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Thank you Moses, this is really great. They have no clue whatsoever. Of course it is new to us too but we are not scientist, so I was wondering where they stand nowadays. 

So now, let us pray that the world will receive the revelations that Father, Rayson and other Celestials so willingly bring to humanity, mostly through Ron. It saddened me to hear on LL that many are against Ron's messages that proves what Apostle Paul said, "the carnal mind is enmity against God". Let there be Light! 
Sept 19th

What may have worked for you, you may have had to ask for a special understanding, and exception to a rule, a spin from something the community might not recognize enough to accept well.

It is the immature or growth part of the human experience to, at that point, accept your experiences as fact, and others as fiction.  It is at this stage of the lesson, normally, we’d apply the lessons on uniformity-unity, or how all spiritual roads of lead to the Father.  This is somewhat difficult under rebellious circumstances when the measure is the spiritual fruits thereof.  Hard to measure when third parties are spoiling your fruit, spoiling your fruit baskets, and spoiling your desire to be hungry for spiritual fruits.  Those are behaviors and policies antithetical to the Father and His spiritual Co-Ordinates.

To properly depose someone or something requires a standard upon which to judge who or what is being deposed.  Herein lies the need for Spirit Government to materialize enough to tangibly enact the spiritual standards without leaving it to just the Order of lower-case sons-and-daughters of the overall Order of being you belong to.  You need help, you need standards.  Your governments and industries have standards or their interoperability breaks down in a complex world.  Governance, codes of conduct, rules to live by; your governments are a construct, yet they are as natural as life itself in self/collective organization.

We have reached a stopping point.

Thank you.  Thank you.


These policies are being laid out.  They have begun to be displayed on the banquet table of governance.  They are explained as Vows, and can be interpreted in your minds as policy guidelines, not, rather policy standards for planetary interoperability, going forward.

Thank you
Threads for New Transmissions / Get to know each other
« Last post by Clency on Today at 11:51:06 am »
“This is NYMPOTIA, your angel guide and teacher. Since I was assigned to you, I have been observing you, scrutinizing you, getting to know you more, your way of living, your environmental – family and friends – but above all your intentions. What I have noted in regards to your feelings is that you are a very sensible person who has a deep desire for a change in this world and that you are struggling to make life looks better, not only for you, but also for others. You say to yourself that the light at the end of the tunnel is still a long way to go and perhaps you will never have the chance, during your lifetime, to see it happens, but you keep on keeping-on.”
“This is a good point which has to be taken into account in your curriculum vitae. Looking closely, I notice that you have some talents that have never been fully developed, for example your love for paintings, but let us focus upon how you can be used successfully for what is waiting ahead and you can rest assured that the possibility is huge as long as you stay the course. I know you will, even though you can step back when you feel that the task at hand can be over your head and that you don’t want to deceive if you are not up to. Don’t be despaired, you now have a helper along your sides.”

“As far as I am concerned, my job is to bring a helping hand to you where it is needed, by enhancing your God-given-talent to serve your sisters and brothers when you will be called upon. In comparison to my other colleagues, this is the second time I am on a mission like this one and on a so backward planet. I am what you can call a “new comer”, but I am excited to be of service here and now that we have come to know each other a little more, I hope we will work together for the Glory of the ETERNAL FATHER.”
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: DISTRACTIONS
« Last post by SonsofGod on Today at 11:48:55 am »
Truly Lemuel, your posts from Columnia hold invaluable lessons for all of us. Interestingly each time I feel I have already know this, and I am sure you do the same. It is in us but then why not manifest in a greater way? Because Father is in us, the Source and Center of all that we all learn, but we are not yet fully integrated with him is the answer, I believe. As we know Ron is and Lemuel Is very close and many of you very close, and we all are in a different levels. Great to ponder over these lessons, make decisions and receive greater impressions, because on the end of the day we can see how we have actually ignored the prompting or altered the motives or changed our ways of thinking from what (or whom) is in us. We KNOW, if we are willing to acknowledge it. Wonderful Celestial teachers are assigned to us to accelerate our growth, but Father is able to bring us the message from outside sources also if needed, may that be a human, a friend or a stranger, he is able. Are we receiving it humbly is the question. That is where the daily struggle comes in, as Christians say to ‘kill the flesh’, and as Columnia says, ‘the ego is the greatest of all distracters’. The great EGO, the oversized I am in the GREAT I AM. Let this settle in the deepest way to remember the words GREATEST DESTRUCTOR, so that we would remember where to point the finger at all the times in spite of the many destructive outside circumstances and events. Although circumstances can truly distracts us out of our control, our responses even more according to the above. I like the ‘lost it’ expression because afterwards we know exactly when we lost it, and hopefully learn from it and improve day by day if we are willing to focus on controlling our thoughts and responses.

I am eternally thankful for the goodness of God and for the attention and love of our Celestial family. We feel unworthy because we know that we ‘lost it’. Lost connection, lost focus, lost the zeal and thus we feel less then rightfully so, but we are continually encouraged to pick up where we lost it and press harder to restate our good sanding with our TA. I hear Celestials pointing to this most important fact most every Lightline and the way back to the path is to reconnect and eventually remain in the presence constantly as Lemuel does, because we have savored the joy of Oneness it creates. Remaining with the plan to transmit daily at the appointed time is the way to get enabled, we then face the day with confidence knowing that we are connected and always guided, directed, instructed, rescued and provided for thus peace is our inner state, as Jesus said. Peace that passes all understanding, in spite of the bustle and hustle in the world able to withstand the turmoil. There are issues of life that are truly annoying and we want to shed them off like snake skin, but even in that we are comforted and receive instructions and perspective that enable us to be patient and not having anxiety attacks as I have even experienced in times past, which is absolutely not from Father as we know. As Ron put it to me, it is like running the Marathon on one leg without connecting to my Fatter within. That was very helpful, thank you Ron.

Overcoming does not come effortlessly and it is by all means require our full attention given to Father, and as Moses said so well, making decision over every little act we are so accustomed to do in response to outside triggers, alarms, notices, and news pieces. Humans are accustomed to feed the EGO! No wonder it grows then, for what we feed is what will grow. Our growth must be an inward progression and not a response to outside stimulus no matter how great and influential that might be, spiritual or natural. We cannot become one with a person may that be a living being or a dead who already finished his or her course, thus becoming attainable, or with a Celestial being, only with our Thought Adjusters and through our Oneness with other beings. I am well aware that most of you already walking in it and might feel that am I stating the obvious, but I hope it will bless someone still thus I share it. Thank you for reading and God bless you all.
I do not know the full story but the publishing company really fouled up this gift back to all of you who have so generously donated to the Magisterial Foundation to fund the cause.  I have asked and gotten no where.

However, this past Friday one the wheels in the company sent me an email asking for the mailing list again.  Of course that is liking asking me to know where everything is and material i sent out over a month ago is always buried under the snow of a hundred new files to be added.  On Saturday afternoon and by dumb luck I found the donor list and request for books to be sent to it as listed.  That was submitted to the publishing company again Sunday morning.  Now we are to assume this list makes it and they do something about it.  You have not been forgotten and your will get your free book on the Imminent Return of Jesus, God willing this time they can get done what they promised to do in the past.

This reply is just to warn you I have done our part, my part, and I will keep at it until you have your book.  Since I do not quite know how they might do this, do not hold your breath sitting at your mail slot for its reception but be surprised whenever it shows up for your understanding.  I thank all for your help as always and let us pray it gets done right this time.  I thank you all once more and your understanding patience.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks:  "I hope you all receive it this time as Ron keeps asking and they are in a frightful turmoil in that company for something Ron had nothing to do with this time.  There was an insurrection in one department and it chose to do things that totally disrupted the operation to the point Ron's book went out unedited and he sent back a list of corrections that sorely tempted them to yell at Ron, but Ron was sure they did not edit it to begin with and said so and that upset them even more.  This just goes to prove that the idea of insurrection is everywhere folks, and that is hammering us as well as Urantia over the issue of responsible actions to be discovered every where again.   Now as far as that Washington DC rally went on the J6 causes (J6 is the shorthand way to refer to the January 6th insurrection where the US Capital came under attack on January 6, 2021), remains a sore point to most of you too.  Ron considers them truant humans without a single cause to stand for anymore and should be imprisoned for seditionist living.  In any case the matter was frozen on screens yesterday when the rally really fell ill on itself and dried up before it could get underway properly.  I mention this because we are all sure that the Saturday Lightline was most unusual and Ron tolerates these things better than most others, but Ron is quite suspicious about it and leaves it alone as I do.  However, let this be known:  Ron is not wrong to question its integrity.  He also questions just why the mode was so seriously undermined by the temptation of a certain rascal midwayer known as Chad to end it quickly without Ron hearing a thing.  Well Ron did hear a thing and sits complacently still on it as you all should.  I am not unhappy but strangely involved in an insurrection which dares to name names and drop dames as quickly as it thinks it can.  Right now these books as gifts to you will go out as we the head of a department and officers of the corporation looking at what Ron requested and will pay for with money he sends to them for the effort.  They never do anything for free.

"Finally, today you have a LIGHTLINE which will be rather tame compared to Saturday, and for that reason I will attend better than I did yesterday, and for that reason Ron is better situated in the saddle than yesterday.  He is quite sure there was mischief abounding and he is right but let it ride as it turned out quite well in spite of attempts to make it even worse than certain insinuations from Jesus apparently took hold.   And I thank all of you for withstanding the hack on the Streaming and it will be fixed in time for today we hope.  Thank you and I am CHRIST MICHAEL NOW:

"AS CM NOW I stand well with all of you, and for all of you understand Ron was quite sure there was mischief yesterday but let it go through because it was so inventive.  So did I and Lemuel played a crucial role in making it work since he is easily brought under the influence of anything that smacks of difficulties for others to pull off.  Ron happens to fully agree with that.  However, as CHRIST MICHAEL, let me report to you the cabal sealed off the streaming easily and even struck a blow to those on the Internet who listen well so long as the Internet is secure.  For some reason the internet prevailed in spite of all sorts of attempts to bring it down too and several listened in surprise as the Saturday Lightline took place.  Ron is familiar with those things and let it run.  However, we are sure most of you are unaware of the thinking that happens when this could occur and even that thinking is held in esteem by Ron as he rather liked the idea in spite of mischief  at work.  So let us see how the cabal handles it this time as they think they got away with all of it but not so as our chief wally officer is not easily sublimated by any of it.  I am CHRIST MICHAEL and I leave it alone for now but more later.  K"

Ron here:  Okay, God is putting a light on me i rather not discuss as the impression I have it was a great idea if it cold be carried off properly.  I let it run well for that reason.  But do not figure me for being a lap dog, I never am.  But do favor me to think I had my thoughts along with how it played out and I found it most interesting and sometimes well spoken enough to see it carried out.  Please also understand I felt it could and at times was the truth as represented and I am still not 100 percent positive I know what was planned.  However, I hope if in the future this is played out again they use me for the voice of Jesus as Lemuel had a real struggle at times over the questions themselves as Jesus would never do.   Lemuel that is not about you but your thinking behind the transmission I felt sure.  In any case today's Lightline will be better in hand than Saturday was and I suppose maybe even a tad boring to some of you if it goes as I expect today.  Thank you all for your attendance and always I thank Christ Michael for wording I would never have exposed myself as I prefer to let the entire matter to rest and we continue on as it was intended we do so.  


TRANSLATIONS / 19.9.2021 – Prawość
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 06:22:58 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Lemuel, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / PRAWOŚC
« 19 września 2021 r., godz. 02:13:41 »

Nauczyciel : CALUMNIA
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Przedmiot : PRAWOŚĆ
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania,
Data/Godzina : 19 września 2021, 06:55 czasu miejscowego, 04:55 UTC

Być prawym we wszystkim, co robisz, to pokazać innym, że jesteś kimś, komu można zaufać i komu można wierzyć. Gdy nadejdzie czas, że znajdziecie się na widoku publicznym zajmując się sprawami OJCA, będziecie nie tylko obserwowani, ale i sprawdzani przez tych, którzy chcą was obalić. Kiedy okaże się, że jesteś rzekomo "wtajemniczony", będą zadawać wam najróżniejsze pytania i wyrażać niedowierzanie w twoje odpowiedzi. Jest to tylko jeden z przykładów trudnych sytuacji, z jakimi będziecie musieli się zmierzyć.

Przez całe swoje życie wykazywałeś się prawością, szczególnie w czasie służby wojskowej. Ktoś, kto wydaje innym rozkazy, musi być postrzegany jako posłuszny tym, którzy mu je wydają. Pan i sługa mogą rzeczywiście zamienić się miejscami, podobnie jak nauczyciel i uczeń. Uczciwość i szczerość we wszystkim, co robisz, bardziej niż cokolwiek innego dowodzi twojej prawości. W tym jesteśmy równi.

Teraz, rzeczy do zapamiętania. Bez względu na to, gdzie zostaniecie wezwani, by być lub coś robić, nigdy nie będziecie sami. Zawsze będziecie mieli niewidzialne towarzystwo, które może się zmaterializować, jeśli zajdzie taka potrzeba. Oczywiście nie będziecie celowo stawiać się w niebezpiecznej sytuacji, lecz taka sytuacja może szybko się rozwinąć, pomimo waszych wysiłków, by jej uniknąć.

Możecie teraz zacząć dostrzegać, że nasz wspólny czas będzie spędzony nie tylko na sprawach duchowych, lecz również na tych rzeczach, które wy, jako głos BOŻY, powinniście poznać i zademonstrować. Staniecie się znani i będziecie proszeni o wywiady przez media. Będziecie musieli być dyplomatyczni w takich prośbach i nie sprawiać wrażenia nieprzystępnych lub wyniosłych.

Wszystko będzie zależało od okoliczności, w jakich się znajdziecie w danym czasie. Szybko zdobędziecie pewność siebie, którą trzeba okazywać, żeby ludzie mieli do was zaufanie, tak jak ja, twój nauczyciel.

Widzicie, że PRAWOŚĆ zawiera w sobie wszystkie wyżej wymienione cechy i scala się z waszą osobowością, stając się trwałą częścią tego, kim jesteście.

Miłego dnia.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: INTEGRITY
« Last post by Moses Ouko on Today at 04:14:25 am »
Wow! Thank you for sharing Lemuel. 
The materialization piece sounds like out of the sci-fi movies 
but the difference is that this will be real. 

Thank you for the continuing lessons.
 I notice that each subsequent lesson is sort of building on the previous.

We truly are honored to be here and alive at this 
time on Urantia in this time and space sector of the Universe. 
Thank you and God Bless.

Love and Blessings,
Threads for New Transmissions / INTEGRITY
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 02:13:41 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain,
Date/Time: 19th Sept 2021 06:55 Local  04:55 Z

To be integral in all that you do, demonstrate to others that you are someone
to be trusted and in whom one can have faith.
When the time comes for you to be in the public eye, being about FATHER´S
business, you will not only be observed but also scrutinized by those who
seek to bring you down. When it becomes known that you are supposedly
"in the know", they will throw all sorts of questions at you and express
their disbelief in your answers. This is just one example of a difficult
situation you will face.

You have, throughout your life, demonstrated your integrity, especially
during your years in the military. Someone who gives orders to others must
be seen obeying those given to him. Master and servant can indeed exchange
places as can teacher and student. Honesty and sincerity in all that you do
demonstrate, more than anything else, your integrity. In this, we are equals.

Now, things to remember.  No matter where you are called upon to be or do,
you will never be alone. You will always have unseen company that can,
if it becomes necessary, materialize. You will not, of course, deliberately
put yourself in a dangerous situation, but such a situation can quickly
develope, in spite of your efforts to avoid it.

You can now begin to see that our time together will be spent not just on
spiritual matters, but also on those things that you, as a voice of GOD,
need to know and demonstrate. You will become known and asked to be
interviewed by the media. You will need to be diplomatic in such requests
and not appear standoffish or aloof. 

All will depend on the circumstances that you find yourself in at any given
time. You will quickly gain the confidence that needs to be shown so that
 people have confidence in you, as I, your teacher have.

You can see that INTEGRITY includes all the above mentioned and they
integrate into your personality to become a permanent part of who you are.

Good Day.

Greetings and before the end of the day of Love and Friendship, September 18, I want to send my wishes together here to all my friends on the forum, because they develop more and more sincere love, two interpretations of Sai Baba, which are their own inspiration with exquisite orchestral accompaniment. When it was recorded along with other songs with the same voice of Sai Baba, the volume was disabled like: The Voice of God. I hope you enjoy it.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Solar v/s electric
« Last post by Dominick O on September 18, 2021, 04:55:52 pm »
It's maybe no coincidence the Bezos-owned WP is running story indirectly competing against Tesla vehicles, since they lost a large gov space contract to Space X.  They all still run on batteries?
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