Author Topic: Lightline USA Transcsriptions change posted 24 Novwember 2021  (Read 53 times)

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Lightline USA Transcsriptions change posted 24 Novwember 2021
« on: November 24, 2021, 09:23:26 pm »

To all transcribers,

I am asking that all transcriptions of the Sunday Lightline schedule no longer be done or posted.  They are usually very long and quite exorbitant in language making them difficult to do at best.  Summarizing them Carole makes it even worse and there is no verbatim transcript service available to us yet.  As a result we are having too many errors show up and contradict in some cases the tape itself.  I understand how this happens and ask that all transcriptions now cease for the Sunday Lightline and that I might find a reasonable way around this dilemma.  I thank you Carole Deptula for all the effort it takes and the time you put into it and that is how we must find a way to alleviate the present means being so hard to do them.  We consistently run long and as much as 100% and for that reason too I want to take some to look at the situation and correct it. 

I expect some people depend on the summaries, but we really need verbatim read outs, and I apologize to you who read only.  Give us some time to look at it again.

I thank you all very much and for your patience and understanding.

Ron Besser

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania