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Reason of State + Surprise
« on: November 03, 2021, 01:00:52 pm »
For two or more weeks now my mind been going over the term for 'reason of state' we've been hit with that term for quite some time and yes I do understand why. What was beginning to trouble me when it came to Jesus it was always put out there in the opening. For the past fifteen years every announcement has come with no results whether it was the chain of command or the cabal, rebels or insurrectionist.

We went through every top level of command from FATHER, PARADISE TRINITY, MASTER SPIRITS, ANCIENT OF DAYS, Universe, Constellation, System Government and even down to when the Planetary Government gave it's A OK. This of course took several years and just when we thought things were a GO!
Up jumps Judy [thats a saying when something goes wrong] The Supreme Being raise his hand in protest. Ah man! I forgot about him, here we go again.

Every since that day every announcement of Jesus coming has been met with surprise attacks from one or the other or all three fronts. Hmmm, seems like Reason of State should be use before announcing "The Return of Christ".  Like I said I've been thinking about this for over two weeks but slow to bring it to anybodies attentions my bad. Thank you Ron for bringing it up and others as well.

The next point is quite easy 'surprise'. We've been hit with surprise attacks after every announcement whether it's from human or celestial.  It's time to strike back with surprises of our on. For REASON of STATE we can't tell you when Jesus is coming anymore let it be a surprise.  Hmm, didn't the Bible and TUB say the same thing. No body knows when the 2nd Advent of Christ will take place. And thanks to you TARKAS and Ron for bringing up these topics.  It seems like great minds think alike. 8)



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Re: Reason of State + Surprise
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2021, 04:27:38 pm »
Hi weydevu, I think we've been on this forum for about the same anount of time and I feel what you are saying, reason of state to me just sounds like "this is a secret and we can't tell you or we can tell you but it's too much for you to handle".  For as long as i have been here it has always been the same pattern, something gets announced and approved from a very high authority but last minute something major always happen.  You'd think that after all these years that the style would change a bit but i'm afraid not it's always been good new bad new rinse and repeat thoughts? 

People have come and go on this forum over the years and most people who come to this forum is genuine and sincere but the overall disappointment just overtook their patience.  So how does the spirit handle such issue? I mean the intention must be there to save urantia right? Or else why are we all here? This makes it then double difficult for the spirit to handle, since they must announce their intentions to keep the ball rolling and the last flame ignited but at the same time they can't tell us their grand plan because what if that doesn't happen? So everything is announced as it goes since there's so much influence and factors that determines the "go" or rather there is no perfect or grand plan since urantia is so abnormal that they can't just pull out a SOP and follow it.

I personally don't believe that the mission will proceed physically anytime soon until every rebel, cabal, insurrectionist has made their move and made their final will since you can't condemn without act and you can't shoot him for thinking about killing either.  As for the geopolitical the heat is at an all time high again between US and China and they must absolutely not have an all out war with each other and they know it,   and since that the spirit is determined that geopolitical stability is a must for missions to proceed and since we also have covid and refugee and a whole bunch of social unrest it's probably unlikely that the end of the tunnel is coming anytime soon?

In conclusion , ive been on this forum long enough to say that do not get too emotional with announcements since it can get very upsetting if its called off, but rather keep the hope and faith up that spirit is doing everything it can and understand that we mortals are too far down the line to comprehend the essence of the problems and that faith is the only way.  Take it easy at times and loosen up if the heat is too much take a break from all this as i do from time to time to keep my self sane.  Overall this is a tough road to take and the stakes are high in this one :)

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Re: Reason of State + Surprise
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2021, 11:25:35 pm »
Weydevu and DaCandyMan, the point on "Reason of State" was very significant, which on one occasion I also brought it to analysis, and I came to the conclusion that it is a formula that the Spirit uses in view of the inconvenience of making known or reveal for everyone (taking into account that in addition to the members of the forum, these publications also reach a considerable number of readers among visitors and others) of specific subject matter. I conjecture that although the list is limited in number, we are not all in the same understanding or development so this aspect will also be taken into account when making statements and disclosures. "Not everything is said or written for everyone at the same time" (Sai Baba). On the other hand, we lose sight very frequently that the space-time rhythms between heaven and earth are as we are told and we can understand, very dissimilar. On the other hand, Tradition accustomed us to see this reality as very uniform and as logical as 2 + 2 are 4. No idea that the reality about the enemies that the sovereign creator of this local universe, Michael de Nebadon, has had to facing has been and continues to be so stubborn and malicious. Certainly this is not a game for children, it is the monumental game of life or death, so our permanent attitude is to be prepared for what may happen, hence the insistence on which the greater emphasis is to believe that there is a "savior" (Thought Adjuster) within each of us that must be unveiled and put into action. What if it is true that here in the group we have taken a great quantum leap and we have freed ourselves from the Evolution / Salvador model of existence; now we know that our commitment is to save ourselves through tuning in or communication with our Mysterious Monitor. Thanks
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