pact to be finalized in the coming months that is anti-American and Australian and flails against the British for even wanting to play in this game of cat and mouse.

"Truly spoke the world is now in a more dangerous pose than it has been in decades, and the Salvington government is moving quickly to shore up its responsibilities quickly and it must include you of all people for reasons of State you have shown yourself willing to obey even the worst decisions we have made to cut you out once in a while and you let it ride easily as you are unaware of the geopolitical game Savlington must play on Urantia.

"For that reason I have been given the go ahead to speak to all of you:

"FRIDAY THE 13TH comes this year in spite of the calendar lately, and that is to tell you that the entire matter of the SECOND RETURN is not on the table easily now, as it must be assured of some peace and tranquility and Biden has seen to it he cannot abide sassy China on his elbow and will shut diplomatic relations down if he has to.  For that reason China becomes an enemy and Biden a truant President once more who cannot figure out what to do in the middle of a grave yard of circumstances piling up on the surface of the Urantia nation states.  For this reason the Regency is lost not but stronger than ever before as we will wrestle if we have to and you Ron stay locked up no longer as you are to be used well but without health restored you are almost useless.  Your eyes are under constant attack and so is your heart and so on.  But the problem the cabal is having is you are renewed constantly by MICHAEL OF NEBADON and that is much to their detriment as every improvement in you Ron forces them into even more extreme positions and they are ready to end you for good but have no means to do it anymore as MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has made it clear any such action against you is an action against HIM.  Now we see the entire matter coming to an abrupt end.

"That will occur maybe today or at the latest tomorrow and you Ron hope it helps you and it will.  You cannot make much noise when eyesight is being culled out of you, you breathe hard and wrongly to help yourself, and fully dependent on neighbors and friends to feed yourself at times.  This is so serious we have made the rude pronouncement that unless something is done, we the Power Directors will do it for them.  You have an energy subsidence never wrought on a human planet before Ron and it must be culled back and removed to make everyone comfortable to live on Urantia again.   For that reason we stand next you some days in order to protect what is left and you are aware of it slightly but fall asleep easily now due to an entirely differently type of being near you which can siphon off your energy and they do and that must stop.  For that reason Ron stay the course even if dimly as the entire matter is a huge battle to save Urantia too.  You detest them as we do. 

"Our work today is to behave slightly until the entire matter  can be reviewed once more by MICHAEL ONF NEBADON and for reasons of State we appreciate that always.  For other reasons of State, the matter is held sacred and accountable before the FATHER of ALL and that is tricky but for your own peace and quiet Ron, keep your nose out of the business of that character un Kansas ready to help you with the patent until he is sure he gathers you correctly and then will make one hell of a noise for you once he secures the patents.  We think there are at least five patents involved.  You are not wrong and it is a highly specialized world of knowledge they must work with and the patent office will jump through hoops to get this done and Biden may be advised of the patent work being done.  Be assured you are playing a huge game of cat and mouse with S too which wants to discuss this but is hamstrung by necessary protocols to shut down side issues which divine the company within.  You have no concept of the problem but even T and S have their own protocols they must follow or drop dead of embarrassment if what you have is not reliable.  You have no idea of this behavior not to be able to look because of fears of embarrassment.  We agree.

"Now one final concern:

"You are ready to cleave the entire matter to the United States Government so long as you can provide the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION an income and be of some help to the people on this list.  We think you are brave beyond words to stipulate that Great Britain and the EU be included in sharing the technology to start with.  However, recognize that China is not far behind you in this technology and can produce wattage slightly below what you can within about four months.  For that reason you must get ahead of the game and that is not easy since the cabal is operating against you and not China.  That is accidentally and they must reevaluate what you have before they make their own statements.  If you show your patent soon they collapse and wonder how you did it, we you did not, but you know enough to be very valuable in instruction about how it works.  China is the usual bombardier and as a result rule the roost unless this gets done and now.  You feel it in your bones too.  Be assured we push it quickly and that Attorney is the right attorney and will be heard soon with repairs in place and he is quite anxious to see what you have.  That Executive Summary, the fifth or sixth written by you is extremely good and must be viewed first and that Glossary is terribly done not but keep it back as it gives more away than you intend and that is not you or Me but the house of God that looks at what you say and do and they are not unhappy you thought of the glossary but say keep it backi for your own safety and concerns who gets this technology.  China can do it but is flailing over other issues first and will not let anyone know what they have until they have it secured themselves.

"I close with this to all of you:

"Ron must enter the big time shortly and for that reason must be protected at all costs.  He dreamed of following a chap down a busy road construction pushing a put put of a lawn mower behind another fellow pushing a little mower beside rocks and fill and the general mess of road construction.  Then suddenly they are in a field with tracks only of a road grader with those massive huge tires.  He said this is ridiculous and asked the fellow he followed they need to track on, but it was nothing but countryside.  That was the cabal Ron entering the dream and the real end is you reach the end of construction further down the road with your lawn mower intact and learn the reason for the journey with a littln push mower beside all that construction.

"We close this with one propositionL

"You are now unfamiliar with the land scape you find yourself in Ron, and hallelujah you are ready to throw in the towel over the penny ante and that is correct  hmmmm,  but be assured you are not done by a long sight.  The trial has suddenly turned in your favor in the distance so long as we can travel over very seriously done terrain in front of us.  Keep yourself low profile except to that attorney and you wrote a missive back to hims so you know he is around, and that solidifies his work for you for no one is concerned that much unless there is some urgency.  He has to go through the process but it will go quickly and you are right never send your binders with details out but wait for them to visit York and they will gladly to speak with you and read the binders.  You have prepared one to send but never send it or them without full knowledge who has them and why.  You may have an angel at your side at all times to discern any problem developing and you need secrecy more than you have allowed thsi forum to behave for.   Let me Power Director Four take your weight now and describe it as satisfactory but far too thin to survive in a world so full of luckless people they cannot cope by themselves and you are not their savior but a lamentable statement now and then so they know what is coming.  You care little about fame but you will be seen with Jesus not as Jesus is pulling his hair out over issues he is not familiar with either and asks the FATHER to state again just how this can be done.  Truly.

"I am sure The CROWN becomes very popular once those clowns in New Jersey are done refurbishing their operation since fully half of the staff quit over not you in particular but you in part since they were forced to do a book in one quarter of the time it normally takes and that was at your request and Ray is now wondering just what he received as reward for seeing it your way when it causes such dissension in the ranks of a publishing enterprise that knows nothing really.  For your own reason stay out of the debate inside of that powerhouse of an operation until they are satisfied with the corporation and people they want there are doing well again.  They do not lack for income but lack the idea of doing well for their clients in spite of income levels being sufficient.  Your wish to have books delivered to donors is fair and equitable but the woman in charge of it is failing every day to collect her wits and knows nothing about sending books out but must learn and that is entirely your doing as Ray knows ou are good for it but cannot get you and the money end tied up because he forgot to finish the conversation and you hung up in disgust.  Keep silent and it works itself out slowly but disastrously if you insist that payment be handled otherwise.  Keep Ray out of the loop and you are safe.

"I close with this advent. For reasons of State Power Director Four is not over nor is Power Director Five or Six.  However Power Director Three (3) is not happy to learn he has no real dog in the fight over the cabal and Urantia as that has been settled with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit in a bloodless coup and now rests at the bottom of some leviathan sea  and we take that spelling better than most, and wait for a better time to get one little issue off our chest says Power Director Three (3) and that is to tell Ron stop trying to strangle those close by who make him choke and cough, as they are done for as of now and cannot do that anymore without dire circumstances to offer those who do it.  Be assured it works well now.  Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, finally.

"You Ron are never alone but are so cut up and slashed you know nothing but sleep and even some temperature variations in your body so uncomfortable.  We lament this had to take place at all and you are relieved soon of most of their attacks easily as they dare not make more of this than you are and you are nothing and you keep telling them that and they do not listen.   For that reason we make this statement for all of you:

"I am a CREATOR SON OF GREAT WORTH and I will not stand by while one of my little creations is murdered for actually standing tall while the rest just follow hoping to be out of the rain storm of fire and brimstone on them too.  Be assured this is almost over and for that reason we are glad to report Ron your little lawn mower will make it well and you will see the results.  That was funny to you but you understood enough to know you had to follow suit and let the dream proceed without further upset.  Be assured you have more going for you than you know and that lawyer is beset and suspects it is so powerful something is trying to kill it before it makes it into his hands.  He is not dumb about such things.  However you stay straight and narrow and you are not ever going to meet in person but he will apply what is necessary when he gets his wingwongs on those binders.

"However, be in peace as they are protected now as we see the reason you made two up as you expected someone to arrive to discuss it and you needed a mutual copy to follow on.  Good it works so well that way and you must never let them out as is for now as they contain some super top secret materials we are sure we did well with but wonder that man does with it.    Be assured the shock value is good enough to let them stand then.  For good reason RAYSON is standing back as he did a magnificent job by producing all that material quickly and well and your insistence about knowing why something can be done at all has resulted in an additional revelation I consider precious, as he makes it clear that to develop this technology it is also very dangerous and you write it out well in your Executive Summary.  They will then know what you have is genuine and is almost impossible to fudge unless you miss-wire it.  Fortunately that cannot be done easily and you make the case you can get an explosion in the power planet equivalent to a one megaton atomic bomb including radiation if the cause is ozone.

"I must say that this relevance today is extremely fortunate for you Ron as you are not yet dressed for the day you are feeling so poorly and wonder if you can handle future lightlines if this keeps up.  The streaming is broken fully unless Charles learns to wire it together better as the cabal is breaking it freely due to a small stricture in the linkage that allows the service to connect to the phone transmission of the lightline.  For that reason Charles please understand it is not you but evil permeating and that must stop as you have a good following building but it must learn to use alternatives and you Charles placed the proper notice at the top of the site now and we  all thank you.  Charles also know you are a loyal and well done fellow and Ron will see to your work when he can figure out what he has to do that for all and everybody that can manage to stay the course with this tumultuous beginning.

"We clear one issue for all of you now:

"The real reason Jesus dithers is not Ron's plight but yours.  We see you grovel and carry on over the Jesus issue when you are not to do so.  Ron and I and several others tell you if you keep up the over adulation of Jesus you will not be able to work for Him or with Him.  For that reason we starve you of information and Ron is fully aware several of you think only of this conditioning and nothing else matters.  Well, please learn it does not fly as Ron knows what over adulation does and refuses to deal with it as a worker because work is uselessly done when it is applied in his workshops.  I say his work shops as he might make enough money to outdo MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK  and his trillions, and we doubt that, but the gold standard must be applied immediately and nothing but good gold makes it Ron.  Some of those gold coins for sale are bouncy rubber in their core.

"I also insist that this site use a bigger font and that got cut down accidentally Ron when Charles entered to adjust the site.  Now you need to add some heft to the font so people can read all this better.  Thank you and good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

RON FOR MICHAEL OF NEBADON AND THE POWER DIRECTORS particularly Numbers 4, 5, and 6, and sometimes 3.  My best to all and thank you for your help and information sent to this forum today.  R.
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