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11 Oct 2020 - I Today Have Discovered a New and Important Historical Revelation to Me
I will be brief.

A musician and a teacher, born in a part of Yugoslavia and now Slovenia, had the Voice of God and devoted the next 24 years of his life to write the dictation down.  He called himself a Scribe of God.

Jesus and Michael of Nebadon dictated to him a huge volume of work including a similar document to Part IV of the Urantia Book, the Life of Jesus, which was about his early years, and another publication about the  three year period of Jesus ending with his death on the cross.  Jakob Lorber started taking dictation in 1840 until he died in 1864, and the documents he published are considered viable to this day but unknown, as the churches still fail to understand that the Voice of God is both revelation and prophecy for a new revelation.

That is what Jakob Lorber called it too, and his friends were astound as he could speak the dictation to him to them as in conversation, and that is as we do in the LIGHTLINE programs today.

Jesus spoke to him of the future on Urantia.  He spoke to him about the conditions of his world in the mid nineteenth century, and above all,  Michael forecast the Second Return for the end of the twenty-third century and not the twenty-first.  This certainly should alert you who are part of this web site that these prophecies are hard to determine as to their accuracy or their details, but it was a major revelation for the time, and he wrote over sixty-five volumes published which some are still available and readable today.  These works comprised close to thirty thousand pages of hand written text but published in hardbound in Germany in the 1850's and 1860's.

Those of you who are hosts of Lightline, be aware you are considered by historians who understand these spiritual events, to be in the tradition of Lorber and many others who were given the immense gift to speak dictation as the Voice of God.  If history ever knows all of your or one of you, you are at least a note in the historical journals to follow a wonderful tradition allowed only by Michael of Nebadon for those who are so dedicated to the life of God as Jesus, and to the work of the spirit, that you are endowed with this promise of glory. 

Someday I will have more to say about this, but this is enough for the moment.  Thank you.  Ron Besser.
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