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MICHAEL BESTOWALS, Planetary Universe Destiny, Context and Scope
« on: November 23, 2021, 10:40:04 pm »
Nov 23, 2021

MICHAEL BESTOWALS, Planetary Universe Destiny, Context and Scope for Mortals Trying to Untangle the Confusion.
This is a transmission on the 23rd, re-stating what was given Nov 21st, Sunday evening.

I AM MICHAEL.  We started with the mention of the pre-Cambrian age as a time I visited the planet.  Before that I prefaced it with a reminder, I visited the planet as St. Germaine and also during the earlier human epochs like the 1200s in preparation for the 5th epochal revelation to your planet.  In this way I was truly preparing for the return of the 4th.

What was of worth is the revelation that Urantia, as a decimal, experimental planet was a true preparation for OSL adventure-destiny, and this had nothing to do with rebellion or insurrection status, currently in our way today.  To place into context, the OSL 1 and OSL 2 destinies of these Local Universes in Superuniverse Seven, Orvonton, was a preparation on Paradise by myself and my Brother-Michaels now in Federation with.  It was also another reason why completing my Bestowal Missions was in accrediting the Supremacy status.  The focus is on the Grand Universe, in this way.  The focus in historical context, is to get your minds off and out of the focus on rebellion adjudication and keep your eyes on the destiny prize, the position we’re in, and the mission we’re on for the Grand Universe on behalf of the Master Universe.

So, the revelation acknowledges the fact of the Lucifer Rebellion as something in relation to this destiny with OSL zones.  How could a local, backwater Son of Locality, dare to exalt himself to God-hood status while quarantined in a Local System?  How could that rebellion permeate to Deity supreme functions or pollute Son-Spirit supremacy functions in the Grand Universe?

One thing we suspect is an attempted breach of OSL zones by rebel forces.  Another thing to keep in mind is what was explained in your living rooms the other day [Nov 21st], and that is We have no court case without evidence of wrong-doing.  You have to catch the burglar in the act for full measure of justice.  You catch any entity in pre-crime, and you allow for a sentence in pre-justice, incomplete justice, and leave room for future crimes because the criminal says to himself, whew, almost got completely caught there.  Good thing I didn’t act it out, otherwise, [now] I can re-group smarter for the next foray.

So, there was pre-knowledge of signaled intention for Urantia and the Local System to be a focal point for the Grand Universe.  The revelation is the temptation of exalted mind of a Local Son to forecast his rebellion into reaches beyond quarantined limitations.  A justification for success and a drive to accomplish what was expedient through the possible proximity to OSL zones.  

Another part of the revelation was my visit to Urantia during these pre-Cambrian epochs.  Back then, I took a keen interest in what mortals might develop on an experimental planet for the sake mentioned above.  Mortals designed and capable of leading-edge adventure into OSL zones.  Completed mortals expressing the 7-fold trinity expression of My Bestowals, in Supremacy status of Grand Universe completion-expression.  Replete and perfected Grand Universe expression of God-the-Sevenfold, The Paradise Trinity, and Supremacy inaugurating the Trinity of Potential of the Ultimate Trinity.

You now have a scope of the matter that begins to expand your focus off and out of planetary rebellion and why it seems to ludicrously include such things as the supreme, or extra-Paradise Deities, Havona Supreme, and so on.  All these concepts and dissertations are present within the very difficult parts to read for humans, in the Foreword and Part 1, of the 5th Epochal Revelation.  Thank you for getting some of this down.  Good day.
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