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Title: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 27 JUNE
Post by: newstarsaphire on June 27, 2021, 06:37:24 pm
Hello Everyone,

Todays Lightline USA - SUNDAY, JUNE 27 audio tape link:  https://app.box.com/s/p6gu42z1lsz55rplht1bt2kxivansijy (https://app.box.com/s/p6gu42z1lsz55rplht1bt2kxivansijy)

Tarkas and Machiventa addressed circuitry concerns, working relationships, as well as progress of the new book on Jesus.  The Universal Father and Jesus also spoke on Jesus imminent return and Metatron advised his watchful presence over Urantia, especially since the latest quarantine is now lifted.

A New Category is being created on the Forum to post recent and upcoming Lightline tapes that include pertinent up-to-date information on the status of Jesus imminent return, those tapes will still be available in their original categories.

Tuesday, June, 29 - 2pm York time is the next scheduled LLUSA call, meet you there.
Title: Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 27 JUNE
Post by: SongatSunrise on June 28, 2021, 11:16:05 pm
Hello Everyone, here are notes for today's Light Line.  The numbers in the margin are the minute and second references in case  you would like to find it again on the tape.
Light Line 06-27-2021

Ron Besser, Phyllis Simpson

This is TARKAS:
I have something for all of you today that Ron doesn't know about.
Yesterday Ron finished Chapter 9. Completed it well. But forgot at the end to sign off, and allow the original author to speak. It was Melchizedek.

MACHIVENTA; I am delighted. It was hard work. It took me days to put that together, and then you did it in one sitting in 6 hours.
Ron: I didn't create the organization, and that is a big part of creating what you write. I just allowed your work to flow. It is much easier than originating it.

Mach: It stands as an original work.

Ron: I contributed a sentence or two.
Mach: Ron really wrote it with inspiration. Wait til you read it. I never saw such language flow from a poor man.
Problems on Urantia:

The insurrection has reached the point that every other angel is either for Lucifer, or for the insurrection over the loss of the supreme.

With protection around Ron, he cannot write well, he gets gibberish. He is battling the inability to hear well because the circuity is cut down to the Adjuster.
That replaces 5 circuits Ron uses.
Amethyst has 3 lines,. Lemuel 2, Rene 3, Others all have 2.
We have to place Ron incognito on the stage where all these connections are listed. Ron does not have access to anyone any more unless he requests it.

To Steven: you have forgotten some vital information. You have to be caught back up, and understand what you have in play. The emails Meredith sends are not getting through. There is a problem. She does not have the latest book review that Lewis sent you.

MACHIVENTA: Ron blew me off accidentally, because with the one circuitry, he can't tell who is speaking.

Ron is surrounded by the cabal, complaining. Also a long menagerie who get too close, who try to interrupt his typing. Ron makes 1000 mistakes per page, unless we clear the room.

Today is full of the price we have to pay to keep the Insurrection out of Ron's hair.
Amethyst got three messages from Ron, to call him back. Ron never made the calls.
Ron goes down stairs two mornings ago, into the kitchen, and discovered the back door was fully open, the screen door unlocked. On the floor was the pack of files from the accountant. He concluded a midwayer came and put them on the floor. Bzutu. ABC22 stays close to Ron to make sure therre is some order to the connections Ron must work with, and so the information to us is correct.


TARKAS: One Without Name or Number. I am on Urantia with the bestowal commission.
It has been decided that the book needed to be inserted into the public domain before Jesus returns.
What would be a good date?

August 21, as a sentimental gesture to Jesus. But I am Tarkas on Urantia right now, working with the Bestowal commission getting the bleachers ready.

Ron: that is big time, and that is correct.

I AM THE UNIVERSAL FATHER. We are establishing 2 more circuits, Ron.

The Bestowal of Jesus began yesterday afternoon. Ron went crazy with the patterns of communication that kept hitting him, that would start properly, and then after 5 words, run into the ground with no meaning whatsoever.

The circuitry needed to communicate to Urantia, was all pulled back to Salvington. Ron could not get unto his circuit, even with the TA. He appealed to the Deity Absolute, who established a new circuit from Paradise.

I see the book. It is gorgeous, and powerful,
I stepped over Tarkas, because it is exceedingly difficult to use the time schedules. We will make our appearance. Ron's book will be late.
It may be moot, or possibly less meaningful.


I see the book, it has a lot of original material, so well stated it needs to go out asap. It will make a huge difference to the population if they bother to read it.

I will not tell you our schedule.
Soon, very soon. There will be no mass media announcement.
Watch the sky. It is going to be filled with signs. The power directors have cooperated.
The individuals who make the magnetic connections, will trigger them or something like it, so you can witness it.

When that happens, all the storms that are harmful will abate long enough for the mesmerizing sight and sound of the Lord, speaking.
You will not hear language. You will hear a tone. Ron remembers, as I do myself, about 4 years ago, particularly in Canada, everybody started reported the sound of tones. It started in Russia. Then moved to Canada. It was not heard in the US.


Guess what that was. We picked 2 poorly populated countries, and ran the test on their airspace. You might find on the internet, central Canada, and central Russia.
This is the UNIVERSAL FATHER: Ron you will not get all your memory back, but some of it. `


You have prepared a 3 ring binder. It is too soon for him to see it. You will have a little flip chart to show him how to design an engine that will operate without fuel. We know about the ultimaton. As the Ubook tells us, it takes 100 ultimatons to create an elect ron.

Man doesn't understand preparticles well, but it is the process that kicks out a left over electron that creates the "fuel" to run the motor.
Ron has the construction plans for the transmitterof electricity. . You could outdo Tesla, but you are not interested in providing people with free electricity.

Rayson direct us. Rayson said to Jesus, where may I put my Rayson corporation? When ?
Jesus: At once, get the prototypes out there immediately. We can't let this go

The man needs discipline.

We have 19 on phone call, 8 on streaming, one got dropped. Need a new streaming service to accommodate more on streaming.

RAYSON; His friend has just bought a construction company. He is 26 yrs old, and is in debt to his eyeballs. He doesn't see Ron who is ready to get him started

This is UNIVERSAL FATHER. Once the appearance begins, Light Line will be on 6 hours a day.
We want the regular Light Lines running too.
Ron's will provide the emergency information to calm people.

the Other LL will be new transmissions to inform the people. These schedules we have to deal with have to be worked out much finer with Ron.

The Problem is getting all of us working together,. Amethyst to get nervous system to take it.

T ARKAS: The vibrations of Machiventa. and others are too high to become visible incarnation.

Jesus will possibly appear to Ron personally

Steven: we need a CEO, not a dreamer. Your talents are excellent. bring them back.

I am Rayson the Magisterial son of record for the planet Urantia. I speak on behalf of the planetary government. Machiventa is TH E MANAGER. but because I'm the Magisterial Son of record, I must cooperate with Machiventa.

Ron, you are on the staff of the planetary Manager. Stop dinging the Cabal.

I've got to keep you separated from the cabal.
When someone, an angel, a Vorondadek, an all stand around his computer it affects his nervous system
Ron doesn't get spaces in his work. He gags because the appearance of those personnel that stand too close.
10 on streaming, 20 on call
38:4 1
The trial to see Jesus: he has slowed down his form. The same form, body, looks, except he is wearing suit and tie. No robes.
Understand that Ron has somewhat of a unique place on Urantia for all the work he has attempted, that most of it goes into the gutter, and drains away. People don't listen to someone who is original. He has the pertinent information.
His book on the second coming is almost down. He wants it edited, and put into manuscript form for the printer and publisher, New Jersey ?
Talk to them real kindly. You need to talk to Alex. Lewis is No. 2. Alex is No. 1. H e needs a heads up.


JESUS: I am not the Eternal Son but Ron has made a big effort to make sure that the readers know the difference. He also makes sure that I am understood to not be the 1st century AD Jesus. I will look like and sound like the 1st century Jesus, but I will not say and do as the 1st century Jesus did.

The book will not be published to the list, unedited. It needs to be turned as quickly as possible to a manuscript.

Origins took 8 months. The publisher took too long! Ron is quite sure we can cut the time down from manuscript to publication. It is impossible to get all this done before the return of Jesus.


Other people are essential to be part of this. I will no longer do this all by my self.

I no longer worry about the Foundation, or the Fellowship. But I do about the readership.


JESUS; You've got a rebellion on the way in the United States. A rebellion. Most of us would not dare say that. We say it because it is going to tear you apart. Your President Biden is totally unaware of it. Putin its totally aware of it and will divide the spoils if he can get into it sideways. He is president of the Russian Federation, and is powerful. You know the past president and the Russian Federation. If I speak it now it sounds like sedition. It was dictated to him by the Deity Absolute.

Ron is sitting on some top secrets, and thoroughly enjoys it to know the truth.

With my appearance, we're going to break it. This is so important. What you got used to 2 and 3 years ago will totally disappear. The federal govt of the US has a fair chance of operating well again.

This horror is under the covers without me.
A seditionist on streaming dropped the line.

We are holding strong on the direct conference call. Thank you all.

This is TARKAS.
Jesus is not done yet.
Continue speaking for Jesus, Ron.

JESUS: As Jesus, understand my appearance is imminent. Ron needs his friend nearby. He needs someone at his side to move some community work around. Frustration between them all. . .

I am Jesus, I step aside briefly for Tarkas:

TARKAS: Here is a transmission from Lemuel.
Everyone. I am not going to reveal who I am. It is not necessary.

I'm. . .
The power, my power.
I will wait another moment.
It is understandable, this vibration Lemuel is dealing with at the moment is the highest he has ever entertained.

I'm here to inform all of you, this again, this is an historical light line. People who listen to this tape in the future, will come to understand this information will be transmitted to the whole world. They will understand that Jesus is here, for all intents and purposes, but also, Urantia will be out of quarantine soon. To bring this about there has to be tremendous movement from the highest.
Many of you have been bombarded with problems.

Lemuel has just received my name: I AM METATRON. What I say goes. I will now keep this very short for the sake of Lemuel: I am Metatron., It is the first time I have appeared on a Light Line, It has been a long time since I have appeared anywhere in Urantia. This is an other reason this Light Line is going down in history.

It is no secret. But I want you to know, that I am watching over everything here now, especially Jesus. Nothing will go unnoticed Everything will be taken care of. I bid d you all a very good evening.

I say to all of you, you are known by me personally and you are all appreciated so much for what you do, try to do, and your intentions to do it.

I am Metatron, and I bid you a good day.
Lemuel: Thank you , Metatron. Such a useless word! What else can I say?



Ron: you have another transmission.
Lemuel: I feel pressure in my head again. Ron I am not getting much instruction, but I am getting some.
You are feeling the presence of Jesus. The Spirit of Truth instructs without words.


Ron: Thank you Lemuel;
To Ron: Your need to speak to your friend is overwhelming difficult. We have been trying. Be by the telephone tomorrow AM connections between New Jersey and the contractor.


Q and A:

Jose: Thank you

Weydevu: I give a shout out to Lemuel, African Proverb: Thank you doesn't mean a thing until you don't say it.

Weydevu: What did Jesus write in the sand that stopped the stoning of the female?
Ron: Jesus?
Jesus: I did not write in the stand anything that stopped the stoning of the female. It was nothing I did.

Weydevu: The signs and tones. No mass media?
Jesus: We are not spilling the beans.

Weydevu: Every other angel has moved over to Lucifer or the supreme. Does this include our guardian angels?
Jesus: Yes. There is a lot more information, that is the simple answer.,

Valarie: Quarantine? When is it over?
Ron: It has been stopped as of yesterday.

Ron to Phyllis: establish a new category and post this tape and three preceding ones together and leave them up permanently.
Second return audio tapes. We started the discussion 2 weeks ago.
There is an hour's more information.

Next time Tuesday June 29th at 2:00 York time.



Title: Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 27 JUNE
Post by: Majesthia Gondo on June 29, 2021, 07:48:03 am
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thank you to our celestial family for these informations .
Thank you all.
Title: Re: Lightline USA - SUNDAY - 27 JUNE
Post by: HelderPoeta on July 01, 2021, 05:38:00 pm
Why time sometimes runs so fast and other times it doesn't?